The next morning when Naruto awoke he found himself in bed with Tsume and thought "What the hell happened. All I remember was pain and a tunnel of light."

Note: If you can't figure that out it was tunnel vision from flying so fast from Tsunade punch.

Tsume feeling Naruto moving slowly opened her eyes and said "Morning." in a half sleep, half awake voice.

Naruto asked "What happened."

Tsume said "I'm not sure. Hana said you crashed into the hotsprings and seemed to be knocked out. What happened."

Naruto rubbed his head and said "I'm not sure. I remember pain and then a tunnel of light...what time is it."

Tsume said "6:30 am."

Naruto frowned and said "Damn it. I'm suppose to be at the accademy soon to find out what team I'm on."

Tsume blinked and set up and said "You already did...yesterday."

Naruto looked at her and said "Nice joke but I'm the king of pranks...your serious...why can't I remember any...thing." as he grabbed his head.

Tsume asked "Are you alright."

Naruto said "I...I'm not sure...I remember a couple of things...mostly a woman with huge breast turning into a demon and then...I could hurts. I flew through some trees like they were twigs."

Tsume sweatdropped and said "I think you should go take a shower. I'll go fix some breakfast and maybe some more of your memories will return."

Naruto nods and got up and went to the bathroom and Tsume thought "Only one person could punch a guy that hard. So your back in town and attacked my mate. I'll have to show you what happens when you mess with this bitches Mate."

Naruto after taking a shower and getting dressed in his cloths that Tsume had bought him and more memories of what happened the day before returend he sat down at the table and asked "Where's Hana and Kiba."

Tsume said "Kiba left to meet his team and said Arashi told you all not to eat. Hana also had a mission this morning. She'll be gone for the next week or 2."

Naruto frowned and said "Damn it Kiba, Ni-san said "Don't eat or you would throw up. I'd rather eat and throw up then be hungry later because you never know when your next meal will be."

Tsume smiled and said "Very good. I'm glad you realise that."

Naruto said "Yeah. I know that rule well...Did Kiba tell about his fuck up."

Tsume blinked and asked "What fuck up."

Naruto told her about what Kiba told Shino and what Naruto promised to do for revenge as they ate and Tsume frowned and said "I'll make sure that little runt sleeps the rest of the month in the kennal for that."

Naruto sighed and looked at the door and said "I...I'm scared Tsume-chan. People started to treat me different because of my dad. What will they do now that they know I'm a prince."

Tsume walked over and pulled him in a hug and said "Just remember those who stood beside you before they found out and if they still stand beside them, trust them."

Naruto smiled slightly and patted her arm and said "Thanks...I should probably go."

Tsume said "Yeah...unless you want to get lost on the road of life with me."

Naruto blinked and thought a moment and smirked before grabbing her hand and leaving the room together."

At 11:30 Naruto came walking up to training ground 7 where both Sasuke and Sakura were and both looked dead tired and hungry and Sakura screamed "YOUR LATE."

Naruto said "Sorry that I'm late. I got lost on the road of life." with a relax smile on his face.

Just then a swirl of leaves appeared and Sakura said "Your late also."

Kakashi blinked and looked at Sakura and asked "What do you mean also."

Sakura pointed to Naruto and said "He just got here."

Naruto said "Hey, I got a perfectly good excuse for being late."

Kakashi said "Really, what."

Naruto said "I got lost on the road of life."

Kakashi said " too. Thirsty."

Naruto said "Hmm...yeah, a little. You."

Kakashi said "No, I'm good. I had plenty to drink before I showed up here."

Naruto said "I drank plenty early this morning and had my fill but afte being lost on the road of life makes you a little tired, sweaty, and thirsty."

Kakashi said "Tell me about it."

Sakura who eyebrow was twitching said "God damn it. If you hurry the fuck up with this test I'll let you have something to drink from my supply."

Both Naruto and Kakashi blinked and looked at each other and Naruto looked back at Sakura and said "You do know you just told us that we both could have oral sex with you right."

