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Earth, 3rd planet from a yellow sun. On this planet the people mourned as the body of Superman was placed into a space coffin made for him by the people of the earth.

The President of the United States said "Today we send our adopted son back to the stars from which he came to rejoin his people. He leaves us with his memory, his inspiration, and his hope for a peaceful world for us and our future generations. We say goodbye to you Superman, and thank you. You maybe gone but you will never be forgotten. May your legend live on forever."

At that moment the space coffin was launched into space.

Many years later on a planet similar to earth the space coffin of Superman began to enter a planet as a massive battle between the ninja of Konoha and the Kyuubi no Kitsune was taking place.

Gambunta stood in front of the Kyuubi with the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze holding his infant son having just finished the handsigns to summon the Shinigami who was now reaching for the soul of the Kyuubi when the space coffin flew over Minato shoulder slamming into the Kyuubi body making the Kyuubi scream out in pain and rage as the coffin broke his collarbone and left shoulder bone and damaging his heart.

The Kyuubi screamed "Damn you humans...I will return and kill you all." as he began to limp away in pain with the now empty space coffin still stab into his chest.

As the Sandaime Hokage arrived beside the body of the Yondaime he saw the seal on Naruto stomach glowing showing it was setting and thought "But the Kyuubi alive and walking away so what was sealed." as he picked up Naruto.

Kakashi who arrived asked "What happened sir. I saw what looked like a meteorite slam into the Kyuubi shoulder."

The Sandaime said "Kakashi, take Naruto to my place and stay with him. Something was sealed inside him but not the Kyuubi. It may have been Minato soul or maybe part of that meteor."

Kakashi asked "What will you tell the people."

The Sandaime said "The truth, the Yondaime was going to seal the Kyuubi into an orphan child but the meteorite slammed into the Kyuubi before he could and so the Yondaime who had summoned the Shinigami still loss his life."

Kakashi said "OK. I will take him now." as he shushined away with Naruto.

5 years later. Naruto was holding the body of his adopted father Asuma Sarutobi crying as a missing nin laughed and said "First the Sandaime son and now the Yondaimes son." as he raised the bloody kunai up and slammed it down toward Naruto who was looking at the kunai in fear as it made contact with his skin and broke into several pieces.

The missing nin said "What." in shock.

Naruto got over being scared and glared at the man and the next moment the man was screaming as he felt intense heat on his head before it exploded.

The Sandaime who had came in right as the kunai broke saw this and thought "So another ability appears." as he rushed over to check on Asuma and saw the wound to his heart and looked at Naruto sadly and Naruto said "He's gone jiji....dads dead....he killed him, he killed dad and called me the Yondaime's son....why." as he began to cry.

The Sandaime held his adopted grandson and said "The world is a cruel place Naruto. Bad things happen to good people." as he let a tear fall himself for the loss of his son and the innocence of his grandson.

10 years later

The Sandaime Hokage was looking at the 2 people in his office. One was Hatake Kakashi who was reading his Icha Icha paradise book. Beside him was the newly premoted Jounin Kurenai Yuuhi.

Just then a swirl of leaves appeared in the room and a ANBU with a demon design on his mask appeared and the Sandaime said "Ah, Oni, just who we were waiting on."

Oni said "What is your orders sir." in a neutral tone.

The Sandaime pulled out a file and said "Naruto Sarutobi, Age 15, gennin at age 5, chunnin at age 7, Sannin apprentice at the age of 8, became a fire temple guard at the age of 10, ANBU at the age of 12 and ANBU captain at age 14. Mission history, 46 S-rank, 91 A-rank, 111-B rank, 57 C-rank, 86 D-rank. You have never failed a missions.....that is quite a record you have there Oni. Please remove your mask."

Oni reached up and removed his mask showing his blue eyes with black centers and pulled back his cloak and showed blond spike hair with flat black hair mixed in.

Sarutobi smiled and said "There, I never did like talking to you with that mask. I am sure you already know Kakashi."

Naruto smiled and said "It's good to see you again Captain."

Kakashi said "Were both the same rank now Naruto. I am no longer your captain....but both your fathers would have been proud of you."

Naruto nods smiling slightly and looks at Kurenai and smirked and Kakashi giggled knowing what Naruto just did and Naruto said "Naruto Sarutobi, and you are."

Kurenai said "Kurenai Yuuhi Naruto-san." in a polite but neutral tone.

Sarutobi coughed and said "Now the reason you are here Naruto, I am removing you from ANBU and giving you a premotion to Jounin."

