I don't own Naruto or X-men

This story is basically a continue or partner story to Naruto of the X-men that I wrote. You will understand what I mean shortly. As for the time line and character appearance, I am changing it from the original show to fit my needs. Basically the first season characters to start off and I will add more later.

A 4 year old Naruto Uzumaki was curled up in a ball in the woods outside of the village of Konoha. He was asleep when a male voice woke him.

Naruto groaned and slowly opened his eyes and they fell on a man with brown hair and sunglasses on dressed in strange clothing and the man said "Hello brother, how are you today."

Naruto blinked and asked "Huh."

The man smiled and held up a small bowl of warm soup and he said "Here, eat first and then we will talk." as he set the bowl in front of Naruto.

Naruto seeing the food slowly looked at it and then the man who nods and Naruto picked up the bowl and began to eat.

After about halk an hour Naruto sat back completely full and the bowl was still half full and the man said "Good food huh....the bowl is made to never run out of soup. The bowl has a storage seal in the bottom of it that will reseal the food with a small burst of chakra." as he picked up the bowl and sent some chakra into a seal on the bottom and the bowl instantly became empty.

After it was empty the man said "Now, I am sure you have a lot of questions like why did I give you food and why did I call you brother right."

Naruto nods and the man said "The answer is because in a way you are my step brother but then again your not. My name is Reload and I come from the distant future and from another world."

Naruto frowned and said "I don't understand."

Reload said "I suppose you wouldn't....I know that you were kicked out of the orphanage yesterday and that people were mean to you there and in the village, right."

Naruto nods and Reload said "I know the reason the people were mean to you and I also know why the people at the orphanage kicked you out and it's not your fault."

Naruto frowned and said "Why....why are they mean to me."

Reload smiled and said "Because a very evil man sent the Kyuubi no Kitsune to attack your village and the Yondaime Hokage could not kill it but sealed it in a prison where it would slowly die....that prison is right here." as he touched Naruto stomach.

Naruto said "My stomach." in confusion.

Reload said "Raise your shirt.....now watch." as he sent chakra to his hand that he had on Naruto stomach and the seal appeared making Naruto eyes widen.

Reload then move his hand away and said "Now those lines are the prison for the Kyuubi and you are the guard to the prison but you are not the prisoner or the prison but the guard but people are stupid to that which they don't understand and they fear what they don't know which is why they are mean to you because they are scared."

Naruto looked down and Reload said "But that is why I am here...I can get rid of the Kyuubi so you can have a different life, would you like that."

Naruto thought a moment and nods and Reload pulled out a small pill and said "Good.....then I want you to take this pill and swallow it."

Naruto took the pill and Reload also had a glass of water and he gave it to Naruto who took the pill and the water and then Reload moved faster then Naruto could see and hit him in the back of the neck knocking him out.

When Naruto awoke he found himself in a white room and he asked "What the hell."

Reload stood nearby and said "So....do you know who I am."

Naruto looked at him and said "I can tell you an X-Men and you said your code name is Reload."

Reload said "Good. Now to explain what is going on. You remember Apacolypse right.....good, now in the timeline where I came from we killed Apacolypse. The events that happened in that timeline will most likely never happen again and even though THAT Apacolypse is dead there are others in different dimension and alternate realities. Since I am the final key to destroy him I have been going through time and space to different realities finding you around the time Apacolypes would come for you and giving you your powers and memories up till the time you left the other earth to return to Konoha to start searching for Apacolypse. I could have let you have the memories of your time there and then through the time of Apacolypses death but each reality is different. Some had the Sandaime do the sealing meaning your father was still alive, some your mother was still alive, others you were put to death at birth and then others the people actually saw you as your father asked....I don't know which one is the case here so all those memories of that Konoha would do you no good and would only cause you problems so that is why I edited your memories to stop them at that time."

Naruto frowned and said "I...I understand. Cable and Forge both lectured me on things like that....but what happens now...I got these memories of growing up with the X-men but..."