Sakura turned beat red and said "No I didn't pervert. I see that punch from Tsunade-sama didn't teach you anything Naruto-no-baka."

Naruto said "I am not a pervert. You were the one who was talking about giving us a drink from your supply when me and this guy here were talking about how we got lost on the road of life. The road of life is south of the huge things boobzilla had on view for the world to see. I don't know who this guy got lost on but bitch-chan sure as hell can make me thirsty."

Sakura looked between Kakashi and Naruto and screamed "Your both perverts."

Kakashi said "hmm, you say something."

Sakura screamed and charged Kakashi and threw a punch at him and the next moment Kakashi had Sakura pinned to the ground and said "The loudest one is usually the biggest idiot. Now all 3 of you stand up in front of me." as he released Sakura and put his book away.

Kakashi saw all 3 form up with Naruto on the left, Sasuke on the right and Sakura in the middle and Kakashi said "My name is Hatake Kakashi and if you pass my test then you will become members of team 7. If you do not pass it then you will be sent back to the accademy for remedial traiing. Now my test is simple. You must get one of these before this runs out." as he held up a pair of bells and then a clock.

Sakura said "But there are only 2 bells."

Kakashi said "Very observant loudmouth. That means one of you will fail and be sent back to the accademy...are you ready...go." as he put the clock down and started it.

Sasuke jumped into the trees as did Sakura. Naruto stood there looking at Kakashi and then at the bells and then at the clock and Kakashi said "You know, compared to the others, your a little wierd."

Naruto looked at him and after several moments asked "Have we met before Kakashi-sensei."

Kakashi said "No."

Naruto narrowed his eyes and said "You remind me of ANBU who protected me sometimes as a kid...I really like what Yuna did with Ken in the snow cave."

Kakashi chuckled and said "Really...what happened."

Naruto said "Don't know, red eyes came in and burned the book after beating the hell out of Jiji. I just got to the part where Ken was doing that thing with his tongue."

Kakashi smiled behind his mask and said "You do know time is running out."

Naruto said "Yeah...but I can keep you busy to allow my teammates to work out what to do to get the bell. I'll sacrifice myself for the greater good. It's what I'm use to...but you really just wasting our time. I mean, Sakura smart and if she thinks about it she will realise what the greater good is..but even if she doesn't she's also Sasuke fangirl and will do anything for him. That means she will work with him. Sasuke thinks he's better then anyone and will try to get the bell on his own with Sakura who I figure is looking for Sasuke for either option A or B will either act as a distraction to aid Sasuke or will try to work together. With me acting as bait to keep you here then they have a chance to work as a team to get the 2 bells and I've already said I'll take the fall for the greater good. There for we all pass...besides, now that Sasuke knows about all the shit that happened yesterday the only way the Hokage and the council can be sure not to lose the Sharingan is to tie Sasuke to a bed and let some of his fangirls rape him which might have happened from the burns I saw around his wrist or make him a ninja where you could keep an eye on him. Konoha also not going to want me or Ni-san on the run to much with what was said yesterday so politics again will force the council and Jiji to pass this team and then Sakura here as someone I had a crush on meaning I most likely won't want to leave her behind and she won't want to leave Sasuke behind and will scream her head off alerting you if Sasuke tries to make a run for it to find Maddy. Either way your wasting our training time and your reading time."

Silence went through the clearing and Kakashi said "And how did you come up with that."

Naruto said "Bitch-chan promised me a second trip on the road of life if I could get done by 1pm so on my way here I sent a kagebunshin to Jiji office, grab his secret stash of sake and a lighter and threatened to burn his Icha Icha paradise it he didn't tell me a quick way to pass your test. Now pass us cyclops. There's pussy waiting."

Sakura screamed "YOU PERVERT. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU. IS YOUR BROTHER PERVERTED LIKE THAT." as she came out of the woods pissed off.

