Ritsuka had his arms wrapped tightly around Soubi as they walked into the apartment. Kio was drawing a quick scetch at the kichen table. Youji and Natsuo were nowhere to be seen. Soubi didn't really care were the Zeros were. He kissed the top of Ritsuka's head before leading him over to Kio. Ritsuka didn't really want to share the news. After Soubi asked Ritsuka to marry him all the boy wanted to do was give himself fully to the man in bed.

"Welcome back." Kio greeted them with a knowing smile. "Did you two have fun on your date?"

"Mhm." Ritsuka nodded with a huge smile beaming on his face. "You'll never believe what happened."

"Oh really?" Kio played dumb. "What happened?"

"Soubi proposed." Ritsuka answered in a dreamly voice. "He took me to the place where we first kissed. He got down on one knee and everything. It was so romantic."

"I'm so happy for you both!" Kio stood up to hug the two. He felt like a proud mother. Even though this ment he would have to give up on chasing Soubi, he knew this time would come invintually and finally felt ready to let him go. Ritsuka disurved him. Besides, he knew Soubi would still keep him as a best friend. "Hey, can I be the best man in your wedding?"

Soubi smirked. "I'm sure we could arrange that. Althought I did see you being the one to walk Ritsuka down the aisle."

"He could do both." Ritsuka suggested. "I know I want Yuiko to be my maid of honor."

"So does that mean you'll be wearing a dress?" Kio teased. "Cause I would love to take you shopping for that."

"Of course I'm not wearing a dress." Ritsuka blushed. "I'll wear I suit to match Soubi's."

"Awe…" Soubi pouted playfully. "But I was really hoping I could lift your vail."

"I'm not wearing a vail!" Ritsuka huffed in playful enbarressment. "I'll take the tital as bride but that's as girly as I'm getting." Sudenly his expression turned to mischief. "Well… maybe on the honeymoon I'll wear something girly." Soubi's face turned red this time. Kio noticed and laughed. Ritsuka giggled.

"Well it'll be a long engagment." Soubi reminded the teen of the convertation they had in the cr driving back. They knew they couldn't marry in a church and curtanly couldn't marry till Ritsuka was atlest 18. "You'll have plenty of time to think about what you'll wear."

"Who'll wear what?" Natsuo's voice rang out. "What are you guys doing back so early? I thought you're date would go all night."

"Natsuo?" Ritsuka eyes bugged out of his head. "Wha- where…" He stuttered at the sight of the boy. "Where are your ears?"

Natsuo smiled as he patted the top of his head. "Youji finally got rid of them." His tail was missing too. The whole room was silent. Everyone could only stare. "We decided it was time to get rid of them now that we are old enough to drive and all."

"Was that really what you decided?" Kio raised an eyebrow not believing any of it. He idn't want to yell because there was nothing he could do to change it. "Or was that the excuse Youji told you to use?"

"Okay you got me." Natsuo shrugged with a smirk knowing he'd been figured out. "Really Youji just got really horny and I finally gave in." He blushed and giggled. "Giving in wasn't hard to do though once he tied me to the bed."

"Oh dear god." Kio covered his face with his hands. "I don't want to hear any more."

"So where is Youji then?" Ritsuka looked in the direction Natsuo came from. Kio's room door was cracked open but the lights were off.

"He fell asleep right after taking a long piss." Natsuo crossed his arms. "I've always told him he isn't very romantic."

Soubi couldn't help but chuckle a little. The Zeros would never change no matter what age they are. "Well would you like to know what we were talking about now?" He asked with a proud smile.

"Oh yes!" Natsuo clasped his hands together. "Something about wearing something right? What are we planing?"

"A wedding." Ritsuka answered with a huge smile. "Soubi asked me to marry him."

"Shut the fuck up!" Natsuo's jaw hung open with a smile. "That's ingretable." He flung himself at Ritsuka and hugged him tight. "Congratulations that is amazing!"

"What's a amzing?" A grogy voice intrupted Natsuo's squeeling. "It better be good cause it woke me up."

"Ritsuka and Soubi," Natsuo answered before anyone else could open their mouth. "Are getting married!"

"Holy shit!" Youji's jaw dropped. "When the hell did this get decided?"

"Since Soubi asked me on our date tonight." Ritsuka smiled. "While you and Natsuo were busy losing your ears."

"Oh you noticed that huh?" Youji smoothed the top of his earless head. "Well that's really cool. Is Natsuo going to be the flower girl?" He teased. "Can I be the ring bearer?"

"We'll see Youji." Soubi smirked. "For now Ritsuka and I are just going to have a long engagment."

"Well that doesn't sound like fun." Youji crossed his arms. "What do engaged people do anyways?"

"Well I know one thing we're going to do now that we're engaged." Soubi took Ritsuka's hand and started dragged him to the bedroom. "We'll talk about other engaged people things later."

"Soubi!" Ritsuka yelled as the man dragged him away. "What the hell! Are you wanting to do what I think you want to do?" Soubi wouldn't answer him as he pulled him into the room. "Soubi! Soubi!"

The door shut and everyone else was left to wonder. Kio grabbed his scretch and quickly stormed into his bedroom to find his headphones. Youji and Natsuo burst into laughter.

"Thank you for teaching me to drive." Ritsuka kissed Soubi before nuzzling up in his warm arms. "I'll thank Kio later aswell. That is if he doesn't kill me first when he sees I have no ears."

"You're all grown up now." Soubi pet the top of Ritsuka's now earless head. "I'm so proud of you."

((The end!

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