Reload said "What is going to happen is you are going to live your life. With you now having all your powers that Echo had you are now this worlds watcher. I am trusting you to watch your world for any signs of Apacolypse and if he shows up to contact me with your X-men communicator. I'll be returning you to your world in a few minutes and you will have to get by on your own and for that I am sorry but I don't have the time to prepare for each of my battles with Apacolypse as well finding other Echoes and helping them like I am helping you. It has already been 1 month since you and I first met in your world. You were in a medical coma to let your body adjust to the changes and the memories you have. If you find proof Apacolypse is here use the emergency broadcast signal and it will relay to me. Do you understand."

Naruto thought a moment and looked around and said "What level does this danger room goto and can I have access to it."

Reload chuckled and said "You spent way to much time with Wolverine and I'm sorry to say but no, your going to have to train in the real world. This is actually a danger room from MY timeline."

Naruto said "Damn."

Reload laughed and said "Well I must be going, My scanners have found another Naruto whose alive so I need to go and prepare to set him up like I am you. I wish you luck and hopefully we won't see each other again because if we do then it's going to mean one hell of a battle with a lot of innocents dying."

Naruto said "I understand......so the fox is dead right."

Reload nods and Naruto said "Great.....congradulations Cable, your number 2 in my most annoyed time traveler."

Reload laughs and said "That's the same thing my brother said.....good luck Echo and I hope you live a long and happy life."

Naruto extended his wrist blade and said "Who needs luck when your this damn good."

Reload laughs and touches a device on his arm and a portal appeared and Naruto stepped in it before disappearing.

Naruto sighed as he looked around and found himself in the woods and thought "Well.....lets see what I can or can't do." as he began to float only after 2 feet to fall and land on his ass and he said "Well shit."

Over the next 11 years Naruto lived a double life. He lived the life of Naruto Uzumaki, Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune and deadlast at the accademy who failed 3 times before stealing the forbidden scroll of seals and then joining team 7 with Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno under Hatake Kakashi.

He also lived the life of Echo, though this was a personal life that Naruto hid from everyone.

Today was the day of the semifinals of the Chunnin exams. Naruto looked bored as the Sandaime finished his speech and thought "This is complete bullshit, everything about this is a waste of time...I'm tired of being who they want me to be. I'm going numb inside and I want to be more me and less them." as he looked at the electrical board that was flashing through names and it stopped on Sasuke and as the second name came up Naruto sent a magnetic pulse to the board that disrupted Sasuke name and caused the board to go back randomizing and Sasuke screamed "What the hell, that was my name a second ago."

Hyatte said "It appears we are having a little technical difficulties. You will just have to wait until it stops on your name and opponent...The first match is Naruto Uzumaki and...Kiba Inuzuka. Will everyone else please leave the arena floor."

Kiba yells "Yahoo boy, we got an easy match."

Naruto eyebrow twitched and thought "That's it, I'm leaving these bitches." and reached into his weapon pouch and pulled out a black bag about a foot long and Hyatte said "The first match of the semi finals...begins."

Naruto turned the bag in his hand upside down and different colored metal marbles fell on the ground as Kiba who was getting into a defensive stance said "What the hell deadlast, you lose your marbles. I'm not going to step on those and fall baka."

Naruto smirked and shook his head and said in a teasing voice "Kiba, Kiba, Kiba, what's the first rule of being a ninja they taught us in the accademy."

Kiba said "I don't know about any lesson you actually learned deadlast but the first lesson everyone else learned was deception is vital to a ninja....why." as he looked around.

Naruto said "Exactly as several color balls began to float into the air shocking everyone and began to turn into what anyone whose ever seen genetics would be able to identify easily, the human DNA.

Kiba eyed this and looked at the other balls on the ground and he said "What is that and how are you doing that."

