Éclairant, French translation of 'Illuminating'; To enlighten intellectually or spiritually; enable to understand.

Summary: Because of an accidental bit of dark magic, Harry is abused by his parents. But his Twin brother Jerry is said to be all light. Because of this the Potters willingly give him up to the Dark Lord. Devonian Éclair, the half-blood son of a death eater also taken in by the Dark Lord. When they go to Hogwarts in there first year, they have there ups and downs. Can these two boys who seem to have to much dark magic for there own good, survive in a world where the light is judgmental?

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Flash backs, Letters, dreams


Chapitre un

He looked up from the book he was reading, putting it down gently on his bed. No, he had to remind himself this was not much more then a spare mattress his supposed parents dug out of the attic for him; or maybe the garbage he would put it past them. After all, what would they care for him? He was just another mouth to feed and provide after. They only care for one this, and one thing only.

His younger twin brother, Jerry Potter.

His face grew in disgust at the remembrance of his parents. How they always coddled Jerry and never allowed any love to Harry. He looked away slightly. But he couldn't hate his brother, he never could. Never would. He refused to. Not ever since, since that night.

He shook his head remembering what happened.

The wind was restless and the sounds of feet on the ground sounded out through Godric's Hollow. A man with a snake like face had a permanent smirk on his face as he continued to walk.

"Wormtail.." He drawled, turning to a plump man who. Said man squeaked and ran up to the other man.

"Y-Yes, my Lord?" Wormtail, looked around and spotted what they came for. The other man just stared at what he saw as nothing.

"The address, Wormtail?" The white, snake like man drawled. Wormtail scurried over and handed him a peace of paper with the address. He remembered the address and he looked up once more to see the Potter House. He grinned cruelly.


Even at such a young age, one Harry Potter was smarter then most people could say they were at that age. He would walk long distances with out falling down (unlike his twin brother Jerry who could walk all but 2 feet before falling on his butt and crying) and could actually say a full sentence of words.

But nothing he ever seemed to do got his parents attention. It was always 'Jerry this, Jerry that' or 'Jerry is so much more Light, he will surely save the world'.

Jerry is so much more Light. That phrase, how he hated that phrase. It was only one time, one time that he had emitted that dark power. But then again, that was when he was born, or so he was told.

He sighed, looking out of the window of his home, seeing his Uncle Peter with a snake guy. His face screwed up in disgust.

"Ewww…" He murmured, now going to sit on the ground. He sighed a little. Laying down on his bed. And then he heard it, the front door slammed open and a muffled yelling from his father. He just turned around in his bed. His father was always loud. But he couldn't help but wonder…

There was hurried steps up the stairs, as his mother busted into his rooms with his brother. Her breath was ragged as she looked at Harry with a look of disgust. He quickly shoved Jerry to Harry, pulling the blanket over Jerry.

"Keep him safe!" She hurriedly whispered, tears welling up in her emerald green eyes. Harry just scowled at her, but nodded his head. He himself hurriedly pulled himself under the blankets as well.

His brother looked at him with big Hazel eyes, sniffling. "Hawwy!" He whispered, snuggling close to his brother. He looked at the other, snaking his arms around his brother. Despite what his parents did to him, he and his brother were still relatively close. After all they were more then brothers, they shared a bond. One that couldn't be severed easily.

The door to Harry's room slammed open as he heard a hissing voice, yelling at him mother.

"Where are the boyssssss!" The voice hissed, Harry could only guess this was the man that looked like a snake.

"T-They are not in here!" She told him, trying to be as calm as possible but failing.

"Liessss! Do not lie to me!" He yelled at her, Harry poked his head out of the blankets slightly to see the man pointing his wand at his mother. She was shaking, tears rolling down her cheeks. He rolled his eyes slightly. He knew she would only care if Jerry stayed alive. He knew she did not care for him.

"Fine, if you are going to be that way Avada Kadav---" But before he could get the rest of the killing curse out, Harry screamed out.


