The next day Naruto was laying out side in the sun with a pair of sunglasses on and a pair of swimming shorts that you could tell was wet from where he had been swimming in the ocean earlier as Laura came out of the house in a 2 piece bathing suit and said "Naruto, there's a car at the gates and a gentleman name Nick Fury says he is here to see you."

Naruto sighed and said "I know me a favor, call Jean and tell her to come pick you up. Tell her shields here but stay low profile."

Laura frowned and said "Are you sure."

Naruto said "Yes. Hydra has spies in shield just like shield has spies in Hydra. Shield doesn't know about you yet so Hydra doesn't know where to find you yet. I want to keep it that way for as long as go and I'll reward you later with a back rub that Jean told you about...but nothing perverted."

Laura who started to get a smile on her face pouted and said "Meany." as she turned and went back in the house and Naruto used his powers to open the gates while still laying down.

At the gates Fury saw the gates open and he asked "I guess that means we can come in."

Steve Rogers said "It appears so." as he looked at the gates as Nick began to drive the car forward.

As they neared the house the car suddenly stopped and Nick tried to get the car to go more and Steve said "I believe that is as far as he wants the car to go." as he motioned toward the side where he saw Naruto laying in the son.

Fury frowned as he turned off the car and both him and Steve got out of the car and began to walk over to where Naruto was laying and as they got to Naruto feet Naruto said "Sorry about the car but one of my students is fixing to go shopping with a friend of hers from school and I didn't want you to block the drive where they couldn't leave......Well you paid the gas so drop the dime. What can I help you with." still laying with his arms behind his head relaxing.

Steve said "I'm..."

Naruto interupted him and said "Steve Rogers aka Captain America and Nick Fury, leader of Shield. You can call me Naruto since were not fighting or enemies so the way, tell the attack chopper thats 3 miles out to sea that his fuel hose has become lose and he needs to go land to tighten up or he will lose all his fuel and crash. The sniper in the tower 2 blocks east of here has got a steel pellet lodge in his barrel and the 2 teams of seals that are in swimming toward the shore is about to enter the electrical grid that I put up to keep out sharks or other harmful sea animals from getting to my beach since I got children here under my protection and I'm responsible for the safety." as he never moved.

Fury frowned and Rogers said "Are you trying to prevoke us."

Naruto snorts and said "Nope, just trying to show you that I don't see you as a threat because I know what you are doing and I even understand why your doing it. I mean I'm sure those ninja you have back at Shield headquarters has peaked your interest greatly about the possible gains this country could gain from Atlantis but you should also realise that your being used, they let themselves be captured so the government could track me down for them since they didn't know where I was but now that the agent 13 had video surveliance on her and they saw the front of the school I went to they most likely have sent a message to the others who escaped who are making their way here and any innocents who get harmed by them will be on your heads gentlemen. By the way Steve, how you feeling."

Steve who was frowning as he glanced at Nick and said "Very well, I wanted to say thanks for curing me."

Naruto snorts and said "You should actually be thanking your own government for that. After all Hydra stole it from them about 10 years ago."

Both Nick and Steve eyes went wide and Nick narrowed his eyes and asked "What do you mean."

Naruto said "Since were being a little blunt I'll get right to the point. You know I took out a base that belong to Hydra in South America right."

Neither moved or said anything and Naruto said "Denialability, anyways while I was in Europe I broke into their base their and hacked their computer systems and stole everything they had on their database there. I gave you most of after I made sure a couple of thing related to mutants and X-23 was not in those files. Anyways I found a file where Hydra has some dealing with an old friend of your Capt. The Red Skull."

Rogers and Nicks eyes widen again and Rogers asked "What about him."

Naruto said "Not much, just that he wanted you to stay on ice longer so when Hydra spies in shield found out that they had a cure for you they killed the doctor who created it and took his files....unfortinately they didn't know that he had already gave the cure over to the government whose decided to wait until a time you were needed before curing you. If you don't believe me then why do they still have the prototype Rebirth machine in storage."

Rogers demanded "Where." as he clenched his fist.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders still laying down and said "That I don't know. It's got a code name on the files I found. Executor is the name of the base where it's at. I could find out if you want but I'm trying to keep from stepping on to many toes for now. By the way, I have one thing to say. I know you got me on surveliance with the eye in the sky along with Xaviers school. Fine, if it makes you feel better, look all you want but I got some mutants I'm trying to help, most of them don't even have special powers and are only mutants because they physically look different. They currently are having to live in the sewers in the town they live at, men, woman and children living in sewage, and surviving on garbage because they can't goto the stores or live above ground without being killed for just looking different. I've offered them the small compound on the south edge of my property along with everything in that fence area. Don't mess with them."

Fury said "And why should we listen to you."

Naruto frowned and said "Look up."

Both men frowned and looked up and went wide eyed as they saw a flaming object coming down toward the ground and it slowed down and stopped 10 feet above them and both men notice it was an American spy satelite and Naruto said "Leave them alone and I won't drop the entire world satelite system to the bottom of the ocean." as the Satalite went back up into the sky.

Rogers said "Fine. If there is ever a reason we have to come here on different terms then I give you my word that that compound will be left alone."

Naruto sat up as he saw Jean pull in the drive and he watched as Laura came out of the house and got in Jeans car and left.

After they were gone Naruto said "So why don't you tell me what you guys are here for." as he stood up and grab the towel he was laying on and began walking toward the house and said "Come on."

Nick frowned and began to follow and they walked inside and Naruto put his hands together and said "Kagebunshin no jutsu." as another him appeared that went into the kitchen and Naruto asked "So...are you going to talk or what."

