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'All I had to say was goodbye.
We're better off this way.
We're better off this way.'

Confession Nine:

I know he's going to hate me forever for what I did.

I deflected from the village. I left my home and my 'friends'. But the thing that cut the most was leaving him, especially sense he's too dumb to realize all the reasons.

There are a few:

I left to get stronger to kill Itachi.

I left to get away from my past… present… and future.

But mostly. I left to get away from him.

Sounds redundant. But I left because being near him and seeing him pine after Sakura is more than I can bear anymore.

But I also left to save him, from my toxic presence.

I'm destroying him by loving him.

So when we fought in the Valley at the End, and he kept asking me why, it was too hard to look him in the eyes and lie.

So when he fell for the last time, and I fell over him but not on top of him.

I whispered "Because I love you", before running.

Because no matter what I do, no matter how far I run, it will never be enough to kill my love for him.