Naruto was sweating and breathing hard as he stood over the bodies of Sasuke and Sakura who both were on their backs panting heavy each.

Sakura said "Damn it...even after all our training combined we weren't able to beat you."

Naruto who had moved to hold his knees said "Maybe you didn't beat me...but you both pushed me to my limits. My chakra so low I don't think I can safely use my bloodline to heal myself without dying. I'm having to force my body not to heal which sucks by the way." as he fell back on his ass.

Sasuke looked around the training ground and said "I am SOOOO glad we don't have to pay to repair this place."

Sakura said "We would be flat ass broke if we did."

Naruto said "Well what do you think Kakash-sensei. How did we do."

Kakashi jumped down from the tree he was in and said "Hmm...well I would say for you Naruto, I would say your weakest area is speed and taijutsu. Your faster then both your teammates but anyone who has mid chunnin or higher could still get in your guard. If you were taijutsu oriented instead of kenjutsu I would drop the speed issue but since your kenjutsu oriented your strikes are not fast enough for me to feel you are as good as you should be. I think when Zabuza and the Mizukage arrive you could tak to them and see if they would give you a suggestion since the only real kenjutsu user is Hyatte and his style wouldn't work for you. As for taijutsu, I still feel you rely on kenjutsu to much and if someone were to get you away from your sword they would have the advantage."

Naruto said "Unless I used THAT."

Kakashi said "Unless you use that but I still want you to work on your taijutsu some."

Naruto nods and Kakashi turned to Sakura and said "Sakura...Your skills have improved greatly since you graduated. Your chakra reserves have improved to solid chunnin and you have chakra control on par with Tsunade. Your stamina has increased to the point you lasted 4 hours of near constant fighting. That is something to be proud of. Your weakness are your taijutsu, speed, and predictability. Sasuke and Naruto are both primary combat fighters with you as support. When teamed with them your weakness is covered but in a one on one fight you would be at a disadvantage because you strategies are to straight forward. Your have 2 styles of taijutsu you can use. The accademy and the one you learned from your family...however your body has not adapted to either style since you haven't trained enough in either to flow with the style as you should be able to. Something that should have been fixed in the accademy but in Naruto words, they were more worried about making cookie cutter soldiers, instead of ninja's so it's not entirely your fault. Speed..well you are the slowest member on the team but your speed is solid Chunnin but because of your lack of muscle memory on your taijutsu it reduces it a little."

Sakura said "Thank you Kakashi-sensei, I'll do my best to improve those area's when I can."

Kakashi said "I know you will. That is one thing I am glad we discussed after Naruto had that council meeting. Targetting each of our weakness has improved all of our skills, not only you 3 but me as well."

Sasuke said "What about me."

Kakashi looked at Sasuke and said "Sasuke...while you should be proud of your improvement before I tell you where you stand I want you to hear me out. We know you have been targeted and you know what is at stake. If you meet him escape. All 3 of you. Your good enough to take down me...but even I doubt I could defeat him. It's not just power he has over's experience. Do you all 3 understand."

All 3 nod and Kakashi said "Very well...Sasuke, your weakness are kenjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu. Your good. I won't deny that, but you rely on your Sharingan to much to deal with Genjutsu and you lack the proper strength to defend with a kunai against a kenjutsu user. Your taijutsu is your family style but it is built around reacting to your opponent. I'm not an Uchiha by blood and only someone who trains against another Uchiha can use that style properly since your eyes tell you how to react defensively but you don't have the knowledge on how to use it offensively. That's not my oppinion. That is a fact I was told by my teammate who gave me this eye. You have taken your family style about as far as you can go with it. Until you pick up another style that will compliment your skills then I can't see your taijutsu improving much more then refining it."

Sasuke nods and said "I understand. Hinata and I have actually both been working on a style that will incorparate both our styles but it's not anywhere close to being called an actual style yet."

Kakashi nods and said "Now, if I thought this was just the regular Chunnin something wrong Naruto." as he looked at Naruto who had turned his head to look away from Kakashi and the rest of his team.

Naruto said "Shizunes coming this way and theirs no one else in the area so she's got to becoming for one of us." as he turned back to look at Kakashi.

