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Naruto Uzumaki sighed as he crawled into bed. It had been a long and trying day for him. First he failed the gennin exam for the third time, got tricked by an instructor who later tried to kill him for holding Kyuubi and then talking to the Hokage who said he was sorry for lying all Naruto life but he had only wanted to do what was best but didn't know why Naruto was chosen.

Naruto closed his eyes and pulled the covers over his head and thought "well my day can't get any more confusing then it already has." as he fell asleep.

Funny.....there was still 10 minutes left in the day before midnight.

Naruto awoke to find himself in a long hallway and he thought "where am I." as he looked around and he heard the sound of voices coming from down the hall and he looked behind him and found the way behind him blocked by a brick wall and he thought "I guess there is only one way to go but how did I get here." as he began to walk down the hallway.

After what felt like forever for him he came across a large room and he saw a huge cage on the other side of the room but the thing that he was looking at right now was the 30 teenage girls sitting on pillows all dressed for a slumber party. Naruto blinked and blinked again as he looked at each of the girls who were giggling and looking at each other and none of the girls noticed him.

He tried to hear what was being said but he couldn't and debating his options he started to slowly back away afraid that he might get into trouble only to feel himself walk right into someone who was taller then him and he heard a grunt behind him.

He slowly turned and saw a red haired woman with green eyes standing there and she smiled at Naruto and he took a step back and said "Um...hi." feeling scared and confused.

The woman said "Hello Naruto."

Naruto blinked and asked "How do you know my name."

Across the room the 30 girls had all heard him and had looked across at him and one of the girls looked down and a couple of the other girls put their arms around her as they watched what was going on.

The red haired woman laughed a soft kind laugh and asked "How do I know the name of my own son...I gave it to you." with a loving smile on her face.

Naruto blinked and blinked again before taking a step back and a frown came on his face and he said "I've played this game before lady and it won't work."

The woman sighed and said "I know....I was there that night watching, wishing I could do something to help you....I was there every time you cried, every time you went to bed hungry, every time you were beat, and every time you wanted to give up. Mother knows I wanted to be there to hold you but I couldn't." as she fell to her knees with tears in her eyes.

Naruto frowned as he bit his lip and asked "If you really was there and wanted to help then why didn't you."

The woman sighed and said "Can I tell you a story Naruto. A story about why the so called Kyuubi attacked Konoha, why your father and I couldn't be there for you and why you are here now. Please....all I ask for is a chance to tell you this story. You can hate me the rest of your days but let me tell you it....." as she looked at Naruto with sad, begging eyes.

Naruto bit his lip and said "Alright.....I'll listen but...but don't try anything funny. I'm a ninja and I don't want to hurt you."

The woman laughed and said "That's funny, but thank you.....You see Naruto, the Kyuubi as everyone calls her is not really a demon."

Naruto said "Kyuubi a girl."

The woman said "Actually, Kyuubi isn't her real name either. To mortals she is usually known as Inari, goddess of fertility, prosperity, and kitsunes."

Naruto blinked and sat down and said "So your saying Kyuubi is actually Inari."

The woman said "No, what I am saying is what everyone in Konoha believes is sealed inside you is not really the Kyuubi. There was a Kyuubi in the world but it was destroyed by the Shodaime Hokage nearly a hundred years ago."

Naruto said "But....I don't understand."

A soft teenage voice from behind him "What she is trying to tell you is that when I was coming to Konoha originally I was not in my fox form but appeared as I am now and I was coming to congradulate Kushina here on having a child when I was attacked by some mortal men who thought I was some weak female they could have their way with and I changed from my female form to my Kitsune form and defended myself by riding the world of those evil men but when I did so some stupid ninja from Konoha saw me and assumed I had come to attack Konoha and he sent one of his team mates back to Konoha to warn them about an attack while he ordered the rest of his team to attack me. They wouldn't listen to me when I tried to stop them and they kept attacking me so I had to defend myself. As that happened other ninja arrived and it snow balled after that until your entire village was involved and your father came to stop it and he knew who I was really and he asked me while pretending to fight me why I was doing this and when I told him he said he understood and he summoned Kushina to his side to end the fight by putting me someplace safe and make it where people didn't learn the truth and also give me time to calm down."

