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The sun was rising over the streets of Washington as Jeanne Benoit drove across town. She smiled to herself as she thought about her surprise. Her boyfriend Tony seemed to be been having a down week so she had decided to surprise him with muffins and coffee, exactly as he liked it to cheer him up. She had only been to his apartment once, he liked to visit her instead .Not once did it cross her mind that there might be a reason he kept her away. At least not until there was no turning back.

"Shh McGee could you get any louder." Abby Schuto mock whispered early the same Friday morning

"Abby, I'm not the one who…"

"Shhhhhh." Abby cut him off "Just take the damn picture Timmy, before they wake up and shoot us. Well Tony wouldn't shoot us only Ziva would. Actually her style is more Ninja stabbing and since your closest take all the time you want Timmy." McGee just stared at her, amusement evident in his eyes as he dangled the camera by the wrist strap.

"McGee, hurry up and…"

"Take them?" he asked her "Already done Abby."

"Really? Hmm I guess we better get this out of their reach before they…"

"Wake up" A third voice suggested. Abby and McGee slowly turned their heads to see the other two members of their team staring up at them. Tony looked slightly amused and Ziva looked, well murderous.

"Tony," McGee smiled nervously, taking a step backwards "Ziva your awake."

"Great observation, McObvious." Tony quipped. Ziva tried to move his arm off her but he just tightened his grip.

"Tony, you will let go of my arm right now or else."

'What, you'll kill me with a paper clip?" Tony laughed "Hate to burst your bubble sweet cheeks but I don't keep paper clips in my house anymore."

"Tony. Let go of me so I can kill McGee and Abby. Unless you would like to volunteer to take their pain."

"Okay, okay." He laughed "Go kill yourself some McAbby."

"Some Mcwhat?"

"McAbby, McGee and Abby." He repeated, she still looked confused, causing him to laugh even harder. "Look just go find them before they send the pictures to Gibbs or something." He said, finally removing his arm and watching as she charged through his apartment, looking for the Goth and the Geek who had escaped during their argument.

Jeanne pulled up in the parking garage of Tony's apartment and pulled the bag of muffins and coffee mugs out of her car. Sure it wasn't a home cooked breakfast but it was sure to be better than whatever he had managed to pull out of the fridge. Humming quietly to herself she locked her car and headed towards the lift.

"Quickly McGee, before they come in and catch us. Well actually more likely before they come in while we're hiding them so they know where they are and take them away from us and then we can't use them to our advantage and amusement."

"Abby, I'm done." He assured her quietly

"Did you hide them well?" she questioned nervously

"Yes Abby, I hid them fine. How did you manage to find caf-pow at Tony's apartment anyway? You jumping around like well and Abby with Caf-pow"

"Haha McGee, you better have hidden them well, if they find them then it won't be fun. Not that they would find them, because you know they weren't expecting this and well, why would they think we did this, in fact they probably thought we sent them round the office or something."

"Abby." McGee finally got a word in when she paused for breath "They would be a lot less suspicious if we were where they are right now."

"True, Timmy you are a genius. In fact that's a good idea let's find them. Maybe we'll interrupt another one of their moments, I love it when we do that." McGee smiled to himself as Abby's voice faded through to the living room and he shut the study doors with a soft click.

"Did the Probie outrun you Zee-vah?" Tony asked as Ziva stalked into his kitchen camera less. After McGee and Abby had run off with the camera he had made his way to the kitchen and grabbed a mug of the coffee McGee and Abby had been so kind to leave him.

"No Tony, he did not." Ziva shot him a glare but he didn't bat an eyelid, he was used to it by now, he could tell when she really meant it and this one was half-hearted

"So you let him go why? Couldn't find any paper clips?" Tony teased, pushing a cup of tea towards her at the same time.

"I let him go because he can't do anything with the photographs. It is your camera and he would not steal it. That is not McGee."

"Emailing it?"

"How could he email it from a camera. And your laptop is in your bedroom is it not?"

