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Title: The Adventures of Wing Girl and The Lipstick Lounge.

Your pen name: Fates-Love-Queen

Characters: Bella and Alice

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Twilight. Stephenie Meyer owns any and all Twilight characters that may appear in this story. The remainder is my original work. Copyright 2009 by Fates-Love-Queen. No copying or reproduction of this work is permitted without my express written authorization.

Warning: This story contains femmeslash - ie. girl on girl loving. If you aren't old enough to buy porn, then please don't read...

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A/N: Hey Lovelies! So, i'm excited as this is the longest thing I have written in ages!

As I said, this story is a femmeslash and it's the first one I've written, so please be gentle... : )

I have to say a huge thanks to my uber-fantastic beta kyla713 for getting this back to me in record time. I am so sorry hun for my time management fail, but thank you so much for beta-ing this anyway. Thank you so much for not disowning me...! *hugs* If you haven't read her stories yet, you honestly don't know what you're missing...

I also have to give credit where credit is due, as a lot of people helped me with this one...

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To 1lavishone and shaelove, who not only pre-read, but also gave me a lot of advice and helped with the ending and title, and to Marie_0912 for giving me this song that fit this piece so perfectly without even knowing.

I really hope you enjoy this : )

Bella's POV:

"Please Bella? You know I would do it for you!" Rose yelled, as she blocked my view of the television with her hands on her hips.

"Rose, you're my favorite sister and I love you, but I'm not going and that's final."

"I'm your only sister," she snorted, as her hands went from her hips to cross against her chest.

"Bella, its Friday night! I'm not going to let you sit here and watch re-runs with a pint of Ben and Jerry's! Again... It's the same thing every week!"

"Hey!" I said, pretending to be offended. "That's not true. I actually hired some movies to watch tonight; with popcorn."

"Wow, way to spice things up…" Rose mumbled under her breath.

She huffed and sat down next to me, taking my hands in hers, but I refused to make eye contact with her.

"Please, Bella… Just hear me out!" she said as she grabbed the remote control and switched the television off.

Rose had been bugging me every night for two weeks now, trying to get me to attend the opening of the new lesbian club that was opening in the city with her.

She knew I was straight, but was claiming that it wasn't just gay women that attended these clubs and there would be something for everyone there.

"Hey, I was watching that!"

"Animal Planet will still be there in a few minutes, Bella. Please?"

She sounded so deflated that I reluctantly turned on the couch to face her.

"I'm listening," I said in a stiff voice, but squeezed her hands to let her know that I wasn't really angry at her.

"I just need to get out Bella. I hate being like this, being down and depressed all the time.; It's not me…" she sighed.

I knew how hard it was for her to open up and show her feelings, so I remained quiet to allow her to vent everything she needed to.

"I just… I thought, she was the one, you know?" her voice broke and I flinched at the uncommon sound.

She, who was never to be named out-loud, was Tanya, Roses' ex – the first one to actually break through her iron exterior, the first woman that Rose had ever loved, and the first to ever break her heart…

It was just so rare to see Rose so… vulnerable.

Ever since we were little, she was always the strong one.

When Mom and Dad got divorced, I was only about eight, and all I really understood was that we weren't going to see Daddy everyday anymore…

I cried all night in Rose's lap as she rocked me back and forth, comforting me. And even though I was crying my heart out, Rose never shed a tear.

She simply told me stories about how much fun we were going to have in our new house and all of the new friends that I would meet.

Even though Rose was only three years older than I was, I always looked to her as a mother figure. She always put my needs first and had always been there for whatever role I needed her to play… A protector, a sounding board, a shoulder to cry on and information center.

And though it pained me to say it, she was more of a mother to me than Renee ever was…

Rose was, and would always be, the bravest woman I knew.

"I know Rosie…" I said, as I rubbed comforting circles on the backs of her hands.

"I don't know how people do it, Bells; to keep opening themselves up to let people in… I mean, I finally opened myself up to love and look what it got me. Nothing but a goddamned broken heart," she sobbed, and my heart clenched uncomfortably at the sound.