Naruto frowned and asked "What truth."

Kushina said "The truth that his wife, me, was in fact an immortal goddess living among mortals and having a child. Now you have heard what happened the night of the Kyuubi attack and you have heard us say what also happened, can you figure out what goddess I am and who your father was. Think about everything the Sandaime said and what we told you Naruto. Please."

Naruto sat down and began to think and after several minutes his eyes went wide as he paled and said "YOUR THE SHINIGAMI."

Kushina smiled and nods and said "Yes and who was your father."

Naruto said "But....but.....if my father was the Yondaime then why...." as he looked lost.

Kushina said "Then why was you chosen to hold Inari here.....think about it son, we told you he was putting Inari some place safe, some place that would allow her to rest and calm down so she could return to her human form. It had to be a place where mortals could not touch her since they were what was angering her at the moment."

Naruto said "But....if she was placed inside me to keep her safe then....why did dad die and where have you been all my life."

Kushina said "When your father summoned me he did it using the summoning contract I gave him and when that happened my spirit was pulled from my body and a nurse who came to check on me found my body without my spirit and thought I had died and had my body destroyed while I was with your father ending the fight. Without my human body I could not return to the mortal world and I can only have a body once every 500 years because it takes a lot of energy from me to make it in the first place. All I could do is watch you as you grew up wishing I could hold you in my arms and take the pain and suffering you felt away. I begged mother to let me return but she told me she couldn't change the rules for me or she would have to change the rules for all which could end up destroying everything."

Naruto said "But...who was your mom and why was she able to tell you not to be there."

Kushina smiled and said "My mother, your grandmother is Kami, Naruto."

Naruto blinked and blinked again and screamed "KAMI'S MY WHAT."

This earned laughs from all the girls present and Kushina said "Kami is your grandmother."

Naruto said "Then....what does that make me, am I some kind of god or...."

Kushina said "Not yet. Right now you are considered a Demigod. A half god."

Naruto said "This....this is a lot to take in."

Kushina said "I understand son and I wish that we had all the time in the world to talk to you but we are all actually here for a reason."

Naruto blinked and asked "What reason."

Kushina said "Until you learned about Inari being in you we couldn't approach you because you needed to open yourself up to a spiritual link and without knowing about a spiritual link you can't use one. When you learned of Inari being in you it established one."

Naruto said "OK...I got this link but what is going to happen."

Kushina said "Well....first thing you need to do is forget your anger at the mortals fools in Konoha. All those who have died who have hurt you son is being repayed 100 folds by your father."

Naruto asked "What do you mean."

Kushina said "Minato didn't die from the sealing as everyone believes. That was another reason on top of the fact he was to noble to ask someone else to give up their child that you were chosen. A poison kunai someone threw at Inari bounced off and cut him and the poison is what killed him after the sealing was done. Since I returned to find my body destroyed and we both saw the way the people of the village were reacting to you when the Sandaime said you had Kyuubi in you we wanted to destroy Konoha. We couldn't actually do that so we decided to do the next best thing, what better way to make people suffer then to have the one they view as a hero show them they are not even worth the dirt on their heroes feet. I asked mother to let Minato take over for me while I watched over you and since I couldn't come back to life she was willing to do this for me and so she gave my powers to him for a hundred years. More then enough time for you to pass away in the mortal world and so Minato gets revenge for you so don't be angry at the mortal, they will get their punishment in the end."

Naruto thought a moment with a frown and said "Alright, I'll try, what next."

Inari said "Next is where we come in. You see, your the first child born to one of us in many years. In fact the last Demigod to be born was my son, your great grandfather which is another reason I was coming to Konoha to see you. We each were coming to give you our blessings when everything went to hell like it did so we have waited until we could contact you to give you your gifts which is why I am still inside of you at this time and have not given it to you yet. I have been waiting to give my great, great grandson/nephew his birthday present, a little late but better late then never, huh."

Naruto laughs and said "I guess so....so what is this blessing thing and am I related to all of you and who was your son."

