Fairy Tale: Alice in Wonderland

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Once Upon a Time…

Two young women rested under the shade of an oak tree. The two were sisters, Nami and Nojiko. They lived a relatively ordinary life of growing and harvesting mikans. Their mother, Bellemere, was in their small home, cooking supper.

Nami sighed, her chin in her palm, and twiddled a blade of grass.

"What is it, Nami?" Nojiko asked, but remained focused on the little tadpoles in a pond.

"Do you ever get the feeling that you could be spending your time on something more…" Nami paused to find the right word, "fulfilling?"

Nojiko rose and eyebrow and looked at Nami, "Do you mean something more unusual than just living a life?"

Nami grinned, "Exactly. I feel like our life is just a gray blur sometimes. Like all that we do is try to get by."

"I don't feel that way," Nojiko shook her head.

"It's just I have a feeling that I should be doing something else right now. What we are living right now, shouldn't have happened." Nami lowered her eyebrows in frustration. She almost knew that this wasn't right. She wasn't supposed to be here.

"I think you're just bored, and you're letting your imagination run free," Nojiko smiled and poked Nami with an accusing finger. Nami huffed.

"I'm late, I'm going to be dead if I don't get there soon," A small voice panicked.

"Did you say something?" Nami asked Nojiko. Nojiko shrugged and shook her head.

Suddenly a small creature appeared from behind bushes and checked a pocket watch.

"A reindeer," Nami wondered aloud.

It looked at Nami and quickly ran away from her. Nami immediately got up and ran after the reindeer. Nojiko called after her, but Nami continued her pursuit, promising she would be back in a moment.

The reindeer ran on two legs instead of four, and looked as if it were part human. Nami tried to catch it, but the reindeer slipped away from her grasp and dived into a bold hole just below a tree's roots.

Nami looked into the hole and tried to reach into it, but it felt bottomless, and was pitch black.

She moved closer to try and reach for the bottom of the hole, but the ground crumbled underneath her and she fell in head first.

Nami screamed with surprise, but soon realized she hadn't hit the ground yet.

Minutes passed as she fell deeper into the darkness. Nami couldn't tell if she were upright or still upside down.

She attempted to look down and noticed there was a small dot of light. "Am I falling toward the earth's core?" She asked herself.

After many more minutes of falling, the light began to illuminate the sides of the bottomless tunnel. Nami gasped when she noticed there were random items all along the walls of the pit.

She reached toward one side and bumped a shelf, which knocked things into the air.

A pinwheel floated by Nami's hand. Mikans fell all around her. Hand drawn maps of places she didn't know flew by her eyes. Something had landed on her head. She took it off and looked at it. "What is a straw hat doing in here?"

The longer she held it the more it gave her a strange feeling, as if this raggedy hat was somehow nostalgic.

She let the hat go, and it floated up above her and snagged on a mirror that was stuck in the side of the pit.

It felt like hours Nami had been falling. She grew bored quickly, and eventually managed to position herself as if she were lying down and began to fall asleep.

Her free fall came to a sudden halt when she landed in a large body of water. She thought she was dead at first, but the urge to breathe made her think otherwise.

She surfaced and gasped for air. Licked her lips and noted that the water was salty. "Am I in the middle of the ocean?" Nami looked around for dry land and found a sandy looking island. She swam toward it and crawled onto the beach.

"Is that you, one of the Strawhats?" Someone asked.

Nami looked up and found herself surrounded by people in black suits.

"I know her, she was the one who attacked me back in Enies Lobby,"
Kalifa scowled at her.

"Wait, you must have mistaken me for another person, I'm Nami, and I just fell into a pit. I haven't attacked anyone." Nami put her hands up in surrender.

"You really think we're going to fall for that? I know that you were with the Straw hats," Spandam spat the name.

"The straw hats?" Nami repeated.

"You don't remember your precious nakama?" Kaku asked.


"He means your crew mates," Lucci answered. "You guys came sailing in to Enies Lobby and saved Robin, in the process you nearly killed us."

"I really did that?" Nami asked with astonishment.

"Yes, you did, and now we aren't in the manga anymore and-"Fukurou began, but Kalifa zipped his mouth shut. Fukurou unzipped his mouth and gave a small "Chapapa."