Naruto said "Magnetism, I can control metal and make it do anything I want. As for this. It's a model of the human DNA." as he pulled out a shuriken and it began to float in the air when he said metal can do anything he wants as the shuriken began to spin faster and faster until it started to make a wizzing noise that caused Kiba and Akamaru both to wince slightly.

Naruto said "Now you have either 2 choices. You could sit there like a good dog while I tire myself out holding up this metal and explain a little bit about how I am doing this so you could hope to try and find a weakness to use against me or you could try and attack me and I simply have all the metal in this room attack you and Akamaru including the buttons and zipper on your jacket, the hiate on your forehead, the weapons you have in your weapon pouch and the collar Akamaru has around his neck. I know most of it is leather but the fastener isn't and I can use that to choke him to death while I dodge you and trust me." as he disappeared in a puff of black smoke and appeared behind Kiba before disappearing again and reappearing against the wall leaning with his shoulders against it "I can avoid you all day long and still keep my attacks with metal up. So are you going to be a smart dog, or a dumb bitch."

Kiba growled and said "When I get the chance dobe, I'm going to make you pay."

Naruto smirked as his wrist blade on his right hand shot out shocking everyone again and said "Anytime bub." as he withdrew the blade back into his arm.

The Sandaime saw the questioning looks from all the Jounins and shook his head slightly but thought "Naruto, what is going on and how are you able to do this."

Naruto smirked and thought "Jiji, just relax, I'm not going to hurt him or any of the ninja here but this is important. I am going to explain why the Kyuubi attacked Konoha, by the way, he's been dead since I was 4 years old. I'll explain but keep everyone calm."

The Sandaimes eyes widen as he heard this as Naruto smirk got bigger and Naruto said "Now that I got your attention and I am sure everyone elses I will explain how I did this along with a few other things that will surprise you...by the way Suna nins, your going to be getting orders from Suna in the next day or so, the body of the Yondaime Kazekage was found in a ravine south of your village. The leader of the hidden sound village who he was suppose to be meeting about a trade agreement is in fact Orochimaru who assassinated him and had one of his men impersinate him for some reason. That's the reason why you 3 were sent here, being his children you would have notice the imposter before anyone else." shocking everyone.

Baki said "How do you know this and why should we believe you."

Naruto said "I will explain that as part of why I have shown everyone here a model of a human DNA chain."

The Hokage said "Naruto, are you sure about what you just said. If your wrong then the repercusions would be very bad for Konoha."

Naruto snorts and said "Fine, I guess nobody has any patience, Hey Sasuke, do you mind if I use you for a second, thanks." without waiting he disappeared and reappeared next to Sasuke and put his hand on Sasuke face and Sasuke gasped as he felt weak before Naruto disappeared and reappeared on the floor and Naruto closed his eyes and said "SHARINGAN." as he opened his eyes and to everyone shock he had the Sharingan.

Naruto said "One of my bloodlines I have is the ability to drain a person of their chakra, steal their bloodline, as well as read their minds and memories. Normally I don't use this ability and I've had it since I was 4 years old and don't worry Sasuke, I only temperarily stole your bloodline. It will wear off in a little bit. Now how this is important, my team faced Orochimaru himself in the forest of death when he gave Sasuke that curse seal on his neck. I fought Orochimaru and I decided to use this ability against him to find out what he was after and why he was here and I learned several interesting things including the fact he assasinate the Kazekage about 2 months ago and has had someone impersonating him every since....I then sort of broke the rules and created a kagebunshin who has all my abilities and had it goto Suna and act as a civilian merchant and tell the guards that I discovered a body in a revine from the information I got from Orochimaru and lead them to the body who they were able to identify as the Kazekage by his clothing as most of his body was destroyed. You owe Konoha a debt Suna by stopping whatever Orochimaru had planned for Suna." as he shot them a look and all 4 of them realised the same thing "He knows the truth."

Baki said "I'll make sure that Suna rewards you accordingly for revealing to us this deception before it was to late."

