I don't own Naruto or anything else I might add to this story. This story for the first chapter or 2 won't have a general, one person point of view but several until the point where Sakura and Naruto begin their own training under Hakura and Arashi at which time Naruto will become the main focus of this story.

Naruto Uzumaki sat on top of the Hokage monument on Saturday, a week before his third Gennin exam at the accademy to see if he could pass. He was sitting with his knees against his chest in his orange outfit when a voice behind him said "Yo." startling him as he turned quickly ready to run in case it was an attack and blinked as he saw someone standing there who looked like an older version of him.

Naruto asked "Who are you."

The man laughed and said "I guess I lost that bet, I figured you would have screamed WHAT THE HELL....Anyways to answer your question. I'm a 17 year old you from the future."

Naruto blinked and said "What...what do you mean your me from the future...how is that possible."

The man said "It's possible seeing as I'm standing right here before you and to keep from getting confused just call me Arashi for now. Anyways you see this." as he pulled his sleave up showing a seal on his wrist.

Naruto nods and Arashi said "This is a Genjutsu seal I made to hide my looks and I am going to put it on now so if anyone walks up they don't know who I am and I won't have to tell them I'm from the future since I am not here for them but you so don't freak out." as he bit his thumb and wiped the blood across the seal and sent chakra to it and he was covered in smoke and in his place was a red headed person who looked like a cross between Shikamaru and Naruto.

Arashi said "Now, do you mind if we sit down, I got a lot to talk to you about."

Naruto nods and they both sit down and Naruto asked "Why are you here."

Arashi sighed as he looked over the village and said "The village is peaceful right now....To answer your question...When I was your age I made a lot of mistakes that caused me a lot of pain that eventually wound up destroying Konoha." causing Naruto to go wide eyed.

Arashi said "Also some of those mistakes are killing me now, literally."

Naruto asked "So...you came back in time to make sure you didn't make the same mistakes again." in a quite voice.

Arashi said "No, I came back in time to make sure YOU didn't make the same mistakes I did. Nothing will ever change the mistakes I made and all those I knew are dead. You are still young and have your life a head of you and NO, I will not tell you about the future. What I am going to do is teach you the skills you will need in the future to make the best choices and YOU will live with the choice of what to do and what not to do. All I am here to do is to teach you things and tell you about our past, why the people don't like you and who our parents are. From now on I want you to think of me as your big brother because I'm not you and your not going to be me. Got that."

Naruto was afraid to say anything nods and Arashi said "Now I guess I can start off with our parents since I know how important that is. Our mothers name was Kushina Uzumaki. She was originally from Whirlpool and a great Kunouchi from what I heard. She had red hair and green eyes, most likely the reason you like Sakura so much is because you instictively remember mom and Sakura is a lot like her. Kushina was a tomboy but also very beautiful.....she died the day the Kyuubi attacked Konoha giving birth to you but it wasn't your fault. The doctor was in a hurry because of all the other victims who were hurt and forgot to make sure she was completely OK when he left and when he returned to check on her she had passed away in her sleep peacefully."

Naruto looked down and said "At least she didn't suffer."

Arashi smiled and said "No, she didn't from what I heard....as for dad, you have to promise me that you will listen to everything I am about to say and NEVER tell anyone about this. If you do then your life will be in extreme danger. Do you promise me."

Naruto nods and Arashi said "Alright, to tell you about dad I have to tell you why everyone doesn't seem to like you. The night you were born when Kyuubi was attacking the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha used a forbidden Jutsu not to kill the Kyuubi since it's impossible to kill a demon but to seal it away in a prison under the watch of someone he trusted to protect Konoha in his place....the person he trusted to protect Konoha and to keep the Kyuubi locked away was his newborn son."

Naruto eyes darted back and forward as his eyes went wide and he clenched his fist and he closed his eyes and let tears fall and he said "It's me."

