"Hey Soubi," Ritsuka fallows upstairs to the man's apartment. "Can you teach me how to drive? They were talking about it at school today. All the other kids are learning but I have no one to teach me."

Soubi smiled at the as he opened the door for him. "It's still seems like yesterday you were only 12. I can't believe you will be 16 in a month."

Ritsuka put his backpack on the next to the refrigerator and handed his coat to Soubi to hang up. "Yeah well, I can't be a real 16 year old without a driver's license. So will you teach me or not?" He looked up at the older man.

"I don't have a driver's license." The man shrugged. "Does that mean I'm not even a real 16 year old yet?"

Ritsuka's jaw hit the floor. "What? You don't have a license yet?"

"I have a ID but it's nothing I can legally drive with," He shrug as he opened the refrigerator. "just drink." He pulled out a beer before handing Ritsuka juice box.

Ritsuka took the juice box and made a face. "But why didn't you learn to drive?" He took a sip of the kiddy drink. "And why the hell do you have juice boxes?"

Soubi shrugged shutting the frig door. "I was in school at the time and Ritsu-sensei never bothered to teach me." He smiled at the juice box. "Kio thought the Zeros acted young enough that they needed them."

Ritsuka smirked taking another sip. "But then," His smirk fell. "who will teach me how to drive?"

"I'm sure Kio wouldn't mind teaching you." Soubi smiled. "He has offered to teach me many times."

The young boy perked up. "Really?! You think he would?"

Soubi chuckled at the boy's enthusiasm. "Of course. You may not realize it but ever since you moved in with me he has become extremely protective over you?"

"Really?" Ritsuka cocked his head. "He is?"

Soubi grinned at the boy's cuteness. "What other reason did you have for you still having your ears?" He looked at him seductively/evilly.

A shiver ran down the boy's spine and his face became red. "Oh gosh Soubi, don't be such a perv."

Soubi straightened up. "I am not a pervert. I am simple being truthful."

"Well then I kind of miss the days when you weren't truthful." Ritsuka hid his blushing face behind his juice box. "I'm going to the bathroom." He hurried away.

Soubi laughed when he heard the restroom door slam down the hall. "Poor kid," He took a sip of his beer. "All those hormones and only letting his own hand take care of their effects."

"Oh dear god Soubi!" Someone yelled from the other room. "We can hear you, you know!"

"I am only speaking the truth, Youji." Soubi walked into the living room where he found the other two 15 year old setting in front of the television watching some violent segment on the news. "Besides, you two understand what I'm talking about just fine." He pinched their neko ears from behind. "I saw what you did to my towels yesterday."

"Oh shut your mouth Soubi." Natsuo swatted his hand away. "We told you it was glue, if you still don't believe us just ask Kio."

"Kio?" Soubi raised an eyebrow. "What does he have to do with anything?"

"Oh did we forget to tell you?" Youji blinked away from the tv to look up at the man. "While you were on a date with your little boy toy, Kio came over and we practiced waxing."

"You waxed Kio?" Soubi looked worry.

"Yeah, He left after a lot of screaming." Natsuo giggled.

"But you wouldn't listen to that last night." Youji huffed. "Because you were hoping to get some last night."

"Yeah, that's why you kicked us out over stupid towels." Natsuo nodded. "So I guess we all lost last night."

"Hey," Youji objected. "Nastu, you and I didn't miss anything last night. All of Kio's screams made up for the whole night, even if most of it was spend sitting outside the door."

"True." Natsuo nodded. "Okay then," He smiled at Soubi. "Only you lost last night."

"Yeah," Youji laughed. "What happened? Was he unimpressed with what he saw?" He pointed at Soubi's pants.

Soubi glared. "It's none of your business."

Both boys laughed. "So it was that!"

- - -

This idea came about after driving to Sonic as Ritsuka. Here's the video: www. / watch?v=XAa_u47dFw4 (remove the spaces). Hope to have new chapters up soon!