2) I watch Big Time Rush and I LOVE it—it's a nice silly thing to watch on Friday, the music is good and the band members are hot.

3) I thought I liked Logan best but apparently I like Kendall best cause I KEEP DREAMING ABOUT HIM.

4) I wasn't going to do this, but I can't stop thinking about my dream and so I have to write it down…this will be a short story, but multi-chaptered.

5) For now I'm going to "M" this, even though I'm not sure it needs to be "M", it'll prolly end up staying pretty "T"…I think…that's why it's "M" for now, we'll see if I need to change it later.

WARNINGS: Innuendo, mild language, themes



Lena Frost wasn't sure exactly what she was going to be doing when she moved to LA to help out her uncle Arthur Griffin, but she knew it had something to do with Gustavo Rocque. Her mother, his sister, had called him and told him that Lena was fresh out of college and ready to take on the world, interested in music, and good at following directions. Now Lena was pretty certain she was going to get stuck babysitting Gustavo's new band, Big Time Rush, and she was all right with that.

"Mom, I'm fine, seriously." Lena explained as she waited to get her bags from the baggage claim at the airport, blowing her bangs out of her face and then smiling at her younger sister, Jenna who was waiting for her bags too. "Jenna and I are getting our bags, heading to the town house and then from there, meeting up with Uncle Arthur. We're fine, I swear."

Lena's mother sighed. "Is Kelly meeting you?"

"She should be." Lena said, looking around for Gustavo's assistant, Kelly Wainright. "Jenna, is Kelly meeting us?"

"Her or the band—I dunno." Jenna replied, smiling a little because she was just glad not to have to see their cousin Mercedes.

Mercedes was Arthur's spoiled daughter, and she had a habit of manipulating people to her own will. It was because of that, that Jenna and Lena had decided to go ahead and have their father get them a small town house instead to live in. Jenna was trying her hand at acting and taking a couple of online classes, and Lena was just trying to figure out her place in the world. PR was her thing so she could do this, right?

"Just call me when you get to the town house, all right?" Their mother asked, Lena nodding and promising to do just that. "All right. I love you, Lena—tell Jenna I love her too."

Lena smiled. "Will do. Love you too, Mom—bye."

"I think we got stuck with the band." Jenna told her sister, pointing to the group of four boys holding up a sign that said, 'Lena and Jenna'.

"Looks like we did." Lena said nodding.

The two grabbed their bags off of the turn style and then headed over to the group of boys: Logan Mitchell, Carlos Garcia, James Diamond and Kendall Knight. They all shook hands and introduced themselves, the boys supposedly supposed to take them to see Gustavo first since it was the afternoon and then from there, they had a surprise waiting at the studio. Lena and Jenna just agreed since they had no other plans, and they were taken to the studio, where Gustavo and Kelly were glad to see them.

"Nice to see the Dogs didn't screw this little assignment up." Gustavo said, blinking as James and Jenna laughed a little, looking at each other.

It had only taken the car ride for James and Jenna to strike up the flirting and Lena was feeling a little out of place with the teenagers. Jenna was 18 and just starting out college really, Lena 22 and freshly graduated, and then there were the boys—17 year-old seniors who were now in a band…a band rising in the charts but in need of some help. Besides, Lena was used to hanging out with boys—the majority of her friends growing up were boys—she was just feeling weird about being the oldest one there by a good four years.

"We're just happy to be here." Lena said with a smile, holding her hand out to Gustavo. "I'm Lena—I'll be working with you guys rather closely."

Gustavo nodded and just looked at her hand, Lena pulling it back and shoving it into her pocket. "Just do your job and we won't have any problems."

"Absolutely." Lena said nodding, Gustavo leaving the room.

"He's like that to everyone—don't take it personally." Kelly explained, smiling at her. "We'll get the guys to take you to your place and then we'll see you tomorrow bright and early."

Lena nodded at her. "Sounds like a plan, Kelly."

Lena and Jenna said 'goodbye' to the boys and then decided to just take a taxi, arriving at the town house and then going to unpack. Jenna made a ruckus about Lena grabbing the master bedroom, but soon they were both unpacking and ordering some pizza and they realized something—they were on their own for the first time ever. They'd never been given this opportunity before because their mother kept them as close as could be, and it was time for them to prove that they could do this.

"I think we can do this." Lena said, looking at Jenna and then laughing a little. "So…you and James were getting chummy."

Jenna rolled her eyes and picked up a second piece of pizza. "I reached my flirting quota of the day is all."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Lena laughed, rolling her eyes too and taking another bite of her third piece of pizza. "Whatever you say—you like him."

"You're immature." Jenna told her.

