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Tenten was sitting in a cabin in the woods and thought "Mom...why is it so hard to keep going. I want to prove to everyone and myself that woman can be just as good as men but it's hard when nobody really supports me." as she closed her eyes.

A noise from outside drew her attention and she looked out and saw a blond hair boy about her age with a huge scroll on his back and she thought "What kind of idiot wears orange and what's he doing out here."

Naruto looked around and said "This looks like the place I was told to come to. Now to learn a jutsu." as he walked over and unrolled the scroll and leaned against the cabin and began to read.

Tenten inside the cabin rolled her eyes and thought "Great, I wanted to be alone.....hmm....Kagebunshin no Jutsu...that's a Jounin level jutsu....woah, how did he get his hands on a scroll with all those jutsu." as she looked out the window to where Naruto was sitting and Naruto jumped up and said "Alright, I think I got it, lets give it a try." as he walked a few feet away and put his hands together and said "Kagebunshin no jutsu." as a deformed clone appeared and Naruto frowned and said "Damn it...again." as he tried it over and over again.

While that was going on Tenten pulled out a scroll and a pen and began to copy what she read off the scroll Naruto left open on the ground and thought "Kage Shuriken no jutsu and Kage Kunai no jutsu, I could use both those with my weapons."

An hour later Tenten who had finished copying several jutsu from the forbidden scroll looked out at Naruto who was panting and thought "Damn, and I thought Lee and Gai-sensei were stamina freaks...but at least he got that jutsu down."

Just then Iruka came in the clearing and screamed "I found you Naruto. What the hell were you thinking."

Naruto looked up and said "Oh hey Iruka-sensei, so I guess this is where you test me and I graduate right."

Iruka blinked as did Tenten and Iruka said "What are you talking about Naruto."

Naruto said "The make up test Mizuki-sensei told me about. He said if I could successfully get that scroll from the Hokage tower and learn a jutsu from it then I would pass."

Tenten frowned and Iruka looked confused and said "Mizuki." in a questioning tone when his ears heard the sound of weapons flying and he screamed "Get down." as he covered Naruto just as a couple of weapons stab him in the back.

Tenten eyes were wide and she thought "Fuck, the one time I don't have a weapon on me." as she began to look around out the window and saw Mizuki standing on a tree.

Iruka pushed himself up and said "Mizuki, what are you doing, why did you do this."

Mizuki said "Quit acting so confused Iruka, you should already know the answer. I'm here to kill the demon behind you. The question is why are you defending him when he killed your parents."

Naruto looked confused as Tenten eyes widen and Naruto asked "What's going on, why did you attack Iruka-sensei, Mizuki-sensei."

Mizuki said "Give me the scroll Naruto." as he held out his hand.

Iruka pulled out a kunai and said "Naruto, what ever you do don't give that scroll to Mizuki. It contains all of Konoha forbidden jutsu. Guard it with your life."

Tenten eyes widen and thought "Those are forbidden jutsu." as she patted the scroll she made.

Mizuki said "Hey, you want to know a secret, the reason why everyone hates you Naruto."

Iruka said "No Mizuki, you know it's forbidden."

Naruto asked "What are you talking about, what's forbidden."

Mizuki said "14 years ago the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked Konoha. The Sandaime passed a law making it illegal to tell exactly what happened to the Kyuubi. The truth is the Yondaime sacrificed his life to seal the Kyuubi in a newborn baby, you. You are the Kyuubi no Kitsune."

Naruto was frozen in place as he heard this as he remembered all the whispers and glares and Tenten lips pursed together and thought "Bullshit, even if what you said is true about the Yondaime sealing the Kyuubi then it is only sealed, not turning him into the Kyuubi."

Mizuki pulled out a demon windmill shuriken and threw it at Naruto who was frozen when Iruka shoved him down and Naruto looked wide eyed and then he grabbed the scroll and took off running.

Tenten saw as Mizuki and Iruka chased after the direction Naruto went and she left the cabin and grabbed a kunai that Iruka had pulled out and dropped before she also ran in the direction the others left.

When she got there she saw Iruka and Mizuki facing each other and Iruka said "Your right, a demon would do that.....but Naruto not a demon, he is a proud citizen of Konoha who dreams to be Hokage."

Mizuki said "Then I have no choice but to kill you first. I was going to wait until the end but you leave me no choice." as he drew back to throw another windmill shuriken when Naruto appeared kicking Mizuki in the face and said "Don't you dare harm Iruka-sensei again or I'll kill you."

Mizuki laughed and said "You, kill me. Your not even fit to be a ninja. I can defeat you with one hand."

Naruto gritted his teeth and said "Bring it and I'll return what you give to me 100 times over....Kagebunshin no Jutsu." as the clearing was covered in Naruto.

Everyones eyes were wide at this and Tenten thought "No way.....theres over a hundred of them.....ouch, that's going to leave a mark." as she watched Naruto defeat Mizuki.

