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I'd taken deep breaths in such a way I think I could've died from hyperventilation. I had no intention to sit on Sara's couch with her and burn my eyes until they melted out of their sockets as they stared at two girls make out in nothing but extremely tiny, short skirts and lace bras. But that's what had happened.

Beside me, with a bag of popcorn in her hands no less, sat Sara Sidle in all her relaxed glory. I'd never seen her so calm, so friendly. She'd been a different person outside of work on top of the significant change in personality since her return. She'd seemed comfortable in her gray sweat pants and white tank top. I, on the other hand, needed a defibrillator. I'd damn near had a heart attack when one of the girls ran their hand along the girl's thigh, but I'd guessed it had to do with the fact I'd imagined Sara doing all those things to me.

"Can I ask you something," I shakily started.

"By definition, you already did," she smiled before she'd tossed a piece of popcorn into her mouth.

"Very funny. ...I wanted to ask...how come this doesn't seem to affect you?"

"You mean, how come I'm not turned on by that blonde's hand up the other girl's skirt while the heel of her palm gently runs along her partner's folds," she'd answered with a question as she kept her eyes locked on me the entire time.

"You...have great peripheral vision," I choked on my words.

She'd smiled brighter than the sun and I felt heat surge through me. I'd gotten myself into way too much trouble there.

"Thanks," she purred.

She'd dropped the popcorn on the table next to her side of the couch and moved closer to me. Our knees touched and the room started to spin, especially when her hand lightly rested on my thigh. I gulped and thought, Why me?

I never thought Sara would try something so bold because at that point, I knew she wasn't doing anything out of friendship. She ran off pure desire, pure necessity. I figured she hadn't even been felt up for the past couple months. Why would she? Her husband stayed in a different country while she came back to work at the lab once again. I knew she'd probably need something I couldn't give her without killing Grissom and ruining whatever friendship we'd settled on earlier in our lives.

Her hand on my thigh started to move and I wanted to whimper at the rising temperature her touch caused in me, but I had to maintain composure. I couldn't let her think I'd give in even though I really wanted to do that since the first time I'd est my eyes on her. She now had this new power over me and I was vulnerable. I felt alone and twisted up in emotions so deep, they scarred me for life with their promise to bring me down, suck me into limbo and strip me of my sanity.

I didn't want any of that to happen and Sara could save me, but I didn't want it to be at the price of Grissom's heart. It certainly wouldn't be fair. No matter how much I hated the fact she'd picked him over all the more emotionally available people. But that was the problem. I blamed Grissom for Sara's choice. How screwed up did that make me? Did a really hate my life that much I didn't know where to stick the anger and hurt?

I needed to blame myself, but I couldn't do it. I pitied myself and therefore, took it out of Gil. How could I be so cruel? How could I think for a second that Sara's hand gripping my ass as I tried to clear my thoughts of her her in compromising positions would make everything fine and dandy?

Oh, wait. God, she had her hand on my ass and hip! She, I...shit.

"Sara...we shouldn't do...this," I squeezed my eyes shut when her thumb made it to the front of my jeans. She knew the right place to start and for a second, I'd lost my breath.

"When you asked why the porn didn't affect me...I never gave you a real answer...did I," she asked as she leaned close and whispered in my ear. Her free hand caressed the side of my face and moved down to my chest.

I started to pant and all she could do was grin and throatily chuckle. I hated it and love it at the same time. How unfair was that?

God, I hated myself right then.

"You turn me on," she purred as one of her hands slipped into the waistband of the shorts she'd given to me.

"W-we...can't," I tried to fight her off.

"Let go, Catherine. If not for yourself...then for me?"

Damn her. Why did she want to do this to me? To herself? To Grissom?

All of a sudden, I felt the cold air hit me. And a split second later, I felt Sara's arms wrap around me and lift hoist me off the couch. She carried me back upstairs, where we'd been before she popped in the erotic movie, and laid me down on her bed.

I panted and stared up at her with owl eyes. She grinned, her arms still wrapped around my back, though she'd set me on top of them. My legs had wrapped themselves around her waist when she'd pick me up and they held tight around her.

"Are you going to tell me to stop? I don't want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Plus, I really don't need a rape charge on my record," she silently laughed.

I bit my lip.

She pushed up the shirt she'd given me with her thumb and grazed my ribs up to the underside of my breast.

"I'm glad you don't like to wear bras to sleep," she cockily grinned. "It makes this so much easier."

The pad of her thumb traveled north and swirled around my nipple. My breath caught and closed my eyes to relish in the incredible moment.

"Maybe you should try to go to work without a bra too."

I blissfully sighed and decided I could never deny her and we would go all the way.

Who knew Sara "Formerly Antisocial" Sidle was so sneaky?