"Can we just kill her for revenge?" Jyabura asked, receiving a jab from Kaku. Nami gulped.

"Yoi yoi, it sounds like this girl doesn't know what we're talking about," Kumadori exclaimed.

"Or maybe she's just playing dumb," Blueno countered.

"Quiet, all of you," Spandam yelled. "I don't care if she can remember or not, let's just get rid of her."

Nami stood up and ran from the group. None of them really seemed to care.

"I said let's kill her," Spandam ordered.

"Forget it, it's not like we'll gain anything from it," Kalifa sighed.

Nami ran to the other side of the island, where she found a small bungalow made of twigs. She opened the front door and stepped inside. The door shut behind Nami, leaving her shrouded in darkness.

She fumbled for a light switch, which she soon found. The lights flickered on and revealed a long hallway that was had doors all along the sides. Nami looked back toward the front door. It had disappeared.

Each door was locked, Nami soon found out. She sighed with frustration and looked back toward where the front door used to be. In its place was a small three legged glass table.

On the table was a key. Nami tried unlocking each of the doors, but the key didn't fit right. Just when she gave up hope, a tiny door appeared at the end of the hall. The key fit in the lock and behind the door revealed a beautiful beach.

Unfortunately, Nami couldn't fit through the door. She closed the door and looked back at the glass table.

At the foot of one of the legs was a small box, and it had a little tag that read "eat me"

Nami opened it up to reveal a mikan. She quickly ate the mikan and began to grow. She continued growing until her head hit the roof. "Crap, now how am I going to get out of here?"

The table had a little glass bottle on it as well, and in front of it was a card that read "Please Drink"

Nami opened the bottle and sniffed its contents. "Mikan juice?" she looked at it with puzzlement. It smelled exactly like mikan juice, but had a strange pink color.

Nami took a sip of it and smacked her lips. It tasted delicious, so she drank the rest of it.

Nothing happened at first, but in time, Nami noticed that she was becoming smaller than the table.

Her new size allowed her to go through the little door. At the other end of the hall, Nami jiggled the door handle, but it was locked once again.

"What is with this freaking place?" Nami yelled with Frustration.

She sat down on the ground to think of what she could do. Before long, a set of hoofs patted on the ground toward Nami, she looked up and realized it was the same reindeer she was chasing earlier.

"Nami! Am I glad to see you," Chopper smiled.

"I'm sorry, but do I know you?" Nami asked.

Chopper tilted his head, "Of course you know me! We've been sailing together for a long time!"

"Well, since you're my friend, can you help me get out of here?" Nami asked.

"Sure, you can come to my house. I'm a bit late to deliver some pinwheels to the duchess, but I can't simply leave you all alone," Chopper held Nami's hand and led her to a small hole in the wall. It led to a lush forest.

In the middle of the forest was a house. Chopper left Nami with a cup of tea and went to go deliver the pinwheels to the duchess.

Nami looked around the tidy house and sipped her tea. She found an extra pinwheel sitting on Chopper's work desk. She picked it up and blew on so it would spin, it looked just like Genzo's pinwheel.

Nami tried to take a sip from her tea again, but realized that it was too small to pick up. Nami was growing at an alarming rate, to the point where she had to crouch to fit in the house. She put down the pinwheel and immediately stopped growing.

Nami had become far too big for the house. She resorted to sitting on the floor and sliding her feet through the front door and a small window.

A few minutes later Chopper returned to find two large feet hanging out of his home.

"Oi Nami! What happened," Chopper yelled to her.

"You left a pinwheel here, and it made me grow," Nami responded.

"Okay hang on for a second, I'm going to get help," Chopper instructed and ran to a neighboring home. He knocked on the front door, "Usopp, are you in there?"

Usopp came to the front door, "What's up Chopper?"

"Nami grew because of a pinwheel, so now she's trapped in my house. Do you have something to make her shrink?" Chopper asked.

Usopp pondered for a moment and went back into his house. Chopper waited impatiently at the front door, listening to bangs and rattles coming from inside.

Usopp returned with a bottle that contained the same pink liquid that Nami drank earlier, "Make sure she only takes a small sip, this stuff is really potent."

Chopper nodded and took the bottle back to his house. "Nami, can you fit your hand into the chimney?"

