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Chapter 12

"Welcome back Commander Shepard, Officer Vakarian" EDI's voice hailed the two as they emerged from the airlock.

"I will be getting back to my station," a extended talon signaling the turian's intention before he turned and headed off through the CIC.

Shepard lingered a moment, pivoting making his way to the seated pilot, "Joker…"

Joker's chair swiveled at Shepard's call "Hey Commander, what can I do ya for?"

"A few things are going to be delivered to the Normandy shortly. When they arrive have them sent to my cabin."

"Will do, it's good to see old crabby onboard again. Hope he doesn't hop back on that stick anytime soon" Joker's trailing chuckle was cut short by the unamused appearance of his superior.

"Look, suddenly these flashing lights need my attention," Joker returned his chair to its original position as he held his left hand up to wave to Shepard "See ya Commander."

Shepard allowed a small grin to edge onto his face, as he shook his head the pilot's antics. Even in some of the most dire situations Joker was still able to keep his sense of humor, though his jokes could be difficult to take at times.

Moving along he took the chance to look around, the majority of the crew were back at their stations going about their normal routines. Performing checks and double checks of the Normandy's systems before their scheduled departure from the Citadel. Yeomen Kelly was in her usual spot, holding a datapad in her hand as she carried on a conversation with someone in engineering.

"Commander Shepard, a moment please" the young woman's tone of voice once more in good spirits.

The silver armored human paused mid-stride his eyes watching the red haired young woman, as she attempted to end the current conversation.

"Sorry for taking so long."

"Not a problem Kelly. What is it you wanted to talk to me about?" Shepard shifted folding his arms as he placed more weight on his left foot.

"While you were out, we received a package addressed to you so I had it sent to your cabin," Kelly pointed to the elevator.

"Did the package say whom it was from?"

Lifting the datapad once more, she began to scroll through it, "A Septimus Oraka."

The Commander sported a half cocked grin, "Thank you, Kelly."

"Sir," the young woman responded saluting him.

Returning the gesture, he continued on his way to his cabin, now his curiosity having been piqued.

'What could Septimus have sent?' the voice in his head questioned as various answers were brought into existence to solve the puzzle.

Kelly turned following Shepard as he stepped onto the lift "It's good to have Garrus back, I am glad you were able to work things out."

"Me too," was all she was able to hear before the doors shut.

His cabin was just as he left it, the fish lazily making their rounds inside their liquid filled world, the pile of datapads still sat beside his terminal. His hand slid along the railing as he made his way down the stairs, looking to the right a reflective glimmer stood out.

Just in front of the battered helmet sat a pair of metallic canisters, standing about a foot tall and six inches wide.

The Commander cocked his head as he strode to the desk, placed atop them was an slim "L" shaped rod with a flat circular portion at the crux of the joint. Lifting it seemed to activate the internal circuitry as a orange holographic display was emitted.

Commander Shepard:

A little souvenir, something no Commanding Officer's quarters should be without. How else is one expected to relax after hard day's work. Also took the liberty to add in something for your turian compatriot.

Septimus Oraka

After being placed down upon the desktop the device returned to its inactive state once more.

The twin cylinders sat unmoving under the human's scrutinizing, reaching out a hand gripped the right most canister. The surface was smooth and polished, the only defect visible was a clear division about one inch from the bottom. His grip above the line tightened as he took hold of the bottom giving it a good twist counter-clockwise, a hissing sound was heard as the internal pressures equalized with the surrounding environment.

When it would turn no more, Shepard slid the top up and away. Nestled inside, held in place by a set of flexible arms was a glass bottle. The tint of the glass made it hard to tell what the color of the liquid contained within was other than it was dark.

Pulling the bottle free its label came into view, it was some kind Batarian Ale judging by what he could discern from the wording.

Setting the Ale down he repeated the process for its brother. This bottle was clear while its contents were almost neon blue in color; the label indicated it was a Turian Brandy.

"Shepard, several containers have just arrived. As per your orders they are being brought up to your cabin," the sound of EDI's voice broke the spell the neon liquid held over him.

The bottle was set alongside its companion, "Very well, EDI."

A chime signaled the presence of crew members bearing the packages just on the other side of the cabin door. Two crewmen entered shortly thereafter, the first carried the largest of them while his companion toted 4 small metallic cases.

"Place them over there," a pointing finger indicating next to the stairs.

