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"That's it," Cody whispered by his cheek, knotting his hands in Zack's hair. "Let me love you."

"Yes…" Zack hissed, tugging him helplessly into a one-armed embrace that was half hug and half grind. They both moaned

Cody nuzzled his ear, nipping it perfunctorily, before murmuring, "I know you didn't mean what you said before, at least not the way I thought you meant it, but I mean it…" He licked a long stripe up his victim's neck. "If you know what I mean…."

Zack laughed, not at all understanding, but not really caring either. He stretched his head to the side to reveal more skin, silently begging. "Why d'you have to be such a goddamn smartass all the time?" he asked, eyes closed.

Cody sucked at the skin of his jaw before drawing back, smiling hugely. "What I mean is—yes. Let's do it."

Zack stilled, eyes opening. "Huh?"

Cody laughed at his expression, a rare twinkle dancing in his eye. He braced himself up on his arms, stretching briefly, before straddling him at the waist. "Let's do it. Have sex."

Zack lifted a hand, stroking down the length of Cody's shoulder and straightened elbow, before resting at his wrist and curling his fingers around it. "I'm okay, Cody. Relax. We don't have to go that far today." His voice was soothing, and he had a knowing smile, as if he were attempting to calm a skittish kitten. "This is far enough, believe me."

Cody raised an eyebrow, smirking. "I don't remember asking if you were okay." He squeezed his thighs together pointedly. "But it's nice to hear."

"Cody," Zack warned, dismayed to hear how high-pitched his voice sounded, but resolutely holding his ground. "I'm serious, there's no need to hurry into things. We've been through a lot today, and I really think you should slow—ah!" His words were cut off in a gasp as Cody leaned backward slightly, pressing himself firmly into Zack's lap.

"Slow down?" Cody asked sarcastically, rotating his hips with devastating unhurriedness. "I personally prefer to go fast, but that can be arranged, too."

Zack stared up at him with an auditory swallow. "You're serious?"

Cody smacked him upside the head, and Zack yelped. "Ow—what…?"

"You ask me that one more time and I will hit you again."

The slap seemed to do the trick. Zack grinned. "Okay, Mr. Bossy." With a surge of unexpected strength, he sat up with his arms around Cody's waist, so he wouldn't fall, and turned them around. Cody fell back on his elbows.

"How do you want to do this?" Zack asked, looked deeply into each of his eyes as if searching for signs of a concussion. "I know you were freaking out a few weeks ago about being… penetrated and all, but perhaps another position might help? Missionary is rather overrated after all, and it might give you a greater feel of control if I entered you from—"

"Whoa, whoa. Wait up." Cody glared. "Why are you automatically on top?"

Zack blinked, hesitating. "Um. I guess I just…." He supposed he really didn't have an answer to that.

Cody shook his head, smiling smugly. "Roll over, you jerk."

And so Zack did. Well, this was an interesting turn of events.

Once he was lying on his stomach lengthwise on the bed, Cody straddled him again, sitting on his thighs comfortably. He pulled at the edge of Zack's shirt, urging him to "Lean up for a second." Again, Zack did as he was told, thinking that he must be missing something, but also feeling strangely as if he didn't entirely… mind it. His heart was beating erratically now; whether in anticipation or anxiety he couldn't tell.

The shirt was rolled up and over and off Zack's head before he could blink, and when that was done, Cody instructed him to lie back down and placed a pillow under his head. "Hold on a second," Cody ordered, reaching over into the drawer beside his bed and pulling out a tub of… some sort of cream?

"Um, Cody—what is that?"

Cody looked up. "Hmm? Oh, it's just a little something. You'll see."

Zack stared at him doubtfully. "Uh huh."

Cody laughed. "Don't you trust me, Zack?" At his brother's non-answer, his grin widened. "Seriously, you're going to like this. Relax."

Zack closed his eyes and tried to do just that. Relax. That shouldn't be too hard, he thought. It wasn't like he didn't trust Cody. Because he did.