Kakashi said "I see. Anyways back to what I was saying, if this was just the exams I would say all 3 of you were over qualified for the exams. Since we know there is suppose to be more I can say I feel sorry for anyone who underestimates you and I believe that you have learned all you can before the exams. All we can do now is rest and prepare our supplies and mentally...Ah Shizune, Naruto said he detected you, can we help you with something."

Shizune bit her lip and held her hands in front of her stomach and Naruto said "If it's something about the baby or us my teammates already know so you can speak freely."

Shizune took a deep breath and said "I came to ask if you wanted to come with me for my check up today...Tsunade-sama is going to do an ultra-sound on the baby so we can see it and I thought you might like to come."

Naruto eyes widen and said "Um...what's an ultra-sound."

Sakura said "It's a machine that lets you see the baby inside it's mother so they can check to make sure he or she is healthy and if they are far enough along then you can even find out if it's a boy or girl. How far along are you Shizune."

Shizune said "I'm starting my second trimester."

Naruto scrunched his nose looking confused and Sakura slapped her head and said "Naruto, you really need to read up on pregnancy and baby development if your going to be in your childs life."

Naruto said "I tried to Sakura, but there were so many words and medical terms that I didn't understand and I got completely confused on what they were, I mean I thought a woman was delivering a baby but I read about delivering a placenta or something like that, whatever the hell that is. Then there was something about boiling water until it broke and...I just got so confused...I want to do things right and be a good father but I also want to protect Shizune and our child. I mean Iwa already came after me once and then we know about someone planning to try and steal one of Konoha bloodlines and if they found out about Shizune and the baby then they could try to kidnap her and...I just don't know what to do." as he rubbed his temples.

Everyone seem to relax hearing Naruto words and Shizune said "Naruto...are you really that worried about me and the baby."

Naruto said "Yes...Shizune, I know things are tough between us. Things are tough between me and Ino as well. I hate the way they are playing out but...I just don't think I could take being hurt again...I'm scared...It's ironic, most people are scared of death...but I'm fine with death, I'm scared of life."

Shizune bit her lip a moment and took a deep breath and said "Kakashi, are you done with your team training for the day."

Kakashi said "Besides giving them these, were done for the week." as he held up 3 pieces of paper which he gave to each of his students.

Shizune said "Good, Sakura, would you be a dear and go find Ino and bring her to the hospital, 3rd floor."

Sakura saw the determined look on Shizune face and nods before running off.

Naruto said "What are you doing."

Shizune walked over and grab his arm and said "I'm not hiding any more. You want proof you can trust Ino and me well your going to get it. I've come to terms that I'll have to share you with Ino and were going to be a family someday so we are going to look at our future son or daughter together and we are going to get pictures of the baby and show them to everyone in the village. Now come on or do I have to use my medical skills to force you to come or have Ino take over your body and force you to come. Either way your coming just like any other father and that's final."

Naruto said "But."

Shizune shot him a glare and he quickly shut up and thought "She's scarier then my mother."

20 minutes later Naruto and Shizune were sitting in the waiting area on the 3rd floor when Ino and Sakura arrived and Ino asked "What's going on. Forehead said there was an emergency and that I was needed at the hospital." as she looked at Naruto and Shizune.

Shizune said "Ino, you love Naruto right."

Ino glanced around and Shizune said "No Ino, can you admit it in public that you love him, yes or no."

Ino said "Yes, I love him...what's going on."

Shizune said "I've done come to terms that I know I have to share him and that you will be in his life so I'm going to prove once and for all that he can trust you and me. We are here today for my check up and to have an ultra-sound of the baby. Being a member of his family you have the right to be here...and where do you think your going Sakura, your friends with Naruto and Ino and Naruto trust you so if he needs someone he can talk to it will most likely be you so both you sit your skinny asses down and wait with us."

Sakura said "Moodswings much." causing Shizune to glare at her and Sakura flinched and said "She's scarier then your mom Naruto."

Naruto opened his mouth and quickly shut it when he saw Shizune glare at him. After she turned away he quickly nods his head and Shizune said "I saw that."

Naruto flinched and thought "Fuck."

When the 4 of them went into the hospital room a nurse said "The doctor will be here shortly."

Naruto blinked and said "I though Tsunade was going to do this."

