The next morning Laura was awake in the kitchen of the brotherhood house and she scrunched her nose as she looked at the cabinets and said "Theres is very little food here."

A female voice from behind her said "Sorry about that. With it just me here and I'm hardly here for very long I usually just eat out." causing Laura to turn and see Mystique standing there in a bathrobe.

Laura sniffed and said "You have Naruto scent all over you." causing Mystique to blush.

Mystique said "You don't know the meaning of the word tact do you."

Laura looked confused and Mystique shook her head and said "Never mind.

Naruto came walking in pulling his shirt on and said "Morning ladies."

Laura said "Morning Naruto."

Mystique looked at Naruto and said "Good morning." and Naruto walked over and kissed her on the lips causing Laura to go wide eyed.

Naruto broke the kiss reading Laura thoughts and walked over and kissed her also and said "There. I didn't forget you. Now why don't you both get ready for the day because I got something special planned for the 3 of us."

Mystique said "Oh, and what's that."

Naruto looked at her and said "It's a secret but if things go the way I plan they will then by the end of the day you both will be very happy with me...or at least happy with yourselves. Now go get ready." with a smile on his face

Laura frowned and said "I got a feeling I won't like what you got planned...but I will go get ready." as she left the room.

Mystique asked "You sure you won't tell me."

Naruto said "Nope."

Mystique said "Fine." as she left the room.

After both ladies returned a little while later Naruto walked over and hooked both their arms with his and before the ladies knew it they were standing in front of Xavier mansion.

Mystique blinked and frowned as she notice where they were and she asked "Why are we HERE."

Naruto said "Relax, I just need to tell Scott something I forgot yesterday before he kills himself and one other thing and then we can leave for my plans." as he reached over and knocked on the door.

A few moments later the door opened and Storm was standing there and she saw Mystique and frowned before she asked "Can I help you." as she looked around for some kind of ambush.

Naruto said "Hello Storm. I'm Echo, this is Laura. I'm sure you probably heard about us."

Storm said "Yes. The Professor told me about you." as she eyed all 3 of them.

Naruto said "Good, may we come in for a moment. I need to give Scott a warning about what I showed him yesterday before he hurts himself on accident that I forgot to meantion. I give you my word Mystique is with Laura and I going out for plans as soon as I deliver my messages and she had no idea we were even coming here."

Storm frowned and said "Very well, Please come in." as she stepped aside.

As the 3 walked in Laura tensed and a growl was heard as Logan came in the room followed by Scott, Jean, Charles and Mystique eyes widen slightly as she saw Kurt walk in also.

Charles said "To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit."

Naruto said "Well, I came by for 3 reasons and I brought both Laura and Mystique here with me so they don't know why we are here. The first reason I forgot to meantion to Scott that he needs to be careful and nod over do that training excercise I showed you yesterday about drawing out your chakra. If you use up all your chakra in your body you will die but it also refills with eating and rest so train for about 15 minutes and rest for about 5 minutes with that training until you can tell your own levels. Once you can draw it out come by my place and I'll show you the next step."

Scott said "Yeah, I want to learn to control it even more after last night."

Naruto asked "Last night...what happened."

Scott frowned and Naruto blinked and said "You blew up the gas tank at the football field kitchen."

Mystique screamed "WHAT. Do you know how much that cost to replace that." as she looked at Scott angrily who was taken back by Mystiques actions.

Charles coughed giving a glance to Mystique who caught it and said "Please do not read others minds Naruto."

Naruto said "Sorry Professor but that is actually one of my powers I am unable to shut off even with all my training. I can control all of them but that one. I've fined tune my abilities to at least only read surface thoughts."

Charles said "I see...perhaps I can help you with that."

Naruto shook his head and said "Sorry professor. I got things in there that you can't see." as he tapped his head.

Charles said "Well if you change your what is the other reasons you are here."

Naruto said "Well...the first is I have some good news for Scott here and I also got some news that will surprise you Professor but might not be as happy about and will most likely take you away from your duties here for a while. The first is I have found out that your brother Alex Summers is alive Scott." making several wide eyed.

Scott asked in a shocked and startled voice "What...are you sure."

Naruto pulled out a piece of paper and said "This is a phone number and an address in Hawaii. Your brother survived the...'incident'...with your parents plane but believes you are dead as well. He is a mutant whose powers are just starting to manifest and his ability is to shoot beams of energy out of his hands much like your eyes. The address and the number is the home of the people who adopted him."

Scott slowly took the number and said "How...How do I know this isn't some kind of trick."

Naruto said "Pick up a phone and talk to them. I'm sure once Alex gets back from surfing that you can talk to him and ask him something only you both would know to prove he is who he said he is and I am willing to take you to see him later today since I need to speak with him as well about learning to control his powers and...other things."

