"What are you waiting for?" asks Esau, shoving Jacob to his knees.

He grabs Jacob by his short blonde hair and presses his face closer to his hard cock. Jacob wants to resist, wondering how he even ended up like this in the first place. He pulls his head back, trying to get away in his moment of hesitation. He knows that the Man in Black is eating up this power like honey and sugar.

Jacob decides to take control by giving him what he wants. Starting out with zeal, as if he relishes this degrading, humiliating task, he quickly pulls off again, eliciting a groan of dissatisfaction from Esau.

"Who told you to stop?" he bites.

Jacob stands up. Starts to walk away. The Man in Black catches his wrist, angry at being bested (yet again). Jacob looks at him innocently. Esau stifles an aroused moan at the look of his swelling lips and shining blue eyes, the white of his shirt sharply contrasting what he was just doing a minute ago.

"Don't leave," Esau pleads.

He can't help but give in. They are in this for the long run.

Jacob steps closer again.

"I won't," he promises.

Jacob places a slow kiss on Esau's lips, pressing him back into the stone wall by his shoulders. He refuses to rush into things as the Man in Black had tried to do before. Eventually, however, he gives the other man the release he needs. He was so patient, all things considered. With a tight fist, he allows Esau to thrust into his hand.

"There, there," he groans, choking, panting, not quite sobbing. He clings to Jacob's shoulders as he loses control.

"It's ok. It's ok," Jacob soothes. "Breathe."

He encourages and coaxes until his hand is covered in a hot, sticky mess. He places kisses along the dark man's jaw and behind his ear, causing him to shiver though he tries to suppress it. Today had been one of those few moments when dominance had been easily surrendered in favor of more pleasurable occurrences. Jacob only wished that more days could have been like this.

Esau pulls away when he has collected himself again. In a fit of rare compassion, he asks if Jacob needs the same. He knows that Jacob fights off his more primal urges in favor of staying cool and calm, but he feels as if might ask just this once.

"I don't expect anything from you," says Jacob, ignoring the strain in his pants, willing it to go away.

"That wasn't what I asked."

The Man in Black steps into his personal space even though he received no answer. Esau teases and touches until Jacob can't say no, no matter how hard he wants to. No one else is around to hear Jacob's cries of ecstasy.