Watch Out For That Puddle

"Ugh." I groaned, slamming the car door shut. I had been standing out side the arena for the past 15 minutes trying to get it to start, but it just wasn't going to happen. "Well, isn't this fantastic." I mumbled to no one in particular. It was nearing 10 o'clock, and most of my fellow divas had left. So now I was pretty much stuck here, in the parking lot, with a broken down rental car. And just when I thought my night couldn't get any worse, I felt a rain drop splash against my forehead. I looked to the sky, noticing that dark, gray clouds had now settled over me.

Well, isn't this just fuc-

"Kelly?" A deep voice pierced through my thoughts.

My head whipped around, and I cringed as I heard a loud ,crack,as my neck popped. "What do you want?" I snapped harshly, I really didn't feel like talking right now, and especially not to Cody Rhodes. His expression showed he was taken aback by my comment, but he quickly composed himself and a smirk appeared on his features.

"That's really no way to be talking to me, now is it?" When the only response he received was a glare, he continued, "I saw you standing here, thought I'd come over and see what was wrong. Car trouble?"

"No, I just figured I would stand out here in the rain all night." I said sarcastically, noticing the rain had started to pick up, and slipped my hood over my head.

"Well, I figured I would give you a ride, but -" I cut him off almost instantly, "And why would you want to give me a ride?" He pulled a face that showed he was thinking of an answer, "I figured I needed to accomplish a good deed for the day, and now seemed like a perfect opportunity to do so. So, what do you say, want a ride?"

A smirk appeared across my features, "A ride from you? I think I'll pass."

An astonished expression crossed his face, as if he couldn't believe someone was turning him down, as he said, "Suit yourself, you can just sleep out here all night, in the rain." He had a point and he knew it.

All I wanted to do was get back to the hotel, take a hot shower, and curl up in bed. But I couldn't do that unless I had a ride back to the hotel, and the chance of catching a cab at this time of night was very slim. I finally held up my hands in defeat, "Fine." I muttered. He smirked, "Good, lets go, my car's parked over there," He pointed to a row of cars that looked to be almost a mile away. I groaned, it looked like tonight hadn't been the best night to wear heels.

When we arrived at his car, he took my bags and placed them in the back. "Thanks," I mumbled, but I received no reply. And as soon as I got comfortable in the passenger seat and he started the car, I realized, as an awkward silence engulfed the car, this was going to be a car ride from hell.

When we had finally drove out of the arena parking lot and onto the main road, he started to make conversation, "So, how was your-" I cut him off for what seemed like the 5th time that night, "Don't talk to me," I snapped, he nodded. I started to regret it moments afterwards, as the awkwardness settled over the car again. And for the first time that night I was thankful that it was raining. The slight pitter, patter of it hitting the car being the only thing that made the silence bearable.

About 20 minutes later we arrived at the hotel, "We're here," Cody said, causing me to snap my head up from wear it had been dangling, I figured I'd fallen asleep. He walked to the back of the car to retrieve our bags. The rain had slowly turned into a small drizzle, leaving puddles, of all different sizes, all around the hotel parking lot. I grabbed my bag from the spot Cody had unceremoniously dropped it, and boy was he lucky it hadn't landed in the puddle the mere inches from its position.

I started to walk through the maze of puddles in a zigzag formation, making a point not to step in any of them. "Why don't you walk like a human being?" Cody said, causing me to roll my eyes. I was just about to enter the hotel, I had already grabbed hold of the door handle when I heard a loud , thump. I turned around to see Cody had slipped and fell in one of the many puddles scattered around the lot. I tried my best to suppress the giggles that threatened to burst from my lips, as he attempted to get up, only to wind up falling back down again. I smirked, as a lone giggle escaped my mouth. "Oh, you think this is funny?" he asked.

I nodded my head, smashing my lips together, still trying to hold in my laughter. I saw a look of annoyment cross his facial features before he snapped, "Are you going to help me up?"

I looked him in the eyes before replying, "Hmm, and why would I do that?" I smirked before adjusting my bags on my shoulders and continuing my way into hotel. My laughter finally exploding from my lips loudly, as a few passing people gave me dirty looks, but I shrugged them off, entering my room. I changed clothes quickly, and noticing it was almost midnight, I opted to take a shower in the morning, rather than tonight. I climbed into the hotel bed getting situated, before slipping off into a peaceful slumber.

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