Scott frowned and Charles said "If your brother is alive Scott I am sure we could arrange to meet him with the X-jet."

Naruto placed his hand on Mystique waist and said "Well before you all decide on what to do about that I have some other news I need to say before I can tell you about what I want to tell you Professor. The first is I would like to introduce Kurt to his birth mother." as he looked at Mystique whose eyes went wide.

At that moment everyone elses eyes widen as well and Kurt said "Vother." in a questioning tone as he looked at Mystique as a hundred different emotions played across his face.

Naruto felt Mystique was ready to bolt when he said "Relax. I promise I will explain things. Have faith in me please. I told you I would help reunite you with your family but you need to have faith in me."

Mystique bit her lip and closed her eyes and nods slowly and Charles said "Perhaps this would be a conversation that would best be discussed sitting down...well for everyone else at least." as he tried to make a joke to lighten the mood.

Kurt asked "Are you vreally vmy Vmother."

Mystique said quitely "Yes." as she was lead into the living room by Naruto.

As everyone sat down or in Logan case stood Naruto said "I guess I will explain it since it's very painful for Mystique. It starts back shortly after you were born Kurt. Your mother husband had died and your father had betrayed your mothers trust and feelings and left her and you were on the way. You have to understand she is a shapeshifter so she can hide her appearance and at the time she had hid herself as a normal looking woman but when you were born the delivery caused her to reveal her true self and the people of the village she lived in freaked and tried to kill her and you. In her weakened state after giving birth to you she was running through the woods and the villagers had hunters with dogs chasing her and they caught her at a bridge and the dogs attacked her knocking you from her hands and you fell into the ravine below as she was being attacked. I guess your powers must have saved you but when she got free she began to search everywhere for you even as she was injured until her injuries made her unable to go on. She was rescued by her current associate who helped her back to health and she continued her search hoping you were alive and eventually she did find you but you were already living with the ones who raised you....she started to take you then but she wanted you to have a better life then the one she was living because she had promised the one who saved her she would aid him in changing the world for those who are mutants like us so she decided to let the ones who raised you keep you but she has spied on you a few times but she was afraid as she is now that you would hate her for leaving you but you should realise she only did it to protect you and give you a better life. That was why she sent a message to Charles here about you because she thought he could help you."

Charles looked at Mystique and said "You were the one who sent me that message."

Mystique slowly nods her head while keeping it down and Kurt looked at Mystique and after a few moments said "Vmother....Vthank you." making Mystiques eyes widen as she looked up at Kurt in shock and asked "What." in a frightened voice.

Kurt said "VI have a vchance at a better life and vits vbecause of vyou. VI can understand vthe pain you must vhave felt and vI would like the vchance to vget to vknow you vbetter and be a vfamily.....vThe ones who vraised vme are vmy vparents but vso are vyou vmother."

Mystique said "I...I don't know what to say...I...I..."

Naruto said "I think that for now you both should step back and let what you have heard and feel sink in. You've just met and you have all the time in the world to get to know each other and there are things you both will have to come to terms with. Kurt...what you need to understand is your mom is still fighting to try and make a better world for mutants just like the professor here is trying to do. The person she is working with and the profesor both want a better future for our kind but they sometimes don't agree with the way things are done and there maybe times were the stance on an issue between the group she is with and the group you are with maybe on opposite sides of the fence but know that your mother does love you and if things work out then you will get to meet your step sister soon as well."

Kurt said "VI vhave a vsister."

Naruto said "Yes. There are things about that situation that neither I nor your mother can explain without some people getting hurt but I will try and help you 3 have a chance to be a family. I would try for your half brother but...well.."

Kurt said "Vi have a brother as vwell....vwhat about vhim."

Naruto rubbed his head and looked at Mystique who held her hands up and said "I am not saying anything."

Naruto said "I'll just be blunt. If your brother sees your mother, he'll shoot her. If your mother see's him, odds are she will shoot him. If I see him odds are I'll kill him, if he sees you he will kill you, if Logan finds out whose his father all bets are off and he'll hunt him down and torture him before killing him."

Mystique said "I won't kill my own son."

Naruto looked at her and said "He has killed 216 mutants and 111 non-mutants."

Mystique had a tear in her eye and said "But he is my son. I...I just can't."

Naruto said "I know....but you don't have to worry. He won't be killed but he's not able to hurt anyone else right now anyways."

Mystique wiped the tear from her eye and asked "What do you mean."

