Summary: Out casted from society, they hid behind their ink. They were not expecting someone else to come in and break down all of their barriers that they built together only to make their bonds to each other stronger.

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The ink that ran along my body conveyed my innocence lost. Each piece of work told a story. Stories of drunken nights and hardships endured. So many cover my body that the ink practically runs through my veins like blood.


Blood lost, blood gained.

My past is not something that I want to relive, yet I paint these everlasting pictures that are daily reminders to what I have done, what I have lost, what I have lived. Call me masochistic but this is my drug.

Almost no one understands how at the ripe age of nineteen I could have seen and lived through so much already.

I was never normal, could never have had a normal teenager's life. I grew up in a small town called Forks. Population: A little over three thousand, with one little elementary school, one middle school and one high school. Forget college, you weren't expected to go. Once you reached graduation, you were to take on work and keep the small town going. I was fine with this for I fully expected to ditch this town once I was done with school. Since there is no expectation for a college career, the state felt that they had to impose a new law that stated that high school in the small town of Forks would last another two years and act as a community college of the sort. This way anyone who wanted to leave this dreary wet hell wouldn't be that unprepared for the real world.

I was out casted from the moment I popped into this world. My mother, a whore for all intents and purposes, left my father when I was just old enough to remember her. She couldn't at least have left before I had to any recollection of her, you know what they say, you cannot miss what you never knew. But I am happy to say that she was a horrible enough woman that she left no imprint in my life other than the drunken hazes and bruises she left in her wake, I have no idea what Charlie saw in her. My father. Oh what a man. Chief of fucking police in this small forgotten town, yet he cannot seem to keep his own daughter from going out at the age of fourteen to get her first tattoo. And how do you think she paid for said tattoo? That's right, you guessed it. I lost my fucking virginity to pay for a tattoo the size of a slice of cheese. That tattoo of a heart still resides on my arm as a reminder to never again wear my heart on my sleeve. It'll only hurt you in the long run.

The only exceptions to that rule were to my only friends that also resided in this dismal excuse of a town. Edward Masen and Alice Brandon. They both, like me, hid themselves in their own ink. In fact that is where I met both of them. When I was thirteen I went with my friend, Jacob to get his first tattoo and when we walked into the shop, there was Edward, all scrawny and awkward, sitting in a chair getting his own first. It was one hell of a first too. It took three sessions with all the damn detail, but it was definitely worth it in the long run. It was a tribal design that covered his left shoulder and some of his left peck. I later found out that the significance for this tattoo was to be bold like the jagged lines that his tattoo consisted of, and to just live your life without a second thought. So far he has done pretty well with that. We have been inseparable since.

Alice. She was Edward's friend that he brought with him to get his tattoo. They had just met each other as well and found a common ground with their interest in permanent body art. Edward with his tattoos and Alice with her piercings. Don't get me wrong, all three of us have a fair share of each, but Alice's true addiction is in piercing anything and everything she can. I was sitting with Jake when I decided to go outside for a smoke. It was outside the shop where I met Alice. She was outside smoking before she got her tongue pierced. I could tell that she was excited but also nervous, it wasn't her first piercing but this was the tongue we were talking about. I had already gotten mine pierced when I turned twelve. Call me crazy for being so young but that was just something I did to pass the time in my boring life. Alice began asking me questions a mile a minute once she saw that I already had mine pierced. Usually I didn't like bouncy people considering I was more of a mellow person, but there was something about Alice that I liked immediately. She was tiny in the extreme, I mean at thirteen years old, we are not anywhere near fully developed, but I was already five feet and Alice was still at least four and a half feet. I told her that the worst of the pain was initially and that after that she would be okay. The tongue is, after all, the fastest healing place to be pierced. After we finished our smokes, we went back inside and Alice introduced me to Edward. Then she proceeded to tell me that she needed me to sit with her while she got her piercing. I gladly obliged, happy of the prospect of meeting new friends that I genuinely liked.

When Alice finished we went back out and I talked to both Edward and Alice. Jake also jumped into the conversation until the artist told him to stop moving which caused us all to laugh. I found out that both Edward and Alice were in the process of moving to Forks and were going to be next door neighbors. Even better was the fact that the houses their families bought were right across the street from my house. For once in my life it felt like something was going right. We have all been inseparable ever since and both Edward and Alice were there when I had a falling out with Jake four months later. Two months after that when I turned fourteen, I got my first tattoo. My colorful anatomical heart on the underside of my bicep. It is a painful but necessary reminder to never again wear my heart on my sleeve where it can easily be ripped off and taken advantage of.