I pulled her to me and wrapped my arms around her tightly, and for a split second not lost on me, it was the first time that I had been the comforter…

"I know it's hard, Rose, and yeah, sometimes it hurts more than any physical pain imaginable. But if you can't open yourself up for love, you risk the chance of missing out on something great, on missing out on what life is all about," I said as she sniffled quietly. "And trust me, when you find the one that was made for you and you experience that all encompassing love, all of the heartache and hardships that led to that moment don't even matter anymore, they are forgotten."

"How do you know so much when you've never experienced it for yourself?"

"Didn't you know? I'm the Dalai Lama reincarnate! Well, that and I watch a hell of a lot of Dr Phil…"

I saw the ghost of a smile on her lips as she swatted at her eyes with her fingers.

"So, will you come with me tonight, Bella? Please? I just want one night… One night to let my hair down and forget about the world…"

I was internally cursing at her, because she knew I couldn't say no to that pouty face of hers.

She only ever used it as a last resort, and every time I saw it, I was reminded of Puss in Boots from Shrek…

"Come on, Bellie Bells! I'm no good without my Wing Girl…"

"Oh, fine! Will there at least be any hot guys there?" I huffed as she squealed, throwing her arms around me.

"Of course there will be! Guys are always looking to convert lesbians, and if they can't, they just enjoy the show on the dance floor! Oh my god, what am I going to wear?!"

With that, she launched from the couch and skidded across the hallway to her room and I couldn't help but laugh at her enthusiasm.

It was the happiest I had seen her in weeks.

For the next hour, I witnessed my own personal runway show, as Rose paraded around the living room in outfit after outfit.

Honestly, Rose could leave the house wrapped in a paper bag and she would still have people tripping over garbage cans, and run over by staring at her…

Rose and I were complete opposites when it came to appearances and personality.

Rose was a Victoria's Secret model and the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on.

With her long, flowing blonde hair, big blue eyes the color of the ocean and a six-foot tall, slender frame; she had both men and women panting after her everywhere she went.

She was also a volcano. With a fiery temper that would explode at the drop of a hat, and as stubborn as a thousand mules – but it worked both ways.

Yes, people feared her, but she was the most loyal person I knew, stopping at nothing to protect and fight for those she loved.

I, on the other hand, appeared plain next to everyone; so standing next to Rose, I completely faded into the background.

I had mousy brown hair, boring brown eyes, and was only five-foot-five, with a curvy figure.

I was also the quiet type, preferring to suffer in silence rather than drawing attention to myself. I guessed that was why Rose was so overly protective of me.

But through all of our differences, we had one major thing in common – we were both hopeless when it came to love. Rose always picked the wrong women, and I could never get anyone to notice me long enough to even begin a relationship.

I was broken out of my thoughts when Rose performed a spin in front of me.

"Ta-da! What do you think, Bells?"

If she wasn't my sister, I could have died right then from feelings of complete inadequacy, but I learned at a very young age there was no point in being jealous of Rose.

It hardly encouraged 'sisterly affection', and I also knew that I would never be able to compete with her. So instead, I came to realize that we were both beautiful, just in different ways.

And standing there in that dress, Rose wasn't just beautiful, she was a vision.

She wore a sinfully tight lilac dress, which hung to her every curve perfectly, as though it were made especially for her. It was completely backless, save for three thin straps running from breast to breast and it was so sheer that I could see her black underwear underneath.

Her hair was immaculate as always, straightened perfectly down her back, and her make-up was noticeable, without being too heavy.

"Rose, wow. You look stunning," I breathed, and watched her blush at the compliment.

"Really? I wanted to give off an 'I'm easy, but I'm not a complete slut' vibe…" she laughed and I couldn't help but laugh along with her.

"Well, mission accomplished. Neither the females or the males will be able to take their eyes off you," I said as I stood, twirling her around in the small space.

She stopped turning and quirked an eyebrow at me, while still retaining the smile she wore.

"Now, little sister, what ever are you going to wear?"

"Uh… This?" I asked, as I gestured down my body to my tank top and sweat pants.

"I think not," she snorted, as she dragged me towards her bedroom.

An hour and a half later, I was standing in front of Rose's floor length mirror gaping at my reflection, as I truly didn't recognize myself.

We had initially argued over what I was going to wear and I had to lay down some ground rules on what I deemed acceptable.