Rogers asked "Why are you here."

Naruto said "I live here."

Nick said in a frustrated voice "In our country."

Naruto sighed and said "Follow me. I'll show you why I am here." as he walked to a wall and placed his hand on it and the wall glowed before raising causing both men to raise eyebrows and Naruto said "It's just an elevator."

Both men joined him and they went down and after a few moments the door opened and a long corridor met them and both men began to glance around and Naruto said "This is an emergency shelter as well as hospital, labs, and training facility to help teach mutants to use their powers safely. I got a hanger also but I haven't got all the parts I want yet to build me a jet for use...not like I personally need one anyways." as they came to the end of the hall and the door opened and all 3 walked into a circle room the size of a football field and Naruto said "Astral, voice authorization Echo."

A mechanical voice said "Voice recognition confirmed. How my I help you Echo."

Naruto said "Display the world and begin scanning for all mutants on the planet."

All 3 saw as a huge 3D picture of the world appeared and a line began to move over the earth and Naruto said "Now watch, Whites are normal humans, Blues are mutants whose powers have yet to awaken and reds are mutants who powers are awaken."

As the world turned Rogers said "My god....there's so many."

Naruto asked as the scan finished "Display totals."

Fury said "That can't be right."

Naruto said "It is, which is why there are people like me who are currently trying to get setup to control the fireball that is going to be unleashed when the general population finds out about mutants...which shouldn't be to much longer Astral, load Sentinal 1."

The room changed and a single Sentinal appeared shocking Rogers and Fury and Naruto said "This guy here is actually being built by your government right now for the sole purpose of hunting down and exterminating mutants."

Fury said "Your lying."

Naruto said "I wish I was...Have you figured out the clues I've been leaving you Fury."

Fury asked "What clues." as he looked at Naruto.

Naruto said "The patents, the cure for the disease I cured, the books I wrote. Have you had anyone read them...well the one on mutants."

Fury said "Why would I."

Naruto laughed and said "Because a mutant from the future came back in time to try and change the future and he gave me my future memories and those books are actually things that I have memories of like this. Astral, load Maelstrom 1."

Fury and Rogers saw as a commercial advertisement for an island where mutants could live legally and unharmed. They watched as mutants went to the island and checked in and then were gassed in their hotel rooms and woke up in chains and were forced to work as slaves. They watched as a mutant was held down and killed as an example to the other mutants.

As it ended and the room turned back to normal Naruto said "I have memories of being a prisoner there. I have memories of having the flesh burned from my skeleton over and over and over again...Mutants are about to face the same hate that the jews did from the Nazi except this time it will be world wide. You ask me why I am here. I am here because this country has the best chance to make an example for the rest of the world to follow. The government can't make laws against mutants unless they want to add you Rogers to those laws since you are a mutant by choice now and they can't make you a exception to the law because people will claim your government sees mutants as weapons and any who do not wish to be weapons would be either slaves or executed since they are helping to fund the sentinal program that is being created right now. My homeland doesn't stand a chance against a single sentinal much less an army of them or even a single bomb and sentinals will detect the people there because everyone there is mutants even if they don't know it. That is why I have decided to make a stand much like Dr. King did except my stand is, you can except us as another race of human being just like blacks, whites, asians, and every other race out there since no matter if you believe we were created by god or if you believe we came from monkey, the only way there could be all the races there are is if they mutated from the original race by the enviroment they live in which is the same thing now or you can stand against us and have millions die on both sides. Humans have been poluting the planet so much and with our use of radiation it has speed up the mutation process which is why there are so many mutants now..mostly."

Rogers said "So your preparing for war."

Naruto said "No. I am preparing for survival. Let me ask you one question Rogers, which side will you chose when the time comes, will you chose to stand up for what's right or what's legal. Will you stand up and say people have the right to live if they are mutant or non mutanta or will you stand and say we should be put in concentration camps with ID numbers like animals who are waiting to be put down. Astral, display morlaks."

The room changed and showed a group of mutants and Naruto said "Look at them...the choice I have made will effect them. The ones who only reason they are considered mutants is because they look different...can you look at that little girl or that little boy and tell me that you are willing to side with the government if they say that they should be locked up or killed....can you look me in the eye and tell me THAT is what Captain America stands for."

Rogers looked at the display and said "No....I can't....I....America won't become like that."

Naruto said "And if it does."

Rogers frowned and Naruto asked "What about you Fury. Are you prepared to kill a mutant just for living."

Fury said "I only fight to protect my country."

Naruto said "And I fight for my people and their friends and family. The issue of mutants will be one that will put the world against itself and may lead to all our destruction...Not all mutants are bad and not all non mutants are good. It all comes down to each individual situation. I believe America has the best chance of realising that simple truth first and the world will follow which is why I am here." as he walked over and placed his hand on both men and disappeared and appeared on the front steps and he said "I know you have questions like what is X-23 and will I work for you and things like that. For now I won't do either because first you have spies from Hydra working in Shield you need to deal with and you need to find out the truth about the Sentinals and several other things that they are the new sports drink factory that is being built here in bayville. It's being funded privately by a few bio weapon researchers who know several mutants live in this town like weapon X. The sports drinks are actually going to contain additives that are poison to mutants to see if it will kill us. To most it will, to those like me and Weapon X it won't because of our advance immune you Rogers it will kill you. Just a heads up." as he disappeared in the house.

Rogers frowned and looked at Fury who said "I don't know anything he told us about."

Rogers said "Well find out. If he's telling the truth then something has to be done. I will not stand by and let America become known for crimes against humanity worse then the Nazi did."

Fury nods as both got in their car and drove away.