Nami scooted her arm backwards and managed to place her hand palm-up at the bottom of the chimney, "I got it."

Chopper proceeded to climb up to his roof and he dropped the bottle down the chimney. It landed with a soft tap on Nami's hand. "Only drink a small amount of it," Chopper called down the chimney.

Nami took the cork out of the bottle and took two sips. She began to shrink, and eventually returned to normal size.

Chopper came into his house and whined when he saw his furniture crushed into pieces.

"I'm really sorry Chopper," Nami apologized.

Usopp whistled in awe, head through a window, "You really know how to destroy a house, Nami."

Nami stared at Usopp, "What's with your nose?"

"What are you talking about, my nose has been like this forever," Usopp held his nose.

"It's so weird," Nami stared at it. Usopp looked back at Nami inquiringly and left the window.

Chopper sighed and went to work on cleaning his home. "Do you want me to help out Chopper?"

"No that's alright, maybe you should go find the Duchess. She's nice and would help you find your way home." Chopper instructed.

"Wait, how did you know I wanted to go home?" Nami asked, but suddenly Chopper and the house evaporated into the air. And Nami found herself in the middle of a forest.

"This place is so strange," Nami sighed and began walking in a random direction. As she continued walking, she felt more confused about what was going on. Nothing made sense anymore.

"Why did those people say they knew me? Did I really lead some other life before? How come I can't even remember it?" She asked herself, even though she would never be able to answer those questions with her own knowledge.

"It sounds to me like you're a bit confused," a man said. Nami looked toward where the voice came from and saw an elderly man with long white hair and glasses.

"Don't tell me, you are one of my nakama too?" Nami asked irritably.

Rayleigh chuckled, "No, but I do remember you along with your crewmates."

"I keep telling everyone, I don't have crewmates! I just live in a small village named Cocoyashi with Nojiko and Bellemere-san, and I grow mikans for a living," Nami yelled.

"Nami, isn't this world completely mad?" Rayleigh asked.

"Completely mad!" Nami spat.

"Don't you think a world like this couldn't possibly exist?"

Nami paused, "Are you saying this is all a dream?"

But her question was never answered. Rayleigh disappeared, and in his place was a small mushroom that was black on one side and white on the other. Nami picked it up and heard a distant voice, "The black side makes you grow, and the white side makes you shrink. Use it wisely."

Nami placed the mushroom into her pocket and continued walking, hoping she might come to an exit from this world.

She soon, however, found herself beside a small house. Nami took the mushroom from her pocket and took a bite from the white side, and became small enough to fit into the house.

Inside, there were three people. A woman with long blue hair, most likely the Duchess, A strange looking man with a red nose, he was bent over a large kettle and stirring some kind of soup, and a small child, being cradled by the duchess.

"Why am I cooking for a flashy bitch? I'm the bravest pirate captain in all the seas, captain Buggy!" Buggy exclaimed, throwing a large saucer at Vivi.

The saucer flew by Vivi's face, "Would you stop throwing things at me, cook."

Buggy continued throwing anything he could get his hands on. Vivi raised the child in her hands and deflected the projectile dishware with it. The baby wailed loudly as it was hit.

"Why are you abusing your child?" Nami gasped.

"That's how you raise children, of course," Vivi said, deflecting a spoon with her baby's face. "You can hold him if you like," Vivi tossed her baby into the air. Nami dove to catch it.

"You better not be asking for soup, Nami, if you do, I'll throw it at you!" Buggy threatened.

"Loyal cook, I require some soup," Vivi demanded.

Nami quickly left the home before the food fight ensued. Just outside, the baby in Nami's arms fell silent. Nami looked down and realized the baby was changing. She set him down on the ground and waited. The baby grew and became furry.

It had the body of a muscular man and the fur of a panda. It bowed to Nami and silently ran away into the forest. "Goodbye, Panda-man," Nami called it.

Nami looked at where Pandaman had left, and wondered what she should do now.

"Are you lost?" Sanji appeared beside Nami. He was laying on his stomach in midair, and had cat ears and a cat tail. Of course, Nami had gotten accustomed to strange things, so it didn't surprise her.

"Weren't you inside the Duchesses home?" Nami asked him.