"Will that be all, sir?" the first asked to which a nod came as his answer.

"Alright sir," with that the two turned swiftly and exited the room.

The Commander approached, kneeling he released the catch on the lids as he examined their insides ensuring nothing was disturbed. Satisfied he stood walking to his wardrobe selecting a more casual outfit to wear.

Garrus strode through the ship, this time however the crew did not have the worried or somewhat fearful expressions cast acrossed their features. Seems they could sense the change in his mood and made use of it.

A few greeted him, others just cast him a grin and a nod as a welcome back acknowledgment.

The mess had a few people traveling through it, one such person was Tali'Zorah, she was reading from her omni-tool as she walked.

"Garrus…" the quarian girl spoke as she just about crashed into him.

"Reading while on the move is not something done easily in a confined space."

"It is good to see you back again. You and Shepard are not still fighting, are you?" Tali's concern was palpable.

The turian's eyes shifted as if he was attempting to find a way out, "No, Shepard and I are not fighting currently."

Even from behind her visor, Garrus could tell she was no doubt smiling.

Tali clasped her hands together raising them to her chest, "Keelah! I am thankful you two have put the past behind you."

"Uh…yeah," his posture shifted becoming more withdrawn "If you'll excuse me, I have work that I need to be getting back to."

The quarian nodded understandingly, as she too began to move past him heading back to engineering.

Continuing he past Gardner, who in his usual position leaning back against the counter of his workstation, gave a quick nod and raised his hand to Garrus' passing.

As with before his terminal activated when he came close, its holographic screen displaying a message warning of the password encryption placed upon it. His talons rested on the keys moving instinctively as they input the password he had put in place.

The firing program booted up, awakening from its hibernation. Eyes scanned over the lines of code already present his brain working through the calibrations as his hands came to life creating new lines of code to appear on screen.

Shepard sat once again in front of his terminal, the datapad from earlier sat to the side with several others he had just reviewed.

Though things seemed to be steadily returning to normal aboard the Normandy, Shepard was still unable to settle back into the flow. Standing he straightened his outfit moving to the exit.

The Commander moved through the CIC to the cockpit, "Joker, how are the upgrades coming along?"

"All completed Shepard, though I gotta say they're throwing off the Normandy's handling."

"The additional mass is properly distributed, I am detecting variances are within tolerable levels" the blue orb besides Jeff's chair spoke.

"It's not the same EDI, of course they would feel pretty normal for you as you're tied into the ship. I was able to tell just how fast the ship was traveling just by the feel of the deck plating, or the course changes through the vibrations in my chair."

Shepard stood silently in the background as the two began to argue.

'If Joker's this attached to the Normandy, I would be worried if EDI had a physical body to interact with.'

"Is the ship ready to go or not, Moreau?"

The use of his last name stopped him dead, slowly he turned to face the man standing four feet away arms crossed and staring down at him. "Yeah sure, we're good to go if that's all you were wanting to know."

Jeff watched at Commander slowly retreated back down the corridor to the Galaxy map, he turned to face the semi-transparent blue orb once more.

"You know, this is all your fault."

The swirling hologram of the Milky Way lazily rotated, a holographic targeting reticle indicating the ship's current position. Shepard stepped up on the small podium that stood before it, the hologram moved zooming in upon the Citadel.

"There is still sometime before the end of shore leave, once everyone is back aboard set course for Illium."

"Yes, sir Commander" Kelly was quick to respond.

A drawn out groan caught the turian by surprise, again he could feel his stomach contracting creating the noise.

'Guess I could take a short break and grab something to eat.'

Pulling away from the console, stretched his arms raising one to rub the back of his neck as he strode to the doors. The mechanical obstruction bifurcated before the two halves divided into several pieces once more as they retreated.

The sleep pods hung empty on the walls, while they served their purpose it just wasn't the same as a good night's sleep in comfortable bed.

In a rare moment, Gardner was not present at his kitchen station Garrus glanced about not seeing his form anywhere. Taking the initiative he moved to the cold storage compartment, or as humans referred to it refrigerator, he dug through its interior.

Gardner would often bury the food he and Tali were able to eat in the rear, after bit of shuffling things around he was able to locate a MRE styled dish.

Preparing the meal was simple, just mix a few things add heat and presto your food was ready.

While it was never going to win any awards or find itself featured in any high society turian restaurants, the simple meal was enough to quench his appetite.