The two simply laughed and then cleaned up after themselves, watching some TV and then getting ready for bed. Lena knew that bright and early she was going to have her first day on the job and though the pay was good, she was worried. This was her first job out of college and she couldn't afford to screw this up.


Lena's job was a lot easier than she thought it was going to be. She'd been hanging out with the boys and trying to keep them out of trouble, and she found that promoting them wasn't as hard as she had thought either. In fact they were going to perform at a prom in the next couple of weeks and that particular afternoon, it was two months after Lena had started working for the boys and Jenna was at an audition, so Lena was hanging out with the boys by the pool side.

"So…what about her?" Lena asked Logan, pointing out a girl by the pool with a book. "She shares your appreciation of knowledge."

Carlos looked over at the girl and adjusted his helmet. "If Logan doesn't want her, I do."

"Way to share women." Lena said with a laugh, looking over at Kendall and smiling at him. "James has already headed over in all the talking and you haven't said a word."

"She's not my type." Kendall told Lena with a shrug, leaning in a little and smiling. "Five bucks says James picks her up."

Lena laughed and nodded. "Five bucks says she pushes him into the pool for coming on too strong."

"You're on." Kendall replied, winking at Lena and watching as she rolled her eyes at him.

They both turned their attention to the girl with the book and James hitting on her, Lena holding up her hand. Kendall glanced at her holding up three fingers, counting down the moments and mouthing the numbers silently. Once she got to 'one', she smiled and made a swish with her hand, Kendall watching as Lena grinned and then they all heard the splash. James was in the pool and the girl was gathering up her things and leaving the side of the pool.

"You're good." Kendall told her nodding. "How'd you know?"

Lena shrugged and looked at him. "I'm just good at reading girls."

"If James can't do it, the rest of us can't either." Logan said, taking a deep breath.

"Nonsense—go apologize for him and strike up a conversation." Lena told Logan, pushing on his shoulder. "Go…now."

Logan just nodded and went to do as he was told, the boys pretty comfortable with her being in their group. She played video games with them, got them gigs, gave them advice, fed them—it was perfect and they didn't even know who she was…no one did. She and Jenna were trying to strike out on their own, so they kept it quiet that their uncle owned the record company—no one knew.

"So…Halo, anyone?" Lena offered, glancing over at the girl smiling as Logan shyly apologized to her for James' behavior, James standing next to Lena and wringing out his hair. "Logan has it under control without us gawking at the scene."

James nodded and then pushed his wet hair off of his forehead. "You're on—pay up to the girl, Kendall."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Kendall said, pulling out the five dollars and handing it over, smiling when Lena took it and smiled at him with that smile of hers that lit up the room.

Honestly Kendall didn't care about the age difference at all—he just couldn't stop thinking about her. He wondered why what she wanted to do was babysit a bunch of Seniors in High School, when she so obviously had so much more potential than that. Lena caught him staring and snapped her fingers in front of his face, Kendall nodding and agreeing to the video games. Carlos adjusted his helmet and they headed for Kendall's apartment that he shared with his mother and his sister, Katie, and they all set up.

Carlos was the best at the game, and Lena actually wasn't very good, so they gave Kendall her as a partner and he didn't mind. She was good at hiding and shooting people when she was cornered, but when she tried to be pro-active, Carlos would snipe her, or James would run her over with a tank. At least Logan was occupied so she wasn't getting stuck with plasma grenades.

"We're losing…and we're a two person team." Lena said laughing, Kendall looking away from the TV screen and smiling at her. "Kendall! You just got shot by a rocket launcher!"

Kendall looked back at the TV quickly as Carlos cheered and Lena looked at Kendall, not catching that he had been gazing at her. Lena was pretty oblivious to Kendall's special attention, but the boys caught it and no one said a thing—so far it wasn't getting in the way of anything. Besides, Lena wasn't catching on…Lena wasn't catching on so she wasn't causing any unneeded drama and that was for the best—so everyone was keeping their mouths shut.

"I think we should switch games." Kendall suggested, completely composed.

Lena smiled at him. "I would, but I should be getting home—Jenna gets back soon and I should be home when she gets there. This was fun though. Practice a lot, and I'll see you guys bright and early tomorrow before class."

"Bye, Lena." Carlos said, waving at her, the others chorusing in to say their 'goodbyes', Carlos turning on Kendall as James did when Lena had left. "You like her!"

"I don't have any idea what you're talking about." Kendall told them, heading to the fridge to grab out a soda. "She's coming with us to the hockey game on Sunday."

James and Carlos exchanged looks with each other as Kendall smiled and popped open his soda, sipping it. They knew that look and they knew that if they didn't find Kendall a girlfriend a quick, there was going to be a problem. So they started to come up with a plan as Lena drove home and planned what to make for dinner…and how to best present to Jenna that they were going to a hockey game with the boys on Sunday.

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