Naruto said "I don't know, ask Nee-chan. I know women are just as perverted as men. If you weren't you wouldn't believe that old wise tale about mens feet and look at them all day."

Sakura turned bright red and Kakashi chuckled and said "What do you both think. Can you work with each other as a team."

Sasuke said "Dobe...are you planning to get revenge on Madara."

Naruto looked at Sasuke and said "Revenge no...justice...yes. Madara stole from the graves of my ancestors and is responsible for my parents death. As long as he dies I don't care who gets the final long as he goes down."

Sasuke nods and said "I can work with the dobe."

Sakura said "I...I think I should file a restraining order."

Naruto snorts and said "Sakura...your not my type." as he turned and started to walk away.

Sakura eyes widen and said "What did you say."

Naruto turned and said "I said your not my type. Maybe someday you will be but right now if you and I got together it would be because of what I am, not who I am or it would be because I was second best. I've got 2 women already in my life who care for me as me...why should I sell myself short. I'll be your teammate, I'll be your friend...hell I'll become your best friends...but I won't become a second choice or a stepping stone...we both deserve better then did we pass."

Kasashi looked at Sakura who was stunned and said "Sakura...Sakura...SAKURA."

Sakura shook a little in surprise and said "Yes Sensei."

Kakashi said "Do you have a problem with being teammates with either Sasuke or Naruto."

Sakura looked at both and shook her head no and Kakashi said "Good...then before I tell you my answer I want to tell you about something else. Do you see that stone over there...that is the hero stone...every person on that stone is a hero...they are a hero for saving the lives of thier teammates and comrads. They died for the greater good...Those who don't follow the rules are trash, but those who abandon thier comrads are worse then trash...from this day forward Team 7 passes. Meet here tomorrow at 8 am. Dismissed."

Naruto turned and bolted toward the trees and within 3 leaps was already jumping from branch to branch away from the rest of the team.

Kakashi said "Impressive. Looks like his chakra control is getting better." as he pulled out his Icha Icha and shushin away.

Sakura began to open her mouth and Sasuke said "No." as he walked away.

Sakura closed her mouth and frowned and thought "This isn't how I thought being on a team would be like...what should I do...I guess Nee-chan was right. Just worry about myself and train...lets see..." as she pulled out the scroll Hakura gave her and began to read it.

Naruto came to a stop at the Inuzuka clan compound and entered and saw Tsume and Yoshina sitting there and Naruto said "So..."

Tsume smiled and said "It's possitive. Your going to be a father."

Naruto smiled and screamed "KANBI." as he ran up to Tsume and hugged her.

Yoshina smiled and said "I'm happy for you both."

Tsume said "Thank how was your test Naruto."

Naruto said "It was alright. I lied through my teeth and black mailed Jiji into telling me how to pass quickly so I could get back here to find out if you were really pregnant...I also let Sakura go."

Yoshina said "Really. I thought you liked her."

Naruto said "In a way...I think I might have...but I realised it wasn't really her I wanted but what she could give me...I won't stoop as low as others. I won't use someone for what they have or what they are. I'll see them for who they are and that's it."

Yoshina nods and said "That's very wise...well I must be going. Congradulation again and good luck." as she left.

Tsume said "So...what all really happened on the test."

Naruto told her and when he was done Tsume was holding her side laughing and said "Oh, I have got to tell Hana about that when she gets back...but why did you call me bitch-chan."

Naruto said "So others won't realise it's you right now."

Tsume asked "So what's Hana name going to be to protect here."

Naruto said "Minibitch."

Tsume rolled on the floor laughing and said "Oh god. Thank you...I love you Naruto."

Naruto said "And I love you Tsume-chan." as he walked over and kissed her and Tsume returned it before she stood up and said "Come on...Don't want people think your words not true. Lets celebrate." as she dragged him toward teh bedroom."

A little bit later Kiba found a note on the door telling him to sleep at the kennel as the sound of animals mating was heard inside the house and Kiba said "At least at the kennals I'll get a good night sleep." as he left.