The Dark Lord turned his eyes onto the bed where he saw Harry's head poking out of the covers. His face turned into a smirk as he strolled over to the bed, yanking the covers off the two children. He looked over then, before laughing.

"How pathetic, one of these mere children supposed to kill me!" He laughed, as if it was one big joke. Harry clang to his brother.

"Well, then I guess its time to say good bye isn't it? Well then, Avada Kadav--" Again, before he could finish the curse a women's voice spoke up.

"Please, don't kill Jerry! Take Harry, take him! Take him instead!" After all, she though to herself, the child was nothing but ill luck. He was taken over by dark magic.

Harry stiffened in bed, what did she just say? He knew his mother did not care for him, even as far as not love him but was she really truly giving him up to the Dark Lord. He knew she was horrible, but he didn't know she was this bad. Voldemort just smiled cruelly.

"And why should I..?" He asked, stepping closer to the twins. He looked at the one mention, Harry, who was looking at him with a bored expression. This intrigued him. How could such a young child not be afraid of him.

"B-Because no one wants him, no wants someone as dark as that-- that thing!" Voldemort turned around at those words. Dark, this child was dark? Maybe he was.. No it couldn't possibly be. Either way, he would have to research this.

"You have got a deal, I shall take him on his 5th birthday. You have until then with him," he grinned cruelly once more. Harry looked at him with wide eyes, and glanced to his mother who was nodding her head frantically. He sneered at her with disgust before turning on her and screaming, "Crucio!"

She fell to the ground twisting and turning, the pain racking through her body. He turned to the two children.

"Macula!" He said, pointing at the two children. Out of no where Harry could feel pain on his forehead, he put his hand to his forehead where the pain seemed to come from and looked at the hand; it was spotted with blood.

With wide eyes he turned to his brother, who was screaming in pain, he looked at saw a simple thin line of his brothers cheek. He turned once more to the Dark Lord.

"W-What did you do?" Harry asked, his voice quivering. He couldn't stand the look his brother had on his face neither could he stand his mother still withering in pain on his bedroom floor.

"Simply leaving a mark on your lives…" He smiled, before looking at young Harry once more. "Soon, you shall be out of here and you shall be mine." And then, with a loud pop he was gone.

Aurors then came running into the room, at the head of them was one Mr. Dumbledore. Dumbledore took one look at the crying Jerry and walked over to them, picking up the young baby.

"Young Jerry Potter has defeated Voldemort!" At this many of the Aurors flinched when he said the name. No one spared a glance Harry. No one noticed the strange lightning bolt scar on the older twins forehead.

No, everyone only cared for Jerry. And no one cared for Harry.

No one ever did.

Harry blinked. What brought those memories up. Oh, right. Today was his fifth birthday. But of course he was not downstairs in the ball room with his brother and family. No, he was up stairs, in his little attic bedroom.

He shook his head. His messy black hair fell onto his shoulders. It was only long because his parents, no matter how much he begged, would not have it cut or cut it themselves.

He put his hands to his face as sobs suddenly racked his body. Why? Why couldn't they just love him the same as his brother. Was he just something that hindered them? If so, why didn't they just give him up? Surely, an orphanage would have been better then this? Even if it had worse conditions there was always the chance someone would adopt him and give him the good life he always wished, with parents that would love him.

There were only three people that loved him here. Uncle Sirius, Uncle Remy, and surprisingly enough his own brother Jerry. He gave a sigh, sobs still racking through his body.

His door creaked open loudly. He looked up to see a blur of dark red hair tackle into him.

"Harry, Harry!" The voice called out, muffled. He looked down, as a small sincere smile came onto his face.

"Jerry, what are you doing here you are supposed to be--"

"That's right supposed to!" His brother huffed, throwing his hands up in the air. He gave a sigh, looking at Harry sadly. "Its just not the same with out you.."

Harry looked at him, his heart clenching. He hugged his little brother tightly. He doubted his brother remember the agreement with the Dark Lord. If Jerry did he would do everything in his power to protect him. But Harry didn't want anything to happen to Jerry. Jerry was everything he could ever want in a brother. He was so much more then Harry could of hoped for.

