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Karin's thoughts

At Your Service

Chapter 41- Epilogue

I can't believe it! I just can't believe it! Karin thought excitedly.

Karin rushed into The Bleach Café and as she slammed into the room, everyone in the room turned to her, including her boyfriend and Orihime, who were waiting tables.

"Karin?" Toushirou questioned after giving a man his coffee.

"Toushirou, Orihime-san" Karin called excitedly as she ran over to them.

"What's up, Karin-chan?" asked Orihime as she and Toushirou walked over to the hyper 18-year-old.

"I got in! I got into Tokyo University!" Karin shouted in joy.

"Karin, that's awesome!" Orihime cheered.

"This is great!" Toushirou congratulated as her hugged her tightly.

Karin hugged him back. She couldn't believe it! She and Toushirou were now going to the same university, and Yuzu was going with them. It was just like they planned in high school, well, Toushirou was an extra bonus.

"Kurosaki! Hitsugaya! What did I tell you two about PDA in my café?" grilled Urahara coldly as he walked out his office.

The two teen instantly let go of each other. "Sorry, sir"

Kisuke looked as them both blushing. He sighed. He knew he couldn't stay mad at the two for long, with their persistent young love popping up all over the place. Just the other day, he'd caught them making out in the back room in a compromising position. Toushirou, blushing madly, claimed they fell over in that position, but Urahara knew better.

"Kurosaki, get dressed" he commanded softly.

"Right, boss" Karin complied before jogging to the employees changing room.

She had started working at The Bleach Café when she graduated high school. Well, she had said she would pay Toushirou back, hadn't she? Plus, she got to work closer with Toushirou and now she could save him from deranged women.

It's already happen once, and Karin had to be held back by Orihime.

After changing Karin left the employee room.

Toushirou was cleaning off one of the tables as Karin walked into the room in her uniform. The girl's uniform unfortunately showed a tad too much skin for Toushirou's taste.

The outfit was a long sleeve white shirt underneath a black button vest that hugged Karin's every curve. And with that was a black ruffled skirt that was too short for Toushirou to be comfortable with. On Karin's feet were converse sneakers that she pretty much threatened Urahara to let her wear.

The weird part was that when Orihime wore the outfit, Toushirou was completely alright with it. Orihime was a sister to him if anything. Karin in the outfit however, drove him and his hormones crazy.

What was worst was that every time some guys sat in the isle seat, they would watch Karin walk by and check out her… assets… as she did so. Toushirou hated that most of all. Only with Karin had he ever become so jealous.

While Toushirou continued to stay in control of his hormones, Karin waited tables. As she did so, those who had heard her scream when she first entered the café had heard she'd gotten into Tokyo University gave her big tips and kind congratulations.

"Thank you" Karin would thank when congratulated or given a big tip.

Time only progressed as the day went on.

Karin had filled her quota early, before looking at the clock. It struck 6:30 pm. Karin smiled before jogging back to the employee changing room. After changing back into her regular clothes she strolled over to the entrance of the restaurant.

"I'm leaving, Toushirou" she announced.

Toushirou looked up at her before walking over. He placed a soft kiss on her forehead and then looking into her gray eyes. Karin looked back into his the same way.

"Good luck" he wished.

Karin nodded in response. She then pecked her lips to his before walking out of the door.

She began to race to the home she knew and loved: her high school soccer field. She ran down the sidewalk, taking the usual route she always took to get to school.

As she made it to her high school, she immediately ran around it to the field behind it. She looked over the field and its players with enthusiasm.

On the field was her coach, same as always, but with him stood the two new Taichou and Fukutaichou picked by Karin and Kentoru. Their names were Minato and Hidero. It was only natural that they be the captains after what they did in the last game. They were a real team, those two, and even if they argue they still make a great pair. Kentoru and Karin both realized that.

"Hey guys!" Karin shouted as she jogged over to the three.

"Kurosaki!" coach shouted.

"Karin-taichou" Hidero greeted.

"Hidero, you know that's not my title anymore" Karin scolded as she neared them.

"Yeah, but you'll always be Taichou to us" Minato replied.

"I know" she stated with a soft smile on her face.

Whenever she came over, they would always call her "Karin-taichou" as a symbol that she wasn't their superior, but would always be their captain. It really touched Karin's heart when they thought that of her.

"So, is he here yet?" Karin asked the coach.

"He said he was on his way ten minutes ago, so I'm thinking he'll be here-"

"Right now" Hidero interrupted as they saw him walking onto the field.

"Alright, clear the field" the coach commanded of the new generation of players.

"You heard him! Clear out!" Minato shouted.

Confused soccer players began moving out of the way, following the orders they were given.

"You're about to watch a real soccer game" proclaimed Minato.

Hidero threw the ball over to Karin. She caught it and looked at both Minato and Hidero gratefully before walking up to the field, her stage.

On it now stood Kentoru, her best friend and, just recently, a pro soccer player. Karin smiled as she stood across from him in the center of the field. The current soccer players watched in suspense.

"Told you I'd be here" He replied as he smiled at her.

Karin smiled brightly as well. "I never doubted you"

"So, are you ready for this game?" he asked as he took off the jacket he was wearing.

"Yeah, but…" Karin mumbled as Kentoru threw his jacket to the ground.

"But…?" Kentoru urged apprehensively.

"This is the last game we're ever going to play before you leave for soccer training" Karin stated sadly.

When she had told Kentoru the truth about the scout and what she did, he hugged her and forgave her right on the spot. He'd been so happy, but Karin found herself slightly regretting her decision. She didn't regret it because she wanted to be the pro player; she regretted it because Kentoru would be leaving her.

She and Kentoru had been through thick and thin, good and bad, pain and joy, and now he was leaving. Karin could already feel tears burning beyond her eyes.

"Says who?" Kentoru retorted.

Karin looked at him, surprised by his response.

"Says the fact that you won't be with me anymore?" Karin replied. Her best friend chuckled softly.

"Karin, how many mementos of our friendship do you have in your room?" Kentoru asked.

"I don't know, like twenty?" Karin answered truthfully.

"Same here, plus this" he stated as he snatched the soccer ball from Karin's arms, taking the girl by surprise.


"I'll keep this ball that we played with in our last game as kids" Kentoru began. "After this game, we aren't kids anymore. We're adults making adult decisions"

Karin was taken aback by his word, but after a moment she couldn't help but smile before stealing her ball back.

"Fine, no more kid stuff" Karin agreed, a competitive smirk on her face.

"Then let's go, Ka-chan" demanded Kentoru as he took a battle ready stance. For once, he didn't get hit for calling her "Ka-chan".

"Game on!" Karin called as she tossed the ball in the air.

But she wasn't just talking about the game anymore. She was talking about Kentoru moving to bigger and better things and her coping with it. She was talking about the University life she had to look forward to. She was talking about spending the rest of her days with Toushirou, the man she loved. She was talking about taking it all on at once as an adult.

Alright world, prepare to meet you rocker! Karin Kurosaki, at your service!

And that was the last chapter of At Your Service. I hope you all really loved this story.


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