"I wouldn't put it past Abby." He grumbled

"Well, I do not think he will do anything. He is to scared of me anyway."

"That's true," Tony smiled "Well I'm off to find that Probie and his bat lady."

"Be careful, they might be going at it like kittens." Ziva laughed as he headed for the door.

"Rabbit's Ziva, they would be doing it like rabbits." Tony chuckled over his shoulder.

Jeanne was still humming as she reached Tony's apartment door. It had taken her a lot of effort to find his place, but she'd done it and it was all worth it, to imagine the smile he would have on his face. She imagined it he would probably be asleep still, in front of one of his movies. James Bond or a Quentin Tarentino perhaps. She reached into her pocket and drew out the key he had left at her place. She was about to stick it in the lock when she heard voices through the door. One was distinctly female and was laughing. She thought there might be two other people laughing as well. Then she heard it and her heart skipped a beat. "Ziva, I think I may love you." The keys slipped through her numb fingers and dropped with a thump onto the door mat.

"I found the Probie." Tony called out proudly walking into the kitchen to find Ziva at the stove. "No kittens though" When Ziva began to laugh McGee and Abby looked at her strangely, but she just kept going

"Kittens?" McGee asked sounding confused.

"Don't worry your pretty little head about it McBarbie." Tony chuckled as he pulled himself up on the bench.

"Watcha cooking Ziva?" Abby asked as she sat down on one of Tony's bar stools.

"And how did you manage to find ingredients that weren't past there used by date at Tony's house?" McGee had finally gotten over his insult and joined in the bickering.

"Pancakes." Ziva told them, swatting away Tony's finger but not before he managed to swipe some of the mixture.

"Mmm, my favorite. Ziva I think I may love you." He laughed.

"What was that?" Ziva suddenly straightened her spine and putting a finger up for them to hush.

"I think I may love you?" Tony asked hesitantly "Because I was totally joking. Please don't kill me with that spatula."

"No, I thought I heard something outside. Keys dropping."

"It was probably some one of my neighbors or something." Tony shrugged, sticking his finger towards the bowl again. Ziva was expecting it this time however and wacked his hand with the spatula.

"Maybe I should go check."

"Come on sweet cheeks, don't bother. Go out there with your guns blazing and old Mrs. Wilkes may call the cops on you."

"I am a Federal Agent. They can not arrest me." Ziva told him.

"But it's more trouble than it's worth Zee."

"Fine. I need a shower. All of you get out. I will cook when I have finished." She said, waving the spatula at them

"Geez, woman I'm taking that thing off you." Tony chuckled "Use my shower." He added as she headed down the hall. She didn't question him, just expertly stepped to the side and disappeared from sight.

"How does she know her way around here so well?" Abby asked McGee as they sat in the living room. Ziva was still in the shower and Tony had gone to get changed.

"I don't know. She's been here before. I mean you know the way around here."

"Yea, but I've known Tony for six years, she's known him not even two. I should know better than her. Maybe they're still sleeping together, you know even though Tony still has that mysterious girlfriend."


"You know we never hear much about her, maybe Tony made her up or something. I bet he did, just to make Ziva jealous."

"Abby." McGee yelled, finally getting her attention.

"I really don't think that Tony made this 'Mystery Girl' up, that's not really Tony's style, and I really don't think they ever slept together."

"Really Timmy? Because they always had that vibe."

"Abby, it's called flirting. It's what Tony does, granted he does it more with Ziva than anyone else, but still."

"Well they need to get over it and sleep together actually they probably already are and just don't wanna tell us, you know rule number 12 and all. Except Tony's too much of a good guy for that. Maybe we could find this 'mysterious girlfriend', I could kill her and leave no forensic evidence you know."

"Yes Abby, so I've heard. Come on, we can do this before they come out." He walked into the study, Abby bounding behind him. The two of them didn't realize there was a distraught woman leaning against the door who had heard every word of their conversation.