Naruto smiled turned to a frown and said "Uh-huh....so what is it this time. Bastards on the council wouldn't let me out of ANBU without a pretty damn good excuse."

Kurenai looked confused and shocked by the lack of respect and Kakashi said "Naruto is a...special case Kurenai. He has several unique abilities that make him a good candidate for a lifetime ANBU operative and the councils has been pushing for that since he was 5 years old and these abilities first appeared. It was only thanks to the Sandaime stepping in and passing several restrictions that you have to be at least a chunnin for a set amount of time that kept him from being drafted into the ANBU then."

Naruto said "And the buzzards have been abusing me ever since. All those B-rank and highers I did once I entered ANBU. Kakashi must think very highly of you for some reason if he goes out of his way to tell you about why I act like a jackass sometimes when the council is involved. So what's her story Kakashi, why the informal history lesson."

Sarutobi said "Kurenai here is a Rookie Jounin like yourself Naruto. 21 years old. She was rookie of the year her graduating class and graduated a year early. She is a genjutsu specialist and..."

Naruto said "She was Yakumo sensei for a little while also right. Now I remember where I heard your name from."

Kurenai eyes widen slightly and she looked at Naruto and Sarutobi said "Yes....remember when I meantioned about having someone seal off her abilities Kurenai...well the person I was refering to was Naruto here."

Naruto said "But luckily I discovered another way out. Turns out her trouble was from a minor demon who was drawn to her powers of genjutsu and added to them to make her do his bidding. I encountered the demon and destroyed him. I understand her clan has taken her back in and has been helping her get stronger if I heard correctly."

Kurenai turned back to the Sandaime who nods and said "Yes, she has. In fact she will be placed with a Gennin team this time around which brings us to why you are here. I have already gave out the other team assignments this year but I had 3 teams left. Team 7 is a must pass team consisting of Sasuke Uchiha, Shikamaru Nara and Choji Akamichi and as you have probably guessed Kakashi, that is your team. Kurenai...I know you requested to have Hinata with your team but the Kurama clan has asked that you take Yakumo again now that the problem has been taken care of. They have faith in you and your abilities Kurenai. Also Hinata has been requested by the Hyuuga clan and the council to be placed on another team. Now Team 8 will be Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, and Yakumo Kurama and that will be your team."

Naruto frowned and said "So I got a Hyuuga huh...what about the heiress to the Yamanaka clan. I was sure we were going to have a repeat of the Ino Shika Cho group."

Sarutobi said "Originally that was what I wanted. However the councils and clans have requested a change up and made several convincing arguments that have convinced me to give you this team." as he handed a folder to Naruto.

Naruto took it and began to read it and said "I see....another have to pass team huh....so who do I kill to get this cluster fuck corrected right. I mean I see what the bastards are trying to do and I don't agree with it." as he closed the folder.

Sarutobi said "Well the council made the teams request but I approved it."

Naruto gave him a deadpan look and said "Your not above my wrath gramps. The council basically said these 3 girls are so useless the only use they would be for the village is breeding stock and they are wanting me to tie them down and fuck them. Give me one reason I shouldn't slaughter them and you for agreeing with this."

Kurenai frowned as she looked at Naruto and Sarutobi and the Sandaime said "Because I want you to prove the council is wrong about them. While I agree as the girls as they are now they are little to no use because of 2 of them being fangirls for the Uchiha and the other one has a lot of emotional baggage. I believe that you could change that though."

Naruto said "So I get to screw the council by turning these girls into true ninja, is that my understanding."

Sarutobi nods and Naruto thought a moment and said "Fine....but I do it my way. I'll either turn them into proud Kunoichi of Konoha or break them into so many pieces they will never be put back together." scaring Kurenai for Hinata sake.

The Sandaime nods and Naruto said "Good, if they don't quit today then they won't take a mission for the next 3 months. I also want the playground."

Kakashi snickered and Sarutobi paled and said "Are you sure Naruto. I mean, isn't that a little dangerous."

Kurenai looked confused and asked "The playground."

Kakashi said "The playground is a code word for training ground 44, also known as the forrest of death. Naruto calls it the playground because he was forced to become a shinobi after his stepfather, Asuma Sarutobi was killed in front of him by a missing nin. The Sandaime was Naruto gennin instructor and used training ground 44 to train. Naruto called it his playground because while other kids were making friends and playing with rocks and sticks, he was playing with kunais and jutsu. It's his playgrou-ahh."

Naruto who had enough did a leg sweep taking Kakashi off his feet while he was talking and placed his foot on Kakashi chest and said "Enough...why are you so hard up to make sure I don't piss the lady off."

