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"Reason and love are sworn enemies." - Corneille

Chapter One

Between The Lines

Edward sauntered into the dimly lit study, barely watching where he was going, and placed himself idly on a chair. For a moment, he did nothing, merely continuing to stare into space, thinking hard. But his silence didn't last for he sighed agitatedly the next minute, and began to wring his hands. His face crinkled in thought.

"You know I wouldn't ask if I had any other choice. It feels like this is only thing I can do to keep her safe."

Carlisle placed his book down on his desk and looked at his troubled son sympathetically. He chose not to reply since it looked as though Edward still had more to say on the matter.

"I don't want to do this…to you, to her." He sprung up from his chair and began to pace the length of the rug. "But, I'm powerless to do anything else. She won't like it; she'll hate it, in fact. But even Alice thinks it might be for the better."

"Edward," Carlisle sighed, "You have no need to convince me. If it is what you want, and Bella is agreeable, of course I'll do it."

Edward nodded absentmindedly, not making eye contact with his company. "You've said that. Many times."

"And I meant it. Everytime."

Edward continued to pace, but looked up, meeting eyes with his father. "Carlisle, think about it. You'll have to take time off work, leave Esme and the others here in Forks, basically giving up all time and effort into keeping Bella safe. I wouldn't even be asking you if I felt like there was someone else I could possibly ask. I trust you with Bella wholly, Carlisle, but this might be too much."

"Edward," Carlisle said, raising himself off his chair as well, "Bella is my family now too. I care about her safety as much as you do. Esme and the others are capable of surviving a short time without me. And as for my work, that can be easily arranged. I'm not the only doctor in Forks."

Edward crossed his arms, clearly torn between accepting Carlisle's help and trying to find any other way to solve this problem. But nothing else seemed plausible; this was the only rational idea he had had. Carlisle placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Edward, if this falls between the lines of my duties as your father, as Bella's, then I want nothing more than to help. After all, even I can acknowledge the current situation has gotten out of hand."

Dread seemed to fill Edward as he thought of their trouble, presently lurking in the forest. Instinctively, he glanced over his shoulder, through the great glass wall and into the thicket, searching for a single movement in the trees. There seemed to be nothing for now, but Edward knew that Victoria was sly. After all, she had eluded capture by the Cullens and the wolves for months now. She simply disappeared after an attempted attack, nimbly flitting past them into the trees, not seen again for weeks. Each time she came back, it was with renewed vengeance.

Only last week, she had almost killed Bella, cornering her alone in her room the night Edward had hunted. Luckily, Alice had seen it, and being on her way over anyway, made it in time to save Bella's life, almost losing her own.

After that incident, Edward had not left Bella's side for a second. The darkness of his eyes and purple shadows beneath them easily admitted his hunger, but hunting could not even cross Edward's mind until Victoria was dead. It was simply the most important thing to him. Bella was always most important.

Edward sighed. "I'm just…afraid." He admitted lowly. Edward could never say he was scared to anyone other than Carlisle. There was something between them, forged in the years they had spent alone, that could enable Edward to speak to him like he did to no one else. With his brothers, it was always competition. Telling them he was scared was like admitting defeat; it was cowardly.

Carlisle nodded understandingly.

Edward continued, "I've never known a vampire like Victoria. What if I can't kill her? What if she hurts one of us…or worse yet, Bella? I feel like I'm never doing enough to keep her safe, she always seems to be in the path of it. I'm scared because I have nothing left to offer. This is my only option."

"Victoria is definitely challenging, but once Bella is out of harm's way, I know you can destroy her, Edward. You are capable. Never once have you failed in a battle."

"This is no ordinary battle. This time I'm fighting for something more important than ever." He turned himself to look at Carlisle, desperation clear in his very face. "She is my life, Carlisle. I can't spend one moment in peace if she isn't completely safe or happy. Please protect her for me, Carlisle, please."

Carlisle nodded, acknowledging that Edward had made his mind up. "You know I will, Edward."

Edward's eyes dropped and he slumped back in the chair, still on edge. "She's all I have. If I lost her…"

"We won't lose her." Carlisle said firmly, also reseating himself behind his desk, "So, who shall tell her? Will it be you or I?"

At this, Edward looked up, seemingly listening to something far away. After a moment, he cracked a tiny smile.

"Neither. It seems like Alice has seen our whole conversation. She's on her way to tell Bella now."

Carlisle nodded, picking up his book again and pretending to read as Edward left the room. Once the door clicked behind his son, he carefully folded the cover over and dropped his book back on the wooden desktop, placing his head in his hands and thinking of nothing but his son, Victoria and inexorably, Bella Swan.

I should've known the moment there was a knock on my window that nothing good could come of it. Alice Cullen's smiling face filled the window frame and she pulled herself into my room, shaking raindrops from her inky black hair.