Damp, cold hands landed on his shoulder blades, and he winced.

"Oh, shush, you big wimp," Cody reprimanded softly. "It's just a mint balm." With that, the hands began to move, and Zack finally began to listen. The tension bled from his back, and he sank more peacefully into the pillow, breathing in the cold, refreshing scent with a sigh.

"That okay?" Cody checked as his fingers drew circles in the small of his back, before drifting up to his neck and digging in more firmly.

"Mmm," Zack replied, chuckling—mostly at himself. "Yeah; wonderful, in fact."

The hands pressed everywhere; warm skin warring with the cool, minty cream, and Zack felt the world begin to melt away. Every now and then he let out a small noise to show his appreciation, but those were the only sounds in the room apart from Cody's shallow breaths. It was just them, now: Zack, and the the heavenly creature perched upon his legs as if he belonged there; heavy and warm and talented, making him feel like there was really nothing else worth feeling or knowing in the world but this—and them.

"So," Zack began, groaning into the pillow. "You just happened to have—ah—a big thing of mint balm in your bedside drawer?" Cody ignored him. "Seems pretty freaking convenient, don't you think?" He sighed, turning his head. "It's almost as if you planned it."

That got a laugh out of Cody. "No, actually—turns out, there are some pretty neat perks to having Cody Martin for a boyfriend." He leaned close, digging into a particularly hard knot. "Just ask Barbara."

He let Zack ponder on that for a few minutes, moving his wicked hands in a firm slide down Zack's spine, and proceeded to flay Zack alive with his touch, muscle by muscle, for what felt like eons— and soon, Zack was nothing more than a speck of lint on the mattress; a breeze on the wind. A drop in the pond. A feather on a—

Zack felt something pull at his shorts, interrupting his inner dialogue, and he twitched. "Mmm?"

"Turn over," Cody mumbled, and at the slight strain in his voice Zack hastened to comply. He opened his eyes- gazing up in wonder at Cody's bitten red lips and dilated pupils. "Now—now your front."

Zack nodded, never breaking eye contact, and Cody took that as permission. He applied more balm to his hands and set them on Zack's chest, skating his fingertips across nipples and ribs and abdomen and raising gooseflesh in their wake. Zack sucked in a breath, the skin of his belly rippling under Cody's moist, shaky touch.

A strangled moan broke the intense quiet, and Zack was worried for a second until he realized the sound hadn't come from him but from Cody, who shifted in his lap. He was breathing hard and staring at Zack with a very… odd expression.

Zack swallowed, feeling suddenly bare under that heavy gaze. "I… think you're wearing way too many clothes," Zack tried hesitantly, leaning up enough to pull at Cody's polo with one hand. "I feel kind of naked over here."

For a moment Cody said nothing, then seemed to realize Zack had spoken and started. "Naked?" he asked, sounding dumbstruck by the idea.

Zack had to bite back a laugh, thinking it probably wouldn't help matters. "Are you okay, man?"

"Yeah… Yeah. I'm fine." Cody took a deep, rattling breath, as if he'd forgotten how, and leant forward, pushing at Zack's chest. "Yeah. Just let me…" He cut himself off, pressing his wet, warm mouth to the very place his hand had been.

Cody's lips moved slightly, and then that shocking heat wrapped around Zack's right nipple.

Sparks ripped through him, and Zack scrabbled for Cody's hair, tugging his head closer. "Freaking...!" But Zack couldn't speak after that, couldn't do anything but groan.

Cody pulled away, gasping, trying to hide the pleasure in his voice and not quite succeeding. "That is… that was," he tried, clearing his throat, "a fairly strong reaction, wasn't it?" His lips were red.

Zack wanted dearly to kiss his silly brother quiet, and sat up to do just that, but his silly brother kissed him first; searing and hungry and with much more teeth than tongue. It hurt.