Kakashi glanced at the Sandaime from the floor who sighed and said "The council has made a motion that if you don't produce an heir by the time your 18, they be allowed to turn you into breeding stock as well as the Uchiha."

Naruto growled and turned slamming his fist into the desk breaking it and said "Why the fuck are you letting the council get away with so much gramps. Why won't you let me kill them and get it over with."

Sarutobi said "Because they discovered the truth about who you really are. You and Konohamaru are the only family I have left in the world and the council discovered the information I falsified to protect you and denying you your real name and all that comes with it. They told me that if I don't agree to certain things like this law and this gennin team they will publically announce who you really are."

Naruto closed his eyes and said "Damn it.....I hate those bastards...especially the 2 old crones and the one arm bastard." as he slumped into the chair in front of the Hokage desk and put his feet on it.

Naruto looked at Kurenai and said "My real name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, son of the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha and Kushina Uzumaki, princess of Whirlpool country....my mother was supposed to be given to Iwa to marry the Tsuchikage son to solidify the peace agreement between Iwa and Whirlpool. She asked for amnesty here before the marriage and my father agreed and let her have it and later they fell in love. If Iwa had found out that she was here they would have demanded her to be handed over or start another war. If my identity was released I would be forced to return to Whirlpool as the prince of that country and be used to marry someone in Iwa...the missing nin that killed my stepfather was from Iwa and he only was listed in Iwa bingo book as a missing nin the week after he killed my dad so we believe his attack was ordered by Iwa."

Sarutobi said "I would also be removed from office and the council would elect another person as Hokage since they would claim I was trying to start another war by interfering with foreign policies and the person who would be most likely elected would be Danzo who would turn Naruto into the villages secret weapon because of his special abilities."

Kurenai frowned and said "So I was allowed to know all this because you are trying to give Naruto a chance to maybe try and be with me."

Kakashi said "Sorry Kurenai and it's nothing personal with you...but my sensei was the Yondaime, Naruto father, and I feel like his older brother and as you heard the Sandaime is his grandfather so we are trying to give him a chance at a normal life instead of being forced into things like the council has been doing. The only chance he has is to find someone and fall in love with them in 3 years and produce an heir. Naruto not known to many since we tried to hide his achievements from the general population which is why you most likely never heard or seen him before and I am not trying to play match maker but I didn't want you to get the wrong impression of him because of how the council are playing hardball tactics, especially since I know of your relations with Hinata Hyuuga from my friend Anko and since Naruto and her are both being put in a bad situation as you heard, that you might go out of your way to make his life hell with the other females of the village since you are so well respected. If you black ball someone then most of the village females would black ball that person as well and with such a short deadline, being black balled would make him having any normal life impossible. That is why the Sandaime and I are both trying to make you aware of why things are happening."

Kurenai sighed and asked "What is so special about you that the council is going to so much effort for you."

Naruto glanced at the Sandaime who said "It's your choice Naruto."

Naruto sighed and said "The day the Kyuubi attacked Konoha I was suppose to have it sealed in me by my father to save the village."

Kurenai said "I know that or at least we knew it was an orphan, I didn't know it was you. We learned that a meteorite hit the Kyuubi making it jump back before he could complete the jutsu."

Naruto said "Well he had completed the jutsu but something in that meteorite was absorbed into the seal and for 4 years the seal drained what ever it was and gave it to me until it finished and went away. I should be either completely blond hair or have red hair, not black and my eyes should be completely blue or green, not black. Those are just a few of the changes that were caused by the sealing. Also there is this." as he took out a kunai and stabbed it against his hands and it shattered.

Naruto said "My skin has become harder then steel, I have super hearing where I can hear a person heartbeat several hundred feet away. My eyes are special also. I can concentrate and send out a heat beam with my eyes that when focus on one spot can kill a person....the missing nin that killed my dad when I activate that power...his head exploded from the heat."

Kurenai was shocked and asked "No wonder they want you to produce an heir. They believe it's a bloodline....Is there anything else."

Naruto said "No...there is 3 other abilities I have learned I have. One is I can move at speeds as fast as my fathers Hiraishin jutsu. Another is the ability to fly."

Kurenai asked "Fly." with a skeptical look on her face and her eyes widen and Naruto began to float in the air.

Kurenai was shocked and Naruto said "My last ability is I can see up to 3 miles away and I can see through things."

Kurenai asked "Like a Hyuuga."

Naruto said "Sort of, the Hyuuga can see 360 around them and see a person chakra network, I can look at a person and see their organs, bones, veins, muscles and things like that."

Kurenai blinked and narrowed her eyes and said "And cloths."

