Carrion POV

As Carrion left Candy's room he let the maid illusion fall off like dark mist as he regained his original form.

He pondered the look on her face when he had told her that he would like to see her. She had looked just like Boa at that moment...

'However' he had to remind himself 'that girl is not just Boa. She has two souls in one body now which will make it that much harder. Now instead of trying to earn the love of one girl, I have to earn the love of two at the same time.'

He did not allow himself to think of the failure he had endured attempting to woo one of the two he was talking about.

He sighed to himself, this was not going to be easy. He went to his room to tidy up a bit.

"Couldn't hurt" he mumbled to himself, thinking about what he would say to her, if she even decided to come visit him. He went into his private study and closed the door.

Candy POV

Candy was confused, Carrion was supposed to kill her and she was sure that he would... but he had had the perfect opportunity to do away with her and he had let it pass by.

In fact he had saved her from dying. But why? So he could kill her now? She didn't think so. She thought it might have something to do with Boa's soul living inside her

She could feel her emotions as if they were her own and she knew that she felt very strongly about Carrion but Candy couldn't tell if it was love or hate or a mixture of the two.

She figured that talking to Carrion would be ok, it would probably be safer then not going to see him. As she looked through the closed she thought about everything Carrion had said to her on the stairs and wondered if it was true, if she really could save him.

She eventually settled on a pair of jeans and a plain dark blue shirt and began the short walk over to Carrions room. She found it easy enough, it was the only other door even remotely close to hers.

She thought 'it should probably creep me out that the lord of midnight is right next door to where I was sleeping but it doesn't...' She shrugged, another mystery she didn't know the answer to, she was getting used to it.

She took a deep breath and knocked on the giant oak door.

Carrion POV

Carrion was sulking. 'She won't come' he thought to himself gloomily. 'I tried to kill her, why in the world would she voluntarily come talk to me?'

It sounded crazy even to him, his love whom he'd killed has come back to life sharing the body of a child from the hereafter.

'I should just kill her and be done with it' he thought darkly. Then he thought of the way she had sighed when he had touched her cheek and his heart soared.

It had to be her, and even if it wasn't perhaps she really could be his savior. He frowned then and his heard descended back into blackness, 'She wouldn't come to see me.'

Just then he heard a timid knock on his door and his heart rocketed back up, beating wildly.

'I haven't felt this way since... in a long time.' He didn't want to think about the past, right now he had to focus on the present.

He made a waving gesture and the door opened as he said "Enter" as calmly as was possible.

Candy walked in with her head held high but he could see her hands shaking. She was just as nervous as he was.


Candy saw the door open and heard Carrion bid her to enter. She stepped through the doorway as confidently as she could manage but her hands were shaking like leaves.

She was scared, not because she thought he would kill her, but for a deeper reason that she couldn't identify.

When she first looked around the room she missed Carrion in the gloom but then she saw him.

He looked just as majestically dark as when he had been standing on the roof embracing the deadly storm. He was wearing midnight black robes lined in blood red, sitting in a tall sinister chair with his skeleton head held high.

The nightmares in his collar were hidden at the moment but she knew they couldn't be far away. And he looked as nervous as she felt.

She approached him cautiously, she could feel his eyes on her the whole way. There was a large comfortable looking chair facing him that she assumed was set out for her.

She sat down on it and looked at him expectantly. She was going to let him make the first move.


She looked beautiful, just like the princess he remembered. His eyes drank in the sight of her warily walking towards him

He wanted to rush over to her and hold her forever but using his considerable self control he managed to restrain himself. When she finally reached the chair he had set out for her and sat down there was silence.

He realized that since he had invited her to his room she was waiting for him to speak first. He decided to start with pleasantries and move on to more serious topics later.

"Would you like something to drink Candy?" He asked, breaking the silence. Candy continued to stare at him as he continued. "Water? Juice? Or perhaps some wine?"

He saw Candy's eyes flicker curiously at the mention of wine. She had never been allowed to try it back home so she nodded.