After about ten different outfits, I had finally accepted the one I was currently wearing.

The dress was gorgeous and I honestly felt… beautiful, in it?

It was pale pink with a black trim and was made entirely of silk that caressed my body every time I moved.

It was shorter than I was accustomed to, just reaching my upper thighs, but apart from it being off the shoulder on one side, it covered my torso completely.

It was teamed with a black belt that sat on my hips with black flats to match.

Rose had wanted me to wear heels but I argued that I wasn't accustomed to them. And in a dress this short, when I tripped over air – which I certainly would – I didn't want everyone to be able to see what I had for breakfast.

Rose had wanted to show off my shoulder, so my hair was up in a twist, with loose curls framing my face. I was also wearing make-up but it was very light, as I wasn't accustomed to wearing that either…

"Bells, you look absolutely stunning," Rose breathed, as she stood behind me, appraising her hard work.

"But, your outfit isn't complete yet…"

I looked at her in the mirror and saw she was dangling a pair of panties on her index finger — if you could call them that.

"Oh, no… I'm not wearing one of those, Rose!"

She wrapped her arms around my shoulders so that the panties were staring me in the face.

"Bella, you have to. I want us both looking our best tonight, and you can't do that without a pair of power panties!"

"Rose, they are not panties! That, thing is a piece of string!" I shrieked, removing myself from her embrace to turn and look at her.

"Bella, it's called a 'g-string'," she said, as she held it out to me.

I hesitantly took it from her, examining it between my fingers.

There was no way this thing could be comfortable…

"Do you want to know why I wear them, Bella?" she asked, and I nodded in affirmation.

"The reason they are called 'power panties' is that there is nothing in the world more powerful than a woman who feels sexy. It's like you're in on a secret, that you are wearing the world's sexiest underwear and no one else is privy to. Bella, a woman who feels sexy exudes sexual confidence, and there is nothing more erotic than seeing a woman who is comfortable in her own skin…"

I turned the offending object over in my hands as I pondered her words.

I never had been a person who felt she was sexy and as I looked at the lacy undergarment, I decided to give it a try.

"What the hell, it's not like anyone is going to see it," I thought to myself, as I slid my previous panties down and pulled the new ones on.

Of course, Rosalie squealed in delight as she ran to fetch our purses.

I turned in the mirror trying to see whether it would be noticeable. The string felt a little… different, but Rose was right – there was something exciting about the fact that no one else knew what was hiding under my dress…


As we stepped out of the cab, I noticed that the street was incredibly busy. There seemed to be lines in every direction, with people trying to get into the club.

"Rose, the lines are so long! How are we going to get in?"

She grabbed my hand and winked, as she led me through the crowd.

I looked up and saw the words 'The Lipstick Lounge' illuminated in large red letters on the front of the building.

Rose kept pushing her way through the swarms of people until we finally reached the rope.


"Rosalie and Bella Swan."

I watched as the bouncer's mind ticked over, obviously trying to remember where he knew her name from.

"Holy shit, you're the Rosalie Swan?" the burly bouncer asked as his eyes twinkled in excitement.

Rose nodded in confirmation and winked, and the poor man resembled a fish as his mouth opened and closed repeatedly.

"I know this is an odd thing to ask, but the guys will never believe me… Would you mind if I took a photo with you, Miss Swan?"

I watched as a blush crept onto his cheeks, and when Rose again nodded in confirmation, his face lit up like a Christmas tree, revealing two of the cutest dimples I had ever seen.

With his brown curly hair, tanned skin and taut muscles, I couldn't help but notice that he was very handsome. But as I watched him pose for the photo with Rose, it was clear that he only had eyes for my sister.

Poor guy…

"Do you have a pen?" Rose asked, as she took the photo in her hands.

The man nodded as he handed her a black sharpie and Rose started signing.

"What's your name?"

"Emmett. My name's Emmett McCarty. Thank you," he stuttered, as he took the now signed photo.

With one last smile, he released the rope and allowed us to pass.

"I told you that dress was stunning. People are going to be like moths to a flame with you tonight," I giggled, as Rose led me through the club.

"Bells, you probably didn't notice, but I wasn't the only one getting looks out there."

