The ONLY epilogue I'm giving to this story

Meet Sasori and Deidara, both who are dead and know placed in a place where one would call paradise, heaven, nirvana, etc. etc… They are both lovers by the way, and now it seems that the blonde is trying to, but it seems half-heartedly, glare and the redheads hair. The fem wondered, just HOW THE HELL CAN A HAIR BE MESSY BUT STILL LOOK GOOD AT THE SAME TIME!!! Sure he had long, blonde and straight hair the would usually be the fashion statement of the week, but Sasori's just seem so…simple, yet beautiful, just like his art.








"…*sigh*…what is it brat?"

"*Gasp* Can I touch your hai-"

"NO!! Need I remind you don't touch my hair, don't pinch me to see if I'm human and HELL, DON'T even try to peek in my pants to see if I'm 'big' or not!"

"…Can I do the last part?..."

"…*Sinister glare* Do you want me to rape you?...

"…*Smirk* Maaayybe…"

"… One day I'll REALLY break you…-what??!!"

"*Snuggles closer* Please Danna!! Just one peek!"

"*Brutally presses Deidara's balls*"


"Well, now that you're not really a male now, you are officially MY bitch, brat."

"Fu-…fuc, AAAHH, FUC-"

"Love you too my blonde bitch, now sit on my lap and give me a lap dance."

"Wha… WHAT?! You just crushed my ba-"

"NOW brat…"

"*Sits on Danna's lap*"

"Good, now we've got a few months to enjoy ourselves before my spy revives us. Better get your ass prepared brat, I'm not called a sadist for nothing…*smirks wickedly*"

Few yards away, Sasori's family is watching in amusement as how their charming son deals with his lover. Both Chiyo and Sasori's mother seems to be enjoying the whole scene, Sasori's father??? Well let's just say he'll be mentally disturbed throughout his afterlife no?

A/N: There, done. No plot, no structure, just putting all the ideas that pop in my head into one big pile of Sasodei stuff. What Sasori did is VERY, VERY brutal. Believe me… I know. Oh well, at least it's not Sasori who is the victim here. Get ready for my next fic, a song fic that is. –Blood Drenched Scorpion