I exponentially helped her when I peeled the shirt off and exposed myself to her. Her eyes grew wide and dark with lust. I had her caught in my web like her touches had me caught in hers. Two could play her game.

She lowered her lips to one nipple and chastely kissed it. Then she upped the ante and flicked her tongue across it.

I moaned and raised my hands to her hair. I tangled them in her brunette locks when she made her tongue dance across both nipples, one at a time, with slow, sensual attention. She knew how I liked it and we'd never been half as close as we were then. How did she know all my weaknesses, my soft spots, my Achilles Heel?

She ran her hands up my sides and brought them to my breasts in place of her mouth while she left a trail of wet kisses down my stomach.

"Sweetie, these shorts are gonna have to come off," she purred in the raspy way that got me hot under the collar.

I knew they should've already made themselves comfortable on the floor, but I'd let her whisk me away and I'd played by her rules. That left me clueless to my own standard of playing and I'd completely forgotten to dismiss the damn shorts. I'd been foolish, but they'd come off soon enough. I had no worries.

She circled her thumbs around my nipples. I moaned and arched my back to feel more of her great touches.

"Looks like someone did more than change their personality when they were overseas," I managed to say. "You've learned quite a few things, Sidle."

"Mm, I love it when you call me by my last name, especially when I have the power here, but you have the power at the lab."

She throatily laughed and flicked her thumbs over my nipples before they fell below my waist.

I groaned. I wanted her hands on my chest, but apparently she'd had something else in mind.

"I told you...these shorts need to disappear," she smiled as she pulled at the waistband on the clothing.

"The thong too?"

She giggled.

"The thong too. ...But that'll come later. I wanna see you strut your stuff in it."

I giggled as I felt the shorts hit my ankles. I shook them off and they drifted to the floor. I sat up and used my hands as leverage to stay in an upright position. I sexily grinned and stared directly into her eyes without a doubt. Finally, a fantasy come true.

"Where do you want me," I fought off a case of the giggles.

She bit her lip and swung her index finger around in the air.

"Turn around."

I bit my lip and flipped onto my back. I looked over my shoulder and moved my hair out of my face. I grinned and brought one hand to the string wrapped around my hip. I pulled it south then purposely changed my mind before I brought it back up my side.

"You wanna tease me," she asked.

I nodded.

"Oh...well in that case," she purred as she crawled on top of me. "Let me help you with that."

She kissed my neck from behind and held my hair out of her way. I moaned and relaxed under her initiative. She slid down my body and kissed her way down my back. Once she reached the small of my back, she traced heart patterns with her tongue along the edge of the thong.

I throatily laughed and squirmed under her. She held onto my hips and pinned me to the bed. She bit at the back of the thong and pulled it down my thighs with her teeth. When she reached halfway down my thighs, she brought her lips to the center of my back and planted a kiss on me as she pulled the thong the rest of the way down my legs.

The second the thong hit the floor, I rolled onto my back and shook my head.

"It's not fair," I started as I enjoyed her stare at my naked figure. "You can see all of me, but I have yet to see any of you."

She bit her lip and within an instant, rushed to get her clothes off. I'd never seen anyone so eager to that before and boy was it a comical sight if I ever saw one.

I laughed and welcomed her back on top of me when she leaned in for a kiss. She didn't get ballsy and smother my lips with hers. She waited for me to go the little distance to kiss her. I smiled and craned my neck to meet her lips. It played in slow motion for me and I felt like our lips were magnets, drawn to each other. When they connected, the world rushed away and the only that existed was the bed, her, and me. Everything bled together in a good way and nothing else mattered besides the fire, the passion, between us.

At first, the kiss had been sweet, somewhat short, open mouthed, but no tongues. After a few of those kisses, we pushed at each other, our tongues locked tight as they wrestled with each other. Soon after, she started to rock against me and I forced one of my thighs between her legs.

I felt her slick, heated core rub against me and moaned into our next couple of kisses. I grabbed at one of her breasts and pressed my thigh further onto her core. She whimpered and shivered as she further fell on top me, curled her body to fit mine.

She bit her lip and pulled my hair into her fists. She tugged a bit and I moaned as I brought my hands to her breasts. She gasped and I took my sweet time to cup and rub them.

She released my hair and lowered her mouth to my neck. She nibbled on my earlobe and gave a pinch like bite to my pulse point. I grunted and arched my back to better get a feel of her. Our bodies fused and we became inseparable. I continued to pant and Sara finally regained some of her control.

Her hand ran down my stomach and her fingers twirled around my curls. Her fingers traveled further south and ran the length of my folds before they circled in hesitation around my opening. I sharply inhaled and held my breath. All Sara did was smirk and chuckle.

"You're...so harsh, babe," I panted.

"You teased me," she retorted. "You started it."

