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At Your Service

Chapter 1- First Meetings

Karin and Yuzu walked into Karakura high that day. It was the first day of the last year of high school for the seventeen-year-old twins. Karin couldn't wait to leave the dumb school and fulfill her dream of being a worldwide famous soccer player.

Yuzu wanted to be a baker in her own restaurant; she would be as soon as she graduated from Tokyo University with her sister.

Yes, the two had everything planned out before they began their final 'first day of high school'. As they walked through the doors, Karin and Yuzu were called by their friend.

"Yuzu, Karin, how was your summer?" asked Surai, the girl who was known across the school as flirty, her bouncy brunette hair and seductive smile could tell you that much. But what not many knew was that she was actually very nice. You could hear the kindness in her voice, and could see the happiness in her blue eyes.

"I tried a whole lot of new recipes" Yuzu said giddily.

"And I got some training done" answered Karin. She had trained all summer, but as captain of the Karakura soccer team, it was her duty to train.

"Gosh, Karin-chan, you work yourself too much" said Yuzu worriedly.

"Please, I'm fine" she shrugged.

"Yuzu's right Karin, you're such a guy for training so hard. It's so not fair either, you always pig out with the boys, yet you still have the most toned body that I have ever seen" Surai grumbled.

"It's from all the training I do" replied Karin. She knew she had somewhat of a slim and trim figure, but she never thought much of it. Its agility and strength that she thinks about 24/7.

"That may be, but how about we all eat like the ladies that we should be at the café they have three blocks away, shall we?" suggested Surai.

"A new café opened?" asked Karin. She didn't remember anything about an opening all summer.

"That's just it. Like, a week ago, it was a total lame fest, but now people go to it every day" explained Surai.

"What? That's weird, did something change?" inquired Yuzu.

"They got a new manager and a couple of new employees, but everything else is pretty much still the same I'm guessing" responded Surai.

"What's so great about it then?" asked Karin as she intertwined her hands behind her head.

"Only one way to find out" stated Yuzu. Surai and Yuzu then looked at Karin expectantly.

"Fine, we'll go after school" agreed Karin.

Karin, Yuzu and Surai were walking towards the café three blocks away from their school. Surai and Yuzu were talking animatedly, while Karin walking behind them thinking of new soccer moves she could try, or new dribbling maneuvers she could use in a game.

"Karin-chan, we're here" Yuzu announced, bringing Karin out of her thoughts. Karin looked up to see the sign that read "Bleach Café". Karin thought the name was a little odd.

"Let's go inside" ordered Surai excitedly as she pulled Karin inside and as Yuzu followed after.

As the three walked in, they saw just how cramped and popular the café was. There were girls four and five to a table. Karin wondered why most of the customers were female as she and her companions sat and one of the only empty tables. They each sat in a chair and checked out the menus that were laid upon the table. Once they decided what they were going to order a waiter walked up to them. Karin didn't look up at him, but when she saw the looks on her friends faces, especially Surai's, she decided to look to see what was so amazing.

When Karin looked up at the waiter, the first thing she noticed was the blinding white hair and the second was his bored looking sea-green eyes. Karin then realized why most of the occupants of the café were female. The boy was handsome, she'd give him that.

"Hello, my name is Hitsugaya Toushirou, and I'll be your waiter for today" he said in a bored tone that matched his eyes.

"Hi" drawled Surai, using her seductive smile as her weapon.

"What will your order be?" he asked them, completely ignoring Surai.

"Caffe Latte" she said, completely ignoring the fact the Toushirou had rejected her.

"Cappuccino" answered Yuzu.

"I'll just have a coffee, heavy on the cream" Karin answered before turning her head and looking out a nearby window. She unintentionally listened to the conversations of the girls at the tables nearby.

"Toushirou is so cute"

"This place was definitely worth coming to"

"Let's come back here tomorrow"

"Yeah, I don't want to leave my Toushirou around here, with these girls flirting with him left and right"

The comments continued till the doors to the back door opened and Toushirou came back to Karin's table. All the girls stared at him while whispering to their friends as Toushirou gave the girls their drinks. Karin took her coffee from him before he bowed.

"Is there anything else I can do for you?" he asked.

"well, there is one thing" said Surai before reaching her hand out to Toushirou and stroking his cheek before going in to plant a kiss on his lips. Yuzu stared on in surprise, while Karin watched, waiting to see how Toushirou would react to this. Karin could hear every girl in the café hold their breath.

"Excuse me" said Toushirou, backing away from Surai before her lips could touch his. He gracefully spun on his heel and walked in the other direction. Karin heard the girls in the café breath once again.

"Well I guess that's that" said Surai, after being stunned by his extreme rejection.

"Yep" said Karin, her lips popping at the P. As some girls left the café, they glared at Surai as a warning.

"Great so not only do I not have the cute, but crude, guy, but I also have some new enemies" Surai replied.

"It was only to be expected, I guess" replied Yuzu with a sympathetic smile.

Soon, the three had their drinks finished and were heading out of the restaurant before Karin stopped. She looked at Toushirou, who was cleaning one of the tables.

"What is it, Karin-chan?" asked Yuzu.

"I'll catch up with you, Yuzu. Don't worry" assured Karin.

"Alright, but don't take too long" requested Yuzu.

"Sure" said Karin. Yuzu and Surai soon left while Karin walked over to Toushirou.

"Hey Toushirou!" called Karin.

"What?" he asked coldly.

"Here" she said giving him a ten dollar bill. Toushirou took it, examined it, and then looked back at Karin with those intimidating sea-green eyes of his.

"What's it for?" he asked in a monotone.

"It's the tip for the good service, the sorry for how my friend acted, and…"

"And what? Do you want my number, because, like all the other girls, I'm not giving it to you because you gave me a good tip" he replied harshly.

"No, it's a sorry for having to deal with those others who see you as fresh meat" she said before facing towards the door, but then she turned on her toes and looked at his face.

"By the way, even if you did give me your phone number I would just rip it up" she replied with intimidating eyes of her own.

"And why's that?" he asked coldly.

"Because thanks to the comment you gave to me earlier, I now see you as an arrogant asshole" said Karin before turning around and walking out of the Bleach Café.

Toushirou looked down at the ten dollar bill in his hand before looking back up to the place she once stood. And at the moment the only thing he was thinking was:

How dare she call me an asshole when I don't even know who she is!

Then another thought occurred when he thought of how she stood up for herself and retaliated.

I wonder what her name is…

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