Naruto said "It dispels any genjutsu placed on me also. That was how I was able to destroy the demon in your student...it is also how I know what you have one on right now and can see what your hiding."

Kurenai quickly covered herself across her chest and her privates making Kakashi and the Sandaime raise their eyebrow and the Sandaime started to put his hands together and Kakashi reached for his Hiate and Naruto said "Either of you even attempt it I will use my heat vision on your balls. Besides, Kurenai only changed her cloths she really has on. She's not nude or anything like that. I say she was relaxing when she was summoned here since it's just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt so get your minds out of the gutters." as he turned to her and winked before looking at the 2 perverts.

Kurenai blushed and moved her hands away and Kakashi asked "Then why did she act the way she did."

Naruto said "Most likely because she doesn't want people to make fun of the gag gift Anko gave her she's wearing."

Kurenai said "You know Anko." with a surprised look on her face

Naruto said "Yeah...ask her about Superman."

Kurenai eyes widen and screamed "WAIT, YOUR SUPERMAN."

Naruto removed his cloak and Kurenai eyes widen and she blushed and said "Those can't be real."

Kakashi said "Trust me, their real. His body adapts to any training it gets and only increases without ever losing what it gains."

Naruto said "Enough about me. Now I don't give a flying fuck what the council thinks or what they try to pull. Now Kurenai here is allowed a chance to make up her own mind what she thinks about me and if she wants to black ball me with the woman of the village then she has every right to because I don't intend to let the council get what they want and will fight it every way I can. If I have to mentally, emotionally, and physically destroy those 3 girls to do it I will."

Kurenai said "But..."

Naruto glared at her and said "No Kurenai. These gennin are our responsibities. If we don't prepare them for the challenges they face then they will die at an early age. Do you want their deaths on your conscience. The council has said those 3 girls on my team our so worthless that they don't even qualify as civilians because the council could have as easily demanded me to be with civilian woman. When they see that I haven't fucked their brains out after a little time to get to know them they will premote them to Chunnin and send them to some whore house in another village to be a spy for the rest of their lives, most likely a small village where nothing of value or importants even matter. Just punishment for failing to seduce me. Do you think I should pamper them and take it easy on them. If so then I feel sorry for you and your team because they will die young and it will be your fault, now if you will excuse me, I've got 3 girls to scar for life." as he shushined away.

Kurenai was red faced and Sarutobi coughed and said "Sorry about my grandson Kurenai, it's just..."

Kurenai interupted him and said "Save it Hokage-sama....as much as I hate to admit it and as much as I don't like it he's right.....but I have to ask, is he always so...."

Kakashi said "Headstrong."

Sarutobi said "Determined."

Kakashi said "Brash."

Sarutobi said "idiot."

Kurenai said "Well all those, but I was going to say passionate. Most guys I know would jump at the chance he's been given and he seems like he really is worried about those girls and their future."

Sarutobi said "It's not exactly worry...but anger."

Kurenai asked "What do you mean."

Sarutobi said "He had a normal life until Asuma was killed and he accidently killed the missing nin. A death like Asuma can't be covered up and so word had spread quickly about it and the council found out that Naruto was the one who killed him somehow which I am still not sure how they found out, they moved for him to begin training to use these abilities and the full extent of them.....His abilities sparked enough interest that they were willing to hand him over to Danzo to be placed in ROOT which is another ANBU division outside of my control. To protect him I was forced to take him as my apprentice and make him a gennin. Within days of the only man he knew of as a father death, he learned he was adopted, a prince, the truth about the sealing, and being forced to begin training to learn to kill at the age of 5. He never had a choice in the matter of the sealing, he never had a choice in becoming a ninja, and he never had a choice at being basically a weapon to be used by the village. Now he's been ordered to take charge of those 3 girls who the council said are so weak they can't be of use as regular ninja. When his lifes been forced to be a ninja and those girls had a choice in the matter and they, for what ever reason, act as if it is just some game to the point the council sees them as useless....."

Kurenai lips who had pursed together said "He considers them an insult to everything he was forced to sacrifice and will either make them shape up or ship out."

Sarutobi nods and Kurenai closed her eyes and said "Sir...I know it's not my place but can you ask him one thing for me....Hinata is in a bad situation and if she quits being a ninja her family will put the cage bird seal on her."

Sarutobi said "Kurenai....I'll pass the message to him."

Kurenai said "Thank you Hokage-sama....I guess we better go get our students."

Kakashi said "Hmm, you say something."

Kurenai glared at him and he said "I'll be there shortly. I've got something I need to do first."

Kurenai nods and left in a swirl of leaves.