Edward and Alice were there for that too.

All three of us were haunted by our own demons. In fact before Alice moved to Forks, she was a foster child. She doesn't remember her biological parents who she lived with until she was eleven, when her next door neighbor found her lying, passed out, on her front step. Apparently, her parents were druggies and had used Alice as their own personal human lab rat to test their new concoctions on in order to see her reactions to the new drugs they were making. It was a despicable case of abuse and in a way, we are all glad that she doesn't remember her disgusting excuses for parents. They definitely did not deserve Alice.

Edward in his own way was a foster child as well, but he still lived with family. His aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle Cullen took him in after his alcoholic father beat his mother and gambled all of their money away. Edward was lucky enough to be sent to boarding school while all of this happened at home and therefore he was not exposed to it. But that doesn't make it any less hard on him. When you leave for school with a perfect family and come back with your mother in the hospital on suicide watch and your father in rehab, it really messes up our mind.

Over the next six years, we would fill our skin with metal and ink. All three of us got full back pieces of our own personal demons, reminders of what hid underneath our skin. It took a really long time to plan those out, and they are probably the most meaningful to all three of us where our pasts are concerned, I mean they take up our entire fucking backs so they better be pretty damn important. Edward got his done in five sessions, mine took six and Alice's took eight because she is so fucking tiny and she hates pain. I don't blame her, I'm a sucker when it comes to needles, but the pain I love, I welcome it.

We were a pretty messed up trio, and alone we would all probably be on the streets dealing or selling our bodies, but together, we kept each other sane. We were in no way shape or form emo or gothic like the rumors say, but we just don't care enough to prove them wrong. We were not popular, but we were well known. Our marked skin and pierced flesh were like flashing lights that said stay away. People were scared of us, and even teachers did not dare to cross us after school let out. Our lives sound so much like a melodrama, but we really don't do anything. What gives us our reputation is what people make us out to be. The fact that we are together all the time just fuels all of those rumors.

We would like nothing more than to just tell them all to go and fuck themselves, but that would only be feeding the fire, and that is definitely not what we need. In no way were any of us poor, in fact we were probably the three richest people in the fucking town, even though that isn't saying much since our town consists of lower income families. Edward's biological parents are both persons of the state, so they had no need for money, and therefore, whatever his dad managed to not gamble away was signed over to him once he turned eighteen. It was still a huge sum and made Edward an overnight millionaire.

Alice's story is one for the books. The little pixie has a way of predicting things, so the day after her eighteenth birthday, she declared that she was going to go buy a lottery ticket. Edward and I thought she was crazy, after all look at where we were. Who in their right minds would put the winning ticket in fucking Forks, Washington? We tried to convince her that she would be better off buying it down in Olympia or Seattle, but no, fucking pixie had to buy it at the only convenience store that Forks had to offer. The money pot? 2.2 billion. It was one of those pots that hadn't been claimed for over a year and a half so it just kept on building. It was bound to have more than one winner, but as luck turns out, guess who won that fucking jackpot? That's right, Alice is a fucking billionaire, and good thing at that too cause the girl loves to shop designer, but hey, we all like nice things, and it pays for all the ink and metal.

I, like Edward, inherited my money, but it wasn't overnight like E. From the time I was little, I knew that when I turned eighteen I would be inheriting a fucking large ass trust fund from Charlie's parents. Charlie may be a minimum wage police chief, but his parents were definitely not hillbillies. His mother was a successful investor and his father was known as the billionaire ball-buster lawyer of California. Since I was their only grandchild, I was doted upon, that is whenever I actually got to see them which was only a handful of times since they didn't really talk to Charlie. In a way I believe that that is one of the main reasons why my mother stayed around for as long as she did, she was hoping to cash in big. But when it was made blatantly obvious that she was not going to receive anything at least until I turned eighteen, she split like a purebred racehorse.

Fucking cunt.

