Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, they belong to the original owner and The CW. The only thing I do own is the plot and any characters not in the show or books. This is my first story based on The Vampire Diaries, so please bare with me. Things will start off slow but will get better once more chapters are written. This first part is short, but I promise the next one will be longer. And I know this isn't how Kathrine turned Stefan, but I wanted to change it up to kinda make it better for my story. Also, I'm sorry if the ending sucked, I wanted to stop there so it would be easier to start the next chapter.

Animal I Have Become

Mystic Falls, 1864

Prologue/Chapter One

Stefan Salvatore watched as Katherine Pierce laughed while she ran behind a statue in the back yard of the manor. He grinned, running up to her, he jumped up onto the small platform, grinning wider before he jumped down to grab her from behind. "I've got you!"

Katherine giggled. "No, you don't."

Stefan stood there, mouth open in surprise when she was several feet from him. "How did you…" he tried to say.

Katherine smirked. "My little secret…"

Stefan stared at her, still taken aback by how fast she moved. He couldn't figure out how she did it, nobody could move that fast. He raised his eyebrows in confusion when she was no longer standing in front of him. "Katherine?"

"Behind you," she whispered in his ear, causing chills to go down his spine.

He began to turn around, but she kept his back to her while her hands roamed his body before resting them on his shoulders. "Hmm…" she brought her head closer to his. "You smell so good…"

"What?" he said as he attempted to turn around again. "Katherine, what are…" he started to say but was cut off by a sudden growl and pain searing through his body as her mouth made contact with his neck. He struggled to get out of her grasp but she didn't loosen her grip, instead she tightened her hold on him while she continued to bite his neck.

Stefan closed his eyes tightly, the pain was unbearable, and he wanted to get away but couldn't, it was as if she had his feet bound to the ground with invisible chains. He slowly began to feel his life slip away as she drained him of blood. His body finally fell to the ground once she let go of him. His back hitting the ground, he stared up at her smiling face, with a blank stare, unable to speak.

"Your life will never be the same."

At the time, he didn't know what she meant by that.

Mystic Falls, Virginia

Present Day

Stefan stood on the balcony of the Salvatore Manor, his eyes looking around aimlessly as the memories of that day flooded his mind. He learned to cope with the fact that the girl he fell in love with changed his life forever by turning him into a vampire. Looking down, he watched as a car pulled into the driveway. His older brother Damon Salvatore, also a vampire, climbed out of the vehicle and headed into the house. Sighing, he retreated back inside knowing Damon would soon come into his bedroom.