I rolled my eyes, but I guess she didn't like that because the next thing I knew, her hand had disappeared and all I felt was her palm flat against my waist. Then I felt cool air rush over my core. My toes curled and I had to tightly grip the bedsheets to fight off the urge, the need, for real contact.

"That's not fair," I practically screamed.

I heard her snicker as she remounted me.

"Nobody's fault but your own."

I somewhat growled at her, which caused her to sport a suggestively raised eyebrow.

"You want it rough," she purred her question.

I giggled and thought about it for a moment. I shook my head and sat up. She pushed back and sat on her ankles. We stared deeply into each others eyes and took a deep breath. A silent understanding took place.

I leaned in to kiss her and the kiss was filled with more than lust. I forgot about Grissom and why what we did was wrong and focused only on the purest touch I'd ever received. I didn't even expect it. Sara Sidle had quick hands and paid close attention to detail. She never made a single move I didn't like and she slowly got through each action.

Part of me assumed she wanted to prolong the inevitable, but the other part, the part that learned Sara had a system and always took her time, said she did it to make sure I'd be fully satisfied. Her hands were everywhere and her kisses paralyzed me. I couldn't believe she made me feel so helpless yet alive at the same time.

It didn't take her too long to get me where she ultimately wanted me. After a good half an hour of teasing and gentle touches here and there, she slipped two fingers inside me. My thighs jolted at first, but I soon got used to feel. Not much longer after that, she quickened her pace and I couldn't deny my climax.

She gave me an over heated, over charged kiss, her tongue half way down my throat as I let go and didn't hold anything back. I broke the kiss, opened my eyes, stared at Sara as I gave one last pant and screamed her name as squeezed my eyes shut once again. I'd arched my back and neck and clawed at her biceps. My fingernails raked down her arms to her elbows and I'd come to the extra blissful high that followed my release.

I stayed completely still underneath Sara. She slowly removed her fingers from me and rolled her hips one last time against me before she collapsed onto her back beside me. I turned to her and watched as she raised her fingers to her mouth. I bit my lip and waited for her to have a taste. She then turned to me and smiled.

"Wanna help me," she purred.

I lightly gasped and she wasted no time invading my personal space. She brought her fingers to my mouth and licked the side not exposed to me.

"Mm," she grinned.

I darted my tongue out and took a shallow sample. She throatily laughed and finished off the rest.

I felt a twinge of pain that nagged my heart. I'd stabbed my friend in the back and I could never have Sara to myself. I shouldn't have let her have me at all. But, was is technically still cheating if she fucked me instead of me having fucked her? Well, that technically only made it her fault. She'd cheated on Gil, no doubt, but I'd hardly touched her. Compared to how she'd touched me, anyway.

I calmed down and remembered I'd be rude of me not to feel her walls tighten around my fingers. She'd given me the best damn night of my life. It would only be fair to return the favor.

"You don't have to if you don't want to. I understand," she said as if she'd read my mind.

"Did I look that guilty," I worriedly asked.

"Deathly pale, slightly regretful, you've nearly chewed your bottom lip off," she touched my lips with a small smile at her last remark. "It's my mistake to make. I don't need to take you with me."

"But Sara-"

"If you're going to ask me why I did this, please don't," she said as she stared at the ceiling. "Should I go sleep on the couch now?"

"What? Why would you think... Because I'm not sure I want to screw you senseless, you think I'll want us as far from each other as possible?"

She looked at me. Her body still faced the ceiling, but her eyes locked with mine.

"Why wouldn't you? You have every reason to hate me right now."


She weakly nodded and avoided eye contact then.

"Look at me, Sara," I demanded.

She refused to listen.

"Sara," I hooked my forefinger and thumb under her chin and lifted her eyes to meet mine. When I finally had her attention, I started again. "I cuddle. I spoon. I'm a friggin' professional spooner. So you're gonna stay right here...next to me."

I warmly smiled and she perfectly mirrored it.

She leaned in and gave me a kiss, a chaste kiss that made me tingle. Soon my smile faded, as did hers, and our kiss went from something sweet and friendly to naughty and passionate. Our tongues dueled for dominance yet again and I decided as long as were headed down that path, she'd get as good as she gave.

I rolled on top of her and started to run my thumb across one of her nipples. She moaned and tried to break the kiss, but I wouldn't let her. She didn't fight long, but once we needed air and our lips separated, she rushed her words.

"Don't do this."

I sighed.

"You don't want me to?"

"No, I do. It's just that-"

"Forget about Grissom. I'm not worried. I don't care right now."

"Yeah, right now. What about later?"

"That's later. You need this. You deserve this. Let me have my fun," I crookedly grinned.

She bit her lip in an attempt to suppress her smile, but we both knew it was there and it certainly wouldn't go away.

She nodded and let go of her lip. Later we found out, her lip wasn't the only thing she'd let go.

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