People guessed that we were well off because of the clothes we wear and our means of transportation, but other than that, we try to hide it, except Alice that is. When she won the lottery it was like a storm flew into our small town. Everyone wanted to know how this small girl who didn't look a day over sixteen who lived in a small forsaken town, won the lottery. Especially one that hadn't seen any winners in over a year. Countless of charities asked for donations and the year she won, Fork's amount of homeless people rose. Not that people in Forks were going broke because of Alice, but because homeless people from other towns were coming to Forks to try and mooch off of Alice's winnings. Alice generously donated to meaningful charities, especially to drug awareness ones, but she stood her ground when it came to homeless people trying to claim that they were related to her in order to get a piece of that fat check.

You might be wondering what we did in terms of our social lives in the last seven years that we have known each other. Well when we all turned eighteen, which coincidentally enough, our birthday's all fell within two weeks of each other, we moved out of our respective homes and into one that we bought together. The only thing was that all of our parents were okay with it as long as we didn't move out of this town until we were done with school.

Edward and I did try dating when we were sixteen. We lasted a year and a half until one day we just decided that we work better as friends. Alice and him also tried it out, but called it quits after a few weeks saying that it was like sleeping with your brother, which it was, it was as close to incestuous as we could get. All three of us still got together occasionally, but only after a hard night of partying. The good thing about it was that we were too close to be awkward about it when the three of us woke up the next morning naked with no recollection of what happened the previous night. We would just detangle our bodies, take separate showers and come back together as friends.

This brings us back to the present. I was lying in bed waiting for my alarm clock to ring to get up and get ready for another monotonous day at school. I could hear Alice's iPod playing while she was taking a shower. She was such a morning person, but I knew for a fact that she woke up extra early to get ready today. We were expecting three new students. Same grade and apparently the reason why they were coming to Forks was because they were all kicked out of their old school, but we of all people know how false rumors can be. Charlie did say that they moved into the house three doors down from him.

Of all three of us, Alice was the one that was affected by our social out casting the most. She was a social butterfly at heart and even though she was perfectly content with Edward and me, part of her still desired to branch out, but with out reputations it was hard. But this explained the extra effort put into her getting ready today. Edward and I were both excited too but we were much more composed about it.

Suddenly, my alarm clock started blaring out the lyrics to Amanda Blank's song Might Like You Better. I quickly shut it off and hopped out of bed. Way too fast. I started to fall but at the last second, I caught myself on the side of my bed. I never used to be clumsy, but ever since I grew, it was like my mind didn't register the height difference, apparently in my mind I was still 5'4" when really I was tall for a girl standing just short of 5'11". It just made my freak status all the more well known. Who doesn't know the pierced and inked up tall freak? Alice grew a lot considering that when I met her she was the size of my pinky, figuratively speaking that is, standing at around 5'7". Lastly, Edward, he is a giant now at around 6'5". We all go running together to stay in shape and even though we don't play any sports for school, we are all pretty decent at basketball.

I hopped into the shower and from the weak water pressure, I could tell that all three of us were in the shower right now. I washed my hair face and body and then shaved. When I got out I dried off and then wrapped my towel around my body. I walked to my closet to decide what to wear. I decided on a black and white print flow-y tank with white skinny jeans, my black pumps and my leather jacket. I was proud of my outfit and I had to admit that I looked fucking good.

I went downstairs to grab a cereal bar and a bottle of water when Alice came waltzing downstairs. She was wearing my hibiscus print jeans that I let her borrow with a white strapless top with grey boots and a leather jacket. Now I'm all for the guys but Alice looked fucking hot.

"Damn girl looking good. Any reason in particular as to why you look so put together?" I smirked at her. Alice just laughed and said,

"I could say the same thing about you, Bitch." We were laughing when Edward came downstairs.

He was wearing a plain black t-shirt that hugged his well defined torso with dark wash jeans and black Pumas. He decided to forgo the jacket today. Normally even though it is no secret how armored up we are, we still try our best to cover most of our ink during school hours. It's the least we can do to prevent our teachers from having heart attacks.

"What's so funny you two?" Edward asked raising a brow.

"Oh you know, this and that" Alice and I both responded at the same time. It was an inside joke that we all had together when the story wasn't worth repeating.