"Yes I was, I tend to watch over beautiful ladies," Sanji purred.

"Do you know where I should go?" Nami asked him.

Sanji pondered it for a second, "It depends on where you want to go."

"I don't really care, I just need to go somewhere."

"Then how about you go that way," Sanji pointed to his right.

Nami looked toward where he was pointing, but only saw more forest, "What's over there?"

"Nothing but madness," Sanji snickered.

Nami pouted, "I would rather go somewhere not so annoying."

"That isn't possible, my dear, because in this world, everything is mad."

"You don't seem to be mad," Nami observed.

"Well, humans don't normally float, or have cat like features. And I am mad, madly in love," Sanji swooned.

"With who?"

Sanji paused, trying to stay in character, but bursted with a loud "Mellorine!"

Nami sighed and began walking in the direction Sanji had pointed out.

Sanji reappeared by her side, "You're so lovely when you're annoyed."

"Well then I must be gorgeous, because this place is pissing me off!" Nami snapped. Sanji gave her a goofy grin and disappeared once again.

Nami continued in the same direction until she reached an open field. Right in the middle of the field, was a large table, set for ten people, but only three people were sitting.

Nami approached the table.

"All the seats are taken," A man with green hair and mouse ears claimed.

"What are you talking about, there's a bunch of seats open," Nami sat in a chair anyways.

Zoro stood up and drew a sword, "I said all the seats are taken, witch!" But before Nami could react, Sanji appeared once again and slapped Zoro in the back of the head and said "Shitty morimo."

Zoro turned but Sanji was gone. "Ero-cat!"

Another guest at the table, Brook, leaned over toward Nami, "May I see your panties?"

Nami punched him in the head and declined. "Yoho, then I guess you want tea," Brook poured hot tea from a tea pot into a broken teacup. All the tea fell out of the cup and into Brook's lap.

"What time is it?" The last of the guests, Luffy, asked.

Nami looked up at the sun, "About three in the afternoon."

Luffy stretched his arm all the way across the table and held a finger up in front of Nami's face, "Wrong! It's Six o'clock! It's always six o'clock! That means it's always tea time, isn't that right Brook?"

"Yoho, indeed it is captain-san."

"Captain? Does that mean you're my captain?" Nami asked.

"I don't think so," Luffy said.

"Yes you are," Zoro said.

"Is he?" Brook asked.

Nami face-palmed, "Are you my captain or not?"

"Yes, he is," Zoro answered.

"I beg to differ," Brook interjected.

Luffy reached over and pulled on Zoro's ear.

"What the hell was that for?" Zoro bellowed.

"What happened to your earrings?" Luffy tilted his head to the side.

Nami groaned and left the table. "Wait, where are you going?" Luffy called after her.

Nami simply ignored him and walked back into the forest, where she found a peculiar door in a tree. She walked through the door and found herself back in the same long hall that had a bunch of locked doors.

The little door at the end of the hall was still locked, and the key was still on the little glass table at the end of the hall. Nami took a bite from the black side of the mushroom and grew large enough to reach the key.

Then she ate the white side of the mushroom and shrank. When she reached the small door, she unlocked it with the key and walked to the beautiful beach she saw from before.

The beach turned out to be fairly small, but to the left of the door was a large castle that had a sunflower-like lion figure head just above two large double doors.

Nami pushed open one of the double doors, and inside was a luscious garden. Three men who looked like they were a part of the navy were vigorously digging up flowers from the garden.

"What are you doing?" Nami asked one of the men. He jumped and turned around. He realized it wasn't the queen, and sighed in relief.

"We were planting flowers for the queen, but another servant told us she didn't say 'I want you to plant me flowers,' She said 'I want some fruit tarts, sweet, not sour.'"

"Well why are you ripping the flowers out now? Can't you just leave them and get her fruit tarts?" Nami asked.

"Because they're all white flowers," The man said.

"That's kind of stupid," Nami said bluntly.

Just then the Queen of hearts appeared along with the King of hearts. "What are you doing to my garden?" The queen asked.

"Oh, Queen Robin, we were, uhh…" The man stuttered.

"He was removing these white flowers from your garden, they grew like weeds on their own," Nami lied.

Robin looked down at the man, who in turn gulped. She turned her back on him and crossed her arms.

