Chapter 2 - How to Save a Life

Taken aback by the kiss, Damon was quick to pull away; he rushed back, nearly stumbling as he did so in a very un-Damon like move. Damon was now stood at the other end of the hallway, staring at Elena in silent disbelief. A hurricane of thoughts bombarded him as he stood there - did she really just kiss him? No manipulation, no seduction, no compulsion necessary? Without even trying, Elena had done what he had wished he had done the very first time he saw her. And now, given the chance, Damon had rejected the pleasure of feeling her lips against his.

"I-I can't do this," Damon stuttered, touching his lips in regret, the regret that he didn't carry on. But Damon knew he had to stop, and as much as he wanted to continue to feel those lips upon his own, it was wrong. It was all wrong. It was all a lie. Damon Salvatore was a monster, an inhuman being incapable of redemption, trust and love. No, she couldn't possibly want him; her actions were caused by the desperate need to keep him alive, her judgements were clouded by her fear of losing a friend; and that was all he was to her. All he would ever be.

Swallowing thickly, Damon looked at Elena, her face was etched in hurt and confusion as she simply stared, blinking in quick successions; her lips were quivering, her eyes wet. What did she want from him?

"I thought…don't you…?" Elena muttered, her shoulders slouched as she exhaled in frustration.

In her hand she gripped his ring tight in her hand, feeling the edges cut into her skin, she needed to feel the pain, to distract her from another source of unbearable suffering; anything but this. She looked at Damon with those big brown eyes, full of innocence and confusion; seeking some sort of answer but dreading his next words all at once. She felt humiliated and ashamed and pathetic; she had obviously been wrong to assume Damon felt the same way as her, and why would he; she was nothing special; a mere shadow in comparison to Katherine. Tears began to spring from Elena's eyes and she looked away ashamedly; her hair acted as a cover to the agony visibly displayed. What had she been thinking? Elena had kissed him on impulse, on an urge; but as soon as she did, she knew. All this time she knew she and Damon had something, a something she couldn't put her finger on, that was, until just moments ago.

Damon's threat of suicide had forced her to confront her feelings. She truly couldn't live without him, and the very thought of him not in her life scared her. But now, she had ruined any chance of being close to Damon, even if it was just as friends. It was obvious by the look on his face he didn't feel the same way, she wouldn't blame him if he ran out into the morning light this very second, all just to get away from her. Elena stifled a sob, her chest trembling from her pent up emotion. No, she wouldn't wait for him to speak; she had to get out, she had to get away.

"I'm sorry," Elena said, as she quickly turned to leave. The sound of her heart pounded in her ears as she forced down the tears threatening to spill; she wouldn't cry in front of him, what was the point; he wouldn't care; all he saw was a pathetic girl. Pushing her thoughts back, Elena pulled open the door, the sunlight poured through the widening gap before it vanished just as fast as it came. The door had been shut again. Elena slowly looked up to see his hand flat against the door, impeding her exit.

Damon had to explain.

It had broken Damon's heart to witness the sight of Elena in pain. His love for her made him feel what she felt, his heart contorted in a way which felt alien to him; it felt taut and strained as he watched her, the guilt of his actions consuming him. All Damon knew was he had to help alleviate her pain. It really wasn't her, it was him. He was defected, a tainted soul; so broken he wasn't even worth fixing.

"Elena…" Damon began, unsure of how to continue. With his hand still resting on the closed door he looked down at Elena, he couldn't see her face yet knew she was crying. He could smell her salty tears in the air.

Elena cut in, her voice understanding on the outside yet strained from within. "It's fine. I get it; you don't feel the same way." She couldn't turn to face him, she wouldn't. Elena knew how close he was to her right now; she could feel the slight warmth from his body, his short breaths tickling her neck as he looked down at her. She took a shaky breath in an attempt to calm her nerves; a breath which instantly caught as soon as he spoke.

"Elena, I do feel the same way, believe me, Elena, I do," Damon said, his breath causing her to shiver. "But…"

Elena finally found the courage to lift her gaze to face Damon. What was so hard if he claimed to feel the same? "But what?" Elena asked curiously, the subtle dash of anger in her voice.