Arashi said "You are the prison and the warden that holds the Kyuubi back. Those who are old enough to remember that night know this but they don't know who dad was and they can't know or dad's enemies will come and kill you. The Sandaime passed a law saying that nobody was allowed to tell about the Kyuubi being sealed inside of you or they would be killed so that you could try and have a normal life....You are what is known as a Jinchuuriki or a the power of a human sacrifice. The people of Konoha know this and they are afraid that you will one day let the Kyuubi lose on them since you are his warden also and can use his powers so they are doing what they think is best to protect themselves and make you think about not releasing the Kyuubi."

Naruto bit his lip and asked "Will that ever change...will they ever see me as me and not the Kyuubi."

Arashi said "If you show them that you are different then Kyuubi, yes, they will change...I remember after I saved the village once and came back EVERYONE in the village was at the gates waiting for me and cheering for me and gave me praise and thanks for saving them."

Naruto smiled and Arashi said "So do you want to be seen as you and not the Kyuubi. If you do then the first thing you need to do is forgive them so you can move on with your life. Will you forgive them for being stupid and scared."

Naruto bit his lip and said "Yeah...do I ever become Hokage."

Arashi said "Maybe...Maybe not. I'm not you and your not me and unless you become Hokage I won't tell you. If you have the same mission I did when you return from your mission you will tell me about how yours went and I will tell you how mine went so that way you can see the change for yourself. You will have to make your own choices and live with them."

Naruto pouted and Arashi said "Anyways, the first thing you need to do if you want to show people the real you is to pass the gennin exam. I know about your trouble with the clone Jutsu and it's not your fault because dad wanted to make you strong enough to protect Konoha so he made it where a little bit of Kyuubi chakra goes into your system all the time and is turned into your chakra. That is why your chakra control is so bad and why you have to much chakra to make a bunshin. The teachers at the accademy never thought of the problem of having TOO much chakra from a student before so they don't realise you need less and keep telling you to put more in it. Of all the teachers in the Academy, Iruka is the best one there. I can teach you another bunshin jutsu that will let you pass but you need to learn it and then talk to Iruka privately after class one day before the exams and tell him that you found out about the Kyuubi hearing a couple people talking and they joked about how you had to much chakra to make a regular bunshin and so you found someone who taught you another bunshin and could he ask the Hokage if you could substitute it for the regular bunshin...just make sure that Mizuki isn't around when you do talk to him about it."

Naruto asked "Why."

Arashi said "Mizuki is one of the more idiotic and see you as the Kyuubi in human form. If he thought you would pass he would try and trick you into getting killed. If Iruka agrees go with him to the Hokage and demonstrate the jutsu I want you to learn. If he asks where you learned it from tell him it was from your new brother. I'll show you were I live and he can come see me if he wants. So do you want to pass or not."

Naruto said "Of coarse I do. How can I become Hokage if I don't become a ninja first."

Arashi said "Alright, before we begin I want you to promise me one thing. From now until the Chunnin exams in 6 months I don't want you to ask out Sakura."

Naruto frowned and said "Why."

Arashi said "Because you need to focus on training to get stronger instead of love right now. Your still young and right now Sakura cares about Sasuke who is a jerk and if you don't let her see that he is a jerk then she won't ever think of going out with you. I'm not saying she will go out with you but you should give her room to breath and grow. Also....there are other girls who like you and you have been ignoring like Sasuke ignores Sakura. You might want to step back and look around you. You might find someone you like better then Sakura. Who can tell since woman are the one thing men will never understand.....so will you calm down from trying to get with Sakura and work on being a ninja from now until the Chunnin exams."

Naruto thought a moment and said "Alright, I promise."

Arashi said "Good, the jutsu I want to show you is the Kagebunshin no Jutsu. It only has one handsign and you put as much chakra as you can into the jutsu while doing the same thing you do when you make a regular bunshin by imagining what it will look like. Here is the handsign." as he showed the handsign.

Naruto put his hands together and Arashi said "Wait, lets go into the woods so no one sees the smoke and comes to see what is going on." as he lead Naruto into the woods.

