Chapter One: The Beginning of A Romance

"Okay I'll be leaving now!" Mogami Kyoko called into Darumaya behind her.

"Hai! Work hard Koko-chan!" Okami-san called back.

With that, Kyoko sped down the sidewalk to her new job at LME Studios. It had been maybe six months, but Kyoko was finally getting used to being a rising. Her performance of Mio in Dark Moon had won her national praise for the intensity of the character. This had all started a few months ago, Kyoko reflected as she continued on her way. She had been working multiple jobs to pay for the pent-house apartment she shared in Tokyo with her childhood friend and currently the most popular visual kei artist Fuwa Sho. The two had known each other since birth and when he ran away from Kyoto to Tokyo to become a star, he asked Kyoko to come with him and she, being madly in love with him, had foolishly agreed. Kyoko began growling and emitting a dark aura as she thought about what had happened next. Sho had taken all her hard work and admiration for him and thrown it right back in her face. She had over heard him talking to his manager about how he had basically brought her here to be his housekeeper even though he acknowledged that he was aware that she loved him. Kyoko growled even louder now scaring some pedestrians that passed her by. Kyoko had sworn revenge on the bastard. She would make him regret ever abandoning her, and she would shine more brightly than he, in the field that he worked in. This, she had promised herself, she would do, even if she died trying. She cackled maniacally as she parked her bike in front of LME Studios and went inside.

"Ahh, I was wondering where that evil aura was coming from, I should've known it was you Kyoko – chan." Yashiro said as he spotted her in the lobby.

"Oh Yashiro-kun," she looked at him smiling, she looked around him, not seeing his usual companion at his side "where's Tsuruga-san?" she asked.

"Oh Ren? He's in a meeting with President Takarada. In fact if I'm not mistaken, you are wanted there as well." He said, pointing down the hallway that led to the executive offices.

"Thanks for telling me Yashiro-san, see you later, bye! " With that Kyoko sprinted down the hallway towards the President's Office.

Yashiro snickered. Ren and Kyoko had no idea what they were in for. It was going it to be an interesting couple of months, he thought maliciously as he went to go pick up a special delivery.

"Sawara-saaaaaaaaaan!" Sawara heard a gleeful yell before he looked up to find Kyoko racing for the desk he was sitting, in that hideously bright pink LoveMe uniform.

"Good Morning Koko-chan, how are you?" he smiled at the girl.

"Good morning to you as well! I'm just GREAT" Lord, the girl was literally bouncing off the walls, he thought as he watched her. "I was told the President wanted to see me?" she asked.

"Ahh yes," Sawara grinned as if laughing at a private joke. "Right this way" he led Kyoko to the door of the President's office and opened it.

What greeted them was a full Arabian harem full of women and men, (possibly in anticipation of me? Kyoko thought as she looked around eyes wide). President Takarada lounged in the middle on a chaise and Ren next to him on an equally luxurious chaise but looking far more uncomfortable with all the extravagance, not to mention the scantily clad females that were draping themselves all over him.

"Ahh, Kyoko-chan, my dear, please sit." President Takarada said indicating another chaise beside Ren. He snapped his fingers and instantly 5 gorgeous men are-chested and in harem pants, picked her up and set her down gently in the chaise, leaving her speechless and Ren glowering at the men, who showed no expression, but kept their distance from Ren.

"So my pretties," the President began, "I have a new project that I believe is perfect for the two of you. Since it involves the both of you, I thought I'd tell you together. You have both been requested to work in Director Ogata's new drama." As if on cue, Ogata was led in by a train of young women, in veils and Arabian attire. He sat down next to Kyoko as the President continued, looking throughly uncomfortable, like he didn't know where to look.

"The basic premise of the story goes like this. The drama is based on the manga Faster than a Kiss. Which is about a 16 year old high school girl, Kaji Fumino and her 3 year old brother, Kaji Teppei, both of whom are orphans. One day she and her brother run away from the house where they are staying, and her English teacher, Ojiro Kazuma, finds her in a park and in the heat of the argument agrees to marry her and take care of her family. " Takarada glanced over at Kyoko, who was by this time completely enthralled by the story, and then over at Ren who seemed quite interested as well. He smirked and continued.

"Then something happens that neither of them anticipated. They fell in love with each other. The story goes on to chronicle their married life." The president stopped, looked at both of them and said, "Well, what do you think, will you do it?"

"Eh?" Kyoko looked at him and blinked, "you haven't told us what part we're to play though." She said confused. She looked over at Ren to see what he thought. Ren oblivious to Kyoko was starting feel nauseous as he realized the scheme that the President was boldly playing. Director Ogata, who was feeling uncharacteristically mischievous, silently laughed and handed both of them a copy of the script.

Faster Than A Kiss

Ojiro Kazuma... Tsuruga Ren

Kaji Fumino... Mogami Kyoko

Kaji Teppei... Takahashi Jun

Shindō Ryu...Kinnji Setō

Ren swallowed hard, he glanced nervously over at Kyoko who looked equally as nervous. She cleared her throat and spoke carefully, as if she was trying to avoid offending someone.

"Well I think it's a great story, and though I have some reservations about working Tsuruga-sans female lead, I would be glad to do it as a way of expanding my career out of villainous roles." She clasped her hands in her lap, with her head down, waiting for Ren's response. Ren however, was in the midst of mental meltdown.

Is she insane? Ren stared incredulously at her. Wait, of course she isn't. This oblivious woman had no idea what this would do. He was familiar with the novel, and if his suspicions were right, he would spend a large amount of time attempting to control his thoughts.! While his inner battle raged on, he happened to catch sight of the president grin at him. Ren glared at him for putting him in this mess and decided that the president was challenging him. He squared his shoulders, took a deep breath, and glared at the President again; thinking two can play at this game and spoke in his cool measured voice.

"It seems like a wonderful plot, even though I have not read the manga, so I believe Director Ogata has found himself a male lead." He smiled at the Director. The Director clapped his hands in delight.

"Fantastic! I was worried you wouldn't accept, but now that you have, we have a bit more to discuss." His voice grew serious, as he paused long enough to gain their undivided attention.

"This story is more complex than it seems on the surface, you two. While varying parts of the characters are somewhat similar to yours, others are totally foreign to you" He gave Kyoko an assessing look.

Kyoko gulped and looked down. She understood the Director clearly. Ever since her...err...falling out with Fuwa Sho, Kyoko had lost the ability to love. But with this role, Kyoko promised herself, she would gain the emotion back and she would do it flawlessly like Tsuruga-san had in Dark Moon. She snapped back to reality as Ogata continued.

"You Kyoko-chan already possess a strong sense of justice, but you need to master the skill do I put it, letting all your feelings show, and becoming a bit more openly violent." He looked at her intently satisfied that she was already attempting to get a grip on her character. He turned to Ren.

"You on other hand, Tsuruga-san must do something I don't think you have ever done before." Ren looked at him with a genuine puzzled expression. Ogata, President Takarada and Sawara, who had just joined them, all watched Ren closely as Ogata continued.

"Tsuruga-san must learn to be a pervert."