Inari said "My son was Hashirama Senju, Shodaime Hokage of Konoha. I fell in love with his father Ono and had our son but then one day a nomad tribe who later became the Inuzuka clan attacked our home and to save our son and my husband I reveal my kitsune form scaring the Nomads away but they spread word of me and fearing for my family safety I was forced to leave them so I gave Hashirama a gift to remember me by. Ono told me that he didn't care what I was that he would always love me." as she looked off in memory.

Kushina seeing this decided to give her some privacy and said "You asked if we are all related son. The answer is yes and no. We are all considered sisters since we all have the same mother but we were not born, we were simply created for specific jobs so it's not blood. Basically it means that if any of them fell in love with another one they could be together. In fact some have and some with mortals as well."

Naruto looked confused and Inari who had recovered from her thoughts said "Since my own anger was the cause of your suffering I have 3 gifts for you. The first is this." as she pulled out a scroll.

Naruto asked as he took the scroll "What is this."

Inari said "It is the summoning contract for the Ents. A race of treelike men. They have served me well over the years tending to the forest. You are the second to ever have this contract, the first being my son. Sign your name at the bottom of the scroll in your blood and you can summon by..." as she told him how to summon.

After he signed the contract and demonstrated he could do it without actually summoning, Inari said "Now the next is this." as she pulled out a samurai sword and she said "This is kogitsune-maru or little fox. It is a sword of defence. The blade is special. It appears to be dull and will never cut you or your enemy unless your enemy is trying to kill you. This sword will only kill in defense, never attack. As long as you are defending yourself from death the blade can kill but if you wanted to kill out of anger revenge or just to kill someone it won't even cut their skin."

Naruto took the sword looking at it in wonder and Inari walked forward and kissed Naruto on the forehead and said "And the last gift I give you is the same bloodline I gave my son, the Shodaime Hokage. You now have the ability to control plants. I know you don't know how to use it which is another reason I gave you the contract for the Ents. They will help train you but train in the forest. Also unlike my son who I gave it to for only him I made it where you and all your children will have it. Again I am sorry Naruto for all the pain I caused you. I must be going because it's been 14 years since I last saw my beloved husband and son but I will check on you from time to time, even though you won't see me. When I am gone my mark on you will leave so the seal on your stomach as well as your whiskers will disappear."

Naruto frowned and said "I actually liked the whiskers but alright, I can handle that."

Inari smiled and walked over and kissed him on the head and whispered something else in his ear that made his eyes go wide before she stepped back and faded away.

In the real world the seal on Naruto stomach glowed before fading away.

Back in the link after she was gone all the other girls came up one at a time introducing themselves and either shaking his hands or wishing him a bright future until there was only 3 left.

The 3 girls walked over and Kushina giggled as she saw them walk over. One was a brunette around 5'4 and had on a white silk dress, next to her was another girl who was equal in height to the other 2 and had black hair and wore a black silk dress and the third was a blond who wore a blue dress."

The brunette said "I am destiny."

The black haired girl said "I am fate."

The blond said "And I am Chance and we are..."

All 3 together said "The 3 sisters." as they struck a pose.

Naruto thought "OK, that was stupid." with a sweat drop on the back of his head at the pose all 3 made.

Kushina said "Naruto, these 3 are very important. Destiny decides if a woman will have a child or not, it is because of her that I was able to concieve."

Destiny said "I only chose that you would have a child, I did not decide when, where, who the father was or what gender or what he or she would look like Kushina. Just that at some point in your life you would have a choice to have a child. That is all I decided. The only destiny anything has is a chance to be born"

Kushina said "Right, sorry about that, next we have Fate." as she winked at Destiny.

Fate sighed and said "Helly Naruto....Where my sister Destiny choses that someone has a chance to be born, I am the one who choses they have a chance to die, not when or how, or why. The only fate anything that is born has is a chance to die."

Naruto looked at Kushina and said "I thought that you decided that."

Kushina said "I only guide the souls of the dead where they will go in the afterlife son."

Naruto nods and looked at Chance and she smiled and said "Oh, I love him Kushina, he's so handsome. I just want to take him back with me and..." in a fangirl voice

Kushina said "Chance." in a dangerous tone interupting her.