"Sure, sure," I snorted, as we made our way to the VIP section at the back of the club.

We were lucky enough to acquire a booth and as I sat, I took in the view.

It wasn't at all what I expected, and to say the club was amazing would've been an understatement.

The VIP area was quite dark, lit only by candles and the red lights overhead. There were booths, tables and lounges scattered erratically, and I noticed that everything was colored in some form of lipstick shade…

The rest of the club was better lit, with pink lights, and like the VIP section, there were lounges scattered all around the club in various shades of reds and pinks.

There were two bars, one in the main club, and a smaller one in our area.

But what caught my attention was the dance floor; it was enormous.

It looked like a large chessboard, checkered in black and white, with stripper polls and podiums in each of the four corners. Pink or red fur covered each of the podiums, and there were some very attractive women currently showing off their skills.

"Can I get you lovely ladies anything to drink?"

I turned my attention to the waitress standing before us and I couldn't help but giggle.

She was dressed in a pair of red leather hot pants, a black bikini top that barely covered her breasts, with black fishnet stockings and black patent leather heels.

Rose eyed her appreciatively as she looked at me to order. I rarely drank, so I shrugged my shoulders, indicating for her to order something for us both.

"My sister here will have a screaming orgasm and I'll have a pink pussy please," she purred, as she winked at the waitress.

The poor girl flushed and nearly tripped down the stairs as she went to order our drinks.

"You shouldn't do that to people, Rose," I scolded as she looked up at me innocently.


"You know what."

I sighed as she looked at me in confusion and I knew I would need to explain myself.

"I don't know exactly, it's as if you… dazzle people…"

"What do you mean I dazzle people?"

I took a breath, trying to find the right words.

"I don't know, it's… Take for instance that poor bouncer out the front. He looked like a stunned mullet as he regarded you. And that waitress just now, I thought she was going to fall and break her neck! When you turn your full charm on someone, you manage to turn them into a stuttering mess, male or female…"

"Really?" she asked, clearly excited by my observation.

"Yes really," I laughed.

"So you shouldn't use it unless you're really interested in someone. It isn't fair to them."

"Alright, I'll try not to dazzle unless I find someone worthy of dazzling."

There was a moment of comfortable silence between us as we took in our surroundings.

"Speaking of worthy…" Rose trailed off, and I followed her gaze to see whom she was admiring.

Thinking I must be mistaken, I looked back at Rose to find her still staring in the same direction.

Rose was what people called a 'lipstick lesbian', meaning that she enjoyed being feminine and looked for that in a partner as well. Not that the women she was admiring at the present weren't feminine; they just didn't seem to be Rose's usual 'type'.

But, I guess after the ordeal with Tanya, different might be good right now.

"Shall we?" Rose asked, as she stood from the booth and waited for me to follow suit.

She linked my arm as we made our way to the table.

On the outside, Rose may seem like the exceedingly confident type, but I knew different. Her linking arms with me was a telltale sign that she was nervous, so I squeezed my hand around hers to show her that I wasn't going anywhere.

"Hi," Rose said, as we reached the table, and the two women smiled in return.

They were both were very attractive but incredibly different.

One seemed to be quite tall, with long dark hair, dark eyes and a slender frame, while the other appeared to be quite short, with short black hair and green eyes.

I wasn't sure which one Rose was interested in until she smiled at the woman with the long hair and glasses.


"I'm Rosalie, and this is Bella," she said as she gestured between us.

I knew she hadn't introduced us as sisters straight away, in case the two women were a couple.

"I'm Angela, and this is my best friend, Alice," the woman in glasses said, blushing furiously and I didn't miss the emphasis on the word 'friend' either…

"Angel. That you are," Rose said as she winked at the woman.

Wow, she was pulling out the big guns tonight…

"So, are you two a… couple?" Angela asked tentatively after a moment; clearly, she was a shy person.

"No, Bella and I are sisters."

"Holy shit! Who are your parents, Aphrodite and Zeus? You two are fucking stunning!" the shorter woman said, and I found myself blushing at the compliment.

"Well, you two are quite the gorgeous pair yourselves," Rose replied, and if it were possible, Angela flushed even more.

