Life as Newlyweds: Comments…compliments and criticisms

(Kei's story)

Kei loves…no, adores his wife.

She was laughter in his life and beauty that made him filled with pride. And love.

Kei couldn't get enough of her.

Her lovely smile.

Her cute pert nose.

Her stubborn chin.

Her brilliant onyx eyes.

And, that delectable body of hers….

Well, -in short- he just loves every part of her.

From her fiery spirit, loving heart, pigheaded tenacity and jaunty smile that made him laugh out loud.

'Maybe', Kei thought, '-he should include her ridiculous sense of timing and dense personality into his list. After all, it was her denseness that somewhat annoyed and infuriated Kei to the point of dropping down, calling 'Uncle'.'

'Still, it's that particular streak he loves about her," he thought whimsically.

The moon was bright tonight, shining brightly while stars shimmer by its side, completing the night.

Light moonbeams streaked pass the window panes and illuminated the room.

Though, it wasn't the beauty of the night that awoken Kei from his slumber.

He had been sleeping soundly and dreaming about his lovely wife, draping herself on top of him, kissing him with that fiery passion of hers.

But slurs of words and quiet mumbles that made his ears itch pulled Kei out of his dream. And, he stared at the source.

Hikari was sleeping. Her breathing clam and deep, with her face pressed trustingly on the pillow near his ear.

He smiled at her beautiful face as his fingers silently stroke every angle of it while his heart burst with only tenderness and love.

Kei leaned nearer, pressing a quick kiss on her lips. When –out a sudden-, her lips opened, twitching slightly and words (mumbles, more likely) poured out of her.

"Kei…isadiot…" it slurred away with her breath.

Kei's eye widened, apparently his wife talks in her sleep~ A ridiculous sense of pleasure washed across him knowing that his wife was dreaming about him.

"Silly girl, I'm right here." He breathed, inching closer to kiss her soft, inviting lips.

Her lips moved again and now, Kei stopped, erect. Positively flabbergasted at his wife's words, "Kei, you…idiot!"

And with that, slurry criticisms poured out of his wife's lips.

"You're pompous, arrogant bastard."

"Annoying know-it-all attitude,"

"Lousy sense of humor,"

"Cynical, dictatorial…archaic hypocrite,"

"I hate your arrogant smirk,"

A malicious grin encrusted his face as he leaned on his elbow, listening to his wife's unconscious critiques.

Each critique made his muscles tightened in his jaw and fists. Apparently his wife wasn't that pleased with his personality and attitude. He would have to remedy his wife on that, Kei decided.

Her slurs of words stopped momentarily and Kei's malicious grin curved downwards in a gloat, disappointed. "Is that all, my love?"

"Hmmmmm…" his wife breathed and mumbled again. So lightly were her words that he leaned nearer to hear her.

Kei paused and stared at his wife, determining her consciousness. A slow smile tugged his lips and he pressed a kiss on his wife's forehead, while his free hand pulled the quilt sheets up her. His wife snuggled closer and ever so lighty….

"I love you too," he whispered into her ear, pulling her closer into his embrace, lapsing back into his dreams.