Naruto waved his hand and said "No thanks, because truth be known, I'm not even in the elemental countries anymore. Just like that clone I sent to Suna I'm just a clone here to reveal where I am at and why I have left and how I got these powers." making everyone wide eyed.

The Sandaime screamed "What do you mean Naruto."

Naruto said "Well if you want to know might as well have the proctor here declare Kiba the winner so he doesn't decide to attack me and ruin the chance of you finding out where I am and what is going on. I mean you are the one who is going to have to tell the village why the Yondaime son has left Konoha."

Nearly every eye in the room went wide at that and the Sandaime said "I don't know what your talking about."

Naruto snorts and said "Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, you forget already, I can read minds by touch as well as read them without touch so I know the truth. What I have showed you is nothing compared to what I am really capable of so you might as well drop it and let me explain here in front of everyone in this room."

Sarutobi frowned and nods and Naruto said "First you should know is the black balls here represent the Z gene which are the genes everyone gets from their mother, the white balls are the Y gene which is what you get from your father. All genes are paired up but sometimes a gene is destroyed or is missing, that rock lee kid up there who cant use chakra, he's a person who has a gene missing like this." as he one of the white balls fell to the ground.

Naruto said "Now take this green ball here, this is actually another gene called the X-gene or as most of you would know it by, the gene that gives a person a bloodline." as the green ball to the place of the one he removed moment earlier.

As it did Naruto said "There, if Lee had that gene he would then be able to use the Shodaime bloodline. Each bloodline is created by these X-genes where either one or more genes were removed or destroyed and another gene took it's place giving birth to the bloodline. Most bloodlines are only one or maybe 2 genes that cause it." as a couple of white and black balls fell to the ground and a red and blue ball went up to replace them.

Kiba said "What does this have to do with anything."

Naruto said "Simple, you see there are humans who have demons sealed in them called Jinchuuriki." causing nearly all the adults and Suna nins to go wide eyed.

Naruto said "These Jinchuuriki have the demon sealed in them either right as they are born or right after they were born so as the baby grows up they can adapt to the power fo the demon sealed in them...when this happens this is what happens to a babies DNA." as a set of gold balls shot up and went in the middle of the pairs and Naruto said "As you can see the demons make it easier to manipulate a humans DNA to where you could safely destroy the Y or Z genes to replace them with the X-genes by keeping the DNA chains from collapsing and killing the child. Now you have to remember, my father said when he became Hokage that he would never give an order that he himself wasn't willing to give first and it is believed that it it impossible to kill a demon so the only way to stop a demon is to seal it creating a Jinchuuriki....I see Shikamaru and Sakura have figured it out along with all the foreign nins. I'm surprised none of the other gennins have yet. I'm the Yondaime son, I was born October 10, Kyuubi attacked October 10. I WAS the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune."

Kakashi said "What do you mean was. It's impossible to remove a demon from a Jinchuuriki without killing the human."

Naruto said "True...but a sick bastard who knew all this stuff I told you about decide I would make a good test subject to see if he could make the ultimate weapon to mold me to be his tool since I was only 4 years old and would have been easily manipulated. One of the things he did was give me the ability to drain people like you all saw with Sasuke, Another is mental telepathy, another is magnestism, another is fire control." as he took out a lighter and lighted it and had the fire turn into a woman and then he said "Ice." as he shot out ice at the fire woman and turned it into a ice statue.

Naruto said "I also got the ability I use the most." as he changed to a 5'11 blond wearing black pants and a blue shirt with a white cloak with the words I am all noise and silence on it with black flames across the bottom and several of the girls eyed him as they saw the muscles he now had as he said "This is what I really look like. He also used a special metal that is stronger then diamonds and and grafted it to my skeleton and also molded me these." as he shot out both his wrist blades.