"So, what are you lovely ladies here for tonight?" Alice asked, but was looking directly at me.

"Well, Rose wanted a night out and thought it would be good to get me out of the house," I answered.

"Oh, well, what were your plans before the decision was made to hit the town?"

"I was watching Animal Planet and was going to watch some movies," I blurted without thinking and immediately felt the embarrassment in my cheeks.

What?! Wow, way to make yourself look lame, Bella!

Alice leaned over the table and placed her lips next to my ear.

"I love the Animal Planet, personally, because animals have it perfect. They can fuck as much as they like and never get tired," she whispered seductively, as she moved back to her original position.

Something about her tone caused goose bumps to break out over my flesh as my cheeks became impossibly hotter.

How was I supposed to respond to that?!

Rose, noticing my discomfort, fortunately took the reins.

"Yes, but humans and dolphins are the only animals that fuck for pleasure, not just to procreate," Rose replied, winking at Angela.

The conversation was interrupted by the waitress returning with our drinks.

"Mm, screaming orgasm, great choice," Alice winked at me, and I flushed again.

"So, Bella, what do you do?" she asked, as I took a sip of my drink, and I had to admit that it was delicious.

"I'm still in college and I'm currently writing a novel."

"A writer, nice. Ever written any erotic fiction…?" she asked as she ran, what I assumed was her heel, up my calf.

I choked on my drink and looked up to find her smirking at me.

"Ah, um… N-no…" I stuttered, clearly flustered.

I looked to Rose for help, but she was currently huddled very close to Angela, deep in conversation.

"Am I making you uncomfortable?" Alice asked innocently, as she again ran her foot along my leg, only this time slightly higher.

"Yes… I mean, no… I mean… I-I'm not… gay. I'm just here to help… to be Rose's Wing Girl," I squeaked, as I squirmed in my seat.

"Mm, I like a challenge," she smiled wickedly, running her heel from my ankle to knee and back again.

Just as I was about to turn and ask Rose for help, I saw her stand from the corner of my eye.

"Angela and I are going to dance. Do you ladies care to join us?"

"No, we're fine right here," Alice spoke, before I even had the chance to open my mouth.

I pleaded to Rose with my eyes, not to leave me, but she didn't see as she took Angela's hand and led her down the stairs to the dance floor.

"So…" I offered after a minute's silence, trying desperately to take my mind from the path her foot was traveling.

"So…" Alice replied.

Her foot stopped its movement and I released the breath I had been holding in thankfulness. That was until it started up again, this time daring higher to my thigh.

I let out a squeak in surprise and Alice smiled in return.

"You really are a vision, you know. I have never laid my eyes on a creature as beautiful as you."

"Did you not just meet my sister?" I snorted.

"Don't get me wrong, Rose is incredibly sexy. But you have this… innocent sensuality about you. Rose has sexuality oozing from her pores, but yours is reserved, a quiet sexuality, as though you're unaware that your exuding it, and I like that."

I was at a loss at her words; no one had ever spoken to me like that, and funnily enough hearing her words made me feel sexy…

I took a moment to observe her in more detail.

I was comfortable enough in my own sexuality that I could admit that she was stunning. Her shiny black hair was spiking in all directions and her eyes had a mischievous twinkle to them. She was dressed in a black miniskirt with a white corset top. She had a unique sense of style and it worked for her.

I realized I was openly ogling her when I saw the smirk on her lips.

"Please, don't stop. You could look at me that way for the rest of eternity and I would never tire of it."

I looked down at my hands, wringing them nervously.

I didn't know what it was about her, but when she spoke to me like that, it did odd things to my body.

"Have you ever been with a woman, Bella?"

My head snapped up as I gaped at her. I didn't trust my voice, so instead I shook my head. She smirked once more and leaned forward in her seat.

"Well, how can you ever know for sure if you've never tried it?" She raised an eyebrow as she stared at me intently.

Her gaze was intense as her eyes bore into mine and I swore it was as though she was looking through to my very soul.

Something about the way she looked at me made my heart start to race as my breaths became quicker. As though she could hear it, she smiled at me.

It wasn't the constant smirk I had seen from her, it was a full smile that stirred butterflies in my stomach.

