Kakeru Manabe was running as if his life depended on it, running after the one he loved. He was panting, his dark hair falling in uncontrolled locks into his chocolate eyes. He spotted silver hair in the distance and picked up speed.

"Yuki! Stop! Come back!" he screamed.

The Prince turned around and opened his violet eyes wide. He ducked behind a wall and disappeared in the men's room.

"Y…Yuki", Kakeru called again. He stopped to catch his breath, then opened the door and came in.

"Yun-yun?" he asked playfully.

"Stop calling me that", a grim voice came from the second cabin.

Manabe grinned and opened that door. Strangely, his President had not locked it. He came in and saw Yuki glaring at him, sitting on the toilet with the seat cover down. His grin widened.

"There you are, Yun-yun", he said in a soft, velvet voice as he crouched down and brought his face on the same level as Yuki's was. Chocolate, warm eyes met sad, amethyst ones.

Yuki hid his face into his hands. "Go away', he grumbled. "Leave me alone".

"Why?" Kakeru asked in the same soft voice as before.

"Because I don't want to see anyone now."

"Well, I want to be here with you so I'm gonna stay, and there's nothing you can say about it, President Yun-yun."

Kakeru stood up and sat down besides Yuki (go figure it's a large toilet seat).

"You probably hate me right now", Yuki mumbled incoherently.

"I don't."He grimaced cheerfully. "Actually, it's rather the opposite".

Suddenly, and without warning, he moved closer to Yuki and pulled him into a tight hug. Yuki gasped; Kakeru's hair smelled nice, it was falling into his violet eyes and blinding his view from anything else. That didn't matter to Yuki; all he wanted to see was Manabe. He could feel his chest move at the calm rhythm of his breathing; hear his heart pounding through his ribcage. Unconsciously, he melted in Manabe's chest, pulling him closer to his own body, enjoying the warmth of his skin.

"The…opposite?"Yuki asked.

"I guess you could say that I'm crushing… on you", Manabe whispered in his ear while softly biting his earlobe. Yuki moaned. "But only…it's more than just a crush".

"What about Torhu then?"

"You'd noticed I talked about you and her a lot. I didn't want you to grow suspicious, so I told you I loved her. Sorry if I hurt you."

There was yet another silence upon the two boys, but it was a nice silence, peaceful and tender. At last, Manabe broke their embrace and looked into Yuki's eyes with a mischievous grin.

"You know…Since we love each other… We might as well make the most of it", he said.

Yuki's eyes widened suspiciously.

"Nope", he said as he stood up and arranged his school uniform.

"Aww, c'mon Yun-yun", Manabe said with a pout. "We're totally alone in the men's room and we've already missed at least half an hour of class. Please, Yuki…."

"Don't beg", Yuki warned as he grew red in the face again. There was already a huge bulge poking through his pants. Manabe grinned as he saw his lover's arousal.

"You want me, Yun-yun", he said in a dangerous tone. "Come on…it can't hur---"

He couldn't finished his sentence. Yuki had already pinned him to the cabin's door, grabbing his wrists to keep him from escaping. There was a ravenous look in his purple eyes, a look Manabe loved to finally see in his President's orbs.

"You asked for it", the silver-haired teen whispered menacingly. "Now you're gonna get it."

Kakeru Manabe grinned. This was waaaaaayyyy better than geography class.


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