As Garrus disposed of any evidence he had been there, he turned to look back at the elevator. His sense of guilt felt he owed Shepard an apology for what he had said to him.

The turian quickly surveyed the deck area, making sure he would not draw attention to himself. At a brisk pace he crossed the room to the elevator pressing the call button. The lift arrived promptly the twin doors parting ways allowing him entry, once inside he turned pressing the correlating button to his destination.

The upward motion abruptly slowed then ceased all together, puzzled Garrus looked about for any indication as to why the journey had ended so shortly.

His gaze snapped to the doors at the sound of the mechanism releasing, someone on the other side was waiting to board.

The gap between the doors grew slightly before their mutual kiss disappeared. The person who had been waiting took a step into the confined space before he paused.

The turian's pale eyes widened with surprise as Shepard's own eyes betrayed his surprise.


"Garrus," Shepard continued in standing to the side "I was needing to talk with you."

"I was just coming to see you actually," the human cocked an eyebrow at the statement as the elevator resumed its run, traveling upwards again.

The pair exited the lift walking down the hall to the Commander's quarters. Shepard was the first to enter as he moved down the short staircase while Garrus paused at the top "What is it you wished to talk about Shepard?"

"A few things, by the way those are yours" the tilt of Shepard's head attracted Garrus' attention to bottom of the stairs.

The turian strode down the stairs, at the base next to the stairs sat a large metal case with smaller case half the size atop it. Garrus knelt down running a hand along the surface of the small case, examining it for any markings or clues to what they contained. A quick survey of the large one proved just as a barren.

Looking over his shoulder he notice Shepard leaning against a desk, his arms folded acrossed his chest.

Returning to the small container, his talons found the catch releases on the front pressing them in. With a snap the lid was unlocked, lifting it carefully allowing the ambient light to illuminate the contents. Lying in the center of the foam padding was a M-92 Mantis sniper rifle.

The turian slid his talons along the length of the rifle, eyes taking in every detail. The rifle's paint was black with blue highlights to accent the overall appearance. Hefting it to shoulder the rifle's weight was surprising as it was lighter than his current selection. Peering through the scope also indicated the it was not a stock model, there were obviously some mods made to it the subtle click from the trigger being squeezed was heard.

Replacing the weapon Garrus repeated the opening procedure with the larger case. Inside sat an obvious set of armor, a headset tucked into a slot cut into the packing material to side.

Lifting the torso piece, he set it aside as he looked over the other pieces which lay underneath.

The armors sleek lines, angular curves, and dark coloration all lending to the idea this armor's primary design was for stealth. Judging by the design and construction this was no doubt turian military grade equipment and rather expensive too.

Garrus turned at the sound of a liquid being poured; the Commander stood with his back toward him allowing only glimpses of a bottle of some kind.

Shepard placed the bottle of ale aside; grabbing the bottle of turian brandy, he turned holding the bottle as an offering to Garrus "Care for a drink?"

"Sure," the turian rose strolling closer as the human prepared his glass.

"To friends" Shepard held up his glass in toast as Garrus mimicked the gesture repeating the phrase.

The flavor of the brandy was smooth and sweet tasting to Garrus, by his reckoning it was probably a high priced, well-aged vintage. Garrus looked to the glass in his hand then to his friend a quizzical look etched on his features.

"Ah good stuff" Shepard's hoarse voice rasped out, a quick cough to clear his throat got his tone back to normal "You're probably wondering why I purchased those things."

"Why did you?"

"You could use some better protection, Garrus." Shepard shifted eyeing the half-empty glass in his hand, "It's a bit of a cruel twist of fate really."

"I am the one who screwed up and yet you are the one who is forced to carry around the marks for it," a gentle tilt of his hand motioned to the scars on the turian's right cheek.

Garrus reflexively tightened his mandibles, "I am sorry for that Garrus."

The human paced to the opposite side of the room eyeing the fish, "I have been in frightening positions before, yet none seemed more so than that day."

Lifting his glass, he took another sip, "On Elysium during the Skyllian Blitz, on Virmire with our raid on Saren's base. Even when I was drifting helplessly in space my suit breached and venting oxygen after the Normandy attack" a light chortle soon followed the sentence.

"But seeing you lying there, motionless in a pool of blood like that, the thought of losing my closest friend, it frightened me more than anything."