Damon looked down; his eyes met Elena's and locked in place. "Elena, I don't want your pity. I don't need it. You don't love me, no one does. And you pretending that you do just to make me stay, it's…" Damon sighed in frustration, unsure of how to carry on. His hand on the door balled into a fist and he punched the hard wood in frustration. He was shaking as his own eyes watered; he knew he couldn't hold it in anymore.

"I can't handle it, okay! I can't handle watching you with Stefan, knowing it should be me you should be with, knowing you'll never look at me the way you do him. I can't handle being second best, being the one people take pity on, Elena. Just let me go, you'll forget about me soon enough," Damon finished, breathing heavily at the rush of words. He hoped Elena understood. It was better this way. He was used to it; he had spent all his life playing the brother everyone forgot about. Invisible. Worthless. Nothing. He could have died in the war and no one would have realised his absence.

"I'm sorry," Damon said. He sidestepped Elena and placed his hand on the door knob, ready to surrender his life.

"No, Damon," Elena said desperately, pushing herself against the door as she looked him in the eye. She would fight for him, even if he didn't see any point. Damon reluctantly turned his head to her, his expression sombre and morose.

"I don't pity you. I know what I want, and it's you, Damon. It's you."

Damon shook his head sadly, his face still not revealing the storm of emotions brewing within. The words leaving her lips weren't sinking in. This just another one of love's game, tricking him into diving headfirst into love again; unbeknownst to him he would really be diving from a cliff to the murky depths below, ready to swallow him whole. The sharp edges of love were ready to cut him open once again and he couldn't handle it if he were fooled again.

"Don't do this, don't say things you don't truly mean, Elena," Damon warned, his voice low and shaking as he braced himself for the imminent rejection. The recurring image of finding himself fighting to stay above water was all he could see, the dark waves of love trying to drown him. He was helpless. He could almost feel the waves, crashing into him, beating and pushing him further down. He wouldn't give in. It wasn't real. It never was. None of it.

It was just dream of a boy, desperate for something worth fighting for.

Wishful thinking.

"I love you, Damon. You. I see it now. Please. Please don't leave me," she said, choking up on her last words as she looked at him with those eyes of hers, hoping her words meant something to him.

Damon was dumbstruck at her confession. "Me?" Damon croaked, his voice breaking at her words. He needed for her to say it again. He wanted it to be real, desperately, completely, and with every fibre of his being. But it couldn't be. It just couldn't. His heart and mind were at odds, locked in a century old battle which had never truly resolved. Was he worth it? Could he leave himself defenceless to love for a second time?

Elena smiled sincerely and answered as she slipped his ring back onto his finger and interlaced her fingers with his. "You. Always."

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

"Don't hurt me," Damon whispered, finally allowing himself to feel those feelings. Let love do its worst. He was ready to jump.

And that was it. Love would persevere yet again. Maybe the fairytale was within reach, maybe love really was what it seemed and it was just what it said on the tin; no hidden agenda, no malicious intent, no fine print - just love.

"I love you," Elena said in reply as she closed the wisp of a gap between her and Damon and crushed her lips to his. Their second kiss - one of many. A kiss of indescribable proportions; it was passionate, fiery, and full of a thousand emotions. Their suppressed desires were finally spewing out uncontrollably, and they knew, without a shadow of a doubt - this was right - this was perfect - this was Delena.

Elena moaned against Damon as she pushed him against the wall, pushing herself onto him in the process as she felt his hands roam her back. Never before had Elena felt this much heat. Her heart was thundering in her chest so hard it was all she could hear, all she knew was she wanted him like nothing else; he was her oxygen, his love really did lift her up to where she belonged, and he really was all she needed. Love wasn't a game. Love was real.

"I want you so bad," Elena moaned as Damon began placing kisses trailing down to her neck. Her heart seemed to skip a beat at his actions, the excitement brewing inside as he licked her skin, growling as he did so. In one sudden move, Damon had Elena pinned against the door, Damon, flush against her as his hands roamed her body. Elena tilted her head back, gasping at his touch, his fingers moving across her body hungrily, touching every last inch of her, his hand travelling across her stomach and down to her…

"Damon!" Elena cried, panting wildly as her excitement grew.

"Tell me you want me," Damon growled as he kissed her neck, the sharp points of his fangs grazing across her beating skin as his hands sneaked beneath her top and began massaging her breasts, her nipples became erect at his cool touch as another erect object pressed against her.