Shizune said "She is. The nurse was just telling us that so we won't mind having to wait. It's part of bedside manners that we are taught about."

A few minutes passed by and Shizune had went into the bathroom with a hospital gown and came out and got up on the bed and covered herself with a blanket and Naruto looked confused and Shizune said "Tsunade has to check me down there and also has to have skin contact for the ultra-sound."

Naruto nods and there was a knock on the door and the door opened and a brown hair woman came walking into the room backwards pulling a machine and said "Sorry to interupt. I needed to move the ultra-sound machine in." as she pulled it on the other side of the bed and looked at the people in the room and said "Is everyone doing OK today."

Shizune said "Yes we are doing fine Chichi."

Chichi smiled and looked at Shizune before her eyes landed on Naruto and frowned and said "Excuse me Shizune-sama, but what is he doing here."

Naruto thought "Why does she look familiar...oh, wait, I know." as he bowed shocking everyone and said "I am sorry about what happened that day. You were not the one I targeted with that prank. The nurses schedule had the woman I was targetting was scheduled to work that day and the prank was for her. I would have told you I was sorry sooner but you kind of demanded that I don't come anywhere within 100 ft of you so I couldn't say sorry."

Chichi frowned and Shizune said "What prank."

Naruto rubbed his head and said "It was right after I had been tortured and poisoned by a woman claiming to be my mother. I had to spend some time in the hospital to recover from being electricuted so many times and this one nurse discovered that I sort of got scared of needles because of what happened while I was being tortured and she took every chance she could to come and draw blood, start an IV, give me a shot, everything she could. I had my IV changed 36 times in 2 days. Both my wrist, my arms, my feet, legs, stomach, back...she took great pleasure out of sticking me with needles and so when I was released I snuck around and looked at the nurses schedule and plan to pay her back. I didn't know thay she had traded schedules with this woman here and she unfortinatley walked into my trap."

Sakura asked "What did you do Naruto."

Chichi said "He put dogshit over every wheelchair in the hospital, put the hospital entire supply of laundry detergent in the 3 washing machine's we use to clean the bed sheets causing them to over flow and he mixed up all the boxes of medicine in the medicine cabinet putting one bottle in different box. Luckily each bottle had it's real name on them and was easy to fix before someone got hurt on accident...unfortinately it took the entire weekend to clean up the mess and I was schedule to work all 3 days double shifts since Irein was sick those 3 days and couldn't come in. It was a nightmare."

Naruto said "So was what that woman did to me and I said I'm sorry and I have stayed out of your way all these years. What more do you want."

Chichi frowned and said "What exactly are you here for."

Naruto frowned and Shizune said "He's here for the same reason Sakura and Ino are here. Thier here to see the ultra-sound of the child I am carrying."

Chichi sighed and said "In that case I guess I can go ahead and do that part and get it out of the way until Tsunade-sama gets here." as she moved around and plug in the machine and turned it on and a low hum was heard. Chichi then grab a sheet and covered Shizune up and giving her some privacy while pulling the hospital gown up enough to show Shizune belly.

Chichi asked "How far along are you." as she grabbed a tube of gel.

Shizune said "I'm starting the 2nd trimester...brr...that's cold."

Chichi said "Yeah, sorry about that but it makes seeing the ultra-sound so much easier." as she moved a device in her hand against Shizune belly looking around and she stopped moving it as the room heard a quick pulsing sound and Chichi said "The babies got a good heartbeat...hmm...there you are." as she touched the machine flipping some switches and turning some nobs as the scree zoomed in on a section.

Everyone was looking at the screen and Naruto said weakly "It's so small." in a awed voice.

Chichi glanced at him and said "Yes...about 4 inches and I say about 2 and a half to 3 ouces in weight."

Chichi watched as Naruto came around the bed slowly and looked at the screen and then at Shizune stomach and then back at the screen as the sound of the baby heart was still being heard in the room.

Shizune smiled softly at Naruto and took Naruto hand.

Chichi thought "Hmm, not that was unexpected." and said "Would you like a picture of your child." as she looked at Naruto.

Naruto didn't catch it as fast as the others in the room did and he said "You can take pictures of him."

Chichi said "Yes I can...but it's not a him or a her yet. Gender isn't determined for some time. So would you like a picture of you child Naruto."