Naruto said "Well, this group called Hydra who were after Laura tried to capture her when we went to Europe on our way here from South America...don't ask. I don't read Portegesse. Anyways the Hydra guys followed us into the Hellfire club trying to catch her and the fighting caused the cops to show up and everyone who was there that night were put under house arrest so he can't leave the house he's living in right now for the next 5 years and the Hydra guys will be lucky if they ever can leave the hospital again."

Mystique looked shocked and said "But..."

Naruto said "Like I said, trust me. I knew who he was before I ever came here and knew that you would be upset if I killed the little punk ass bitch."

Mystique said "Don't talk about my son like that."

Naruto looked at her and said "Mystique...I don't go looking for trouble usually and I can understand your feelings and I respect them and I have only one thing to say. He is his fathers son more then he is yours. He may not be a mutant but everything about him screams his father. Sooner or later he will cross the line even you can't bare to cross. I won't harm him unless he leaves me no choice out of respect for you...but I ask that you think of one thing before I leave the subject of him alone, What are you willing to lose before you blame yourself for not stopping him. When you blame yourself how far are you willing to go to make up for your guilt. You already know how guilt can destroy you and all you care for, look in front of you for a perfect example. A person doesn't always have to be killed to be stopped...but there are times a person does need to be punished for their actions, just to save the person life from themselves."

Mystique bit her lip and asked "Why is it that you make me feel like a little kid when I'm the older one in our relationship."

At this several eyes widen slightly and Kurt asked "VRelationvship...are you together." as he looked at Naruto and Mystique.

Mystique winced at her slip and Naruto said "Before any of you go off the deep end and start thinking of the rights and wrongs of anything that may or may not be implide by the word relationship you need to first realize the nature of our relationship. Just like I have a relationship with Laura I have one with Mystique. I know of both their situations and I am trying to help them both to recover from a lifetime of pain and suffering. Your sister that I meantioned is also in a similar situation as these 2 are and I plan to have a relationship with her to help her recover from it as well as another who I am aware of. Next you need to realize that do to the nature of my powers I am also most likely immortal or at least will live several hundred years. Because of this I have had the unique situation of having to deal with the idea of nearly anyone I will be with I will watch grow old and die before my eyes as well as possibly any child or children I may have if they do not gain that power from me. Also because of the nature of my powers I am mentally closer to 30 then the age I fact, I'm not even quite sure how old I really am come to think about it....I guess when your like I am age doesn't actually become an issue anymore since it becomes meaningless after a while....In my homeland they have a saying, old enough to kill, old enough to drink and have sex. I've seen 12 years old girls married with children and I've seen children younger then 6 with the blood of over 200 kills on their hands and their honored for doing it....Hell, I would have been a father in a couple of months had my sensei not killed the girl I was with at the time because she was an enemy on our mission." as his eyes glanced down as everyone looked at him in shock.

Jean said "How can you say that with no emotions. Didn't you love the girl who was with your child."

Naruto looked at Jean and said "I loved her dearly Jean. I would have died for her....She was from a smaller island connected to our Island called the land of Water...On the island the people believe that mutants are the cause of the wars we fought on the islands and so they had a civil war where the non mutants and the mutants fought each other and the non mutants hunted down and killed the mutants every chance they could...there are actually laws that allowed that to happen there.....they even killed children as soon as they were born in fear the child would become a mutant.....Her mother was one and had the ability to control ice and hid her powers and had a normal life until Haku accidently activated her own powers and her father saw it...he went into town and got a mob and brought them back to his house and killed her mother in front of her before they tried to kill her...Her powers activated again in fear and killed them all..For 2 years after that she lived on the streets as a begger, digging through garbage for food and sleeping on the streets...When no one wants you or thinks your nothing but a disease that should be killed and someone comes along and offers you a chance to live and gives you a purpose like becoming their personal weapon you would jump at the chance and would die for that person."

At this Mystique closed her eyes and Naruto said "She was with her master for nearly 6 years learning to use her powers and being his tool to kill others or whatever else he had need of her to do....When we met I knew she was my enemy and should have killed her the moment we met but I hate killing so instead I talked to her and found out why she was with a man like him when she clearly was not one who enjoyed hurting others and she told me about her life and that he gave her a purpose to live, a reason to live, and that he was precious to her for the time I didn't understand completely what she meant....ironic really.....but over the time my team and I were there we got closer and fell in love and she became pregnant..I knew she was since I could detect the new life in her...eventually though a battle took place...I defeated her in battle trying to save her and our childs life by showing her that she couldn't win and to draw back from the mission they were on to assassinate the client I was hired to protect....but because she was a weapon by beating her she considered herself a broken weapon and I caused her to believe she had no reason to live...before I had a chance to tell her about our child she was carrying my sensei went to kill her master and she used her powers to take the death blow for's the most painful thing in the world watching someone who completes you die in front of you and know that you had the power to stop it before it ever happened but you held back and because of that the person died....I made a promise to myself that day....I promised that I would stop the problem that caused her death that day...that's why I am here."