Chance sighed and said "I'm chance but you can call me Lady luck. I am your godmother. Where my sisters decide if someone will have a chance to live or if they will have a chance to die I am more of a wild card. I will give you an example, the kunai that was thrown at Inari that was poisoned, when it bounced off her it could have went up down left right or any other direction. I had to chose which direction it went."

Naruto frowned and said "So it was your fault it him my dad and killed him."

Chance sighed and said "Sort of. I have no way of knowing what it will do after that moment in time where it bounced. I just chose a direction at random based off which ways it could go from the original throw and the bounce. I did not know it would hit your father or if it would have missed him because I don't chose everything. People blame the 3 of us for all kinds of things in life when in fact most of the time it comes down to people own choice. Take this for example." as she pulled out a deck of cards and shuffled them.

She laid several cards down and said "These are aces, they can be 1 or 11, these are face cards and are worth 10 and these are each worth the number that is on them. The point in this game is to get 21 or as close as you can without going over. If you go over you lose. Now here." as she placed one card face down on each side and one face up.

Chance said "You have a king showing so you have 10 showing and I have a 10 showing. I don't know what your bottom card is but you can look for yourself."

Naruto did and Fate said "Now right here is where things are out of my hand. You know what you have but you don't know what I have or what the next card is. It comes down to your choice, will you take the next card or will you hold. I have nothing on your decision right now so chose."

Naruto said "Give it to me."

Chance grabbed the next card and said "Here is where I come in. I have 48 possibilities for the next card since we both have 2 each and there was originally 52 cards. I chose the next card is a 6." as she flipped it over and a 6 was shown.

Naruto flipped his over and showed a 5 and said "I win."

Chance said "But what if I chose it to be a king instead, would you still win."

Naruto frowned and said "I see. So if peoples names were all put together in a hat and one was drawn out then you would be the one who chose which name."

Chance said "Exactly. Now since I am your god mother I have a few gifts for you also. My sisters helped me with these so it's not just me you have to thank."

Naruto said "Well I got so much already, a summoning contract, a bloodline, a sword, what else could I ask for on top of all the well wishes and thanks I got."

Kushina said "You understand why most of them didn't give you anything besides words of luck or thanks right." as she looked at him.

Naruto said "not really, why."

Kushina said "Oh my, I guess that slipped my mind. How emberassing. You see we did sort of bend the rules about not contacting you earlier in your life son. All those other girls who didn't give you anything is because they already gave you something. After they heard about you and what had happened they went to mother and asked her to allow me to give you my gift already. Your healing ability, the thing that has kept you alive all this time. That was my gift to you. It wasn't suppose to activate until you hit puberty but all the others went and begged mother to bend the rule just this once. Since they did she allowed me to give it to you within the first 24 hours of you being born, and we made it so all your children will also, so they didn't have to give you anything else."

Naruto said "Oh...I didn't know. Could you let them know I really appreciate it."

Kushina said "We will. Now before these 3 give you your gift let me tell you a little more about my gift. I know you will be excited when you see theirs so that is why I am going first. You can't get sick from any virus. You also become immune to anything dangerous you come into contact with like poisons after the first time coming in contact with it. The first time depending on what shape you are in will determine if you live or die. As long as you have chakra in your body you can heal and as long as your not seriously wounded you can fight the poison off after a little time. The only way to actually kill you is to cut off your head, destroy your heart in one move or continuesly damage your body while draining your chakra until you die. Now that does not mean I want you to risk your life doing stupid shit like taking on an army by yourself or standing in front of a rock slide. If you do I'll wait for you on the other side and kick your ass myself. I had enough of that stuff from your father."

Naruto gulped and thought "mom's scary."

Chance walked forward and put her arm around Naruto and said "Chill Kushina, he's only just met you and your already trying to put him under your thumb."

Kushina glared at her and Chance stuck out her tongue and said "Ignore her, she's just moody because she missed out being able to be there for you. Now onto our gifts."

Fate said as she pulled out a pair of pants, a shirt, and a cloak all silver "This is a new set of cloths that we had specially made for you. Like your healing ability as long as you have chakra these things can't be destroyed. Also if you channel chakra into the cloak while wearing it you will become invisible, just be sure to pull the hood up so your head is invisible also. Now nobody will be able to see you but if you are walking on something that could leave a foot print like water or dirt, sand, or things like that your steps will appear. These cloths will grow as you do and once you put them on your seal will appear on your cloths."