The turian stood silent in the center of the room, eyeing this human carefully. Shepard stood unmoving; his left arm bent acrossed his abdomen holding the alcoholic beverage. Garrus could see the reflection of his eyes in the glass of the fish tank they were focused, but not on anything in particular it seemed.

A shot rang out, from over his shoulder as the krogan before him blinked for a moment his body slumping to his knees before gravity pulled him down face first. Garm, the once proud leader of the Blood Pack on Omega, lay dead.

Shepard eyed the body approaching slowly, his assault rifle trained at the krogan's head. Miranda and Jacob took up flanking positions their weapons trained upon the body as well. The Commander's arm extended his omni-tool activating in the process, as it scanned for life signs.

A quick nod to the others confirmed their suspicions Garm was truly finished this time.

Standing upright Shepard shoulder his assault rifle, turning he moved to the turian who until now had been stood behind a large sofa.

"Thanks, Shepard. They hardly got through to me," shift of his eyes to the lifeless corpse "And we took out Garm and his Blood Pack. This day just gets better and better. He was one tough son of a bitch."

"Then I take it you've fought with him before?"

Garrus ready his rifle loosely as he began to pace in front of Shepard, "Yeah, we tangled once. Caught him alone, none of his gang to help him. I still couldn't take him out , I've never seen a krogan regen that fast. He's a freak of nature."

The human's eyes tracked him as turned pacing the opposite direction "He just kept at it until his vorcha showed up. It was close but I had to let him go," he exhaled "Not this time."

The Commander looked about "Only the Blue Suns are left, I say we take our chances and fight our way out."

"I think you're right. Tarak's got the toughest group but nothing we haven't faced before. Besides he won't be expecting us to meet him head-on…" Garrus' words trailed off at the low rumble of the Gunship's thrusters.

Slowly the aircraft arose completely filling the view from the window behind the squad, the glass shattering as the cockpit made contact with it.

Dispersing the squadmates dove for cover, "Damn it, I thought I took that thing out already. They're offloading troops! Watch your back Shepard!"

Glancing around the corner of the large cabinet he took cover behind, Shepard watched as the Blue Suns mercenaries rappelled into the room from the broken window.

The troops let loose with automatic fire the second their boots hit the floor. The projectiles tearing through the weaker objects in their path, the mercs slid to the side taking cover where they could as more made their way down.

In the rear of the room, Garrus took a crouched position behind a large planter, only the barrel and scope of his rifle really visible through the vegetation. He took his time breathing slowly as he aligned each shot for maximum devastation and a clean kill. Applying the require pressure to the trigger the rifle respond firing its deadly payload, the round sailing through the air impacting the right ocular cavity of the merc attempting to peer around a corner. Readjusting he moved to acquire a new target.

Miranda stood to the left side of the room, taking cover behind a out embunkment holding her trusted M-12 Locust submachine gun. Exposing herself from cover, she delivered a quick hail of gunfire as a distraction while she powered up her biotics. Locking her sights one of the offending troops she let loose her warp ability flinging it at its intended target. The ball of biotic energy exploded on contact; stunning those around it for moment allowing her to pick them off.

Jacob like Shepard preferred to be closer to the action, rushing forward and moving from cover to cover. The M-22 Eviscerator shotgun clutched in his hands as he popped up from behind a large sofa to take a pot shot. One mercenary dove for cover the second he saw the barrel of the shotgun pointed his direction.

Shepard made use of his assault rifle, using its rapid fire capabilities to pin down targets allowing Garrus or another squadmate to engage them.

Several small waves came at them, all while Tarak would make passes by with his gunship observing the progress of his gang. The last to fall in the latest wave was Jentha, the Blue Suns Lieutenant, her shields taken down by an overload charge from Miranda and her armor pierced by a well placed shot to the heart from Garrus.

There was a pause, things seemed to still as the gunship disappeared. Shepard glanced to his squadmates; they too were puzzled by this development. Perhaps the mercs had learned that rushing into a bottleneck was not the best strategy on how to deal with these trouble makers.

Shouts were heard from the lower level attracting their attention.

"They're rappelling down the side wall. Ground floor!" the turian's voice cut through their comms.

From their higher vantage point, they managed to keep the mercs pinned. Cutting through their numbers each time one would rush for the rear stairs, making short work of the enemy squads. Shepard, Miranda and Jacob moved to the adjoining hall to get a view from another angle.