"Jerry, I love you…" He murmured, his eyes filling with unwanted tears. Jerry just looked at Harry confused.

"I love you too, Harry…" He replied back, taking out a tissue from a pocket in his party robes. He put it on the others face gently, whipping away the tears. "Harry, what is the matter?"

Harry just looked away. "Just remember that no matter what happens I love you, okay?"

Jerry nodded his head. "'Kay~" He agreed childishly, before getting up. He took his brothers hand. "Come on! You are comin' with me!" Harry looked at him confused, before the other continued with ", You are coming to the party with me!"

Harry's eyes widened as his brother his brother dragged him into his room. Jerry then proceeded to go to his closet and take out a set of children's dress robes in a deep blue color. He turned to Harry.

"I believe emerald would go better, because of your eyes, but you know how Daddy is.." He trailed off, handing the robe to his elder brother. Said brother just nodded his head and started to change.

He looked at himself, tears welling up yet again. In all his years of living he had never had something as nice as this. He looked as his brother and enveloped him into a hug. He would truly miss his brother when he left.

Jerry smiled at his brother, taking his hand into his own. "Ready Har'?" He asked cheerfully, practically jumping. Harry just smiled and nodded with a light blush on his face.

"Yes… yes I am…"

Jerry pulled Harry to the door, a small smile on his face.

But that smile would not last. Because by the end of the night, his brother would be gone. Gone from there lives, and gone from there cause.


Harry entered the ball room of there home, and looked at it in awe. But then he scowled. He shouldn't have to look at like this, like he had seen it for the first time. (Which was the truth.) He looked at the wonderfully made walls and floors, taking in how grand it was. Jerry continued to drag Harry to the dance floor.

Many parents and children at the party looked at Harry, whispering to each other with "Who is that boy?" or "I have never seen him before." Harry watched as his brother leaned into him.

"Come on Harry! Lets dance!" He giggled happily. Harry looked down at him and nodded.


And dance they did, no one could separate the two, they just continued to dance the night away. But half way through the night Lily and James Potter came up to the youngest and glared at Harry.

"What is that thing doing here?" Lily spit out. James looked to his youngest son and went to grab him before Jerry glared at both of them.

"Harry is here too, because this is also his birthday!" He shot defiantly to them. The both looked at Jerry with wide eyes.

"You!" Lily screeched out at Harry ", You brain washed him! Jerry, come to Mommy, come one dear. Lets leave that thing alone." She cooed, trying to get him to come to her. But he would not have it. After all, the only thing he loved more then his parents was his brother.

"Mommy! He did not brainwash me!" Jerry said, clinging to his brother. Lily took Jerry's arm and pulled him strongly from Harry, she glared at her eldest child. Jerry just looked at him apologetically. Harry knew his brother didn't mean for any of this to happen. He just wanted to give Harry a good time.

But he couldn't hold it against any of them, after all, no one like him in this house. He turned around as he started to cry once more. But his tears where silent, he didn't sob. After all, he had years of practice with crying in front of the two people he knew would hurt him if he did cry in there presence.

He took a deep breath before turning to the only people he ever lived with. "You will rue this day, you will rue it. I swear it on my magic, you will regret ever being mean to me…" And then the little 5 year old looked to the door where he saw many men storming his home. He looked at the masks and walked to them, ignoring the cries of the people behind him.

"Harry James Potter, you get your ass over here this instant!" He heard his father, no ex-father, yell at him. He turned to the man, a small smile on his face.

"But, Daddy," He spat the word as if it was a curse ", I have to go. After all Mommy gave me up to them…"

The closest Death Eater went to the young boy, a hand went on Harry's shoulder and then Harry spoke.

"Good bye Mom, good bye Dad…" And then he was gone.

Jerry looked at where his brother just was, before tears spilt down his face. "H-Harry…?" He whispered, he looked to his parents. But his parents did not seem to care. No, far from it. His parents seemed to like it that his brother was gone. H-How horrible!

