I own nothing at all! Alice in Wonderland (2010) is the property of Disney and the amazing Tim Burton.

Me: I'm new at fanfiction, but I love Alice in Wonderland, so I decided to have a little fun with it. I'm going to do a truth or dare on the movie. Anybody can be asked the truth or dared, including me! I'm just going to use my OC's name, Mazie.

Stayne: Oh, this should be excellent. *drinks tea*

Tarrant: Shut up, Stayne. Where's my tea?

Me: Over there, Tarrant.

Stayne: *spitting* What's in this tea?!?!

Me: Mally, did you put an eye in Stayne's tea again?

Mallymkun: I did no such thing! It was all Chessur's idea!

Alice: Please dare us! We need to get this game started!

McTwisp: I fully agree. We're quite late, you know. Time's ticking.

Me: You can use any character from the movie, although please keep the dares and truths T or under. As soon as we get a few good things, I'll set up another chapter. Let the game begin!

Tweedle-dee: The game's beginning, everyone!

Tweedle-dum: Everyone, the game needs to begin!

Please send in your dares!!!

Thanks, Mazie/macadoodles