It had been a few months that Bella and Emmett had moved into their new house, and they were adjusting really well. Cora and Caty grew at an abnormal rate, so both girls looked to be around one and a half. Carlisle had given them physicals and declared that both were very healthy. Cora was expected to grow until she looked about 18 and then stop aging all together. Carlisle wasn't exactly sure, but he guessed that she would reach that in about 8 years. It unnerved both Bella and Emmett a bit to think that one of their children would be grown in just 8 years but both wanted to enjoy the time they had with them. Caty was for all intents and purposes normal, but still looked bigger than a normal baby her age. It was explained to Bella and Emmett by the pack, though, that, that was just because of the wolf gene and the fact that she had to eat more to keep up with her metabolism. No one was sure when she'd change, but they figured that her body would still hold the wolf gene and need compensation for it.

Bella was currently in the kitchen making herself a sandwich when a cry pierced the air. She listened for a minute and could tell that it was Caty. Sighing she picked up her sandwich and walked toward the living room where both babies were when she heard a pop. She sped up and when she got there, she immediately wished that Emmett hadn't went with Jasper and Edward to the mechanic to get their vehicles looked at.

Sam was just about to head out to relieve someone on patrol when the phone rang. Since he was near it, he walked over and grabbed it. "Hello?" The frantic voice on the other end was enough to set him on edge. "Bella...ok calm down and tell me what happened...I see...ok I'll be right there. Just keep the doors closed." He put the phone back in the cradle and ran outside, shucking his shorts and phasing quickly. Once he saw the pack mind in his he called out in his head. 'Paul, Jared, head over to Bella and Emmett's, I'm right behind you.'

'What's going on, Sam?' Jared asked him, and Sam saw in his mind that both were running in the right direction.

'Caty phased for the first time.' He said, and Jared and Paul both stopped in shock, before looking at each other, and taking off double time, Sam picked up his own pace and soon enough they were at the house. They stopped to put on their shorts and then Sam led the way inside, looking around. "Bella?" He saw Bella come out of the kitchen, looking completely shaken up. "Where is she?"

"Hiding." She said, running a hand over her face. "I keep getting glimpses of her, but then she takes off when I get close. She keeps trying to get near Cora, and growling at her."

"It's just the natural instincts." Sam assured her. "Jared, go sit with Cora and if Caty comes that way, protect her, but don't hurt Caty." Jared nodded and walked calmly over to the couch where Cora was sitting chewing on a toy and cooed at her, sitting down and picking her up, making faces at her as Sam turned to Paul. "Look around for Caty with me, when you find her just focus on getting her to calm down enough to shift back." Paul replied in the affirmative and both men looked around to see where Caty was hiding. Bella stood there, not sure what to do. She kept looking around to try and help but after Caty tried to bite her earlier she was wary about actively moving around and looking like Paul and Sam were.

She looked over toward the back screened in door leading out to the back porch, remembering she had left it open to let a breeze in and cursed. "Sam, she's going outside!" She exclaimed, as Caty burst through the screen and took off. Sam and Paul cursed and ran after her. Bella just went after them and stood on the porch watching the pursuit. Both men ran around the yard chasing the small Caty wolf puppy, and it would've been comical if it was under different circumstances. Bella took a moment to look at Caty in wolf form while the chase was on. She was no bigger than a wolf puppy and had fur that was a light brown color on top with a white underside with a big black splotch on her lower back and tail area. Her eyes from what Bella and seen earlier was their normal greenish hazel color that they had settled into after changing after birth and Bella didn't know where that came from. All in all she was a really cute puppy. But Bella wanted her baby back. Jared came and stood behind her, holding Cora easily as she chewed on the same toy she had been contentedly.

"You know everything's going to be fine." He said, noticing her worried look. "I mean none of us expected her to phased this early, but now that we know, we'll help keep a better watch on her."

"Emmett's going to lay bricks." Bella groaned, just imagining her husband's reaction. "I know it was inevitable but both of us expected this to not happen until she was at least a teenager."

"Now that I think about it, it's not too much of a shock." Jared said, as he watched Paul try and sneak up on Caty as she was focused on a bird that had landed on the ground a few feet in front of her. "I mean, she lives with a bunch of vampires and being around them activates the gene. I never would've expected her to be only 10 months old when she changed, though."

"Tell me about it." Bella said, as Paul lunged at Caty, who moved out of the way at the last second she couldn't help but laugh a bit as Paul let out a curse as he landed in a mud puddle that was still around due to the unstable weather of Forks. She watched as both men tried unsuccessfully to grab Caty who made a dash for the woods behind the house, only to be caught by two very pale hands.

"Decide to go for a walk, princess?" Jasper asked, as he held the wiggling puppy gently and smiled down at it affectionately. "Well this is a new development."

"You're back." Bella called, knowing that he'd hear it.

"Thankfully so it looks like." Jasper said, cradling Caty to him and keeping a good hold on her so that she didn't get away again. "I can't believe she already phased."

"Shock to me, too." Bella said, as Edward and Emmett came out of the woods, laughing about something then. Emmett looked over at Jasper and noticed him holding the small puppy and furrowed his eyebrows. It took Edward all of a second reading Jasper's, and the pack's minds before his jaw dropped open in shock.

"Caty?" He asked, staring at the puppy. Once Emmett heard that, his expression was the same as Edward's and he barely noticed as Bella walked down and grabbed onto him.

"No way." He said, shaking his head. "She...oh God. How?"

"I was in the kitchen making something to eat when she started crying." Bella said, forcing him to look down at her. "As I was on my way to see what was wrong, I heard this pop and then just saw her in puppy form sitting on the carpet. She took off and it became chaos after that. She tried to take a few swipes at Cora."

"Ugh." He groaned and buried his face in Bella's hair. "This came much sooner than I wanted it to. What are we going to do?"

"Well we can't leave Bella alone with the kids anymore." Sam piped up as he and Paul walked over, Paul taking Caty from Jasper and hugging her to his body, cooing at her as he tried to get her to calm down enough to shift back into human form. "When Caty gets bigger, her wolf form will get bigger, and as long as Bella stays human, she could get hurt if Caty shifts and gets out of control. One of us could handle it, but it would be bad for Bella."

"Easy enough." Emmett shrugged, holding Bella to his side. "We can do that." They heard a pop and looked over, seeing Paul flail a bit to adjust his hold on Caty who had changed back to a baby. Once he got the hold he calmed down and held her naturally.

"You've been a pain today." He said affectionately, smiling down at her. She just giggled and cooed looking up at him.

"Sure, now she's in a happy mood." Bella grumbled, rolling her eyes.

"At least she's a baby again." Emmett laughed, kissing her head.

Bella nodded and smiled up at him. Looking around, she realized that even with everything that came up, and was going to come in the future, she was pretty lucky with the life she had.

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