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Chapter 1


I was sitting in class I couldn't be anymore annoyed and bored as I was right now. Its completely impossible. I had to get good grades so I read ahead in every single class so I know every single thing the teacher is talking about. That didn't help much when you want to fall asleep.

I was on the boys soccer team. I was so good that the boys soccer coach asked if I wanted to play for their team. I thought about it and decided it was way to easy with the girls and wanted a little challenge. Even if the boys didn't want me on the team. They got used to me eventually, though. I've been on the team for two years now since I'm a Junior and started when I was a Freshman.

But there was one person I couldn't stand on the team. The big-headed jerk that's our captain. Edward Cullen. He thinks that since he's the captain he can do what ever he wants. I told the team that too and some agreed but some didn't. Obviously the one that disagreed were his 'friends' and had to support him.

Just then the bell rang distracting me from my thoughts. It was finally time to go home! Well after soccer practice of coarse. I grabbed my stuff and walked out of the thing I like to call a dungeon chamber. I walked over to my locker. Just my luck Cullen was leaning up against it. Oh joy.

"What do you want Cullen?" I spat at him. He knew I couldn't stand him that's why he never hesitated to annoy me.

"I just wanted to tell you the coach is doing votes again for a captain, but we all know who its going to be," He smirked. Stupid cocky soccer player.

"Who? Tyler? I think so too," I said. I saw his face fall a little but he covered it up quickly. He didn't like that I was fighting back.

"Yeah right, you know he would never make the captain. I'll give you a hint his name starts with Ed and ends with ward," He said with a smirk back in place on his face.

"Really? I thought it started with Jack and ended with ass," I said with a smug smile on my face. He frowned getting annoyed.

"You know its going to be, I think your just jealous that your not as good as me." He said.

"Please Edward a lamp post is better than you," I said while walking away.

"Jealous," he said. I just continued to walk. When I got to the gym I went into the changing room, which thankfully I had my own, and changed into a tee-shirt and shorts. I walked out while putting my hair up into a pony tail.

"Hey Bella!" I heard someone yell. I turned around and internally groaned. Mike Newton was on his way over to me and every one new he had a huge crush on me but I really didn't like him that much. Well I really didn't know him that good, but I could just tell he wasn't my type. He had blond hair, and blue eyes. He was a fair height about 5'8' which beat my height of 5'3'. Yeah I was one of the shortest. He was medium built. He had some muscle, but not compared to the other boys.

"Hey Mike how's it going?" I asked while trying to be polite. But I have to tell you, I just wanted to go to practice.

"Good, Good, how bout you," He said trying to make some conversation.

"Fine," I said But I'd be better if I could go to practice. I said in my head.

"So are you on your way to soccer practice?" He asked. Oh my gosh does he seriously need to ask? He's on the team too you think he would know!

"Yeah and I have to go now I'll talk to you later Mike," I said quickly walking away not wanting him to come with me. I walked quickly out the gym doors. The fresh air hit me and I breathed in deeply. It was a nice day considering it was Forks. Normally it was all rainy and muddy. But not today which I was thankful for. I already had two bad encounters today with people I don't like so I didn't want it to be all depressing outside. That would be a bummer.

"Hey coach Clapp," I said walking onto the field.

"Hey Bella," He said, "You ready for the voting for captain?" He asked.

"Yep," I said while popping the 'p'. I don't think I will be picked to be the soccer captain but I really want to be. Being soccer captain has always been my dream. Knowing that everyone thought I was a good enough player to have that title.

"Good," Everyone started coming then. There was quite a few people on the team, including me. There were eighteen of us total. We all got in a circle like we did whenever we voted for a new captain. Then coach Clapp would limit our voting choices down to three people who we could vote for.

"Okay here are the three people you will be voting for as captain," coach Clapp said, "first, Edward," Edward shot me a smug look. He was standing on the other side of the field from me, "Second, Tyler," This time it was my turn to give him a look, "And third, Bella," WHAT? Now my look was probably pure shock and happiness. Coach Clapp has never picked me before in two whole years. I looked over at Edward who's face resembled horror. I chuckled causing him to look at me and glare.

"Now," coach Clapp said taking me out of my thoughts, "Who's voting for Edward?" he asked. Seven of the people raised there hands. Okay I was wondering if this was April fools day. Everyone always voted for Edward. Always. There wasn't one time when I was on the team that he wasn't captain, "Tyler?" he asked. Only two boys raised there hands this time. Alright to tell you the truth I really wasn't that surprised…… wait two people that meant….. "And Bella that means you have seven votes also. Edward and Bella you guys don't mind sharing the roll of captain?" he asked. My eyes widened this was not how I pictured my dream to come true.

"NO!" Edward and I yelled I unison.

"Great," coach Clapp said, "Lets start practice"

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