Charles asked "And that would be."

Naruto looked at him and said "In order to stop the problem that caused her death I have to first eleminate the fear in the hearts of people about mutants. To do that I have to bring peace between mutants and non-mutants. Next I have to stop the mindset that we are nothing more then weapons to be used like a bomb or a gun to point at the enemies of the governments we live under...and finally I have to stop those who would turn us into weapons for their own doing this I can bring peace to the world for mutants and non mutants and then I can use the world as a model to show the people of my homeland that their way of life is wrong and help them find a new way of life and have them join the rest of the world that they are ignorant of."

Mystique said "You speak of things that are impossible to do."

Naruto asked "Then why do you fight for the same thing. Isn't that basically what you been trying to do since your son was born."

Mystique frowned and Naruto smirked and said "Stop frowning woman before it gives you wrinkles. You just been reunited with your son in all these years and you have yet to remove that stick from your ass and give him a hug. Changing the world isn't something that can happen overnight but it is possible. When people are willing to step forward and make an example for others to follow a movement will begin. I plan to be one of the examples for the world to follow. By helping mutants and non mutants to build a brighter future together then those who follow me will do the same and soon it will go from one person to a small group, to a movement that will snowball getting bigger and bigger until it can't be ignored and all those who stand in it's way will be consumed and burried by the avalanche that the actions of just one person started....that reminds me, Logan, you don't know where Shield headquarters is located do you."

Logan blinked and said "Shield...yeah, why."

Naruto smirked and said "Well, what better way to help bring light to the idea that mutants are not evil then help bring back the first mutant the United States government created. I plan to cure the degenerative disease caused by project rebirth to Captain America."

At this everyones eyes widen and Logan said "But that's impossible."

Naruto smirked and pulled out a scroll and bit his thumb and smeared some blood across the scroll and a CD appeared in a puff of smoke and Naruto said "This is actually the cure right here. Don't ask how I got it. It's best you not to know but it's the cure. I plan to break into Shields headquarters and hack their computer files to find where they got Capt. cryogenically frozen at and then kidnap him to administer the cure and no Laura, you are not coming. Shield doesn't know about you yet and I don't plan for them to find out either."

Logan asked in an unsure voice "Are you sure that it's the cure...What if it isn't."

Naruto said "I got this from my another mutant who is...well how do I say it...To put it bluntly he's a time traveler who I trust completely."

Is there any statement Naruto can make that doesn't cause everyone to go wide eyed.

Storm said "Time that possible."

Charles said "It appears so, you meantioned that Atlantis was hidden by an advance cloaking shield from the future. Did you get this from Apacolypse."

Naruto smirked and said "Nope. Actually I got it from Captain America himself to help cure my genetic mutation from the experiment that gave me my powers."

Scott said "But Captain America not a time he."

Naruto said "No, but when you deal with time travelers they can come to the past or future or can take someone with them. Can't say anything else but this is the cure to save him. So about that location....ah, thanks Logan."

Logan frowned and said "Stay out of my head kid."

Naruto said "Would if I could but I can't cause I'm fucking your daughter gramps so..."

Logan lunged at Naruto with his claws out and froze in mid air and he snarled and said "Let me go." as Naruto burst out laughing

Naruto calmed down a little and said "Relax man, I was only joking. Don't let your anger get the better or you or you could put yourself and others around you in danger Logan. I won't sleep with Laura because that would be like I was Haku master using her for my own purposes. Right now Laura is devoted to me because I saved her from Hydra and if I asked she would swear her life to me just as Haku did her master. Only an enemy would use that kind of situation against you and use you that way. Laura has actually tried to seduce me herself but I refused to return it because I want her to learn to be human and not a weapon before I will have a relationship with her as more then a close friend."

Mystique frowned as she heard his words and thought of Magneto saving her after Kurts birth and then she asked "What about you and me. Aren't you doing that with me, especially after last night."

Naruto sighed and said "Have I asked anything of you Mystique, honestly have I asked you to do anything but let me be there to help you heal the wounds on your soul by reuniting you and your children."

Mystique looked down and said "No."

Naruto said "And I don't plan to either. I have the same ability you do." as he changed to look like her before changing back and said "I have no need of your powers, I have my own wealth and resources. The only thing you could offer me that I don't already have is companionship and that is what I am offering you as well. In the end you come out winning everything and I am breaking even so No, I am not using you moment of weakness against you. If anything, you are using mine against me."

