Naming Harry

"It's a boy! And he looks like me!!!!"

"A baby boy!"

"He's screaming his head off, won't be quiet..not that I'm complaining! HE LOOKS LIKE ME!!"

"Just like his uncle Sirius!"

"You're godfather, Sirius, of course!"


"...Ah, sorry, offense it's just..ouch, awkward.."

"None taken, none taken. Of course, your second child will be under my godfathership?"

"Is that a word?"

"Eh, probably not.."

"Sure, sure..I have a baby boy! AND HE LOOKS LIKE ME!"

"What's the name?"

"We decided on Boris last night! HE LOOKS LIKE ME!""

Ten minutes ago, at 3:48 A.M on July 31st, Lily Evans Potter had given birth to..a baby boy. James Potter had rushed out of the hospital room, practically dancing with glee. "A boy! He looks just like me!" He seemed more happy at the fact he resembled him than anything else.

The three bumbling best friends, Sirius, Remus, and Father James (Peter was absent, no one had any idea where he was) jabbered away for a few moments, before James decided to go in.

"I'll give you the okay to come in in a minute," he told his friends.

James tiptoed in and sat down gingerly next to his tired but happy wife. He gazed lovingly at his son, now quiet and cooing happily, and of course immediately took to messing up the poor kid's already thick, untidy black hair.

"James," whispered Lily, shifting her adoring gaze from her baby to her husband.

"Lilllllly," drawled James, and kissed her, gently wiping joyous tears from her eyes.

"Let's name him Frederick James Potter," suggested Lily when they broke away and James had given the signal for Remus and Sirius to come in, after they had finished cooing over the baby and were watching the couple cradle him together.

"I thought we decided to call him Boris," objected James. "Remember, last night? We fought for two hours before you went, 'let's call him Boris!' and it sounded perfect? So...where did Frederick James Potter come from? Besides, it's an awful name..and Arthur Weasley named his son Frederick Arthur Weasley, so..we can't have two Freds!"

"I dunno..Boris doesn't seem right, now, looking at this sweet little boy.."

James inspected the little boy, who had now fallen asleep. "Wow, you're right. It..doesn't! How 'bout Sirius?" he suggested.

"How 'bout Remus?" added Remus, grinning.

Lily shook her head, looking almost revolted.

Sirius was examining the baby. "How about Harry?" he suggested.

And everyone agreed.

Fifteen Years Later:

Sirius and Harry sat at the table of Number 12, Grimmauld Place as Sirius recounted the day he was born.

"BORIS?" Harry half shrieked. "My parents were going to name me Boris Potter?"

"Boris Potter..the Boy Who Lived.." tried out Sirius, grinning.

Harry looked seriously at his godfather over the lenses of his glasses. "Have I ever told you, Sirius, how grateful I am to?"

Sirius patted his godson on the head. "Many times. Don't worry about it, Boris."