"Well then if you are finished we really have to get to school. I have to stop by at Carlisle's place first, so either we leave together now or we take separate cars." Edward explained

Alice got a speculative look in her eyes and then responded,

"We'll take separate cars today" she said with a grin, I had no idea what this pixie was up to now and by Edward's raised brow, neither did he.

"Care to explain your reasoning Ali?" I asked

"Well what's a little show and tell gonna hurt the new kids, right?" she grinned evilly

Edward and I both stared at her for a beat before chuckling.

"Okay then, that's settled. I'll see you two at school" He turned and started walking towards the garage, "Drive safely!" He called over his shoulder.

"You too!" Alice and I both yelled back to him.

We could both hear Edwards bike roar to life right before we heard him screeching off down the road. Another thing about out little impromptu family: we love speed.

"So are we also taking separate cars or are we going together?" I asked Alice once the sound of Edward's bike disappeared in the distance.

"Separate silly" Alice said wincing slightly while she tried not to scratch her newest piece of work on her left hip. It was an identical heart like mine but the meanings behind were different. While mine was to not let people in as easily, Alice's was to keep her heart open to new things and to always stay open-minded.

After about ten more minutes of just hanging out eating our breakfasts, we raced each other to the garage to get into our respective cars. Alice had a beautiful Ferrari 612 while I had my baby, my Lamborghini Gallardo. I was actually a bit surprised that Edward didn't take his Aston Martin, but once we opened up our garage doors I knew why. It was a rare but beautiful day. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping. I revved my engine and sped out of my garage pausing just long enough to hit the button to close my garage door, Alice hot on my tail. We sped down the roads blasting our stereos, not even caring if there was a hidden police officer hiding behind the next bend in the road. All three of us had spotless records when it came to our driving. There was no way in hell that we would risk any of our babies due to a high speed chase. The drive to school takes about twenty minutes since when we moved, we moved to the town's limits just to get that much farther away from our parental supervisors. Call us immature, but if we're going to move into a different house to get away from the parentals, well then god dammit we were going to push our limits. With our speed we were pulling up into the school's parking lot in a little under twelve minutes. I was actually surprised that Edward had beaten us since he had to make an extra stop to go to Carlisle and Esme's. He was leaning against his bike with his arms crossed and I had to admit, if I didn't know him, he would look really fucking intimidating. The ink just adds to the effect. Everyone was giving him a wide berth, but the girls were still staring. We may be outcasts, but both Alice and Edward were almost inhumanly beautiful and I am in no way vain, but I did know that I was far from the worst fish in the pond.

Normally the spaces on either side of whosever car we take would be left car free due to the other students being too scared to accidentally leave a scratch or ding on one of our means of transportation. I never minded this since our cars were our babies, but it just added to our separation to the other students. But today on the left side of Edward's beautiful BMW s1000rr was another beauty. A gorgeous red BMW M6 coupe was parked next to Edward and on the other side of the beamer was another beauty, a Ducati 1098. These had to belong to the new kids, and suddenly I was even more excited to see who they were. I just hoped they weren't the average spoiled snob that would only make our school experience more miserable. Alice and I pulled into the two empty spaces to the right of Edward's bike and I shut off my engine and got out of the car.

Right then I saw a tall boy with wavy blond locks that fell to right under his ears, walking out of the main office and towards the Ducati with a helmet.

Ahh so he is the owner of that beautiful piece of machinery…

He had on a white t-shirt covered by a leather jacket with dark wash jeans and Docs. He was the most handsome man that I have ever laid eyes on. Two others walked out of the main office then, a gorgeous blond that seemed fit for the runway and a brawny boy. Both were tall and insanely good looking. She was wearing a cute multicolored top with an off-white leather, bleach spotted jeans and a pair of white heels. The brawny boy was wearing light jeans with a white t-shirt and red sweater. They both walked towards the beamer and I wasn't surprised when the girl was the one with the keys, that car just did not fit the brawny boy. All three of them were extremely good looking, and they had the potential to become the most popular kids in the school, but none of them looked stuck up, in fact all of them looked down when they walked and when they did look up, you could tell that there was pain in their eyes.

Just then the Ducati owner took off his jacket and to say I was surprised at what I saw would be an understatement. All up and down his arms were his own reminders of the life he had lived.

Right then I made it my goal to find out all of the stories that his ink had to offer. Suddenly, school wasn't as dull.

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