Anko was looking at the info the group had gathered so far when Kiba sniffed the air and Shino said "Someone is coming."

Akamaru wined and Kiba said "I know boy, the guys got Naruto sent on him."

Anko said "Everyone hide. Blondy, when he gets close I want you to take over his body and find out who this guy is and what's he doing here."

Ino nods and everyone hides in the trees.

A few minutes later Lance walks into the clearing they had been in and said quitely "Damn it, where is this..."

Suddenly he stopped talking and said "Success, I got him everyone."

All the other Konoha ninja dropped down to the ground and Shikamaru set Ino body against a tree.

Ino frowned while possessing the body of Lance and said "This guy is here as a trap set up by Naruto. He's been sent here to lure me to some place where the cops will come and arrest me."

Anko frowned and Kiba said "Why would Naruto set a trap for you Ino."

Naruto voice came from behind them and said "For this reason." as everyone turned and saw Naruto had Ino body over his shoulder before he disappeared while Ino screamed "NO."

Anko frowned and said "Damn it, how much longer can you hold out in that body Ino."

Ino said "10 minutes maybe. I don't have the reserves to keep it going longer then that."

Shino said "He left a scroll behind." as he picked up the scroll that had been dropped where Ino body was."

Anko frowned and took the scroll and read

Hello everyone,

How's life treating you. I figure Ino got less then 20 minutes before she has to return to her body and by that time she will be in the hands of the local authority with her bloodline sealed off. Can't have her taking over my body. You understand, right Anko. Having someone controlling you."

Anko growled at that.

Anyways I'm planning a trip to Konoha tonight to get Shizune, Tsunade defecting since she found out that Konoha been playing her for a fool all these years and your old sensei was the one who killed her little brother for genetic samples and the Sandaime was the one who sent her fiance on a suicide mission because he couldn't let his postar child for kunoichi become pregnant instead of being a symbol for other kunoichi.

It also might have to do with the fact Tsunade found out my father, Minato Namikaze was a child created from sperm collected from her little brothers body and that means that I am actually her great you didn't see that one coming.

Anko eyes widen and thought "Oh hell."

By the way, the Sandaime and Danzo were the ones funding the curse seal research and the Sandaime was the one who had your memories erased so you couldn't link Konoha back to the research.

Anko frowned and thought "Could it be true."

If you want I could remove it for you. I did read Orochimaru mind so I know how to.

Anko grabbed her shoulder and thought "Could he."

The question is are you willing to pay my price...You all will come tomorrow to my place at noon with the boy Ino is possessing. UNHARMED. He knows where I really live, show him this scroll, Lance, bring them to MY place or you will face the same punishment as Magneto...Once there we will discuss the future...after all, do you really think any of you will live once you return to Konoha. You know to much. You've seen to much. Your lives are over in Konoha.

Think about that. Remember, NOON...or Ino will be sent to a maximum secrurity prison where you will never see her again.

Anko frowned and said "Damn it, we are screwed."

Ino said "What does it sa..." before Lance body collapsed and Lance blinked and rubbed his head and said "What the...hell...Woah, who the hell are you guys."

Anko smirked and said "Read this boy."

Lance quickly read it and turned ghostly pale and said "Oh hell no, please, anything but that." with fear in his voice.

Sakura said "What does the scroll say Anko-sensei. What did he read."

Anko read the scroll out loud and everyone was wide eyed and Shikamaru said "Troublesome. So we got to do it."

Anko frowned and said "What do you think." as she looked at the others.

Sakura said "We got to save Ino-pig."

Anko said "Shut up pinky. The boy and I will go alone. If we all go they will just arrest all of us."

Kiba said "And the fact he's offering to remove that curse seal thing has nothing to do with it."

Anko glared at him and said "Mutt, shut the fuck up before I neuter you. If what he said is true about Tsunade betraying us then it's all over and with that argument then I can almost assure you that she did...her love ones are her most precious thing in the world...Shikamaru, I'm placing you in charge of the others when I leave to goto the meeting. I'll use my summon to send a message to you. I will leave you a summon which you will take to a location I do not know you are at. He will dispell at 2 oclock and come to me. If he does not return with a scroll within 30 minutes you are to believe I have been captured and it was a trick and Ino and I are POW's. Understand."

Shikamaru nods and said "Troublesome."

Anko turned to Lance and said "As for you...let's have a little chat." as she pulled out a kunai causing Lance to pale.

Meanwhile at the brotherhood house

'Lance' looked at the officers who was tied up and gagged and said "So tell those Fed's that I want my reward like they promised for the girl."

The cops shot Lance a look and said "Boy, if the Fed's hadn't contacted us already we would be arresting you for possible assualt and kidnapping."

Lance said "Sorry, the girls not my type. The whole 'tattoo' thing she has going is not my thing." causing Ino to glare and shake trying to get free and Lance said "No offense Ino, it's just business." as he turned and started to walk away.

After getting out of sight 'Lance' was covered in smoke and disappeared.

When 'Lance' appeared Naruto became his usual looking self standing on his 'landing pad' which began to change shape and to turn into a glide plane which soon took off into the sky quickly.

Several hours later Shizune was in her bed in Konoha when 'Tsunade' said "Shizune, get up."

Shizune startled awake blinked and blinked again and said "Tsunade-sama, is that you."

'Tsunade' said "Yes, now get your stuff quickly. Were leaving and make sure you don't forget anything were not coming back."

Shizune said "But..."

'Tsunade' said "Listen to me Shizune. Konoha lied to us. We completed the mission but then I was nearly killed by the others. If I hadn't of trick them into thinking I died in that explosion then you would already be dead. Thier taking the long way back with his body so Jiraiya can do his research. All the gennins that went are dead also. We have to hurry. I don't know how long it will take before..."

Just then 4 ANBU appeared drawing thier swords and Tsunade said "Shit." as she punched one through a wall destroying the wall before grabing the drop sword and throwing it through another ANBU heart. Shizune seeing this quickly grab her senbon launcher and shot the closest ANBU with poisioned needles while Tsunade snap the neck of the last ANBU.

Tsunade said "Hurry Shizune, we got to leave NOW."

Shizune nods and quickly began grabbing her stuff and Tonton and Tsunade asked "Is that everything."

Shizune said "Yes Tsunade-sama."

Tsunade said "Good." as she placed her hand on Shizune shoulder causing Shizune to freeze before passing out.

The 4 ANBU disappeared as did the damage to the room and Tsunade was covered in smoke showing Naruto who picked up Shizune, Tonton and created several clones who quickly grab everything else that he read from Shizune's memories that she wanted before disappearing without a trace.

Appearing inside the glider Naruto looked down at the village of Konoha and began to concentrated and down below the village was startled awake by the sound of scream and destruction as every ounce of metal in the village was pulled up into the air and slammed into the Hokage monument making the face of Naruto made out of metal with the words NARUTO UZUMAKI WAS HERE

After that the glider took off quickly and a sonic boom was heard as most of the glass in Konoha shattered causing Naruto to laugh to himself and said "You know, I know a guy named Blob who would make you wish you were the little piggy who stayed home." causing Tonton to squick scared.