The Prince of Midnight snapped his fingers and Letheo came in dressed smartly in what was probably midnights version of a butlers outfit. He was carrying a try of snacks along with two fancy glasses and a bottle of wine.

The boy set the tray down on the table between the two, bowed quickly and left. Once he had closed the door quietly behind him Carrion uncorked the wine and poured a glass for Candy.

As he handed it to her their fingers brushed together. He stiffened. It had felt as if an electric shock had run through him from head to toe.

He saw Candy jump a little in her seat and assumed she had flt the same thing. She took the glass of wine uncertainly. He poured himself a glass and raised it to her in a silent toast, she did the same and they both drank.


The wine was like nothing Candy had ever tasted before. It was bitter but with a sweet fruity aftertaste. She savored the peculiar drink before turning back to the Lord of Midnight. He hadn't taken his eyes off her since he had poured the wine. She knew alcohol dimmed your wits so she resolved not to drink too much.

Carrion was watching her with longing in his eyes, he wished so many things could have changed. He opened his mouth to say something to the girl when suddenly the stitchling Ignacio burst through the door babbling something about Mater Motley.

"Calm down Ignacio and speak clearly or I will have to throw you out the window for disturbing us and you know how hard it is to replace these windows." Carrion spoke these words calmly but the stitchling could see the fury in his eyes for being disturbed in his meeting with the girl.

He decided to tell him his message quickly and run before his lord could make good on his promise to throw him out the window.

He gulped, took a big breath and said in a rush, "Mater Motley has commanded that the girl be brought up to her right away." Ignacio saw the fury in his master's eyes deepen past mortal comprehension and he winced. This was not going to be pleasant.

"WHAT???" Ignacio winced again. Yes, very unpleasant indeed. His lord stood up and towered over the frightened stitchling. "How DARE she interrupt me to take her away!!!!!" He pulled his hand back as if to hit the stitchling when he heard a small gasp. Not from the stitchling, he knew this was coming and was standing straight with his eyes shut tight waiting for the pain. It came from the hereafter girl, he turned around to see her staring at him with wide eyes.

He felt ashamed that she had seen him like that and lowered his hand. He turned his back to the stitchling and looked out the huge window. "Tell my grandmother I will be coming to see her later."

The threat was clear in his words and the stitchling slowly left, shaking in fear of what she would do to him when he delivered the news.

Carrion stood there staring out the window for a moment, thinking about the best way to explain his actions to the girl that would make her understand, he found none.

He heard her stand up and slowly walk towards him. He didn't move until he could feel her presence right next to him.

He glanced down at her and gave her a quick smile, "I am sorry you had to see that."

She just shook her head and walked up to the window. He followed her and they both stood watching the storm grow to a dramatic climax and then die slowly away to almost nothing.

She looked at him then and said quietly, "Your fury is like the storm." He blinked in surprise, this was the first thing she had said to him since he had been chasing her on the roof.

"It grows when people are afraid because..." Here she paused and looked him straight in the eyes. He started, he was not used to that.

She continued softly, "because you don't want people to be afraid of you." He looked down at the ground, he felt the truth of her words but he didn't want to admit it.

He felt something warm and soft slide into his hand. He looked down in surprise to find that the girl, Candy, was holding his hand. He gazed into her mismatched eyes and she gazed back into his.

They stood like that for a very long time as the snow outside finally stopped falling and lay peacefully on the ground, shimmering gently from the light falling from the window.

The end....

Yeah this is the end for now. Finals are coming up so I wanted to finish this so you guys wouldn't forget about me ^^ I don't know yet if I will continue or make a sequel but you should definitely stay tuned! I am not done with this yet! I hope to come back and write more but maybe in a different story. I don't know how long it will take but hopefully there will be more in the future. Thank you for everyone who has reviewed and those that are going to review (yeah you!) Thanks for sticking with my story for this long. Sorry to end it on such a dramatic note but it was such a cute moment I didn't want to ruin it... yet. ^^ I hope you enjoyed it! :)