Zack moaned his acceptance, lying back and arching up into Cody's chest. Cody rewarded him with a long, rocking thrust, and Zack's eyes promptly rolled back into his head. He tried vainly to reciprocate, but could do little more than grab Cody's shoulders to pull him closer and hold on for dear life.

"Take," a kiss, "shirt," Cody begged eventually, tugging at Zack's bottom lip with his teeth and snaking a knee between Zack's open thighs.

Somewhere in the back of Zack's fried, short-circuited brain, that request made some sort of sense, and he arched his back, raking fingers across Cody's spine and down toward the edge of his polo. Pulling vaguely.

Against all reason, it worked, and they hissed as the shirt took a short vacation across the room, and their bare chests made contact for the first time that in what seemed like forever (but was probably more like a day).

The sensation only served to amplify Cody's impatience. His fingers shook as they wormed their way between their bodies, struggling briefly with Zack's zipper.

"Off," Cody panted, and Zack nodded frantically, helping Cody with his as well.

Off, off, off.

There was nothing on earth quite so stunning, Zack thought blissfully about a minute later, as the feel of Cody's naked body flushed tightly against his own. He knew then, with a flash of realization that cut directly to the quick, that he would never get enough of this… of them.

He captured Cody's face in his hands, coaxing him into a full-lipped kiss that was jarringly gentle—in such sharp contrast to everything else they had done that Cody gasped, shivering.

"The heat," he said wonderingly into Zack's mouth. "It still burns." Then, as if it explained everything, he added, "But it's good. And it's finally mine…."

"Yes," Zack agreed, nodding solemnly, as if he understood. "All yours."

Cody stared at him then, eyes bright, and at his brother's small smile fairly attacked him with kisses, covering his face and neck. Zack still wasn't entirely sure what he'd said, but somehow sensed it had definitely been the right thing to say.

"Let me love you," Zack echoed Cody's words from earlier, sighing under his companion's dotted caresses.

"Will do." Cody sat up, planting one last messy kiss on Zackary's forehead before smiling nervously. "Scoot back a little."

"You're on top, then?" Zack asked, and the thought didn't bother him nearly as much as it might have a few hours ago.

Cody paused. "I'm not sure." Zack took his hand and squeezed it.

"It's up to you," he said honestly. "I want to be with you, Cody. Only you. I don't care how we do it at this point."

Cody smiled sheepishly, lying down alongside him after a moment's deliberation. He felt around for the tub of mint balm and handed it to him, covering his wrist. "I want you, too, Zack. Make love to me?"

A thrill went through Zack at Cody's plea, and he smiled too. I'll do my best, he thought, deeply humbled by the look of trust etched upon the other boy's face.

Out loud, however, he said cheekily, "Oh? I thought I was?" and covered Cody's body with his own. "Spread your legs, my sweet."

Cody snorted appreciatively. "I'm your 'sweet', now, am I?"

He tried to sound insulted, but Zack could tell by the reddening of his ears that, truthfully, Cody kind of liked it. Even so, at Zack's behest he opened his legs obediently and Zack kneeled between them, stroking up his brother's thighs to rest on his knees.

"Next I'll be your 'honey-muffin,'" Cody was saying with faked resentment. "And then your 'sugar dumpling', or—God, your 'lovey-bear….'" At this, Cody visibly shuddered. "You can stop me at any time, you know."

Zack laughed, unscrewing the lid to the balm and trying to ignore the flutter in his stomach as Cody's face grew serious, his eyes locked squarely upon the tub of cream.

"You do know what you're doing, right?" Cody asked apprehensively, and then seemed to reconsider. "You'd better, after putting me through that nightmare of a sex manual."

"Nightmare," Zack scoffed, dipping his fingers into the cream. "This—uh, might be a little cold."

Cody tried to laugh, but it came out as more of a squawk. "That's okay." Their eyes met, and Zack swallowed.

