It had been a year now since the fight for humanity as it was called was fought. In that year the existance of mutants had been brought full view to the world.

Things were tense at first as mutants began to reveal themselves as there was always a few people who instantly descriminated against them...but also because of Naruto's words there were many who refused to descriminate simply because they did not want to be viewed in the same catagory as the slavers of early America or the Nazi of Germany.

Captain America became the symbol for mutants to look up to. Using his fame as an American Hero as well as a Soldier of Tomorrow who fought for the next generation against the actions the world was told about by Naruto he became a political figure who ran for President of the United States.

When asked why he felt he should be elected when he had no political back ground Captain America simply looked at the reporter and said "Since when do you need to be a politician to know what is right and wrong, doesn't every human being have that right. I don't need someone to tell me what's right for myself or my future, neither did our countries founders, they did what was right and so will I."

It came as a surprise to the politicians that he quickly gained an 80 percent approval rating and was forcasted to win by a landslide.

Sharon Carter and Captain America was married 2 months after the battle.

Nick Fury who had chased after Trask captured him and he was arrested for crimes against humanity and all his records were siezed and with the help of Shields newest agent, Forge, a new security system was created that made sure that it would be extremely difficult to ever retrieve it.

All the Sentinals pieces were destroyed as well.

Raven became the new head of the Humanity Hope institute, an associated school for mutants connected to the Xavier school for the gifted where mutants were taught more advance skills to help them control thier powers wisely where Tsunade became a teacher helping to teach students how to use chakra to heal people where modern medicine could not always help with Shizune as her assistant.

Anko and Wolverine became friends with benifits.

Kurenai and Hank McCoy both became friends and both have found a passion they share in the works of several famous writers.

When Jiraiya, Kakashi, Asuma, and the Konoha gennins returned to thier homeland they found the elemental nations in a war with each other but with help from an invention of Forge they were not able to leave again because a shield had been placed around thier country making it impossible to leave or enter

Raven while hurt at losing Naruto found peace in the fact she was able to unite her most of her family at last and with notes that Naruto had left for her Rogue was able to finally touch someone without hurting them and while things were touchy at first Rogue, Kurt and Raven were all becoming more content every day.

Scott left after the battle to join his brother in Hawaii to not only get away from the recognition he now had from his part in the battle but also to try and figure out where he wanted his life to go.

Laura and Logan became closer after Naruto death allowing them to have an actual father/daughter relationship though it was an amusing sigh to see both Logan and Laura kicking Reloads ass when he tried to get her to leave with him for her safety.

Magneto finally escaped the nursing home he was in but with his powers sealed off and seeing what Naruto had done tried to connect with his family resulting in being commited to a mental hospital curtosy of Wanda who recorded him on video claiming he was a mutants but Wanda after kicked his ass again she showed the doctors at the hospital that he had no powers they felt he was a danger to himself and the world so Wanda was amused thinking he gets to see the world pass him by and be powerless to do anything about it just like she had been.

With Scott leaving to find himself, Jean found herself trully alone for the first time in her life because the Pheonix did not return to her after fulfilling Naruto final request though Laura and Logan spent time with her she felt like a fifth wheel so she decided to take a tour of the world to find her place in the world.

Which is what brings her to her current location, standing on the top of Mount Mckinley in Alaska. Jean smiled and thought "You would probably have like to see this Naruto, the plains in the distance are equally as beautiful as this mountain was from them."

A voice behind her said "I would have to agree doc."

Jean's eyes widen as she froze and slowly turned around and her eyes nearly popped out of her head as she saw Naruto standing there who said "Miss me."

Jean asked in a shaky voice "Is that really you Naruto."

Naruto said "You know, it's harder then hell to kill an immortal. Especially one who has part of Pheonix's spirit in them."

Jean screamed "NARUTO." as she jumped forward and tackled him to the ground kissing him passionately.

As they kissed the aroura of the Pheonix covered both of them and Jean heard the voice of Pheonix inside her mind said "It's great to be home."

After several minutes of kissing Jean sat up while straddling Naruto and glared down at him and said "How could you trick us into believing you died Naruto. Do you know how much Laura, Raven, me and everyone else cried over your death.

Naruto smiled sadly at her and said "Because that day Echo died Jean...I'm no longer Echo, I am just me now, just Naruto...this world is now on a path of peace where the nightmares that I have memories of will stay my memories...I don't have to worry about the future or the past or anything else...all I have to worry about is the present...I can finally find peace...and if you will let me...Love."

Jean who had tears in her eyes leaned down and kissed him again and said "If you promise me that you will never leave me again like that I'll love you till the day I die."

Naruto smiled and said "Even if it's forever."

Jean said "Even if it's forever."

Pheonix said "Me too."

Jean chuckled and said "Pheonix too."

Naruto hair became shorter until it was only an inch tall and he slipped on a pair of blue sunglasses and said "Then in that case, how about we go somewhere romantic to eat."

Jean said "Sounds nice, have anywhere in mind."

Naruto smirked and said "Ever been to Parris." as he picked her up bridal style and they dissappeared from view.

On a hill not to far away a figure saw Naruto and Jean disappeared and thought "Enjoy your life Father and Jean...and you as well mother. This world no longer needs me...for this in no longer the world of APACOLYPSE." as the form of Apacolypse could be seen standing there before a portal opens up and he stepped inside and his last thoughts was "Foolish Mortals, who would actually believe the Pheonix herself would be my mother who lied to protect me."