Mystique looked down and said "I guess your right."

Naruto said "I know I am...but now onto other matters, Professor..I believe Scott won't be able to use the X-jet because you and Storm will be taking the X-jet to see your ex-wife...and your son." making everyone in the room wide eyed.

Charles said "My son." in a questioning voice.

Naruto sighed and said "Yeah...I'm afraid that if you don't see him soon though that his powers will destroy him and everyone around him and the person he hates the"

Charles frowned and said "What do you mean."

Naruto took a deep breath and said "His name is David and like you he is a Telepath...but the best way to describe his powers is the old bible story about the man who was possessed by many demons who called themselves Legion....That is exactly what is happening to him and it won't be long before the other personalities inside of him break free of his control and he sets his sights on targeting you and the X-men because in his own words, you had time to take care of other peoples freaks but not your own. The only person who could help him is you but it won't be easy and he will use your emotions against you to try and use you to seal away some of his other personalities...which they will also try and trick you into doing since not all of the personalities are his but instead people whose minds he was linked to when they died. I don't know all that much about him but I can tell you that his powers make it where he can turn his mental telepathy into reality so if you have Storm fly you there you need to have her leave you to face him alone because he will use her weakness against her and you and if you tried to take one of the other students here, especially Jean he will break their minds to hurt you or try and possess them...and in Jeans case he will see her as someone who has similar abilities as him and turn his rage on her for having your help when you weren't there for him, regaurdless of the fact you didn't know about him. Here is where he lives." as he held out a piece of paper.

Charles took the paper and looked at it and asked "Why have you gone out of your way to inform Scott and I about our long lost family as you have...What are you after."

Naruto looked outside a moment and said "Tell me you feel the sensation in the back of your mind since we first met. Something that is familiar but wrong."

Jean blinked and pursed her lips and said "How do you know about that."

Naruto closed his eyes and said "Kiss me." shocking everyone as Scott glared at Naruto and Jean got red faced and said "WHAT. WHY the hell should I."

Naruto turned and said "Because I want you to use the kiss as a mental bridge to enter my mind and see something. I want you to see what it is that is ringing in the back of your mind about being wrong and for you to know why I know what I know about you and the X-men. The professor could try and get through my mental defenses but run into a mental trap that I placed to protect myself that would trap his mind as would every other telepath on the planet but you. The only way any of you will get the answer to the questions you have about me is doing this. It doesn't have to be more then a simple friendship kiss like you would give a parent or a child so I don't ask for any emotional response but I want to make sure that you would not go into the areas of my mind that I can't let you see which is why I am willing to open a link for you to enter into the area I want you to go. It's your choice."

Charles asked "Why don't you let me see what you want to show her. Why her."

Naruto said "Because it's not only Jean that will be entering my mind but someone else whose sealed inside of Jean mind. The one who is the source of her mental powers, that like your son will soon be taking over Jean mind and body but not out of anger or hate but out of curiosity like a newborn child who doesn't understand the values of right and wrong and the concept of human emotions and will use the powers in Jeans body without the thought of what those actions are doing to others. You may have heard the song about shooting a man just to watch him die. That is exactly what will happen to Jean if she does not face the other being inside of her as she will become a puppet controlled by the other being as she is forced to watch herself do things that she knows is wrong while the other being will experience life through Jean. Right now Jean is in control of her body but it won't be long before she starts losing control because of the other being becoming more powerful. That is all I can say and it's not a choice that anyone but you can make Jean."

Jean frowned as she saw the Professor bite his lip and Jean asked "How do you know about this other being if neither the Professor or myself have encountered it. How can I know this isn't some kind of trap."

Naruto turned and held his arms out wide and said "Because you can feel it inside your mind, like someone sneaking through your memories like a kid wanting to spy on their parents work they do and glancing toward me trying to figure out why something is there and you know it's there for a reason but you can't place your finger on it or why you know it's there. Something more innocent, more nieve, more child like. Like you want to ask something but you don't know how or why you want to know it."

Jean said "Get out of my head."

Naruto said "I'm not, the professor is using all his powers to monitor me and all he is finding is mental shields that I have up with no way in or out. If I was using my powers he would have already have stopped it but he hasn't because I am not in your mind. I am mearly stating a fact about something I know is true and if you want to know what it is I know then you have to take a chance." with a smirk.

Scott said "Jean, don't do it, he's like the pide piper, using words and actions to lure us into his trap. I don't know what you want but I'm not letting you harm Jean."