Naruto said "Now because of the Kyuubi chakra that was in me it kept my DNA from being completely destroyed and killing me thanks to the special healing ability I got from Kyuubi I could heal from nearly any wounds quickly so I was able to recover quickly from that. But it put to much strain on the Kyuubi DNA and caused it to destabelize and killed it. That is how you kill a demon, don't try and kill it by over powering it or sealing it away. Destroy it's DNA and it will destroy itself."

The Sandaime said "Why didn't you ever tell any of us about this Naruto."

Naruto said "Because I would have either had 3 things happen to me, the guy who thinks I'm dead would come back to kidnap me again, the council would force you to turn me into breeding stock to raise the next generation of super ninja or they would think it was a lie and that the Kyuubi had took over me and say I was to dangerous where you would have to TRY and kill me. Besides, the guy who did this to me was also the guy who sent the Kyuubi to attack Konoha in the first place...besides I learned another truth that will be hard for all of you to accept. The elemental nation is under a special genjutsu that is creaed by a machine that hides the elemental nation from the rest of the world. The guy who sent the Kyuubi has a bloodline that allows him to regenerate his body so he's basically immortal and the reason he was able to control the Kyuubi to send it to Konoha is because he created the Kyuubi along with the other bijuus."

Nobody knew what to say about this and Ino said "But that's impossible. Immortality isn't real."

Naruto laughed and said "Ino, odds are right now I am immortal. I can't get sick, I can't be poisoned. Any wound I recieve are healed anywhere from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes. Because my bones are now metal I can't have my libs cut off and there are even other factors that I haven't told you about that were done to me that makes me even less likely to die or be killed. In fact I actually know of 3 immortals. One is 400 years old, one is 200 years old and then Apacolypse is over 4000 years old. The elemental nations is concealed from the rest of the world because we are all nothing but lab rats for him to try and create the perfect soldier so he can clone it and use it to take over the world. In fact." as he lighted his lighter again and the flames spread out and went to the wall behind him and burned an outline of the world and Naruto said "THAT IS WHAT THE WORLD REALLY LOOKS LIKE...North America, South America, Antartica, Asia, Africe. Australia, Europe....you see this little tiny speck right here...that's where the elemental nations is. Our language we speak is actually one of many languages that are used in the world called Japanese while English is actually the major language of the world. Our government, money, and culture are unknown to the rest of the world. They don't have ninja, they have armies and machines and bombs. They have aircraft that can drop a bomb from miles in the air and when it hits the ground it kills everyone in 50 miles of the bomb center instantly. When the world goes to war with each other hundreds of millions of people die and it's only barely notice because there are billions of people in the world. Where we send messanger birds that take 2 or 3 days to deliver a message they can pick up a phone and press a couple of buttons and talk to someone on the other side of the world."

Sakura said "But if what you are saying is true, surely someone found this place before or someone left to inform the world."

Naruto said "Your right, when that happened the rest of the world called the elemental nations Atlantis but then Apacolypse couldn't take the chance of messing with his experiments so THAT is the reason he created the Bijuu with the simple order to kill anyone or destroy anything that threatened to reveal the existance of this place. If you notice that Gaara up there is having trouble stopping the demon inside him from taking over and killing everyone here to keep the secret. He honestly needs a stronger seal Jiji, maybe that ANBU guy you were thinking about and Jiraiya....well anyway, I'm almost out of chakra now, I'm going to see a man about a school for the gifted in north america. If any of you decide to blow this place, my code names Echo. By the way, you all SUCK, the sound jounin right there is Orochimaru in disguise and Kabuto and his team are all spies for him. Cya." as he went up in white smoke.

As everyone heard Naruto words and looked at the people meantioned the Sound Jounin melted into mud as Kabuto went up in smoke leaving the sound team and Kabuto teammates to be captured as the Hokage order for Tenzo to come.

Outside the village an elderly man thought "Well, it was only a half lie. I really am going right now to inform Suna about the Kazekage and then I'll blow this place. They won't try to stop me from leaving if they think I am already gone."