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EPILOGUE: Faster Than a Kiss

That had been an interesting development, people all over Japan mused. The two people they had thought to least likely get together, fell so madly in love with each other that it was astonishing. The day the news had accidentally been blurted at an interview, Japan was instantly in an uproar. Not of a negative kind mind you. It was the kind of uproar that found the front of the Darumya and Ren & Kyoko's apartment building, covered with flowers and cards wishing them well. Some people took the news wonderfully, like Maria and the President, who cried so many tears of joy that they feared they would drown. Others took it...not so well.

Shoutaro had become something of a nuisance. Turning up at all of her sets, and interviews, demanding to have a word with her. The first few times, she had spoken with him in the hopes that he would understand and maybe even wish her well, like his parents. But it wasn't to be. Shoutaro wasn't used to things that were his - or so he thought - being taken from him. He still labored under the delusion that Kyoko was his and that he could demand for her to stop seeing Ren. Soon, he became nothing more than a common stalker, and precautions had to be taken against him.

He calmed down soon enough though. Suddenly, it became as if the friendship...relationship...whatever it was they had - had never existed. He soon threw himself into a committed relationship with Mimori as revenge and unexpectedly found himself in love. Kyoko wished him nothing but the best. Ren, she couldn't be sure of, she believed his wishes contained more prayers of pain and death, but she at least, wished him happiness.

Ren had later revealed the other obscurities of his past and found himself dealing with a level of hyper-ness he hadn't thought was possible. He had gone into the confession expecting a fight, and came out being showered with hugs and kisses. Not that he minded, mind you. He took her to America to introduce her to his parents and was happy that they melded together as a family so easily. Since Kyoko considered the Darumya couple her parents, he flew them over as well, wanting them to meet his parents. And meet they did, while his parents were eccentric and the Darumya couple were plain and simple, it seemed the two extremes got along just fine.

As for work, their careers took off, sending their offers and contracts through the roof. Kanae and Yashiro had the same situation. Though Yashiro had decided that he was done with Show Business, he was sorely tempted by the multitude of offers. Particularly the offer of a commercial to be done with Kanae.

Now these two were an interesting phenomenon. The two meddlers that had spent ages trying to bring Kyoko and Ren together, and yet here they were, guilty of the same crime that they accused them ofin their own relationship. For Kyoko and Ren - Kuon, as he was known privately to his friends - it was painful to watch. All that shying, and blushing and stuttering. It was so frustrating. When they brought it up with their friends, all they got in return was a

"Well then, you know how the whole world felt last year, now don't you?"

It was clear to them that something had to be done. And fast.

{1 Year Later...}

"ALRIGHT PEOPLE!" Shingai yelled into his microphone, his voice booming across the whole set. "This is it! The final shot! Kazuma is going to propose to Fumino! Let's get this done in one shot!"

"HAAAAAAI!" Was the yelled response he got in return. Satisfied, he let Ogata take over.

"Ganbatte Everyone!" He called through the microphone, receiving a short bout of clapping in return.

[Scene Begins]

It came as a shock. I'll tell you that much. Standing with my friends, I felt a strange excitement. I had just graduated high school, I was an adult. I looked up into the sky breathing in the cool summer breeze. Sensei may not want to marry me but I'll change that. I'll show him that our relationship wasn't as shallow as that. Looking back at my friends, I realized they had gone silent from all their chattering, as did everyone else around me. They seemed to be fixated on something directly behind me. I turned around and promptly dropped everything I was holding. Sensei was kneeling behind me, holding the most beautiful ring -

[Scene Interrupted]

That's odd, Kyoko thought inwardly. That's not the ring we used ten minutes ago for practice.

[Scene Restart]


"I'm sorry for everything that's happened up until now. But, I have a question to ask. Kaji Fumino, will you do me the honor and privilege of becoming my bride?"

And some how, I think it'll be okay. I smiled and kneeled in front of him, hugging him and laughing my answer.

"Yes! Yes! Of course I will!"

[Scene Ends]

"Aaaand that's a wrap!" The set was filled with cheers and things flying in the air as people congratualated themselves and each other for another project well done. Kanae turned to hug Kyoko, who had her own arms outstretched, turned away from Ren, when Kanae stopped dead in her tracks. Kyoko frowned, not understanding the expression.

"Moko-san?" The cast and crew gaped at her as Yashiro, Kanae, Kinnji, Ogata and Shingai let their mouths drop open, and pointed to something behind her.

"Uh, Kyoko-chan? Turn around."

Turning, she found Ren still in his original position, kneeling behind her, ring box in hand.


"Mogami Kyoko."

"Y-yes?" She stammered, seeing the intense look in his eyes. He couldn't possibly -

"Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife? Will you marry me?"

The sentence was short and sweet. After all, Ren had never been about appearances, he wanted everything presented to him as is. Kyoko stared at him woodenly, unable to believe her own ears. A sharp kick in the knees from Kanae, standing behind her, brought her back to her senses and she threw herself into his arms with a shriek.

"YES! YES! YES!" She cried as the entire set exploded with cheers and yells. The sound of laughter and whooping was overwhelming. Cameras flashed as Ren slowly pushed the ring onto her finger. Kyoko was then tackled by Kanae for once, as people swarmed to congratulate them. Kanae examined the stone on her hand.

"Damn, that thing is huge!" In the midst of all the craziness, Shingai had managed to order an extravagant dinner in order for everyone to celebrate. Ren and Kyoko stood some distance from each other, talking to Yashiro and Kanae respectively. Kyoko eyed her best friend with some exasperation.

"Isn't it about time you confessed to Yashiro-san?" Kanae clapped her hands over Kyoko's mouth.

"SHHH! Not so loud! What if he hears you?" Kyoko rolled her eyes, removing Kanae's hands.

"Come on, I am SO tired of this. I am sick of watching you two skirt around each other all the time, when it's obvious that -" Kanae slammed her hands over Kyoko's mouth again in a panic and Kyoko removed them, glaring, continuing the sentence. "That you two are stupid in love with each other! Besides, look, Ren just proposed to me, so confess to Yashiro! It's perfect timing!" Kanae huffed.

"You are the last person I want to hear that from. It took you two years to get together need I remind you. Not to mention ..." Kanae continued to rant, while Kyoko tuned out. Glancing at Ren, she could see his conversation with Yashiro was going the same way. She caught Ren's eye and winked, a non-verbal idea quickly occurred to the both of them.

"Seriously, I never thought that you and Ren-gyaah!" Grinning, they oh so casually shoved Yashiro and Kanae in each other's general direction.

"Really Ren, it's not that - wah!" Yashiro and Kanae went flying and crashed into each other, tumbling down to the floor. Opening their eyes, they froze, not knowing what to do. To see your friends in this position was one thing, to be in it yourself was quite another. Kyoko and Ren grinned, walking to each other and linking hands, looking down at their friends.

"Well," Kyoko said, leaning on Ren's shoulder as the crowd around them whooped and cheered at the scene. "They do say that nothing is Faster than a Kiss."


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