Another in the Akatsuki lairs, the fiery combo lovebirds, Sasori and Deidara were once again having a walk around the Amegakure Park. Apparently, throughout the years of partnership, Deidara keeps having a suspicion that Sasori is afraid of heights, and by that VERY afraid of heights. Proof? Every time Deidara asked Sasori if he wanted to ride on his clay bird, Sasori would always calmly refuse. So this day the blonde does a non-stop teasing of how Sasori is afraid of heights and flying.

"Danna, wanna go on an aerial ride, un? I promise I won't go to high, cause I know you'll pee in your pants if we're even 10 feet on the ground HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"…Deidara…shut up… You're annoying me and other people brat. And NO! I'm NOT afraid of heights dammit!"

"Umhmm-umhmm, right, un. I'm sooo~ believing that Danna…NOT!!! HAHAHA!! Why don't you prove it to me by climbing the kiddy stairs here hmm??... Don't worry Danna, I'll hold you if you're too scared to do it, un"

"…*sigh*you can REALLY get into someone's nerves you got that?"

Welcome back! Oh? You readers are wondering what happened to our young beauties Sasori and Deidara eh? Well…, if you could tilt you're head upwards you could see both of them as VERY, VERY tiny dots in the sky… approximately 50,000 feet in the sky that is…

Still don't get it? Well you see, Sasori had just stripped himself of his cloak and unraveled his wing blades, lifted Deidara by his arms and up and away the lovebirds go. Far into the blue, blue sky.

Let's see how the fire couples are doing now eh?


"*smirk*what's the matter brat? I was just giving you a ride in the air. Don't tell me YOU'RE the one whose afraid of heights now."


"Shut up brat. Fine, I'm going down. Sheesh, you're such a wuss you know that?"

And down~ the lovebirds go, well Deidara is still in a traumatic state here. Apparently he is still clinging (very cutely) to his Sasori-Danna, fearing that if he let go he'll be drop to ground zero and end with a bloody splatter, not a bang. Sasori meanwhile, find the whole situation VERY amusing and funny. Well… not just Sasori, but the whole Akatsuki and Amegakure are amused by Deidara's cute clinging towards his Master. When asked, Sasori would always give the same answer, "We just went on Deidara's flying birds, and apparently he was scared shitless when his 'bird' soars to alarmingly new heights."

A/N: Man that felt good!! Get this in your heads Sasodei fans!!