Elena gasped, pushing her body closer to his. "I want you...God, I want you. Please."

With that, Damon kissed Elena hard, quickly ripping off her top and throwing it to the floor. Elena worked on Damon's half buttoned shirt, pulling it from his body and running her hands up his arms as she kissed him excitedly, her hands went down and worked furiously on his belt buckle.

Damon hummed against Elena's lips and lifted her off the ground; instantly, Elena wrapped her legs around his waist, feeling his hard member against her as an uncontrollable moan left her lips. "Damon," she panted, grinding herself against his erection, feeling satisfaction at the contact. She needed more.

A rumble emanated from within Damon, he let out an animalistic cry of satisfaction as Elena ground against him. He needed her. Elena's heart took a sudden leap as a sensation took over her, the air around her rushed past her and she was taken to a new room - but Elena had no time to recognise the change in scenery as her eyes fluttered behind closed lids, her head tilted to the side as Damon's kisses began lowering from her neck to her collarbone. He was having his sweet way with her and all she could do was bask in the intense feelings growing inside.


Elena was now in Damon's room. A room she had not once seen the inside of. It was dimly lit, but this didn't take anything away from the beauty. It was gorgeous; lined with large canvas art of black paint spatters and city landscapes; behind them, a shade of light grey, and on one single wall, was solid black.

And it was on this wall where Damon took Elena.

Her legs were still wrapped tight around him. Their naked bodies moved in sync with each other as their pants and cries of ecstasy filled the room, echoing through the house as the lovers were both taken to new heights of unknown sensations.

Damon laid Elena down on large king size bed and hovered over her as he positioned himself. He allowed his eyes to wonder across Elena's tanned body, spread out naked for him to enjoy. She was glistening in sweat, the light highlighting the curves of her breasts and toned stomach. Damon was in awe, he licked his lips as he teased her with his hardness, moaning as it slid through her moist folds, coating his shaft in her warmth.

Elena squirmed beneath him, thrusting her hips upwards to push him in, frustrated, she sighed. "Fuck me!" Elena cried, as she thrust her hips up hard to meet Damon's teasing manhood. "Please."

At her command, Damon pushed himself into her, helped by the slick juices seeping from her. They both groaned as Damon entered her, he filled her perfectly as he thrust into her. Never before had Damon felt this way, such a raw desire, a lust for someone so strong all he could think about was her.

Elena began to move her body along with Damon, she could feel her orgasm rising, her body beginning to tingle, and her heart rate rising as Damon sent her over the edge. She screamed in pleasure, panting as she finally felt her release wash over her. Her eyelids fluttered as her inner walls clenched around Damon. She heard him grunt as he too came.

And there, they simply stayed, panting as they both caught their breath.

Pulling out, Damon lay next to Elena on the bed, their chests heaving. Elena turned and draped an arm over Damon's chest, snuggling up to him as she sighed happily. This was, without a doubt, the best decision she had ever made. She looked up at him with those eyes he loved so much; so full of warmth and love, and right now, satisfaction - a satisfaction which he provided.

"I love you," Elena smiled contently, as she brushed her lips against his chest.

Damon smiled back, his fingers drawing light circles on her arm. "You're all I need in the world," he replied. Elena leaned up; her breasts pressed against his chest as she smiled at him, and slowly, she leant down and met his lips in a gentle kiss.

"Don't ever leave me," Elena whispered against his lips.

"Never," Damon replied as he brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. He looked at her with such intensity, Elena never doubted his words. He was hers, and she was his.

And as they simply lay there, enjoying each other's presence, Damon suddenly found his reason to live. Not even in his human life had he realised his purpose in life, and here he finally found it. In the arms of Elena. His vampire heart felt as if it was mending with every moment spent in her embrace; slowly stitching itself up and becoming whole again.

Damon felt Elena place soft kisses against his chest and he sighed.

"Hmmm, you just can't get enough of me, can you?" Damon joked.

Elena laughed softly, moving her kisses to his lips. "Glad to see you're back to your normal self," Elena giggled happily.

"Thank you," Damon whispered as he kissed the top of her head, inhaling her scent as he closed his eyes.

They fell asleep, hands intertwined, bodies connected; and there they rested, their chests rising and falling as they breathed in perfect harmony.

The End

I really hope you enjoyed it.

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