She maintained eye contact as she stood and walked around the table to take my hand in hers. She pulled me towards her, and as though I were under hypnosis, I followed her to a booth in the back corner.

I shuffled my way into the seat and this time, she sat down next to me.

Her smile softened as she tentatively raised her hand and gently cupped my cheek.

"So beautiful," she murmured.

I felt as though I had no control over my body, as my breathing picked up again.

After a moment, she leaned in and placed her nose to my collarbone.

"You smell divine,' she stated, and I gasped as I felt her lips graze the naked flesh of my shoulder.

"I wonder if you taste as good as you smell," she whispered.

My breaths were now coming in gasps, as I watched her begin leaning toward me.

I knew I should stop her, but it was as though I was frozen solid, I couldn't move even if I wanted to.

What was this woman, a hypnotist?!

My breathing became what could only be described as erratic, as her lips were an inch away from mine.

"Relax, beautiful. I won't hurt you…" she shushed, and I found her voice comforting.

I sucked in a deep breath as her lips touched mine, and to say I was shocked would've been an understatement. It felt amazing.

I had never believed people when they told me that kissing another woman was entirely different, but now I believed them.

Her lips were so much softer than a male's, and so gentle…

I actually felt myself sigh as our lips began to move and I felt her smile against my lips briefly.

To my surprise, the kiss escalated quickly and I found my hands moving of their own accord into her hair.

We were surprisingly in sync as we kissed with fervor, and I audibly moaned as I felt her tongue experimentally reach out and flick my top lip.

I had no idea what had gotten into me, but as I opened my mouth to her and her tongue touched mine, I realized that I didn't care…

For the first time in my life, I was just going to allow myself to go with what I felt, and let the chips fall where they may…

I felt as though our tongues were performing an orchestrated dance, as they moved together in complete synchronicity.

There was no awkwardness of a first kiss, no knocking of teeth, just the passion of two people caught up in the moment.

Again, my hands moved of their own accord. I knew where they wanted to go, and I surprised myself for actually wanting them to reach their destination, but as I got closer, I hesitated.

The kiss faltered for a moment and Alice opened her eyes. As if sensing my dilemma, she took my hands and gently moved them to where I wanted them, and when they reached their destination, I couldn't stop the moan that escaped my lips.

My hand was on the swell of Alice's breast, and it felt like nothing else in the world.

The skin of her breast was so soft and supple, that I felt compelled to explore it.

Feeling brazen, I gently pushed on the corset that was barely containing said breast and watched as it popped out of its constraints and into my hand. I felt my breath catch in my throat when I realized that it fit perfectly in my hand, as if it were made for me....

But now that I had it in my hands, I had no idea what to do with it.

I'm in so far over my head here…

We had stopped kissing and Alice appeared as fascinated as I was watching my hand on her skin.

I decided to squeeze gently and was rewarded with a small moan from Alice.

I must be doing something right…

Encouraged by her moan, I felt her hard nipple against the palm of my hand. Biting my lip, I positioned my hand and rolled it between my fingers before pinching it slightly.

I wasn't prepared for Alice's reaction, and gasped as she reached up to grab the hair at the nape of my neck pulling me towards her and plunging her tongue in my mouth.

We both moaned at the contact and as the kiss again heated, I grew more adventurous with my hand movements. I alternated between palming her breast and pinching the nipple.

I felt Alice's hand trail down my neck and across my collarbone, my skin erupting in tingles under her touch. But nothing prepared me for when her hand palmed my breast.

She was so gentle, caressing me softly as though I was the most precious thing in the world. It was the single most erotic feeling I had ever experienced, and as she flicked my hardened nipple with her fingers, my underwear became soaked with my arousal.

Normally, I would be disgusted with myself, being this turned on, by a woman no less and groping in a public place, but as her tongue slid along mine and her fingers expertly fondled my breasts, I found myself honestly not giving a shit…

Our breathing started coming in pants, and our kissing became louder as things heated up.

"Oh god… I want you," Alice pleaded in my ear, and the tone of her words soaked me even more.

I quickly glanced around to see whether we had attracted any attention, but it seemed as though two women getting to second base wasn't that rare in this place…

"I want you too," I stated before even thinking the words through and only realized after speaking them aloud, how true that statement was.