He paused, wanting to memorize this moment; but as in all other arenas of life, a memory is made in the making of it, not by the passive desire to keep it preserved in the present forever.

Acknowledging this, Zack set the tub down and lowered his moistened fingers to Cody's inner thigh.

He checked. Sure enough, Cody was beet red; but seeing that his features spelled more eagerness than anxiety, Zack continued, placing his fingers at Cody's entrance.

It felt warm, and—clean. Zack blinked. Of course it was clean, this was Cody he was dealing with. "Okay so far?" he murmured aloud, for Cody's sake, and looked up to confirm with him.

"Mhm." Cody's voice sounded a bit on the high end. "You can go on," he offered, panting a little. "But—one at a time. Okay?"

Zack nodded. The first slid in fairly easily, though it was still a tight fit; and the way that Cody's body squeezed at his finger sent shivers through him.

Cody groaned, and Zack stilled. "Was that a good noise, or—"

"Both," Cody grit out, eyes shut tight. After a moment's hesitation, he opened them. "Um, okay. I think you can do a second, now."

"Are you sure?"

A terse nod. "Yup."

"Because I can…"

"Idiot, I want you in-" Cody grabbed his hand, pushing Zack's second finger in as deep as it would go. He sucked in a breath. "...Me. Ah—Ouch. Okay." He wriggled a bit, and swallowed loudly. "Nnn… now the third."

Zack's eyes widened. Cody was so tight and hot around his fingers-but he was too worried about the possibility that Cody was hurting to enjoy it.

Much. "Three? Are you crazy?"

Cody sent him another one of those sheepish smiles, and something gripped at Zack's fingers from the inside… He was surprised to feel them slide even farther in.

"Yes," Cody answered simply, and took Zack's hand again.

Together, they pushed the third in, both moaning at the stretch, Cody's ankles crossing behind Zack's lower back as he spread his thighs wider to accept the intrusion. "Oh… wow," Cody said wonderingly, his head falling back against the headboard.

"Does it hurt?" Zack asked nervously.

Cody took a moment to answer. "Not any more." He squeezed around Zack's fingers as if to punctuate his statement, and Zack's breathing became measurably more difficult at Cody's look of determination. "Move."

Zack drew his fingers out the slightest bit, and at Cody's hiss pushed them even deeper than they had been. Cody's hips rose of their own accord; it took some figuring, but after a minute or so they had established a rhythm that worked, with Cody moaning and his hands curling into fists around his head pillow.

Zack was so aroused at this point that he was afraid everything would soon be over, before it had even started.

"Um," Zack tried to get Cody's attention, clearing his throat, but at that very moment one of his fingers crooked up a little, grazing against a small bump somewhere inside the other boy, and Cody's eyes shot open, gasping as his entire body jumped.

"Ohmygod," Cody panted, staring at Zack in awe. "Do that again."

Zack tried to remember what he had done, and it took a few seconds, but soon Cody was arching up against the mattress, moaning so loudly Zack was almost positive their mother would hear—pills or no pills.

"Wow," he murmured, staring at Cody's renewed erection with satisfaction and a fair amount of jealousy. "It… it feels that good?"

"Like… like…" Cody struggled to find the words, and hit the bed with his fist, frustrated. "Please, just, more."

Zack nodded and crooked his fingers, hitting that spot, and Cody grabbed Zack's shoulders, pulling him closer. "No. More. Zack…."

"…Oh." Now Zack understood. His cock throbbed as he realized what Cody was asking for, and again he worried that he wouldn't last very long.

He withdrew his fingers slowly—minding Cody's surprised gasp with exaggerated care—and scooped up more of the cold stuff, covering his painfully hard erection. The cold helped ease some of his urgency, but he almost came anyway from the look of hunger in Cody's eyes.

He tried to think of something that would take the edge off of the insane need in his gut—Moesby. Arwin. Linda—but luckily Cody kissed him, and that effectively distracted him for the few moments it took to regain control.