Garrus stood doing one last survey of the lower level, using his eyepiece to scan for any movement that would denote stragglers or survivors.

"Archangel!" Tarak's harsh voice cut through the quiet as he maneuvered the gunship just outside the building aiming the dual machine cannons into the room.

The turian's eyes widened at the sight his jaw falling limp, as his mind shouted for his body to take cover as fast as possible! Spinning around he dove for the nearest shelter he could find as the cannons came to life with a roar.

His armor's kinetic barriers managed to absorb the vast majority of impacts but they were quickly being depleted as some began to slip past the shields striking the armor itself. The impacts were jarring to his body causing him to stagger about before losing his balance, though he fell Garrus dragged himself behind the large planter.

"You think you can screw with the Blue Suns!"

The sounds of chaos reached Shepard's ears, rushing back as quickly as his feet would carry him! He pushed his way past his two squadmates as he slowed approaching the corner leading into the room.

A quick peek around the bend he could make out Garrus' form cramped behind a planter for cover. The volume of projectiles slowly eating away at the cover it provided.

The turian looked to his right, recognizing Shepard by the room's exit. Taking a deep breath, he attempted to quickly scramble as best he could to the exit. From the edge of his peripheral vision, he could just glimpse an incoming missile.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl as Shepard watched the missile inch ever closer to his friend. The fiery projectile detonating just a mere four feet ahead of Garrus. The heat from the flames and bits of shrapnel scarring the right side of his face, while the explosive force making him go airborne tumbling head of heels before returning to earth landing in a heap.

Charging into the room without any consideration for his own safety, Shepard took cover what offered to him.

"Garrus!" his voice was awash with many different emotions.

A very real fear entered his heart, as the turian lay there motionless. Shepard's eyes scanned over his body, gritting his teeth he glanced over the short wall watching at the gunship wobbled firing wildly into the confined space.

Jacob and Miranda were quick to assume defensive postures as they prepared to engage the craft.

With a overload burst from Miranda, to take down the vulnerable systems of the gunship. Jacob made use of his biotic barrier to deflect the cannon's fire in manner similar to their kinetic barriers. They pounded away at the cockpits armored covering. Finally, they managed to place several rounds into the pilot inside, the aircraft spiraling out of control in its earthward journey.

The threat neutralized the group of three made their way to their downed comrade. Garrus lie on his right side, dark blue blood pooling around his crumpled form.

Shepard knelt beside him placing a hand on his shoulder, it seemed as though they had arrived too late to be of any help.

Suddenly a pale eyes shot open, mandibles quivered as he gasped for breath, a taloned hand grasped at barrel of the rifle that lay in front of him.

"Garrus!" Shepard gently rolled him onto his back. Jacob and Miranda approached: Jacob accessed his omni-tool scanning to discover the extent of the injuries.

"We're getting you out of here, Garrus. Just hold on!" The turian's eyes locked up at him, the only signals Garrus gave was his raspy labored breathing and a hideous gurgling noise as he choked back his own blood.

"Radio Joker. Make sure they're ready for us!" Shepard's fear and anger dripped from every word.

"We better hurry. He looks bad." Jacob replied as he looked to the Commander.

Placing his assault rifle on his back, the Commander went about making use of their supply of Medi-gel to stabilize his condition as best they could.

Once he was stable Garrus lost consciousness. Shepard relied on his armor's exoskeleton to give him the additional strength necessary as he hoisted the turian over his shoulder. With a quick nod to Jacob and Miranda they set off with all haste on the way back to the Normandy!

Jacob took point his shotgun alert and primed, Shepard took the middle his heavy pistol carried in his right hand while he used his left arm to keep Garrus body steady on his shoulder, and Miranda pulled up the rear her SMG at the ready. If anyone, even Aria herself, had made the mistake of approaching Shepard would not have hesitated in putting them down.

From there things all began to blur together for him, they had made it back to the Normandy. Doctor Chakwas was prepared for their arrival and rushed Garrus into surgery. He could remember being unable to handle it and needing a distraction going to the debriefing after ordering Chakwas to alert the second there was any change.

The exchange with Jacob was slow as his worries agonizingly ate away at him. Then rush of relief and seemingly joy when those doors parted and Garrus strode in. Even after all that happened to him, Garrus expressed his own greater concern for Shepard and falling in with Cerberus. But even with the reservations he still fell in line and joined the crew, heading off to the Main Battery to start work.