When they got there Arashi said "Go wild."

Naruto smiles and tried it and single clone appeared and then burst apart and Arashi said "Don't try to make one clone, try to make an army of them. More chakra equals more clones."

Naruto nods and tries it again and Arashi said "Try again and more, keep going until I tell you to stop."

2 hours later Naruto was panting and Arashi said "Good job Naruto, you got that jutsu down, It originally took me 3 hours to learn it as good as you since I learned it by myself and I thought I needed less chakra instead of more. Now rest while I show you 2 other things. The first is this." as he picked up a leaf and placed it on his head and made it float.

Naruto said "Hey, Iruka showed me that once."

Arashi said "That was Iruka trying to help you pass. Like I said, he is a great teacher and you should thank him because he tried to be fair to everyone. This is called the leaf excercise. It is a chakra control excercise. I want you tomorrow to come back to this place and create as many Kagebunshin as you can at one time and have them work on this excercise. Have them work on their forehead and when they get it down try it agian on their hands like this." as he showed how to do it.

Naruto asked "Why.''

Arashi said "Because anything like jutsu practice or chakra control a Kagebunshin learns is transfered to you and every clone that you have out there at the time. While your clones are working on those I want you to do this." as he walked up a tree and walked back down.

Arashi said "That is also a chakra control excercise called tree climbing. You put chakra on the bottom of your feet and us it to stick to the tree. Like the leaf excerice to much chakra and it will blow off, to little and it won't stick. I want you to work on this tomorrow and I will show up to see you but be careful and don't run out of chakra. Use a kunai to mark your progress and eat a good breakfast tomorrow but make sure to check the experation date on the food before you eat it. I'll come here around noon and I want to see your progress with the leaf balance on the hands and head and your progress on a tree."

Naruto said "Why can't you teach me another cool Jutsu like the Kagebunshin no jutsu."

Arashi said "Because the more control you have over your chakra the more cool jutsu I can teach you later. Besides, because of the seal you have to practice a lot with chakra control if you want to get better or you will get worse. Now any other questions before I leave."

Naruto said "Do I marry Sakura."

Arashi shrugs and said "I don't know, we will have to see if you someday do or don't. Cya." as he left in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto eyes got wide and thought "I am going to be so COOL when I grow up....hmm." as he looked at the 40 Kagebunshin and he said "Alright listen up. You all saw and heard Ni-san. Start working on the leaf excercise while I work on the tree climbing." as he ran at the tree and blew off on the first step.

As he landed on his back he said "Ow." before he slowly got up again and tried it again.

The next day around noon Naruto was half way up a tree when his control slipped and he back flipped and as he landed he heard clapping and he looked over and saw Arashi leaning against the tree and said "Good job on making it that far and I see your clones are also doing it now. Let me guess, you stayed out here late last night and worked on them huh."

Naruto said "Wouldn't you."

Arashi said "Probably...if I would have realised that the Kagebunshin transfered memories back to me and the others 3 years earlier. ALRIGHT KAGEBUNSHIN, all eyes on me.....good, now I want you all to fight each other as best as you can so I can see what your Taijutsu skills are, go."

All the Kagebunshin turned and began fighting each other and Arashi held up a bag to Naruto who smiled and took the bag seeing it was Ichiruka ramen and he began to eat as a slight headache hit him.

Arashi said "So, did you pass out here last night."

Naruto blushed and Arashi said "Naruto....the Kagebunshin no Jutsu is a forbidden Jounin level jutsu that can kill you. You have to be careful and when you have your clones dispell have them dispell in small groups no larger then 10 at a time when you use them for learning instead of fighting."

Naruto said "Hai Ni-san, I will." as he ate some more.

Arashi said "Good, Now you should know you can't teach that jutsu to anyone without my approval because it could kill them and you don't want that do you."

Naruto said "No, of coarse not."