Naruto looked confused and said "My seal. What seal."

Kushina sighed and said "As you notice with each of my sisters, their names are what they are the goddess of, Fate, destiny, chance, wisdom.....my real name is shinigami. I first met your father when he was but a little boy, right after his parents died when they were attacked by bandits....I was sure he was going to die and I waited and waited but I noticed, even durring the rain, and the cold he was looking at me, he actually saw me and he smiled at me......a traveler came by as I watched him and took him to Konoha and I watched him every chance I got and as he grew up he continued to see me, even though the living should not be able to see me he was able to and he talked to me when we were alone....I should have known from the start something was up because when I finally made my choice and went to mother to tell he I wanted to become mortal to be with him she said she was wondering how long it would take me to realise he was my soul mate. She gave me her blessing but told me that I would have to take a mortal name and she gave me the name Kushina Uzumaki."

Naruto rubbed his nose and asked "Why did she give you that name."

Kushina lowered her head and said "She knew I would have you son...When she created us she said it was to make her job easier but most of us agree that the truth is she was lonely. Even though she lets us do what she created us for she still knows everything but she likes to watch as we discover the mysteries of the universe and uncover her greater plan. I didn't know it until after I lost my body and your father died but when I chose your name it was still her greater plan."

Naruto asked "What do you mean."

Chance said "What she means is that we believe mother has decided to put a task before you Naruto, what it is none of us know but she has put a task for you to complete. Your choices and your actions will either take you to that task or lead you away from it. If you reach your task and complete it you will be awarded the same prize that every demigod who reached and succeeded their task recieved."

Naruto asked "So your saying she's already planned out my entire life."

Kushina said "No, let me explain son, you tell everyone your goal is to be Hokage right."

Naruto nods and Kushina said "Well the choices you make from now on will either lead you to your dream of being Hokage or away from it. You may become so angry at the village you decide to screw the village and leave so your CHOICE will lead you to or away from your dream. Mother has set up a goal for you to reach. One that only she knows about and she will sit back and watch to see if you either go to it or away from it. Do you understand."

Naruto thought a moment and said "So it all comes down to choice."

Chance said "THAT is the greatest gift mother ever gave to life Naruto. CHOICE. She gave all life the gift of choice to decide what they will do, where they will go, what they eat, who they talk to, who they will marry. We, the gods and goddesses are nothing more then people who work in the back ground making it rain or shine while you decide if you are going to go outside and enjoy what we do or stay inside and enjoy your own thing. Even we have choices. Even though Minato-kun is my soul mate I had the choice of leaving him alone or never becoming mortal or even being more then a friend as I had the choice to marry him."

Naruto said "I see.....so what is this prize I get if I pass her task and what's my seal."

Kushina said "Your name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze which means a spiraling whirlpool of wind and wave."

Naruto blinked and said "My name is a title like all of yours...so what does that mean exactly."

Fate said "Mother believes in you and so she's showing you that she believes in you and that you will complete the task she gives you and she's telling you that if you do pass the task you will become the god of whirlpool Naruto. Your main powers will be over wind and water whirlpools."

Naruto said "So that means I am the god of that spiral thing that happens when you drain water out of a bath tub." with a scrunched up nose.

All 4 ladies laughed at that and Kushina said "No son....well a little but not really. You know what a tornado is right."

Naruto said "Yeah. They are these really powerful funnels thingies that come from the sky. Jiji told me about one he saw when he went to Suna."

Kushina said "When you die as a mortal if you have completed the task mother set before you then you will be the one who starts and stops those. Now some will appear even without you starting them and some will stop when you start them. You don't gain total control of them but you will get a lot of control over them."

Naruto said "But why do I want to cause them."

Kushina said "OK, lets make an example. If there was a fire destroying all of the fire country killing everyone here and no mortals could stop it, you could create one or 2 in wind country that would pull the water from the ocean in land where it would collect together and could be blown by one of the other gods or goddesses to fire country to rain on the fire to help put out the fire, could you do that."