The heavy air dissipated as memories faded back into the background. Pupils dilated as the darting movement of a fish stole his attention. Slowly Shepard became aware of the figure now standing to his left side, pale eyes watching him.

Garrus had studied the human's face observing the subtle changes, as Shepard was lost in his memories. The various emotions changing his features in infinitesimal ways, the one that stunned him most was when he saw a tear roll down from the corner of his left eye before it was briskly brushed away.

'Shepard is crying!' it was so out of place, so completely out of character that the turian could barely comprehend it.

He had seen Shepard deal with many things in the time he had journeyed with him. Garrus had even been there with him on Virmire when the call came in from Kaidan of the Geth closing in on the bombsite. The Commander's choice was difficult but he chose to go for Chief Williams and the Salarian STG team.

An old human term came to his mind at the time 'The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.'

Even after it had all been said and done, never had he seen Shepard show any outward sign of distress. In many aspects Shepard was like any other turian: he believed in discipline and strong ethics, he chose to keep his emotions in control rather than openly exposed, aiding those in need, always kept his word, he joined the military at an early age, and he treated everyone equally.

Perhaps it was because of these similarities that made him feel so comfortable around this particular individual human. Maybe they were reason the two had grown to be fast friends.

'Shepard is a better turian than I am,' Garrus mused over thinking of his own failings.

"I apologize Shepard," the turian's words turning the human to face him with his own curious look.

Garrus hung his head, wringing his talons together in an effort to alleviate his awkward feelings, "What I said to you earlier was foolish I know you wouldn't betray us no matter what. I…I have never been good at this" his voice faltered.

"No, you were right Garrus, I did betray you and the others" Shepard paced back to his desk setting down his drink down near the bottle of its origin. "You trusted me and I failed you all, if I could fix things I would."

Shepard turned placing his hands flat on the desktop as he stared at the plaque hung on the wall.

"I know how you felt about losing your friends; but seeing you turn into what you spent so much time rallying against; I could not allow it to occur." Shepard paused drawing in a breath "Garrus you are like family to me and I care about what happens with you, and if giving up my life could bring you peace then I would do so gladly…that is why I stopped you with Sidonis."

The statement floored the turian, to think the Commander thought so highly of him and felt so close to him.

"You are probably the only friend I have in this screwed up galaxy, Shepard" Garrus looked at Shepard, his own feeling on the matter coming into play.

"I am honored that you still consider me a friend, Garrus. I couldn't do this without you."

Garrus did his best to smile, "Oh sure you could. Not as stylish perhaps but I am sure you could still manage to pull it off."

His efforts at humor were rewarded as Shepard allowed himself a short laugh. Shepard turned around his eyes meeting with Garrus' for the first time since they entered the elevator.

There Garrus could see the same shimmer lurking about in the human's eyes. It seemed to add warmth to the otherwise icy blue orbs and gave him a strange comforting feeling of being at ease. The edge of his conscious mind wondered what it was he was seeing and why it was making him feel so but no answers came to him.

"Shepard," Garrus cleared his throat "I…I should probably get back to work shore leave will be over shortly."

Commander Shepard nodded accepting the glass from the turian setting it beside his own on the desk. "Don't worry about the gear, I'll have it prepped and ready in the armory."

The turian gave a slow nod in understanding, pivoting he made his way up the stairs and to the doors. As the doors opened he stopped, turning his torso to look back at Shepard who now stood at the base of the stairs.

"If it's alright with you could we…" he began to fidget nervously "perhaps talk again later?"

The human smiled, "I would like that, whenever you feel like it, my door is always open if you need me, Garrus."

"Thank you, Shepard" with his words he once more faced the corridor moving out to the elevator as the doors closed behind him.

Returning to the Main Battery to he stood at his console gazing once more on the lines of code displayed on the screen but try as he might he could not seem to get any work done.

His mind was preoccupied his latest encounter with Shepard that left him with much to think about. With these revelations and new feelings stirring within, Garrus was unsure of what this meant for their continued friendship.

'Shepard may human but he is still the closest friend I have. I wonder if…' his mind began to wonder acrossed subjects he hadn't considered before and into areas he had never ventured before, 'Maybe Mordin would have some answers.'

I tried to keep it open in the end, whether Shepard and Garrus choose to carry onto a more intimate relationship or they just share brotherly love. Hope you enjoyed.