Naruto leaned his head back and laughed and said "Harm her....god that's rich. Pheonix would destroy me for even thinking of doing that. Anyone else here I could beat or destroy because I am as far above mutants as mutants are above non mutants but the being inside of Jean is one that makes me look like a single cell organism compared to a human. You can't understand the depths of the powers inside of Jean....but it's not your choice Scott just like it's not mine. The only one here who can make the choice is Jean herself." as he turned from looking at Scott to looking at Jean.

Jean looked at Naruto a moment before she closed her eyes and her hair began to sway slightly in the breeze and the Professor eyes widen slightly and Naruto frowned as Jean opened her eyes slowly and Naruto said "Hello Pheonix."

Jean turned her head slightly to the side as she looked at everyone in the room and said "Strange...How am I there when I am here."

Naruto said "Pheonix, if I may ask, would you please return control of the body you are in to her but listen, watch, and feel what she heres, sees, and feels. I promise you that all the questions that you both have will be answered."

Jean turned her head to the side as she closed her eyes and Jean stumbled slightly and opened her eyes with a little fear in them and Naruto moved forward and helped catch her and said "Jean, are you alright."

Jean glanced around a moment before she lunged forward and kissed Naruto who had only a moment to brace himself as he felt her shove her mind desperately into his.

Jean found herself appearing inside a white void as Naruto appeared and another Jean appeared with her hair standing up and Naruto said "Hello Jean, Pheonix....I know you both have questions but please watch and you will understand." as the world around them changed to where Naruto was born with the Kyuubi sealed in him, being kidnapped by Apacolypse who expiremented on them, then being rescued by the X-men before they showed where Jean and Pheonix began to merge and then the events around M'Kraan Crystal. Then they saw the Dark Pheonix and the events around it.

Once that was over Jean was in shock by what she saw and Pheonix who was floating in the air looked at Naruto and said "Hmm....While you are him you are not him....I must know."

Naruto eyes widen and he screamed "NOoooo." as the Pheonix spread it's wings consuming everything inside the white void.

Back in reality a few seconds had passed since Jean kissed Naruto and they both broke apart with Jean flying backwards a few feet and hovering in the air as Naruto fell to his knees as his head hung low as his eyes were pointing to the ground.

Jean who was looking at the form of Naruto said "What is this feeling I feel.....It is what we call Sympathy, Regret, and Compassion.....I do not understand. I have never experienced this before.....It is understandable that you don't understand as there are times humans don't understand as well...What will happen now.....We will not let his sacrifice be in vein.....How will we do this.....we will figure it out together now that we understand.....Can we work it out together....Yes, I believe we can.....What shall we do about him..........we must correct our mistakes......But is it a this case, yes. If this is what I am going to do then I can not follow the same path I would have....We are one.....Yes, we are one." as she slowly slowered to the ground.

Scott said "Jean...are you alright." in a concerned voice

Jean turned to Scott and said "No Scott....I don't think I'll ever be alright again." as she looked at Naruto sadly.

Professor Xavier wheeled over and said "What happened Jean." as he saw Laura and Mystique try to get Naruto to move while whispering to him.

Jean closed her eyes and said "Professor....I..."

Naruto said "Jean....don't." in a tired voice.

Jean said "No Naruto, what has happened can't be allowed to happen. I know everything now. We were was wrong to search your entire mind like that and I understand why you wanted to hide what you did but..."

Naruto looked at her and said "JEAN....I'm a weapon. I always have been and always will be one. Stop...please." as he was still on his knees.

Jean bit her lip and said "I...I can't Echo. I can't sit back and act like everything is alright when the ones who have caused you to suffer and the ones who turned you into a weapon was us." causing everyone else but Laura to look confuse.

Charles said "Us...What do you mean us." in a shock voice.

Another voice from the room startling everyone said "She means the ones who turned Echo into a weapon were the X-men and the Brotherhood." causing everyone but Naruto and Jean to turn to the voice who both recognised it.

Jean said "Hello....Son." before she turned to see Cable standing there shocking everyone who looked at the figure standing there dressed like an X-men.

Naruto frowned and said "Great, there goes the neighborhood...So what's my 2nd least favorite time traveler doing here."

Cable said "So Reload really did replace me, Huh Echo."

Naruto glared at him and said "I will still cut off your nuts doppleganger...Why are you here."

Cable snorts and said "Give it up Professor, you can't scan my mind....though I have to ask how YOU know me." as he looked at Jean.

Jean said "You should already know that answer Cable. Now why don't you explain why you are here because I am not in a very...motherly mood right now."

Cable said "That is what I have come here to speak with you about. The timelines are starting to destroy themselves and I don't mean changing them Echo but I mean literally destroying themselves."

Naruto frowned and said "What do you mean."

Cable said "Echo, the original Echo who was kidnapped and expiramented on by Apacolypse fought and killed Apacolypse."