Naruto said "Yeah, I could do that."

Kushina said "Even if to do so you would have to put it near a village that could be destroyed. Would you be able to let a few die so many could live. You can't just think human life either son. You have to think of all the plants, animals, and everything else that is alive. All life is connected. Trees make air for animals and humans to breath, animals eat grass and are eaten by other animals and humans and when they die they give their bodies back to the world so the trees and plants could live to make more food and air for life to continue."

Naruto blinked as he sat down and said "I never thought of it like that before."

Kushina said "That is something we all have to deal with. Our actions may seem small here and there but in the larger picture it is important. There are times where you will create a maelstrom that will sink a ship out at sea and a little boy or girl will lose their parent but then the fish would come back to the arear to live around the ship or the coral reef and allow other fish to eat them or humans that would normally have starved to death. The little boy or girl will hate you but hundreds of thousands of other humans or animals will love you. I had to take my own husband to the after life son and someday I will have to take you as well. I wish I could make it where you both would live immortal lives on earth but I can't. At least in the after life we will be together."

Naruto said "It's a lot to take in. Finding out that grandma is wanting me to become a god."

Chance said "And you can't tell anyone about it either. You can't tell any mortals who and what you really are. You will have to live your life, do what you think is right and when you die you will find out if you won the prize or not."

Naruto looked down and asked "Mom....If.....if I were to have a family, what would happen to them."

Kushina said "Son.......I will tell you this, mother may seem strange and you may question her methods but she never wants people to suffer. She lets us live a life as a mortal for a short period of time to learn to love what is important to us so when we die and are reunited with all our friends and family we treasure it because friends and family is what makes life worth living. There will be a time you will be seperated from your love ones but they will be waiting for you on the other side...as long as you are a good soul. Those who take pleasure out of pain and suffering of others will be punished 100 times what they did in life. I know you will have to kill, I know you will hate, I know you will love, and I know you will save. Do what you think is right, not what others tell you to do. That is the best advice I can give you."

Naruto nods and said "So what now."

Chance said "Now Naruto, you get the rest of your gifts. The cloths were from both my sisters and me but as your godmother I have a few others things for you. The first is this." as she handed him a box of playing cards.

Naruto blinked and asked "What are these for."

Chance said "Those are not just some random playing cards. Those I made especially for you. Your class mate Sasuke, his bloodline, the Sharingan, allows him to copy nearly all form of jutsu. These cards are basically the same thing. All you have to do is hold these cards in front of you while sending chakra into them while someone is in front of you and that person will be displayed on the cards and later if you need that person to help you and they are not really there you can send chakra into that card and a special clone of that person will appear and do what that person would do."

Naruto said "So I am stealing someone." with a confused look on his face.

Kushina said "Oh, I get it."

Naruto said "Get what mom." as he looked at her as Kushina felt warmth in her heart hearing him call her mom..

Kushina smiled and said "Alright, say your teammates are hurt. With your chakra reserves and control right now you may never be able to do medical jutsu but if you copied someone like Tsunade who is one of the best medics in the world you could use that card to summon a Kagebunshin of her to save your teammates."

Chance said "Correct and as long as you send chakra into that card it won't matter what happens to the clone because they are real and can't be destroyed but if you stop channeling chakra into them then they dispell. The clone will use your chakra and that persons skill to save your teammates life."

Naruto said "Oh...I get it but....it still feels like I am stealing their hard work."

Chance said "Then ask their permission to copy them and explain it like we just did to you. I am sure you can find people who would let you copy them and you have up to 52 people."

Naruto said "But what about jokers."

Chance laughed sheepishly and said "Don't worry about the jokers, their already taken care of."

Fate narrowed her eyes and said "By who."

Chance leaned over and whispered in fate ears and fates eyes got wide and said "You bitch. How did you pull that one off." as she glared at her sister.

Kushina asked "What." watching both with narrowed eyes.

Chance said "It's a suprise. Now Naruto, I am afraid it is time for you to go. Don't worry about your mom. You will be able to talk to her again but it will be on your birthday."

