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Chapter 19

The next few days passed without incident. Neither Kyo nor Ichigo had had anymore dreams about killing or being killed and Kyo hadn't been visited by Hollow Ichigo. Before the young arrancar halfling knew it the day of the school's concert had arrived and Kyo was trying to come up with a good enough excuse to get out of going with her friends. She would have loved to go with them but she didn't want to let them know that she was the mystery performer.

Kyo glanced at the clock on her bedside table which read ten a.m. Right on time the knock came on her front door and she ran into the bathroom to make sure that her 'disguise' was still in place. She then ran downstairs to answer the door. She opened it slowly, squinting at the group of people standing on her doorstep. "Hey Kyo," Ichigo greeted, taking in her appearance, "Whoa, you look like you got run over by train." Orihime, Uryu, Chad and Rukia nodded their agreement at the statement. Kyo was paler than normal and her eyes and nose were red. She looked as if at any moment she would throw up or faint.

Coughing the girl smiled weakly at her friends. "I'm sorry guys but I can't go to the concert with you, I'm way too sick." Behind her back Kyo crossed her fingers and hoped they would believe her. Orihime gasped, "Oh Kyo! That's terrible!" Kyo nodded, "Looks like you'll have to go without me." The group nodded and after wishing Kyo well they left her to rest and headed to the concert. Once they were gone Kyo rushed up stairs to wash off the makeup and get ready for the concert herself.

. . .

"Kyo! You're here!" Mina clapped her hands as she smiled widely at the girl. Kyo smiled back nervously as Mina guided her to where her outfit was waiting. Kyo picked up the simple white mask and grinned, this would be quite fun and she found that she couldn't wait to get out on stage.

Fifteen minutes later the MC was announcing that the mystery performer was now going to sing as the closing of the show. Kyo took several deep breaths as she confidently strode out onto the stage and took the microphone that was handed to her. The small girl wore a long navy tail-coat with a large hood that hid her hair from view and she wore black shorts, tank-top and knee-high black boots with low heels to give her some height. The huge audience that had gathered to watch the concert and enjoy the fair that had also been set up clapped and cheered as Kyo took a low bow. Upbeat music began to play as Kyo launched into a cover of Welcome to the Show.

"Now's the time, get in line, don't be afraid tonight We're gonna take you high, before you realize
'Round and 'round you'll go, up and down, never slow
Feel the excitement grow, oh
This is where you let go,"

As she sang Kyo danced around the stage bringing the energy of the audience up and getting most of them to dance along. Ichigo, Rukia and the others were enjoying the performance but were a little upset that Kyo was missing it. "Too bad that girl is wearing a mask though, I'd like to see who she is," Orihime was saying.

"Hands high like a roller coaster
This love is taking over
Take us higher here we go
Oh, oh, oh
Welcome to the show
Gravity we're defying
'Cause we were made for flying
We're about to lose control
Welcome to the show"

Kyo was really getting into the excitement now and was really having fun by now.

"We've only just begun, and you can't run!" Kyo finished with a flourish, she was breathing hard but ready for her next and last song to begin. The music for I'm Alive began and Kyo's voice rang out over the people dancing along.

"Nothing I say comes out right
I can't love without a fight
No one ever knows my name
When I pray for sun, it rains
I'm so sick of wasting time
Nothing's moving in my mind
Inspiration can't be found
I get up and fall but...

I'm alive!
I'm alive! Oh, yeah
Between the good and bad's where you'll find me
Reaching for heaven
I will fight
And I'll sleep when I die
I live, My life, I'm alive!"

As she danced the hood worked its way back and eventually fell away from her hair revealing to the audience the brown and red hair beneath. Unknowing Kyo kept singing,

"Every lover breaks my heart
And I know it from the start
Still I end up in a mess
Every time I second Guess
All my friend's just run away
When I'm having a bad day
I would rather stay in bed
But I know there's reasons"

As she broke back into the chorus Kyo ran her hand through her hair and realized that the hood had fallen away. She scanned the crowd and saw Ichigo and the others staring wide-eyed at her and could tell that they knew. Grinning widely the girl took hold of the mask and hauled it off causing her classmates in the crowd to gasp then cheer loudly as Kyo launched into the last verse,

"When I'm bored to death at home
When he won't pick up the phone
When I'm stuck in second place
Those regrets I can't erase
Only I can change the end
Of the movie in my head
There's no time for misery
I won't feel sorry for me

I'm alive!
I'm alive! Oh, yeah
Between the good and bad's where you'll find me
Reaching for heaven
I will fight
And I'll sleep when I die
I live, My life, I'm alive!"

With the end of the music Kyo struck a last pose, grinning like mad as everyone cheered and clapped. She gave a low bow then skipped off the stage, stopping right in front of Mina. "Great job girl! And I love how you just threw off the mask in the middle of the song," Mina high fived the now blushing Kyo. "Thank you so much, and thanks for getting me to do this," Kyo said, giving her teacher a quick hug, "I should go and see my friends now." Mina nodded, "Of course, go and enjoy the fair." Kyo waved as she ran off to meet Ichigo and the others.

. . .

"Hey Kyo!" Orihime shouted as she saw the small girl approaching, "I can't believe that was you!" Kyo grinned sheepishly as she stopped in front of her friends, "Yeah, sorry I lied to you guys, I was just so nervous." Uryu placed a hand on Kyo's shoulder, "We get it, you did well though." Kyo blushed, "Thanks." Ichigo, Orihime and Chad complimented her too and even Rukia said that she'd been good. "Let's go check out the fair games guys!" Orihime cheered as she grabbed both Kyo and Rukia by the hand and took off towards the nearest game with Ichigo, Uryu and Chad trailing behind.

. . .

Bright cerulean eyes followed the short arrancar halfling as she was basically man-handled by the tall overly cheerful girl. With a growl Grimmjow sunk back into the shadows, watching and waiting for the perfect opportunity to snatch his prey.

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