He struggled from the grip his mother had on him, and glared at them hatefully.

On that day, the Potters did not just lose one son, no they lost both. One, to the dark lord, and one to himself.

Jerry Potter, would become something no one would imagine, he would become the thing everyone expected. He would truly become 'The-boy-who-lived'. For himself and for his brother.

"Non! Get away from 'im!" An accented voice screamed bloody murder and she hugged a young 5 year old boy her chest. Her wispy blonde hair contrasted greatly with her son's own black hair. The boy looked at his mother, blue eyes met a similar set of blue eyes. Her eyes were full of tears.

"Do not kill my son!" She screamed. The man in front of her just gave a sneer, raising a stick to the women. The young boy just looked at his mom.

"Maman?" He asked her, in French. There mother tongue. He looked to the man once more. The man was staring at him, before giving a smirk.

"Ah, such a waste. I see great potential in you. Too bad your mother is a muggle and your father, well your father was a traitor." His red eyes met blue.

"Père?" The young boy asked the tall man. "You knew mon père? 'Ow? 'Ow do you know mon père?!"

Voldemort just looked at him. "None of your buissssnessss…" He hissed out hatefully. He turned once more to the blonde women.

"Now, where were we?" He asked, the blond women just screamed and begged. That was one of things Lord Voldemort hated about Muggles. They were so weak. So weak that they could not even fend for themselves.

He gave one more cruel laugh before he pointed his wand at her and said, "Avada Kadavra!" The young boy look at his mother, shaking her slightly.

"Maman? Maman? Come on, wake up. Maman!" He sobbed, shaking her slightly, when he saw his mom would not move, he looked up at Voldemort.

"What did you do to 'er?" He asked him, the other person just sneered. The young boy continued to sob, things around the house they were in started to shake. The Dark Lords eyes widened as the shadows in the room started to shift around, gliding over to the dark lord. He tried to struggle.

Impossible, this couldn't.. But it could, he realized. After all he found another child who was just liked this. He shook his head, and with a flick of his wrist dispelled all the shadows. He looked at the child who was now hugging his mother.

"You, child, you are coming with me!" he ordered. The boy looked at him.

"Non, I don't want too!" He yelled. His dark black hair framing his face.

"Too bad!" He hissed, grabbing the boys arm roughly.

"No, Maman! Maman!" He yelled to his mother, who just stared back at him with lifeless blue eyes. He looked at the man who killed his mother and continued to cry. The man picked him up, surprisingly gently. And so exhausted was he, that he fell asleep in said mans arms.

"Isn't 'e precious, mon amour?" That was his mothers voice. He looked around and saw his mother with a man who was wearing a black robe and skull mask. Said man smiled at her.

"Yes, he is…" He murmured, giving his mother a kiss on the forehead. He noticed this man had an English accent. Said man looked like him too.

"We need a name for 'im!" His mother stated happily, cooing at a bundle of blankets in her arms.

"Well, Antje, why don't you name him? After all, you are the one who did the most work.." He chuckled to himself. Said women thought to her self for 30 seconds before coming up with a name.

"Devonian!" She smiled smugly.

"Do I even want to know?" The English man sighed, he swore he could here, "Must be a muggle thing…"

"Eet eez a time period in 'istory where many new things were being created," The French women smiled. He just smiled at her.

"A middle name?" The man asked. She smiled at him.

"Regulus, after his father…" The man blushed silently.

"You didn't have too."

The women shook her head. "Oui, I did."

"So his full name is?"

"Devonian Regulus Black-Éclair. Eet 'as a nice ring too eet." Regulus shook his head a little.

"Only you. Only you…"

Devonian gasped as he woke up, placing a hand to his chest. He looked around. He was in an unknown room. He shook his head. He just… he had just dreamed off his mother and father.

He gave a slight sigh, before looking around once more. Now he spotted a young boy who was sleeping right next to him. Said boy opened his eyes and looked at him.

"Who are you?"

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Macula-Latin for Mark; In the sense of the spell, to mark someone permanently.