Cody broke away, panting, rosy lips quirked in a devastating half-smile. "Zack? Could you do something for me?"

Zack gulped air. "…Yeah. What?" Cody leaned close, dragging his lower lip across the shell of his ear, and Zack felt his smile as he whispered:

"…Fuck me?"

Zack's heart skipped a few beats, and he drew back, taking in Cody's smirk with equal parts greed and gratitude. The hairs at the back of his neck prickled. What could he possibly say to something like that? But really, there was only one thing.

"I am so in love with you," he said at last, pushing Cody back against the sheets and pulling at Cody's legs, draping them over his shoulders. Cody's grin melted into an appreciative moan.

"Me, too," Cody whispered as Zack's erection met at the place where his fingers had been.

Zack pushed forward, just a little, reveling in the breathy little noises Cody was making. "Figures…" he grunted, driving even deeper, breaching the first ring of muscle. Cody arched sharply, whimpering. "You would be in love with yourself."

Cody giggled, or cried—Zack couldn't really tell, but either way the world was shrinking, ringing like a bell, and he knew he knew he knew he wouldn't last long. He pushed in another inch, and stopped, sweating. He wiped his hair away from his face with one hand.

"Talk to me," Zack said, pulling almost all the way out before falling in again slowly, filling the boy below him to the hilt—he was desperate for a distraction.

"What should…" Cody bit his lip, heels digging into Zack's spine, "what should I say?"

"Anything," Zack bit out, and almost cried as Cody's hips rose to meet him, urging him to go faster, even though Zack couldn't, he couldn't or he would die.

"Um… Uh. There was an old lady who—ohgod—lived in a shoe…"

Zack barked a surprised laugh, delirious, and thrust so deep he saw stars. Cody keened, and was silent for several moments while he tried to remember what the hell his name was, let alone what he had been saying. "Uh… ba, ba, black sheep—ngh… have you any wool?"

"I'll give you wool," Zack growled nonsensically, pushing into Cody's thighs until they were flush against his chest.

"Faster," Cody moaned, and Zack complied as best he could. The bed creaked dangerously, not built for such abuse. "What was I saying about shoes?"

Zack laughed helplessly as he realized, "You're still wearing them."

"I am? Fuck… so are you."

"Yup." An evil grin, and Cody was completely lost as Zack changed the angle, accidentally hitting that same spot inside him that he'd done before.

"Shit. Zack, I'm going to die. I am. I'm gonna—" Cody whispered frantically against Zack's throat.

"Oh my god, me too," Zack commiserated, the torrent inside him having already reached record heights. "My ears are buzzing."

Cody laughed. "…Together then?"


"One… two…"

"It doesn't work like that!"

"Three." Cody strained upward, squeezing around Zack's erection, and Zack blacked out.

Silence. Zack opened his eyes to find Cody staring at him.

"Oh. I… guess it does work like that."

Cody nodded. "Yeah, it definitely does." Zack gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek in response, and was still. "Um. You're kind of heavy."

"Hmm? Oh, sorry." Zack melted away from where they were still joined, rolling to Cody's side, and Cody's arms were around him instantly, hugging him. They shifted, rearranging themselves until Cody was tucked in against Zack's chest. "Why do you get to be the little spoon?" Zack complained aimlessly, once everything was quiet again.

Cody didn't answer—simply snuggled back, and drew the covers over them. "Oh," he said after a few minutes. "Set the alarm clock… will you? We don't want a…." Yawn. "Repeat of this morning."

"Right." Zack hastened to do as he was told, then returned to Cody's warmth, sleep approaching with a vengeance. "That was brilliant," he murmured, not entirely sure Cody was even awake to hear it.

But about a minute later, he heard a quiet, "Yeah…. Ridiculously good."

And with that, Zack slept.

Cody laid awake for a minute or so more, grinning stupidly. Eventually, though, he too fell prey to sweet oblivion.

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