Naruto said "Yeah, good guys won, good why are you here. Shouldn't you be happy about that."

Cable said "Normally I would....except by him killing Apacolypse he changed the history of the world and thus all histories began to be destroyed."

Scott said "Who are you and what are you talking about. Why did you call him son Jean. Would someone explain what's going on." as Mystique got in a position to watch was was going on better.

Naruto sighed and Jean said "Cable real name is Chrisopher Scott Charles Summers...He's the son of a clone of me in the future and you Scott." shocking everyone.

Naruto said "Now that we got that out of the way and we can explain later, what the hell do you mean destroying that bastard is destroying history."

Cable said "Do you remember Apacolpyses origins."

Naruto thought a moment and said "Yeah, a baby found in the desert durring ancient egyption timeline nearly 5000 years ago grew up and killed the Pharoah who was a time traveler from the future, yada, yada, yah. What about it."

Cable said "We don't know how the baby who became Apacolypse appeared in the desert but we have found out 2 things. The first is that the time traveler who made himself Pharoah was in fact Reload."

Naruto eyes went wide and said " is that possible. Why would he go that far back into the past to the time of Apacolypse and not kill the bastard."

Cable said "We don't know for sure yet. We do have a few theories though...considering that we found out that the baby who became Apacolypse...was your son."

Naruto got a shock look on his face but he wasn't the only one as he fell to his ass and said in a confused voice " son...but how is that possible. I mean he created me. Hell I wouldn't have been born if it wasn't for that bastard so how in the hell could I be his father when he created me."

Cable said "And you created Reload. All 3 of you are paradox's in the universe. None of you should exist at all but you do. The real Echo killed Apacolypse but lost his ability to have children in the battle. If what we think is happening is real then when he lost the ability to have children he couldn't give birth to Apacolypse who couldn't be taken to the past by reload for whatever reason so he couldn't begin his quest to change humans into his own likeness which means some of his early experiments to give humans better immune systems to help change them later and him hiding atlantis from the rest of the world didn't happen so all the people who would be born from his experiments or interference won't be born and things that he effected in the course of human evolution didn't happen so everything that he should have had an effect on in over 5000 years ceast to exist."

Charles said "The grandfathers's a theory that if you went back in time and killed your own grandfather then you wouldn't even be born." as he saw the questioning looks several people were giving him.

Cable said "Exactly...which is why we came up with a solution of turning you into our weapon Echo. In order to keep the universe as we know it from being completely destroyed we needed to figure out who Apacolypse mother is so we can ensure that he is born so he can somehow be either sent to the past or he somehow appears in the past. We know the father is you. We don't know who the mother is so what we did is have Reload use his powers and absorbed the powers of the original Echo before his fight with Apacolypse and he went back in time to right before Apacolypse would have kidnapped you and had him give you, your future powers and memories that we slightly altered to either get you to stay in the elemental nations or leave the elemental nations and come out into the rest of the world so that we have a better chance of finding out who the mother is. The nannites in your body have placed a tracer program in your very cells so any child you produce will be tagged where we can look at the body of Apacolypse and find the tracer program and it will tell us who is his mother once he is born so then all we have to do is make sure that you will wind up with her over and over again in every universe to give birth to Apacolypse."

Naruto frowned as he bit his lip and Kurt asked "VWhy vwould vyou do vthat."

Cable said "Because the lives of hundreds of billions of people rest in the balance. It's alright if Apacolypse is killed now but you have to give birth to him so he can be sent to the past."

Naruto glared at Cable and said "THIS is why I hate if you altered my memories to make me want to leave the elemental nation then what the fuck am I suppose to do oh so great Master."

Cable said "You were given the idea to change the world to bring about peace similar to the way the original Echo did by helping to relieve some of the emotional pain others would feel since you would be properly motivated to help those who you were empathic to do to your loss."

Naruto eyes slowly widen and said "And what loss would that be." as he looked at Cable.

Cable said "Didn't you find it odd how one moment a person could be in front of you and the next be taking a fatal strike some distance away."

Naruto screamed "YOU BASTARD." as he appeared in front of Cable who had a small device in his hand that he activated and Naruto screamed in pain as he fell to the floor as Cable pulled out his blaster and pointed it at everyone in the room causing them to stop their attacks as Naruto stopped screaming in pain.

Cable said "Look, I don't like this either and believe me, I wan't Apacolypse dead nearly as much as you do Echo. I only volunteered to be the one who came to the past to inform you about what was going on because you knows that I wouldn't show up with some bullshit story and that it must be something very important for me to show up. I'm sure you can guess why your on the floor but I will explain it but first I want you to know I wasn't the one who caused Haku death and neither were the X-men or the Brotherhood....Nimrod was."

