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Whatever's meant to be will work out perfectly

"Well I should probably go now." Abby yawned as she sat up and moved her head off Tony's shoulder lazily.

"Do you have to?" Tony asked tiredly

"I don't want to but Gibbs wants me in early in the morning for some reason." She moaned, slowly getting to her feet.

"Alrighty then, I'm probably going to fall asleep in the next movie anyway." Tony shrugged, "So it won't really matter whose here or not."

"Do you want me to drive you home Abby?" Ziva asked

"No it's alright, Timmy can do it." She pulled the said man off the couch.

"What? Oh yea sure Timmy will do it." He sighed, "As long as my car will move tonight." He shot daggers at Tony yet again.

"Hey you so deserved it." Tony shrugged, "and now we're even so I'm not planning anything for the time being."

"You better not be or else…" McGee narrowed his eyes

"Or else what? You'll stick your paper work on me." Tony mocked lightly, "Go home you two seriously." He laughed as the two grabbed their things.

"Ziva you can leave too you know." He turned to look at her, "I'm not in the mood to be an interesting host tonight, so I don't want to bore you."

"I am fine Tony, I just want to watch movies." She laughed slightly.

"Great well go look in the cabinet and choose something." He shrugged, settling himself more comfortably.

She got up off the armchair she was sitting in and walked over to his giant collection. She spent a few minutes sorting through before she pulled out a movie with a triumphant cry.

"Chicago?" He asked puzzled as she turned triumphantly to show it to him, "you want to watch (italics - dumb iPod!) that?"

"Yes. It is a very funny movie." She nodded as she put it into his DVD player

"To much singing." He fake huffed

"You have it so we're watching it." She poked her tongue out as she shut the player with a small click before returning to sit. However instead of the armchair she chose to sit next to me on the couch.

"Technically it's not mine it's an ex-girlfriend's." he corrected, "But since you're so set, I'm sure I can manage."

"Why did the women in this film feel the need to kill the men?" Ziva asked as the cell block tango finished, lifting her head from his chest to look at him slightly.
"I don't know I'm not a woman." He shrugged, "but I think it's about how these woman are so possessive over their men they would kill anyone who stood in their way. Or how if the men weren't 100% theirs they didn't deserve to live."

"That doesn't make sense." Ziva pointed out

"I didn't say it did." He chuckled, "And anyway you're possessive I thought you would have connected with them or something. Although it's unlikely you would be caught." He grinned. When he looked at her however she was sitting up fully and staring at him with an intense expression on her face.

"That is not true." She finally said
"And why not? You're mighty possessive and a trained killer; a deadly combination." He said cheekily, however her expression remained the same. "Ziva?"

"That is not true Tony, you should know."

"How would I know? Now Jeanne on the other hand well I'm actually scared she's going to come and get me, especially as she loves this movie."

"Do not worry I will protect you." She whispered,

"Well I feel so much safer now." He winked, "but answer the question how would I know?"

"Well you would know I'm nothing like that." She whispered huskily, "because you're not…" suddenly her legs were straddling his lap and her face was inches from his, "dead!"

"Well I'm mighty glad I'm not dead." He whispered back,

"Because you wouldn't be able to do this?" she winked

"Exactly." He grinned before their lips met in a passionate kiss.

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