Yuki Soma had always rather liked going to school. Being a brilliant and calm student, he didn't have to worry about teachers' comments or getting detention (unlike his orange-haired cousin Kyo Soma). He didn't only have admirers now: he had real friends; this had been his life ever since Torhu Honda had moved in Shigure's house. All in all, he enjoyed going to school; it made him feel like there was no difference between him and the other boys his age, as if the curse didn't exist. It was only a beautiful illusion, but it felt good.

But there was one part of school he dreaded: every time the Student Council had a meeting.

Being president of the Council, he could've easily enjoyed that period of time. However, it was all ruined by his lousy Vice-President Kakeru Manabe. Manabe maybe wasn't that bad: he had loads of friends, so there had to be a good thing about him. Yuki failed to see that good thing when the dark-haired boy fell asleep on the desk when Yuki began to talk about actual problems the school had. He also failed to see it when Manabe suddenly jumped in front of him and yelled: "YUUUUUUUUUUNNNNN-YUUUUUUUNNNNN!!!!! GOOOOOD MORNIIIIINNNG, PRESIDENT!"

Yuki hated that nickname "Yun-yun". Where had Kakeru got that idea? He was right, it did sound like a panda's name. Sure, pandas were cute, but Yun-yu…, sorry, Yuki, wasn't a panda. But once it had started, there was practically no way to stop it: now Manabe always called him by his "cute" nickname, along with Kimi Todo, one of the secretaries.

When he had first met the dark-haired boy with chocolate eyes, he had been annoyed. Now that he had got to know him better, he was even more annoyed. Deep down, he felt jealous. How did Manabe attract people all so naturally? How did he create this sort of bright light around him that always seemed to overshadow the Prince himself? He could talk to people he barely knew so easily, without a trace of nervousness, as if they were already close friends….

Once, Yuki had broken in front of him. They were having an argument, and the rat had let out what had been heavy on his heart. He expected Kakeru to simply turn around and leave him, or call him a baby, but the boy had done nothing like that. He had been honest with Yuki; the Prince had appreciated that, and something new was there. They had reached an understanding.

They became friends, nothing less…. And nothing more. But if they were just friends, why had Yuki felt that way when Kakeru had told him about his crush on Torhu? He had pretended to be trying to protect the young sweet girl, but in reality his fury was directed towards her, not Manabe. He was… uncomfortable? No. That wasn't the word. The word was jealous.

Jealous of Torhu? Was he? Why would he be jealous of her?