Naruto eyes widen as he caught it that time and Shizune said "Yes he would."

Chichi nods and pressed a couple of buttons and after a few moments 2 copies of the ultra-sound slid out of the machine and Chichi pulled the ultra-sound away and began to clean it as she handed a picture to Shizune and Naruto. After that she cleaned the gel off Shizune.

Chichi said as she started to move the machine toward the door "Well I'll leave you to wait for the doctor and good luck...oh and Naruto, if you want to earn my forgiveness then you have to come to the hospital after the Chunnin exams are over and you are to help changing the daipers of all the infants here for an entire month every chance you get. It will not only be my punishment against you but also give you a chance to practice for your own daiper duty. If you don't come then it shows your not really sorry. Good luck." as she left.

Naruto paled and said "Oh man." as he looked down at the picture in his hand and said in a shock and scared voice "I'm going to be a father."

Sakura said "You already knew that Naruto."

Naruto said "I's just...until just now it didn't seem real...didn't dawn on me completely." as he looked at Shizune stomach and he lowered his head down and whispered "Hi...I'm your daddy."

Shizune smiled as did Sakura and Ino and a flash went through the room catching everyones attention as they saw Tsunade with a camera and she said "So I hear they already did the ultra-sound...oh, it's so cute." as she looked at the picture.

Tsunade said "I see it's finally dawning on you huh brat...this little one will depend on both you and Shizune. It's a big responsibility."

Naruto stood up straight and said "I won't let him down."

Tsunade said "So you think it's a boy."

Naruto said "I...I guess...I don't like calling him and it and I feel like he's a boy."

Tsunade nods and said "Well lets see how..he is doing." as she pulled on some gloves.

Naruto stayed by Shizune side as Tsunade examined her and Tsunade said "Well everything appears to be exactly as it should be. You and the baby are both doing great Shizune."

Shizune nods and Naruto bit his lip and looked at Shizune stomach and she said "It's amazing, isn't it. A natural miracle."

Naruto said "Yeah...I...I'm sorry everyone." as he closed his eyes and said "I..I've been a jerk to you Tsunade and...well you did deserve some of what I did to you but I went to far...Ino...Shizune...I'm also sorry for the way I've been acting saying I didn't trust you..I...I just..."

Shizune squeezed his hand as Ino wrapped her arms around him and Ino said "Just shut up master, we know and we understand...right Shizune."

Shizune nods and Naruto let a tear fall and said "Thanks."

Tsunade asked "So does that mean I can have a hug finally."

Naruto said "Is Jiraiya a pervert." with a small smile.

Tsunade pulled Naruto in a hug and he flinched at first but then after a few moments he started to wave his arms around and Sakura said "Um, Tsunade-sama, I think he needs air."

Tsunade quickly let go and Naruto gasped for breath and said "I swear I saw my mother."

Everyone in the room laughed and Naruto looked at Shizune and said " know about that."

Tsunade said "Shizune met my mom who explained about what's going on."

Naruto said "Oh." as he looked sheepish.

Shizune glared at him and said "That's something I didn't like finding out from someone else instead of you Naruto. Why didn't you tell me."

Naruto rubbed his head and said "Well...when I first found out I was told not to tell anyone. I asked mom why her and the others revealed themselves like that and she told me something was going on that they couldn't tell me about and that they weren't allowed to directly get involved in it. They could use us to deal with it but they themselves couldn't. She wouldn't tell me what it is though."

Tsunade said "Well I need to get back to my office. Why don't you all go and relax and spend time together."

Naruto said "Sounds good."

Sakura said "Well I need to get home. I'll see you at the exams if not sooner Naruto." as she quickly left.

Shizune said "Well let me get changed and we could go get something to eat. I'm starved."

As she went in the bathroom Ino said "You OK."

Naruto said "I'm scared out of my mind...I don't know what to do as a father."

Ino said "Well, how about talking with my dad Chouza and Shikaku. I'm sure they would be glad to tell you what they can."

Naruto thought a moment and said "Sure, I'd like that."

Shizune came out of the bathroom dressed and said "Ready."

Naruto said "Yeah, come on." grabbing both Ino and Shizune arm.