Arashi said "I'm glad you understand. Jiji gave me a 2 hour lecture on that when I first learned it and I'm trying to save you from that lecture. Now I am glad to see your progress and as a reward I am going to teach you the first 5 Kata of a Taijutsu style that kicks ass called the Gama fist. Are you done eating."

Naruto who was finishing the broth said "Yes." as he threw the bowl in the bag.

Arashi said "Good, now follow me to my house and I will show you the 5 Kata there." as he got up and lead Naruto deeper into the woods and they came to a house in the woods in a small clearing and Arashi said "This house doesn't actually belong to me yet. It belongs to your godfather Jiraiya of the Sannins. I know what your thinking, if he's my godfather where has he been. The answer to that is he has been around and has helped you out but you didn't know it and also he is very important to the safety of Konoha. He's Konoha top spymaster and he looks for anything that could be a danger to Konoha and most importantly you. The apartment building you live in is owned by him and the money you get from Jiji is sent by him to Jiji for you to live on. This is his home when he comes to Konoha and it's why I live here because I plan to reveal myself to him and give him information to help Konoha without anyone knowing.....I should also meantion Ero-sannin is the worlds largest super pervert...but he taught me a lot of important lessons on life that I am forever grateful for. I hope you won't hate him for not being here for you but like I said he did what he could while protecting Konoha and you and if he would have taken you with him since he trained dad..."

Naruto said "Dad's enemies would have realised who I was and killed me....it doesn't seem fair."

Arashi put his hand on Naruto shoulder and said "A lot of things in life are not fair. All we can do is try to make the best of what comes are ways and live with the rest."

Naruto frowned and said "I don't have to like it."

Arashi said "Then change it. Do what you feel is best....but for now we got training to do. From now until Wednesday night when you goto bed I want you to keep having you Kagebunshin practice the tree climbing and the leaf balancing but try and combine them by climbing the tree while balancing one leaf and then 2 leaves and then 3 leaves. While they are doing that I want you to work on mastering the Gama Fist Kata I am about to show you. Thursday I want you to rest up and relax however you feel you should but you are not to show you know Kagebunshin to anyone unless it's the Hokage and Iruka and then on test day. After you graduate you can do whatever you feel like but remember, your trying to change the way people see you, do you want them to see you as a practical joker and prankster or someone else. I'm not saying don't prank someone but just be sure you are willing to live with the outcome of doing it."

Naruto said "Your going to tell me to do things and not to do things all the time, aren't yoy."

Arashi said "I'm your big brother, of coarse I'm going to nag you about those things all the time. It's my job.....now watch closely." as he took a stance and Naruto eyed it and after a minute he moved into the next stance and Naruto said "Why are your legs like that."

Arashi smiled and said "Because this style of Taijutsu was made by the Toads for them and Toads do a lot of leaping to cover great distances and pack a lot of power in their hits. This style is the perfect balance of speed and power. After you learn all 40 Kata of this style I am going to teach you the improved version of it that I made and once you can do that I will challenge you to improve it even further. I want you to surpass me in every way little brother. Now watch as I do the rest."

Naruto watched them and after Arashi finished he said "Now create your Kagebunshin army to go practice chakra control while you do the Kata and I will correct you for the next hour."

Naruto said "Hai." as he created 120 Kagebunshin and Arashi thought "Not bad but he's not touching his real power yet." as he watched Naruto send his clones into the woods and took the first stance.

Arashi said "Move your left foot a little more and bend your knees a little more...good, shoulders back...." as he continue to correct Naruto form.

After an hour was up Arashi said "Good, now I have a task for you. That clearing where you trained at before. I want you to take this shovel and go back to that clearing and I want you to dig me a 20 foot wide and 10 foot deep hole."

Naruto said "Why." looking confused.