Arms sprouted out of all three men and held their legs, backs, and shoulders. "Clutch" Robin stated, and bent all three men backwards, snapping their spines in half. Nami gasped in terror.

"Please clean up these bodies and throw them into the ocean," Robin asked another servant.

"Right away ma'am," The servant complied.

"Sorry about that minor interruption, navigator-san. Would you like to join me in the library for tea and reading?" Robin invited.

Nami gulped, "I'm sorry, but this isn't the best time."

"Time? Oh that's right, we have to get to the trial," Robin remembered. "Franky, will you get the Merry started?"

The king of hearts smiled, "Sure thing," and left Nami and Robin.

"Come along, Navigator-san, we need to get to the trial," Robin beckoned.

Nami followed Robin hesitantly and waited for Franky to bring the Merry around.

The Merry was a small boat-like craft, which had two large wings. They boarded the Merry, and Franky flew it off into the horizon, where the Merry seemed to warp right to the court house.

People were packed inside the court house, making the air humid. Nami sat in the front row, closest to the jury.

The jury consisted of twelve different people, some that Nami knew and some that were shockingly nostalgic. She just couldn't seem to remember. Those she could recall were Usopp, Zoro, Brook, Buggy, and Sanji.

"Silence in the court room," Franky called, banging a gavel.

Everyone quieted down, and the jurors picked up small papers and pencils to prepare writing.

The accused was standing to the right of Franky, wearing handcuffs. Nami could have sworn that she recognized the guy. She squinted to see him better. After a few minutes of staring at him, a name came to her mind, 'Ace'

"Herald, please read the accusation," Franky asked.

Chopper came forward with a small scroll, "Portgaz D. Ace, you are charged of beheading for sharing the same bloodline with the infamous pirate king, Gol D. Rodger."

"Guilty!" One of the unknown jurors yelled randomly.

"You can't reach a verdict yet," Robin told the noisy person, "Off with his head," She ordered. The man who spoke out was dragged outside of the courthouse.

"Call the first witness," Franky ordered.

So the first witness, Luffy, came to the stand.

"Give us your evidence," Franky demanded.

"What evidence? I just wanted to say that he's my brother, so if you kill him, I'm going to kill you," Luffy said matter-of-factly.

"He threatened us, we should behead him," Robin murmured to Franky.

"Luffy, if you have nothing else to say, then please leave the stand," Franky said.

Luffy shrugged and left the stand.

"Please bring the next witness to the stand," Franky requested, beginning to get the urge to dance.

This time Vivi came to the stand, and looked up at the king and queen nervously.

"Give us your evidence."

"Has anyone seen my baby?" Vivi asked.

Suddenly Pandaman stood from the jury and ran out of the room.

"I guess we only have ten jurors now," Robin sighed. Vivi left the stand without anything left to say.

"Well, I guess the jurors can reach their verdict," Franky looked to the jurors.

After a few minutes, the verdicts were tallied, and Chopper received another scroll to announce. "The verdict is half-and half, with five guilty, and five innocent."

The entire courtroom was silent.

"I guess then there is only one thing to do," Franky began, "And that's flip a coin."

"What?" Nami yelled. Every head turned and gazed at her. "You're going to decide whether or not to kill Ace over a coin flip?"

"Navigator-san, please be quiet, or you will be beheaded," Robin warned.

"I don't give a damn! You can't kill Ace like that! I won't let you!" Nami screamed. She was absolutely furious, and tired of all the madness in this world.

"Arrest her, and have her beheaded," Robin ordered.

Franky leapt from his seat and began dancing, "Ow! Supah!"

Several marine servants approached Nami, but before they got to her, the rest of the crew, save Robin and Franky, began to attack them.

Chopper unlocked the hand cuffs off of Ace, and he too joined the fight.

Fists, fire, swords, kicks, everything was flying everywhere. Nami couldn't tell who to hit orwhen to duck.

Then, she woke up.

"Navigator-san, It's time for breakfast," Robin shook Nami awake.

Nami sat up and held her head, "Just a dream?"

Robin grinned and gave Nami something that was wrapped in cloth. Nami removed the cloth to reveal a half-eaten mushroom, one side black and the other side white.

"You dropped that while you were fighting," Robin informed.

The End.

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