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Chapter 1


"Oh bloody hell!"

Robes flew across the Gryffindor girls' dorm in a tornado of black fabric, in the middle of which stood a dishevelled Hermione Granger, who looked quite on the brink of madness. For the first time in, well, ever, she had no clean uniform. Now, you might think that it would make sense for her just to clean her robes with a flick of her wand, but Hermione stood firmly by the principle that she would do the every day things the muggle way, for if she resorted to magic for the little things, it would surely take over and she would lose any muggle habits. Now this principle was coming back to bite her on her flustered arse. Not only was she late, she was late for potions, and she was not so masochistic as to be willingly late for one of Snape's lessons - that would take a sick individual with a penchant for cruel and humiliating punishment.

"No, no, no." she muttered, pushing a lock of curly hair from her eyes.

Resigning herself with a sigh, Hermione pulled on the cleanest set of robes she could find and grabbed her book bag, tripping slightly on the long strap and setting off with a frenzied lollop down the spiral staircase to the common room.

"Where is Hermione? She never usually takes this long. I mean, for once we'll be late for potions and we actually won't be to blame."

Ron glanced at his watch and looked back up at his friend Harry, eyebrows raised and mouth slightly agape to form an incredulous expression.

"I don't k-"

Hermione signalled her arrival by bursting into the common room with a cry.

"Late! Move! Move!"

She bustled past her astonished friends with emphatic hand gestures and a desperate look in her eyes. Not stopping to see if they were following, she dove into the portrait hole and grappled with the back of the Fat Lady. Landing with a stumble on the other side, she ignored the portrait's cry of surprise.

"Patience is a virtue you know! I was opening for you!"

Harry and Ron climbed out of the common room in time to see their friend's robes flick around the corner and vanish without a trace.

"Sorry about that." said Harry to the Fat Lady with an apologetic shrug.

"It's finally happened," said Ron staring after her, "She's lost it. Completely off her rocker."

"I would quite agree with that." huffed the Fat Lady, stalking out of her portrait , no doubt to find Violet and complain over the rudeness of today's Gryffindors.

"I think she's taking it rather well, considering." replied Harry with a grin.

Hermione flew down the stairs, taking them two at a time, all the way praying that they would not move, for she had settled on taking a very risky leap should they decide to shift. She skidded into the empty entrance hall and sprinted towards the dungeons.

"Late, so very late." she muttered repeatedly, not quite believing she had allowed herself to sleep so late, but her arithmancy book had been so interesting the previous evening that she could not resist reading a few extra chapters.

She panted loudly, her rapid footsteps echoing around her, not quite managing to cover the sound of her screaming muscles as she pushed her body past its usual jog to the library. The door to the potions classroom loomed closer. Too close. She couldn't slow down .And with as much grace as a drunken hippogriff, she crashed into the previously silent classroom. She had been hoping to slip in quietly, but there was not much chance of that. The entire class whipped around and even Snape wore an expression of surprise for a moment, before his usual malicious smirk laced his thin lips.

"Miss Granger, how kind of you to join us; I quite wondered why your hand had left its constant position in the air."

Hermione blushed furiously as Harry and Ron panted up to the door and leaned stood on either side of her.

"Ah, clearly chronology is of no consequence to this trio."

Hermione gulped and looked quickly around the class, the worried Gryffindor faces and smirking Slytherins flashing past her.

"I think twenty points each from Gryffindor will suffice. Take a seat, if I hear a word from any of you this lesson, it will be more."

Harry and Ron grumbled away to find seats, not forgetting to grace Snape with a well practiced glare, while Hermione looked around. There was no chance of finding a table together, so Hermione settled into a seat on her own. Unfortunately for her, it was on the Slytherin side of the class and she was greeted with leers. She was sure she even heard Millicent Bullstrode growl at her. Sighing, Hermione removed her potions textbook from her bag. Snape turned away from the board and strode to his desk, before looking up and staring at them all with a look that made them question their own intelligence.

"Well, are you waiting for an invitation? The instructions are up there, get started."

The screeching sound of metal on stone filled the room as the class rose from their seats to collect the required ingredients. Hermione quickly set her ingredients down at her station and flicked to the correct page in her potions book. 'Permanent Sticking Solution' read the top of the page. After scanning the instructions, Hermione decided that it should be simple enough to make.

Sweat poured down her head in thin trails as steam from her cauldron rose to the ceiling in intricate swirls. She wiped her forehead quickly with the cuff of her already dirty robe before adding some knotgrass to the thick pink solution, which was bubbling menacingly.

"Careful Granger - any more steam and your hair's in danger of causing an eclipse." whispered a sneering voice.

Hermione barely looked up; she was perfectly aware that her hair was slightly more voluminous than usual, which tended to be the case when she hadn't had time to brush it, let alone do anything else.

"Oh, I think your ego beat my hair to that, Malfoy."

Hermione spared some precious time to throw Draco a scathing look before turning back to give her potion one last counter-clockwise stir. She stabbed her arm into the steamy air, desperate to attract the attention of Snape and pack away her things.

Snape merely glanced at the madly waving hand, followed the arm down to the face of the owner and decidedly ignored her. Draco watched Hermione with thinly veiled disgust. She was such a…mudblood. A prancing goody-two-shoes, whose fingertips seemed to have a relentless attraction to the ceiling of whatever classroom she was in. He looked down at his own perfect potion and smirked in the way that only a Malfoy can (Ron claimed it was a gift passed from father to son and that it possessed an evil power, similar to that of the basilisk).

Ron sniggered as Harry dribbled some of the potion on his robes.

"Bad luck, mate. There's no way your're getting that out. It's called permanent for a reason."

The pair span around when they heard Hermione scream, forgetting the potion spillage. Her torso and hands were covered in her potion which had somehow flown from her cauldron. Harry started forward to help her but she had already spun around to face Malfoy who was standing, twirling is wand between his fingers with a careless air.

Hermione, in a speechless rage, raised her hand, seemingly to slap him but he grabbed her hand before she could even swing it in his direction and brought their faces close together.

"Don't even think about it, Mudblood." he whispered.

Ron roared with rage and came pounding over with the intention of helping Hermione and the secondary hope that he could somehow punch Draco, yet make it look like an accident. He tried to pull his friend away from the glaring Slytherin but she would not move.

"Hermione! Let-Let…go!" said Ron, pulling at her arm with all the strength he could muster.

"Ron, stop it, you're going to pull me apart! I'm stuck!" she cried.

Draco was pulling at his own arm desperately, when a bat like figure swooped over them and cast a shadow over the scene.

"What has happened, Mr Malfoy?" asked Snape in a bored tone, as if it were an everyday occurrence that his students got stuck together.

"That Mud-I mean, Granger, spilled her potion and now I'm stuck to her, that's what happened!" Malfoy shouted, violently waving his arm up and down, causing Hermione's to join him.

She scoffed loudly and brought their flailing limbs to a halt.

"You mean to say you made me spill my potion and now I'm stuck to you! It's your own fault!"

Snape cleared his throat and lifted the potions book, eyeing his students' joined hands with distaste. "Go to the headmaster and inform him of your, ah, predicament."

The pair stood quickly and Hermione led the way to the classroom door, trying to look as dignified as she possibly could while carting a disgruntled Malfoy behind her.

"Oh, and Miss Granger."

Hermione turned to face Snape, her face set and one eyebrow raised, almost daring him to make her situation worse.

"Ten points from Gryffindor for being so incredibly foolish."

Hermione dragged Draco from the room and Harry and Ron grimaced as they heard a distinct scream of rage echo in the hallway.

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