Enlightenment must come little by little - otherwise it would overwhelm. -Idries Shah


"Parseltongue, (animal speak)"

Flash backs, Letters, dreams


Chapitre deux; Powers

He looked up at the man who was to take him to the dark lords home. Long blonde hair was something that made him smile a bit. Malfoy. Yes, one of the dark lords more known supporters.

Said man looked down at Harry. Harry titled his head to the side at the man. "When are we going to be there?" Harry asked Malfoy who replied back with a "Soon!"

Harry rolled his eyes as they started the long trek to the dark lords home. Of course, they very well couldn't apparate there considering all the wards that were in place.

Finally after what seemed for ever they arrived at a giant mansion which made even Harry look twice. The house in front of him was just that huge. Way bigger then the Potter manor was. Shaking his head slightly, Harry continued walking and soon found him-self in the entrance hall. It was covered in the soft green and silvers of Slytherin colors, and Harry found himself liking these colors better then the obnoxious gold and red of Gryffindor in his old home.

He gave a some grin. Yes, these colors were much better.

He turned to Malfoy, who seemed to be leading him to a hall way to the right of the great hall. Running as fast as his 6 year old legs would allow him, he followed. Again, soon Harry found himself in front of a door.

"Here, My Lord will join you shortly", Malfoy almost sneered and then caught himself just in time. Turning around sharply he turned and walked away, leaving Harry at the door. With a small sigh, Harry faced the door and twisted the door knob and open the door, arriving in a- bedroom? Yes, that's what it was.

The room was once again in the Slytherin colors and held a queen sized, four poster bed. To the side was another door way which most likely held the closet, and next to that was another door. 'Probably the bathroom' Harry thought. On the other wall was a desk with a small amount of books.

After Harry was done with his analysis he found his way to the bed. He was exhausted. He had hardly gotten any sleep last night, so he was going to use this time to catch up on his rest before he met with the dark lord and met his fate (what ever that may be).

Covering himself with the heavy green threaded comforter, he fell asleep almost immediately.

He opened his eyes and looked around. The place he was in was un recognize-able. He did not know where he was, as he had never been there before. He looked around again and noticed he was in a room with plush chairs and a fire, looking to the right he found a man sitting on one of the chairs sipping what seemed to be, tea.

Harry resisted the urge to roll his eyes at the cliché moment, but stayed rooted where he was at the moment. Maybe the other man did not see him, that would save himself tons of explaining on how he was here and what he was doing here.

But no such luck; the man looked up at Harry and gave a soft smile. Now that the man was looking up Harry could see the others looks. Black shiny hair was falling gracefully to the mans shoulders and dark brown - almost black- eyes looked at him in amusement.

"Well, my little atrum parvulus, what are you waiting for! Come over here and join me!" The man laughed at the astonished look on the younger boys face. Harry sheepishly walked over to the man and seated himself on one of the plush chairs.

The man turned to look at Harry, looking over and muttering nonsense like "Yes, yes. This is most definitely him…" or "He will have great power, etiam is mos …" He was speaking in a strange language that Harry could not understand, but was determined to learn to at least understand this stranger.

The man looked away and then a couple seconds later turned to look at Harry once again.

"I have decided-!"

"Decided what?" Harry interrupted, speaking for the first time. The man just chuckled.

"Don't worry that will be answered in time.." He grinned childishly. Harry just sighed, before the man stood up, walking closer and closer to Harry. Harry looked at him skeptically. The man crouched low so he was eye level with Harry.

"I have decided to give you my power. But with this power, so comes the responsibility…" He said cryptically. Harry just looked at him with a confused face. What was this man going on about.

"But there are also cool things that come with these powers. For one you get to talk to me whenever, I mean who doesn't want to talk to me?" He grinned. "Also you get to talk to animals! My power is way better then my brothers' and-."

"Who are you?" Harry once again interrupted the man. Said man just turned around to look at him once more and gave a smile.

"Oh, my apologizes I forgot to introduce my self. Bestia Orator of the Darkness." Bestia smiled.

"Bestia… Orator?" Harry asked. Bestia just nodded.

"Yes, it means 'Animal Speaker'."

"I see…" Harry looked away a little, this was confusing him. When he looked up again he was Bestia looking down at him, he slowly lifted his arms up till the were on Harry's shoulder and then, he hugged Harry. Harry then feinted.

Harry open his eyes and looked around, before spotting something- someone- next to him on the bed. His breath hitched as he looked at the person.

Big blue eyes looked at him in fear and black hair was tumbling to the boys shoulder. Yes, it was a boy but it would take a minute to realize this. The boy was just so, beautiful almost like a girl.

"Who are you?" He blurted out, before smacking his head. Smooth Harry, smooth.

The boy just looked at him and then replied with, "Où suis-je?" Oh even greater! The boy spoke another language. One that Harry did not know.

"U-Uhm…" Harry said, still having no clue what the other boy asked. "Do you, er, speak English?" The other boys eyes widened before nodding his head slightly.

"Oui, I do. Eet eez a bit harder to speak eet though…" His heavily accented voice replied back shyly. Harry nodded his head.

"Er, okay then. So again. What is your name?"

"Devonian.." The young boy said. "But, you can call me Devon or Dev." Harry figured as much, the others name was long.

Devon looked at him. "And, you?"




"Nice to meet you."


And that was how the two of them met, though it wasn't normal, persay- They were in the same bed after all.

Harry gave a sigh and made his way to the wardrobe that was off to the right. He opened it and rummage through the robes. He turned to Devon.

"What color robe do you prefer?" He asked the other. Devon just looked at him, confused.

"Robe?" He asked. Harry's eyes widened.

"Yes, robe. Are… are you a muggleborn?" He asked.

"What eez a muggleborn?"