In that instant, I wanted Alice more than I had wanted anyone in my entire life.

So, to say I was horrified when she abruptly pulled away from me wouldn't begin to cover the hurt I felt.

Had I done something wrong?

It obviously showed on my face as she quickly grasped my cheeks and shook her head.

"No baby, everything's alright," she shushed, as she ran her fingers along my cheekbone.

"Do you trust me, Bella?"

"Yes," I answered, without any hesitation.

I knew that I had only known Alice for a few hours, but something about her calmed me and I found myself trusting her inexplicably.

She gave me a devilish grin as she began to back away from me and my eyes widened in horror as I realized where she was retreating to…

Alice had currently slipped underneath the table of our booth.

I squirmed in my seat starting to panic until I felt her hands on my upper thighs.

"Shh, you need to be quiet," she said as I felt her push my dress up.

Looking around, I was thankful to whatever gods were looking down on us, that the VIP section of the club was so dark.

There was no one around us and I quickly looked to the dance floor to see if I could spot Rose. I smiled as I watched her slow dance with Angela, hugging her tightly to her.

I also noticed that Rose wasn't even paying attention to the pole dancers. Obviously, she must like Angela, and quite a bit…

I involuntarily shivered and was brought back by Alice ghosting her fingers up and down my thighs.

It had been a very long time since anyone had showed me any attention and I sucked in a breath and tensed, suddenly feeling very self-conscious and insecure…

"Relax, baby," Alice whispered, and I tried my best to comply. But when I felt her place a kiss on my clit over my panties, I let out a moan.

I had never felt anything so pleasurable in my entire life.

Alice smirked up at me and maintained eye contact, as this time she placed an open mouth kiss on me.

I felt my eyes close and I let out a shaky breath before I heard her voice.

"Open your eyes, Bella. I want you to watch me, so you can see how amazing a woman can make you feel," she commanded, and hearing the authority in her voice, if it were possible, I felt myself soak through my panties even more.

Oh god, I can't believe I'm doing this; in public!

I watched as she swept her tongue out and licked my slit with her flattened tongue, before licking her lips.

And I swear to god, I almost came right then and there…

Alice started to speed up her movements, alternating between kissing and licking, and as my g-string was so sheer, I felt it as though there was no barrier.

I would have to thank Rose later.

"God, you're so wet for me…"

My whole body went limp and I whimpered as she sucked on my clit and I unintentionally bucked my hips.

"Do you like that, Bella? Does it feel good when I suck on your clit, baby?" she asked between kisses and let out another whimper.

Just when I thought it couldn't feel any better, Alice tugged the top of my panties tightly and I had to cover my mouth to stop from screaming out, as the string disappeared deep within my folds, creating deliciously maddening friction when she tugged.

She continued to pull on my panties as she sucked and licked my clit and I knew I was close, and I felt my eyes roll back in my head.

"Bella, where's Alice?"

Oh fuck no!

Praying that I was imagining it, I opened my eyes to find Rose and Angela standing next to the table holding hands.

I didn't trust myself to talk so I stayed quiet.

Oh my god, what the fuck am I doing?!

"Bella? Is Alice still with you?"

I cried out in pleasure as Alice bit down on my clit and I felt her smile in satisfaction against my folds.

Alice sped up her delicious torture and had me visibly panting in need.

"Bells, are you okay?"

"Mmmhmm, I'm… Oh, god am I fine…" I panted.

"Bells, you're acting weird…"

"No, I'm goooood. I've… never been… better…"

Rose quirked an eyebrow and I had to clench my fists to stop from screaming out as Alice sucked on my clit… hard.

"Oh God..." I moaned and squirmed in my seat as I again bucked my hips towards her; I was so close, and Alice knew it.

"What, what's wrong?" Rose asked panicked.

"I…uh… I love this… song… Fuck! This song is... amazing…"

"Bella, you hate Bananarama… What has gotten into you?" she asked in a disbelieving voice.

"Just the… alcohol, Rose. I… Oh, its sooo… good… here…Oh fuck!" I screamed as Alice tugged at the string between my folds and allowed it to rub over my clit.