Jeanne pulled herself up off the floor. What did these people know? It appeared Tony didn't talk about her to his friends; they didn't even know her name. There had to be a good reason for that, Tony mustn't want to screw it up or something. Yea that was it. Well she would just knock on the door. They had to let her in, Tony would have to let her in, and then she would see that this was all a misunderstanding. So she stood up, wiped her eyes and knocked hoping that Tony would answer. Her hopes weren't answered however and the door was opened but a woman dressed in black and spikes. Jeanne took a step back in fright. This was defiantly going well.

McGee and Abby had just finished with the pictures when there was a knock at the door.

"I'll answer it." Abby singsonged skipping to the door.

"Okay, it's probably a neighbour who locked their keys in the door or someone selling something anyway." Tony called out from his room.

It was neither however. Abby opened the door to find a pretty dark haired woman standing holding a plastic cup of coffee. At the sight of her the woman took a step back and Abby grinned.

"Abby, who's at the door?" McGee asked walking up behind her. "What do you want?" his words were directed at Jeanne this time

"Is Tony home?" She asked them nervously.

"Abby, you scared her." McGee chided gently, struggling to suppress a grin. Abby just grinned at him and he rolled his eyes

"Yea sure, who are you?" McGee answered the woman politely much to Abby's annoyance. She had a Gibbs gut feeling this was Tony's mystery woman.

"I'm Jeanne," She said, a bit more confidently. "Tony's girlfriend."

"Alright then, come in Tony should be minute." McGee opened the door. Jeanne walked into the apartment and gasped. Plastered all over the walls were pictures of Tony and an exotic looking woman. Pictures of them dancing, talking and even multiple ones of them asleep on a couch together. It took Jeanne all she had in her not to shriek or cry. They were all platonic, she kept telling herself, nothing sexual, nothing overly incriminating.

Jeanne had been sitting gingerly on the couch for about 5 minutes when there was a thump from a room down the hall from Tony's room. Before either of the two other people in the room could stop her, she had raced down the hall and thrown open the door. She gasped in shock, tears stinging her eyes. Tony was lying on the floor in the middle of the room, clothed in a pair of jeans and a shirt. Straddling him, wearing only her underwear was the exotic beauty from the pictures. It took a minute before either of the two noticed her.

"Jeanne." Tony breathed, making no move to get up however.

"About time." She heard the Goth girl squealing behind her. Her eyes met Tony's for a second. A single second before she could take it no more and tore out of the house dropping the coffee and key on the floor. She wanted to get out. She just wanted out.

"Zee-vah are you almost done?" Tony knocked on the door to his bathroom. "Come on hurry up." He yelled. He still got no response. "Ziva, open up or I'm coming in." Still no reply. "Ziva." He gingerly twisted the door handle and pushed it open. He had a glimpse of Ziva, about to pull a shirt over her head. The next thing he saw was the roof of his bedroom. Ziva had his arms pinned to the floor above his head and was sitting on him so he couldn't move."

"I thought I had told you before. Do not come if I am in the bathroom." She leant down and whispered in his ear. "Last time it got a little messy, did it not?"

"Relax Zee-vah. I just wanted to get my…" before he could continue a soft gasp drew their attention to someone else standing by the door. Almost in unison he and Ziva spun their head towards the door. Jeanne was standing there, McGee and Abby behind her. This must look incriminating, he thought, it's not what it looks like, but all that came out of his mouth was "Jeanne." He vaguely heard Abby squealing in the background and McGee trying to calm her down. All he could see was the betrayal in her eyes. He tried to get up but Ziva had him in an iron grip. Then she's gone as suddenly as she came and he can move again. Ziva let go.
"Ziva, you can get off me now." He said, no quip or joke, not this time.

"Are you not going to go after her?" Ziva asked him as she pulled one of his old sweatshirts that just happened to be lying on this bed.

"Nah." He shrugged "I'll fix it later." He smirked his usual DiNozzo grin and they all realise he's not to bothered. "Right now I think it's time for pancakes."

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