"Then a.. a muggle?" Why would the dark lord have a muggle here unless…? Harry hissed a little. He liked this kid and if he was a muggle he would not have him get killed.

With a plan now forming in his mind, the young Potter took the French boy's hand.

"Come on! We must get you out of here!"

Devon looked at him again with confusion. "'Arry? What eez the problem?"

"I-If you stay here you will..!" He didn't want to say anymore. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he pulled Devon out of the room and into the silent corridors of the Riddle manor. Harry looked around to see if anyone was around and seeing that no one was, he pulled Devon further out.

"Stay quiet!" He ordered Devon, who now looked afraid.

"Je suis effrayé…" Devon whispered. Harry just looked at him sadly, even if he could not understand what the other was saying.

Just as they were rounding a corner, they smacked into someone. Harry looked up in alarm and flinched at the look the women in front of him was giving him. And then her eyes widened as she took in who she just bumped into.

"Oh, I am sorry, young masters!" She apologized. Harry just looked at her and then realized who she was.

"Bellatrix Lestrange?" It was more of a statement then questioning. The women bowed before turning to Devon.

"So this is my dear cousin's son…"She gave a chilly smile as she took in the feminine boy, who was looking at her sheepishly behind his lashes. He still didn't get that he could die at any second.

"Cousin?" Devon asked. "You knew my Père?" Devon was literally jumping in excitement.

"Yes, I did. Though Regulus died young, most regrettably…" She mused a little. "But for him to love such.. Such filth like your mother-" After those words were out of her mouth, something big and dark crashed into her.

The thing was binding her to the ground, it looked like a void at which nothing could come out if it came in.

"Ma mère n'était pas la saleté!" He screamed in French as the black thing started pounding into her again, and again and again.

"Man, she does not let up does she?" Harry could hear Bestia chuckled. She? Who was she.

"My maman eez not zey filth! You are!" He screamed and then suddenly went rigid, promptly fainting.

"Devon!" Harry called, but again it was too late.

"My dear boy, shush, it is okay…" A soothing voice told him, cradling him in there arms. Devon looked up with bleary eyes to see who it was. It was dark, and so cold.

"Shush…" The voice murmured again. "I will not help you."

"'Oo are you?" Devon mumbled. The person adjusted him so he could look at her. He finally saw who it was.

It was a women with straight black hair falling to her waist. The women had dark blue eyes.

"My name is Alia, my dear." She said, continuing to calm him down. He snuggled into her comfortably and she smiled at him happily. "Dev, you are an important little boy, you know that right?"

He looked up at her. "Me? I am an important boy?" He asked her. She nodded.

"Yes. You are. You are like little Harry. You and he are what we call 'reapers'…" He looked at her shocked.

"R-Reapers? Us?" Once again, she nodded.

"Yes… You have powers that come with it of course. Like your power, over shadows and Harry's power to communicate with anything living."


Alia just chuckled. "Yes, now my dear it is time for you to wake up, child."


Jerry looked around the Potter mansion in deep disgust. How could his parents do that to his twin brother? How could they do that to there son, there own flesh and blood? It just made no sense to him.

Finally arriving at the place he wanted to go to, he slammed the door to the library grumbling how un fair it was. Honestly, he never really liked his fame. He never liked how he was coddled every second of his life. He liked it when he was around Harry at those times he could act himself and not like everyone made him out to be.

And now he had to make sure he studied. Oh no, it was not for those sorry excuses he called wizards and witches. It was for himself, for his brother, for Uncle Moony and Uncle Padfoot. He would, for once in his short life, he selfish.

Taking a first year charms book off the shelf he went to a couch and laid down and started leafing through the pages.

Now, if only he could learn to read better…

That night, after his parents trying to get him to talk to him, Jerry walked into his room and layed down on his bed. He looked at the wall blankly for a second, before he let the tears fall down his cheeks.

No more Harry to say good night, no more Harry to sleep with when he had nightmares, no more Harry…

He went to sleep crying that night.

Jerry looked around. Where was he? He didn't know. But he liked the colors. A nice blend of pale peach and yellow. It look very nice. He looked around a bit more and saw a man sitting on one of the couches grinning at him.

"You! Hey, you!" The man said, waving his hands trying to get his attention. The older man pouted. "Come over here, little one!" He got off the couch and took Jerry's hands pulling him energetically.

"W-Where are we?" Jerry asked cautiously. The other man grinned at him.

"In your mind, little one!"

"My mind?"

"Yup!" He deadpanned.

"Who are you?" Jerry asked. The man looked at him with another one of his grins.

"Jerry!" He childishly said.

"I'm Jerry."

"Oh poo, you got me. Okay, you may call me Sol. Sol Orator. I have a brother named Bestia, honestly his name is the only one that makes sense in terms of our powers…" He smiled. Jerry looked at him confused. Powers? What was this guy on?

"And what would those powers be?"

"Hm, well you and I can talk to the inanimate…" He winked to Jerry. He threw his hands in the air suddenly. "But it can be so annoying! Sometimes the wall will talk to you for no reason. Honestly!" Jerry giggled a little and Sol smiled at him gently.

"Jerry, you are what historians call an 'Angel', just with out the wings. See, you are a being of light. Kinda' like the reapers and my brother are beings of the dark. And just because they are dark does not mean they are evil!" Sol reprimanded. "Now Jerry, there is another Angel but right now she has not awaken to her powers. It will probably be a good amount of time before she does."

Jerry nodded. "I-Is my brother?" Sol's look softened a little.

"Yes, little one. Your brother is one of the reapers…"

"I see, then I guess I will see him again, hm?" he said smiling shyly, looking down and twiddling with his thumbs.

"Yes that is true… Now little one you need to go back to sleep. Sweet dreams, little one…"

Jerry had good dreams from then on.

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