"Hi Bella!" She said excitedly, descending to where I lay sprawled on my bed and planting a firm kiss on my cheek. "What are you up to?"

I rolled my eyes and held up the book I had been reading. "What's it look like, Alice?"

She puckered her lips disapprovingly at my attitude. I sighed and pulled myself into a sitting position to make room for her on the bed, and she planted herself gracefully beside me. "I'm sorry, Alice. It's just annoying that Edward's sent a babysitter already, he's only been gone for half an hour. I swear he hasn't left me alone for a week…even when I'm in the bathroom, he sits outside the door…"

Alice laughed her tinkling laugh. "Oh, Bella, don't be so hard on him. He's been extremely worried about you. Anyway, he didn't send me…well, not exactly."

I sighed and placed my book on the bedside table. Alice watched me curiously, biting her lip as if she was positively bursting to say something. I decided to keep her happy and take the bait.

"What are you smiling about?" I asked, feigning indifference.

She giggled. "Bella, you won't like this at all. But, please, for Edward's sake, be kind to him about it. Remember that he loves you, and that's why he's doing this."

My stomach dropped. "Oh no…what are you about to throw at me? Is it about Victoria?"

Alice took my hands in hers. Whether she was comforting me or rather, just holding me down, I couldn't tell. I waited, biting on my lip, for her to explain. Her golden eyes examined me closely as she thought of how to begin.

"He feels like you're not safe enough in Forks." She said slowly, "Not with Victoria still alive and especially not after what happened last week."

"Okay…" I said, waiting anxiously.

"Edward wants to get you out of Forks for a bit," Alice explained, "Until he can kill Victoria, he doesn't want you here, in harm's way. He just wants to know that you're safe while he focuses his whole attention on getting rid of her."

I froze, not fully understanding what she was implying. Alice registered my confusion and proceeded to take a deep breath before continuing. "Bella…you're going on a trip for a while."

I gulped, a million thoughts flying through me at once. I had so many questions, so many things I wanted to say, but I didn't know where to start. "I…wha-?"

Alice smiled a little, relieved I hadn't started screaming at her. "He's asked Carlisle to take you. Edward himself can't go because he wants to be the one to kill Victoria, and I can't either, because I need to stay to be able to see what her next moves are. Carlisle is the only one he trusts completely with you."

I jumped off the bed and began to pace. "So, what you're saying is… Edward's going to ship me off to a different city, while he stays here and kills the crazy vampire trying to murder me? Great." I said sarcastically, "Where's my plane ticket?"

Alice sighed, shaking her head at me. "Bella, don't be angry. He wants to keep you alive, that's why he's doing this. And anyway, he was thinking of sending you to a different continent entirely."

"What?" I screeched, coming to a stop in my pacing. "No. No. Absolutely not. If he thinks I'm just going to let him-"

"I don't think it's up to you, Bella. He's made up his mind."

"Alice!" I groaned, frustrated.

She shrugged her shoulders. "Don't 'Alice' me. It wasn't my idea. I wish it was though, because I think it makes perfect sense."

I dropped myself back on the bed dejectedly. "So, I pretty much have no say in this, then. Fine." I fell on my mattress facedown, burying my face in the pillow. Alice squeezed my leg and I felt her weight lift off the bed.

"Don't be so melodramatic, Bella. Just go and have some fun. Don't think about anything else, just pretend it's a vacation."

"Vacations aren't fun if you're being forced into them." I mumbled into the pillow. "Where are you vampires sending me to anyway?"

Alice giggled. "Well, I had an idea. How would you like to visit Paris?"

My eyebrows lifted and I pulled my face out of the pillow to look at Alice incredulously. I guessed she could see the irrepressible excitement on my face because she grinned widely.

"Paris? As in, France?"

She nodded. "I figured you'd like to see the Eiffel Tower at least once in your lifetime. And I remember the food being absolutely divine. Of course, the hotel you'll be staying at is magnificent itself, as well. You'll have an absolutely wonderful time, Bella, just try to enjoy it."

I sighed, beginning to think that maybe this wouldn't be entirely horrific. "Fine, I'll try. When do we leave?"

"Hm," She said, walking over to the window and pulling it open again. "Tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" I asked, shocked. "What can I possibly tell Charlie to convince him to let me go to Paris tomorrow?"

Alice was pulling her leg through the frame, and she jumped lightly to the tree in front of my window. She winked mischievously at me. "Leave Charlie to me."

Her hand extended and shut the window, leaving me utterly alone to think of how I could possibly sleep tonight when Paris awaited me the very next morning. I flicked the bedside lamp off and settled into bed.

Smiling, I pulled the blanket over my head and laughed to myself when I thought of the conversation Alice Cullen was undoubtedly going to have with my father.

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