Arashi said "The actual digging will strengthen your arms and shoulders making it where you can punch harder. Also the hole is going to be used for your future training. I want that hole finished by next sunday and you are not allowed to use your Kagebunshin to help you. If you are done with it by then I will teach you another jutsu and show you the next 5 Kata. If not then you will have fill that hole back in and move to another clearing and start all over again until you get it done in a weeks time. Also, when you get out from the accademy every day I want you to come here for 1 hour of Kata practice on those 5 Kata where we will work on moving between each Kata and increasing your speed in them. After that you will leave and go back to that clearing and train and also work on that hole. As long as you come for that 1 hour of Kata practice everyday after school, have your Kagebunshin work on chakra control, rest on Thursday so you will be ready to pass on Friday and finish that hole I don't care what you do with your free time but don't come here unless I tell you to and only when I tell you to."

Naruto looked confused and asked "Why can't I come see you when I want to."

Arashi said "Because I will be busy working else where. I need money to live off of and there is no reason for you to come here when nobody is here and also this house is a secret that only a few people know of and there are those like Mizuki who might say you are breaking in here if they find you here without me here to tell them your allowed. You don't want to get in trouble, do you."

Naruto looked down and said "No...I guess I was worried you didn't want me around."

Arashi put his hand on Naruto shoulder and said "Never going to happen. The only time you can break that rule is if you decide your ready to talk to Iruka about your bunshin and Jiji wants to come see me. Tell him to come to your godfathers place to talk to me and tell him I'm not coming into town either because I don't want the one armed bandit to know about me."

Naruto asked "One armed bandit...whose that."

Arashi said "A royal pain in the ass. Jiji will understand and you will also once you make Chunnin."

Naruto said "Alright...so do I need to leave now."

Arashi said "Yeah, I got to meet someone soon about a job. I wish I could talk more and maybe later we can but for now this is all I can do....besides, if you really want to get strong you need to learn to figure things out on your own and train yourself without someone telling you to. If your sensei isn't there when you arrive do light warm ups like situps and pushups and squats like you did in the accademy to help build up your muscles. Do a light jog around your training ground or practice chakra control. Always look for ways to improve yourself."

Naruto smiled and said "OK. I'll show you Ni-san, I'll surpass you."

Arashi said "I hope your right. Remember though you can't tell anyone about dad. You can tell about mom but not dad and don't meantion Ero-sannin is your godfather either. Now go, spread the flames of youth."

Naruto looked confused and Arashi shook his head and said "It's a joke you will figure out later. Cya tomorrow bro." as he walked toward the cabin.

Naruto turned and ran into the woods with the shovel.

When Arashi walked into the house a person who was sitting at the table said "Did you really have to quote Lee and Gai."

Arashi said "At least I didn't tell him to wear spandex."

The person at the table said "I would have killed you...so what do you think will happen now."

Arashi said "I figure Jiji going to come here ready to kill me demanding answers sometimes this week....so when are you going to reveal yourself Haruka."

A woman with red hair and green eyes said "The day of team placements at lunch Arashi."

Arashi said "Good....you know, I wonder if he's will paint the Hokage monument like I did."

Haruka said "He's you, of coarse he is....so how are you feeling."

Arashi frowned and said "I'll need treatment tomorrow. It's about every 6 days right now."

Haruka said "Has the seal collapsed anymore."

Arashi said "No, I think I've managed to stabilize it for now but Kyuubi chakra is still poisoning me since it's to much for the filter. The only hope we have is if Ero-sannin can fix the filter. I may know a lot about seals but I'm not as good as Ero-sannin and dad were."

Haruka walked over and hugged Arashi said "We will find a way to save you my love."

Arashi closed his eyes and said "I can't believe were together after all this time."

Haruka said "You can't believe it. I can't believe that you were a...." as she was silenced by him placing his finger to her mouth and he said "That's all history now. Everyone we knew are gone. All we have left is each other and a chance to start a new life here. If Jiji, Bachan, and Ero-sannin agree then we can get a little more of our life back."

Haruka said "It will all work out. I promise."

Arashi said "I'm glad." as he sat down at the table where a meal was waiting for him and he began to eat.