Naruto frowned and said "Alright but I was hoping we could all talk some more. Theres so much I don't understand."

Destiny asked "What did wisdom say."

Naruto said "With time and age knowledge would become wisdom or something like that."

Destiny said "Close enough though you only said what she was meaning and not her own words. You have a lot of knowledge right now and later you will have wisdom from thinking about it but for now just be patient."

Naruto nods and Kushina said "I'll be watching you son and I want you to know that no matter what I will be proud of you and I love you."

Naruto smiled at that and Chance said "Alright Naruto, it's time for you to leave." as she walked over with her sisters and each of them placed a hand on Naruto and Kushina said "Wait, what are you 3 doing."

All 3 smirked and Chance said "He's a ninja now right. Old enough to kill."

Fate said "Old enough to drink."

Destiny said "And you know the rest. Cya." as all 4 vanished and Kushina eyes got wide and thought "Thier not going to really do that are they.....oh hell." as she paled.

After Naruto disappeared he found himself in a bar and Inn with men and woman all drinking and having a good time and the 3 sisters were still with him and he asked "Were are we."

Fate said "Elysian fields. It's like the VIP of the afterlife. It's were us gods come to party sometimes. My sisters and I decided that since your an adult in the eyes of the mortal world by being a ninja we would welcome you into adult hood and give you a night of singing, dancing, and drinking the night away. It's something we wanted to do for you."

Naruto said "Really...but why....and why isn't mom here."

Destiny said "Naruto, we all know your not use to having a mom again and Kushina is basically going to smother you to try and protect you and won't let you have fun because she will be over protective. Do you really want her to tell you that you can't drink cause your to young or have a good time with the 3 of us because she afraid we might be a bad influence on you."

Naruto looked down and said "I guess not."

Chance said "Good, Bartender, give us 4 rounds of Ambrosia and keep them coming. We got the new Demigod here and were welcoming him right." in a raised voice.

Several cheers and whistles and a few cat calls came from all around the bar making Naruto who was feeling a little out of place blushed seeing everyone raising glasses and having a good time.

The bartender brought over 4 mugs with gold liquid in them and set them down and Chance picked one up and handed it to Naruto and grabbed her one also as did her sister and the 3 sisters said "Cheers." as they moved their glasses together and clinked them and looked at Naruto who got the idea and clinked his also and the girls started to drink and Naruto raised his to his mouth and took a sniff and his eyes fluttered as he slowly took a drink.

Naruto thought as he tasted it "This beats even ramen." as he drunk it as fast as he could.

Chance said "Here here, another round." as she set Naruto mug on the counter and the bartender set 2 more and she handed Naruto one and he drank it again as the 3 ladies sipped theirs.

After the 5th round Naruto felt as if he was 10 ft tall, bullet proof and could take on the world.

Fate grabbed Naruto by the arm and dragged him out to the little section by the band and began to dance with him as he still drank away as she sometimes gave him kisses.

As one song end another began and Chance, Fate, and Destiny all 3 danced at least 3 times each with him as he kept getting more and more drinks and they gave him more and more kisses as well as moving on to some gropping as well.

After that Naruto was feeling like he was king of the world as the 3 sisters took him up a set of stairs and down a hall to one of the rooms and after unlocking the doors and slipping in with a light make out session the girls locked the door and Chance said "So are you having a great time becoming a man Naruto."

Naruto with glazed eyes said "Believe it." as he gave a good guy pose.

All 3 giggled and Fate said "My sisters and I have one more gift for you. You see we wanted you to be a man in heart, mind, spirit and body. We couldn't see you fumbling around like a novice in front of the mortals and a demigod should never have to lower himself to the standards of mortals so why should his first time be of lowered standards. You want the best, right Naru-kun."

Naruto was smiling and moved his head up and down and Chance said "Then here is your final gift Naruto-kun." as she pressed her lips to his and his eyes fluttered as information flooded his mind and he placed his hands on her back pulling her closer before reaching his hands down and grabbing her ass earning a squeek of excitement.

As she broke the kiss Naruto eyes had gone from looks of pleasure to looks of lust making all 3 girls smile at each other and move toward Naruto each swaying their hips with a seductive look on their faces.