Nico di Angelo sat on the hard ground of… well he didn't actually know where he was. He had his knees drawn up to his chest, and his arms were loosely draped across his knees.

He sighed, and looked up at the stars. They were bright tonight.

Nico remembered different constellations and stars that Bianca had taught him before… before she had died.

He saw Hydra, and remembered the story of Hercules slaying the Hydra. Thinking of the ancient myths reminded him of Mythomagic, which brought his mind back to what had been haunting him for months; Bianca.

Sighing again, he seemed to do that a lot, he searched the sky for other familiar constellations. As he looked, he saw a new constellation he had never seen before. It looked like a young girl, with a bow and arrow.

"Bianca?" Nico whispered, wondering if it was even possible to become such a thing. "Is that you?"

"No, Nico di Angelo." Nico scrambled to his feet at the voice of a young girl. He quickly spun around, and saw the figure of the very first god, or goddess, he had ever met; Artemis.

"Artemis…?" Nico let his voice trail off.

"Half-blood, please don't let the death of your sister be in vain."

"What do you know about my sister?" Nico snapped. "You didn't care for her! You made her join you, and leave-" Nico abruptly stopped, and panted. He had gotten himself all worked up now.

"And leave you?" Artemis supplied. "Nico, I didn't force her to do anything. She merely joined me. Don't be upset."

"I'll be upset-" He stopped when Artemis lifted her hand up in a stopping gesture.

"May I tell you a story, Nico?" Artemis asked, and Nico nodded.

"I wonder if you remember my lieutenant Huntress, Zoë Nightshade?"

"Yeah. What about her?"

"If you remember, she and Bianca went along on the quest this past winter. Bianca laid down her life to save her friends, and fulfilled a part of the prophecy. It was what had to happen. But, Zoë was most distraught about this. She had thought that Bianca would take her place, for she knew that her time here was running up. She had lived for many, many years, and was done. When they got to the Mount Tamalpais, Zoë was struck with the Titan's curse, and perished by her father's hand. She fulfilled two lines of the prophecy. I loved her like a sister. I was very… distraught when she died. To always honor my beautiful and brave Huntress, I made her a constellation. The one you thought was Bianca di Angelo was, in fact, Zoë Nightshade." Artemis took a shaky breath, and looked up at the sky. "I hoped you would understand, Nico di Angelo. The time is coming, and your side must be clear. Choose wisely." Nico was astounded. It wasn't every day that a goddess came and spoke with you, especially to tell you off.

"Um… okay, Lady Artemis." Nico felt for some reason, that he needed to be respectful to this goddess.

"Thank you, Nico." Artemis smiled. "I must be going though." And with that, she was gone, and Nico was alone.

"I remember you, Zoë." Nico murmured. "I didn't know you had cared for Bianca so much." Nico sighed, before mumbling. "It's more than Percy can say."

A/N- Okay, this is a missing moment from either the very end of Titans Curse, or the very beginning of Labyrinth. It is slightly AU, since Artemis never comes to meet him, and I don't think that Artemis would've come and talked to a boy, but it just worked with the prompt of 'Stars". Please review, this is my very first Percy Jackson fanfiction/oneshot/drabble so please let me know what you think! –Lyric