Naruto who was gritting his teeth from the pain he had felt a moment ago and said "WHAT. IN. THE. HELL. IS. GOING. ON. CABLE. I want answer NOW."

Cable said "The WE I was refering to was not the X-men or the Brotherhood. The We was the World Government in the timeline that Echo killed Apacolypse and lost the ability to have children. Nimrod came from the future and informed the world of that timeline that reality was being destroyed and he informed them of the info I just told you about Apacolypse, you, and Reload...They arrested Reload and you and had Reload drain him of ALL his powers killing him. They then had him go back in time to before the battle that you would have lost the ability to have children and change time by making sure the battle didn't happen....but that wasn't good enough. They couldn't take the chance that it wouldn't happen again and no one would be there to save them...They forced Reload as a slave to start going in the past to right before Apacolypse would kidnap you to begin his experiments and give you your future powers as well as altered memories so they can try and track down who Apacolypses mother was so they can make sure he is born. If a world happens where Apacolypse isn't born or you lose the ability to have children, Nimrod as well as several Sentinals will come to that timeline and begin to exterminate mutants....but the thing is Nimrod who is designed to kill mutants is actually sabatoging the program the goverment of that timeline is running to either kill or make you unable to have children so they can purge each timeline of all mutants as they are program to which is why I am here to ensure that doesn't happen."

Naruto who had healed said "Give me one reason I shouldn't kill you were you stand Cable."

Cable held up a scroll and said "Inside this is all of your gear from the future to protect yourself. Once we can find out who Apacolypses mother is we can make sure he is born until the timeline where the Nimrod that is trying to sabatoge this is from and once that timeline ends we can use that info to change history without the need for Apacolypse to torture and kill countless mutants and non mutants in his experiments." as he dropped the scroll.

Naruto looked at the scroll on the floor and said "Any idea who his mother is."

Cable said "Not really since this is the first timeline that I have gotten involved in. Again I'm sorry Echo for using the mutant slave collor program they have in your nannites but I'm sure the items in that scroll will make you feel better."

Naruto frowned and said "Let me ask something Cable....what do YOU think I should do."

Cable frowned and said "The faster I can find out who Apacolypses mother is the faster I can make sure Nimrod doesn't get involved. I think Reload found out who Apacolypses mother was and either kidnapped her before he was born or kidnapped him after he was born to go back in time to protect the future and make sure Nimrod didn't kill the infant Apacolypse."

Naruto looked outside and said "And Apacolypse."

Cable said "I've killed him 6 times myself in 6 different timelines and I would do it a hundred more if I could....but he's not my son...but he could be my brother." as he shot a look to Jean before a portal appeared and he stepped in.

Naruto said "And that is why I HATE time travelers....What." as he picked up the scroll.

Storm said "Will you explain what is going on."

Naruto said "Basically a humaniod machine called Nimrod which was specifically designed to hunt and kill mutants is trying to destroy all mutants by destroying the source of mutant evolution...Laura, if you don't mind why don't you spend some time with Logan, maybe beat the shit out of each other in the danger room but no killing...and Mystique, my plans for today went to hell but this is a good chance for you and your son to talk some more. I need to go find a bar with a shit load of alchohal and kill a few million brain cells because I'm mentally tired after today."

Laura said "Let me come with you."

Naruto said "I don't think that would be a good idea Laura. Not yet." as he looked out the window with lost eyes before he disappeared from the room.

Mystique looked around and Jean said "You won't find him. He just found out that his entire life is a lie and those he thought he could trust have betrayed him while also not betraying him but are being used so he doesn't know what to think."

Mystique asked "And how do you know that."

Jean said "Because I know everything he knows right now because Pheoniz and I basically mind raped if you will excuse me, I need to go lay down." as she left the room.

Laura turned to Logan and said "Think you can handle me."

Logan stuck out his claws and said "Bring it half pint." as he motioned for the elevator to the danger room.

After they were gone Mystique looked at Kurt who said "Um...vwould vyou like to go up to vmy vroom to talk vmother in private."

Mystique looked at Charles who nods and both left the room.

After they were gone Charles said "Scott, If you want go ahead and call that number and speak with your brother and Storm will go with you to meet him....I have some things I need to think about as well as prepare for." as he wheeled out of the room.

Scott looked at Storm who said "I'll prep the black bird."

Scott said "Thanks...but doesn't this seem so...."

Storm said "Unreal...yes...but it also seems to be real as well. I just can't help wonder how much our lives will change now."

Scott said "Me too." as he walked over to the phone and began to make a call.