Title: Greet The Dawn

Author: Solarbaby614

Rating: T

Disclaimer: All I own is the plot.

Words: 159

Summary: All things come to an end but with them comes a new beginning.

Notes: Set after the season 4 finale. Written for smallfandomflsh for the prompt Epic. Minor character death.


When the Queen died it was almost if the whole Ocean Planet had stopped. There had been a continuous overcast for days leading up to her funeral, almost as if the planet itself knew what had happened.

Both daughters stood by with heavy hearts and mournful eyes as their mother's body joined with the ancient ones, taken to a burial chamber located deep within the waters. Behind Neri stood Jason, a silent source of comfort and strength, constantly there, never wavering.

The people looked to her for strength during this time as princess, heir apparent, and soon to be queen. If they saw her gripping Jason's hand tightly before stepping forward to take her place at the throne, none said a word, instead choosing to kneel and pledge their loyalty.

Neri felt a hand on her should and turned her head. Jason stood at her side, smiling, reassuring, and for the first time in days she felt herself relax.