God, I was so painfully close; I could feel the thin layer of sweat on my forehead, as I bunched the fabric of my dress in my hands.

"Okay… Well, we're going back to dance. Do you want to come with?"

"No! I mean, mm… I'm good here. I, oh god, I love it, right there…" I squealed as I clenched my eyes closed, trying to shut out everything else apart from Alice and the amazing things she was doing to my body. It was as if she knew exactly what my body wanted and was giving it to me willingly.

My whole body felt as though it was on fire, as I felt that familiar coil start to knot itself tighter and tighter in my stomach; I needed it to break.

I was so fucking close and it was killing me…

"Ok, well, we'll be back soon. If you see Alice, tell her we were looking for her," Rose said, as she turned and started to walk down the stairs back to the dance floor.

I wasn't trying to be rude, and I was ecstatic that Rose had found someone nice for a change, but right now, at that very moment, I couldn't focus…

I knew it was selfish of me, but when you had a goddess between your legs, worshipping your body as though it were a temple; it was hard to think coherently about anything…

As soon as they were out of earshot, I let out a deep groan.

"Oh god, Alice. I'm so close!" I pleaded, as I chanced a glance down at her.

Seeing Alice between my thighs, all flushed and covered in my juices was my undoing, and I came violently as she bit down on my sensitive clit.

I bit my fist hard enough to draw blood to stop the patrons in the club thinking someone was being murdered with my earth-shattering scream.

I received a few curious glares from the table closest to us, but I just smiled and they eventually turned back around.

I couldn't breathe and was panting so hard that I honestly thought I would pass out; that, and the fact that I had just experienced the best fucking orgasm of my life…

I watched as Alice licked her lips; watched her lick my juices from her lips and chin and I couldn't suppress another moan.

I couldn't explain why, but it was just such a turn on.

Alice made her way out from under the table and I glanced at her sheepishly as I righted my dress; I had no idea what to say…

As she sat next to me, I knew words would never be enough to express my feelings, so instead, I decided to show her.

I gently cupped her face in my hand, caressing the soft skin under my fingertips. I saw Alice close her eyes and I knew that she felt it. Felt the emotions pour out of me into her.

I moved my other hand to her collarbone and ghosted my fingers along the supple skin, before trailing my hand down to where her breast was still loose.

As gently as I could, I covered her up with her corset and smiled warmly at her.

The look in her eyes was so intense that I felt the tears welling in my eyes – how was it possible to feel such a deep connection with someone you had only met mere hours before?

Apprehensively, I leaned forward and placed a tender, lingering kiss on her lips. As we broke apart, I rested my forehead against hers and just sat breathing in her scent…

Completely content, I allowed my eyes to briefly close.

What did this mean?

Did it mean I was a lesbian?

Did it mean I was bi-sexual?

I opened my eyes to find Alice meeting my gaze and as she smiled at me, I realized that it didn't matter…

In that moment, I realized that I didn't need a label; I wasn't a fucking can…

I looked to the dance floor to find Rose and Angela kissing and it filled my heart with joy.

As Alice and I sat watching them dance, a song blasted through the speakers and we both burst out laughing…

As Kid Rock's 'So Hott' started playing we both jumped up and walked hand in hand meet Rose and Angela on the dance floor.

If I would have been told me when I woke up that morning that by the end of the night, I would have made out and received the best mind-blowing orgasm of my life in a public nightclub with a woman, and that Rose would find happiness in a very attractive – but very brunette – librarian; I would have laughed and have had you committed…

Now, I realized that life was completely unpredictable.

I had taken my own advice, as had Rose, and in return for opening ourselves up, we had found something amazing in the last place we would have looked.

I didn't know what tomorrow held, or if this connection between Alice and I would last… All I had wanted was to take life one day at a time and enjoy the endless possibilities that came knocking.

All you had to do to enjoy them, was open the door…

Kid Rock – So Hott…

"You got a body like the devil and you smell like sex,

I can tell you're trouble but I'm still obsessed...

Because you know you're

So hot I wanna get you alone,

So hot I wanna get you stoned,

So hot I don't wanna be your friend,

I wanna fuck you like I'm never gonna see you again…"

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