Title: Live It Up

Author: Solarbaby614

Rating: T

Disclaimer: All I own is the plot.

Words: 400

Summary: Luke's return to the mall caused little fanfare.

Notes: Written for tv_100. I decided to bring Luke back for season 5. I'm not sure if there's going to be anymore or not.


Luke returned to the mall not long after Jack with little fanfare. Trudy and Salene seemed pleased to see him and everyone else there just seemed relieved to see that another familiar face hadn't disappeared into the void.

There were faces missing from the group that welcomed him. Bray, KC, Cloe, Alice and, most importantly, Ellie. They had been replaced with strangers. A techno named Jay, a bouncy girl named Gel and two kids named Sammy and Mouse.

It was Jack that really surprised him. The teen had grown into himself, seeming more self assured. The difference was strangely appealing.


Their first kiss was unexpected. Alcohol fueled (courtesy of May), but unexpected all the same.

There had still been this silent anger about Jack, simmering there just under his skin. And when it flared, it flared violently. Luke wasn't quite sure what set Jack off but he barely managed to gain the upper hand when he hit the floor. But he hadn't been the Guardian's lieutenant for nothing and he had Jack pinned under him in no time.

They were both gasping, flushed, and Jack was caught, glaring but helpless. Luke couldn't help himself.

He leaned down and kissed him.


"All you have to do is tell me to stop and I will."

The words sent a warm gust of breath against his neck, momentarily distracting him from the hands that had slipped under his shirt. Jack might have been tempted if not just to see the reaction but then a set of teeth began to work their way up his neck and pretty much all coherent thought left him.

"Say it," Luke murmured, even as he slid a hand up the back of Jack's neck.

They both knew he never would.

Luke tightened his grip and pressed their lips together.


He had missed this, Luke contemplated, stretched out on the roof, basking in the sun. His head was cushioned in Jack's lap, whose fingers were threaded in his blue hair. The sun he'd meant, not this peaceful time with Jack because they hadn't had this before, with Ellie between them. It made him realized just how easily it could have been Jack instead of her.

Luke's hand slid up, twining their fingers together. Lips pressed a soft kiss on the hand, a barely there move.

There was no point dwelling on the past. Not while his future was right here.