Prologue: The Game

"Well, that was fun," said Joe, as he put his dice back in his coat pocket. Joe was a boy of just-under-average height, with a just-over-average waist, not that you could tell with his over-sized black trench coat and slightly-too-large red shirt. His brown hair had just recently reached shoulder-length, which he had done so he could put it in a ponytail like his dad's.

"Yeah, I hadn't played DnD before," agreed Shawna. She was an entirely new addition to the group of gamers, as evidenced by her statement. She was just a little taller than Joe, with longer brown hair that was somewhat curly, though not much.

"Well I hope you join us again next time," said the GM, Ryan, as he put his gaming book back on his shelf. Ryan was the tallest in the group with short-cropped dark hair and a larger stomach than Joe's. They did, however, share the same style of facial hair: a moustache with an unconnected beard (referred to in hair-care circles as "Van Dyke" style).

Frank, the second tallest person in the group, nodded, "Yeah, your Rogue was pretty good." Frank was easily the skinniest person there, and he was clean-shaven with spiky blond hair.

The fifth person was silent, not really having anything to contribute. His name was Matt, and he was easily the widest person there, though it was almost entirely muscle. Aside from that, he and Joe could have been brothers.

As Joe put his pencils back into his other pocket, one of them fell out and rolled behind the couch. "Whoops, I'll get it." He moved the couch aside slightly and looked puzzled as he saw no sign of his wayward writing utensil. "That's odd..." he crawled behind the couch and gave a cry of surprise as his hand sunk into the solid floor.

"Joe!" shouted Matt, running to his friend's aid. He shoved the couch out of the way and jumped when he saw the situation.

"What the hell?" swore Frank, then he looked apologetic to Ryan, who was glad his daughters were at their maternal grandmother's house at the time.

Joe tried pulling his arm out, but it wouldn't budge. "Okay... so we seem to have ourselves a one-way invisible hole. I need to see where it leads."

"Don't! If it's one-way, you won't be able to make it back!" Shawna cried.

Joe reached into his coat pocket with his free hand and pulled out his black DSi. "I'm not that dumb, y'know." He awkwardly flipped it open and clicked the "R" button, activating the camera, then switched the view around with the "X" button, and finally pushed the outward-facing camera into the hole, before staring at the lower screen in surprise. "Does anyone else here recognize this place?" he asked, smirking as he moved aside as well as he could.

The scene on the lower screen was a shining white building at the end of a long path, a series of banners along the sides, as people in strange-looking outfits walked the path. Joe's hand was just visible within the camera.

"That's Bevelle from FF Ten!" exclaimed Matt in shock.

"Right, and since this is a one-way hole to another universe, I'd say that I'm supposed to go on a journey to Spira or something. Figures I'd end up in a self-insert fic in a world other than the one I really want to visit."

"But-" began Shawna, but was interrupted as Joe leaned forward and dove into the hole, taking his DSi as he fell into another world.

Everyone froze for a second, before breaking out into panicked chatter, before another voice broke through.

"You guys have to go through, too," said Joe, standing in the kitchen doorway. Something was different about him, besides the fact that he was wearing spiky black armour with a purple cape. "Time travel's a bit peculiar about that sort of thing."

Everyone jumped in surprise, but were given no chance to talk as the new Joe kept on talking. "Oh, and you'll be needing this, Ryan." He handed Ryan the largest Bible on the shelf they stood by, before shooing them into the hole. "Don't worry, we all come out okay on the other end."

Matt and Frank were the first to accept his words, and they jumped in themselves. Ryan cautiously followed after, before Shawna also went in.

"Now it begins, your greatest adventure," Joe mused, glancing at the books on the shelf. "Dungeons and Dragons have nothing on real life, after all..."