Iruka seeing this said "Naruto, come here.....close your eyes a minute."

Naruto did and Iruka pulled off Naruto goggles and placed his hiate on Naruto head and said "You can open them now...congradulations. You pass."

Naruto smiled and said "Just you wait Iruka-sensei, I'll show everyone I'm me and not the Kyuubi and someday I'll become Hokage and earn everyone respect."

Iruka said "I believe you will Naruto....now lets get that scroll back to the Hokage." as Naruto helped Iruka leave the clearing.

Tenten who was hiding in some bushes smiled and thought "I believe you will also Naruto...If you can reach your dream then so can I." as she looked at their retreating form before her eyes landed on Mizuki and she flipped the kunai in her hand around and then threw it at Mizuki hitting him in the spine making him scream out and thought "That will make sure he can't get away until ANBU show up."

When Tenten got home that night her dad was sitting at the table drinking some tea and said "Your home late dear, is everything alright, there seemed to be a lot of activity tonight."

Tenten bit her lip and walked over and sat down and asked "Dad...earlier I was in the woods thinking when I saw a fight between a couple of ninja and a kid name Naruto...I heard some things about the Kyuubi and some law."

Dustin frowned as he sat back and asked "And.."

Tenten asked "Could you tell me what you know about it. I'll tell you what I heard first if you want."

Dustin nods and Tenten told him what she heard and Dustin sighed and said "I'm glad to see your using your brain and not following the crowd. A lot of people are not as smart as you and the way it sounds that Mizuki guy was one of the kids sensei who most likely been screwing him over in the accademy."

Tenten said "I'd believe it, his taijutsu had no form, his balance and moves were all wrong, his chakra control sucks, and don't get me started on the cloths."

Dustin laughed and said "Yeah, but that's probably all he could afford or was allowed to buy. I'd let him shop here but we don't let civilians in here so he couldn't until he became a ninja." as he got serious.

Tenten frowned and said "Dad....I don't like where my mind is going with this. I mean if he's been screwed over already so much what's to stop it from happening again when he gets his team."

Dustin said "But what can you do or hope to do about it dear, you can't tutor him because your busy with your own duties here and as a ninja and then your personal training."

Tenten sighed and said "I know but.....maybe." as she looked in thought.

Dustin looked at her and asked "Maybe what."

Tenten said "Well I can't tutor him but maybe there is something I could do. The way he acted when Iruka acknowledge him and his dream makes me believe that he doesn't have very many people or any that do believe in him...I know what that feels like with people not believing in me and my dream....maybe I can tell him that I believe in him and maybe give him a hint or two toward becoming a better ninja to work toward his dream."

Dustin thought a moment and said "Alright, I'll go along with that idea and you could even make a deal with him about getting his supplies here."

Tenten smiled and said "Thanks dad...but what should I give him for advice."

Dustin said "Well you were pretty good at pointing out his flaws you saw earlier. Why not write down how to correct those flaws so that way he can work on that."

Tenten said "Great idea dad, thanks for doing this."

Dustin said "He's a good kid, he reminds me of an old friend some." as he took a sip of his tea.

Tenten who had grabbed a blank scroll and began to write down on it asked "Really, who."

Dustin said "An old friend, that's all I will say."

Tenten who was writing said "Hmm...hey dad, do you think we could give him a one time discount to get him out of that kill me orange outfit."

Dustin said "Only if he agrees to get all his equiptment from us in the future. I'm not running a charity and I don't want him thinking we are either."

Tenten nods and said "Thanks." as she kept on writing.

The next morning Naruto was awoke by someone knocking on his door and he rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he opened the door in his frog boxers and wearing his black and white nightcap and he blinked as he saw a girl about his age standing there in a chinese shirt and said "Can I help you."

Tenten bit her lip to keep from laughing and said "Um, could I come in and could you get on some shorts. Please."

Naruto blinked and looked at his cloths and frowned and said "Sorry about that, I have not had a chance to goto the bathroom yet."

Tenten blinked and then blushed as she looked down and saw what he was refering to and Naruto turned and went toward the bathroom leaving the door open for Tenten to come in and Tenten frowned as she came in and closed the door as she heard the bathroom door close and said "Are you always this forward letting people come in."

Naruto who was in the bathroom said through the door "I don't get a lot of visitors so if someone actually comes here they must have an important reason." as he flushed the toilet and grab a pair of his pants and slipped them on.

When he came out he saw Tenten who was looking around and said "So...who are you and why are you here."

Tenten said "Oh right, My name is Tenten, My family owns the Wolf Claw weapons shop...Um...Last night, in the woods at the cabin."

Naruto frowned and Tenten said "My family owns that cabin and I go there to relax when I want to be alone and um...I heard everything."

Naruto closed his eyes and said "So what are you here for, to try and kill me also." as he sighed with a tired tone.

Tenten said "Actually, no. That Mizuki guy was full of shit. I work with sealing all the time and I know if something is sealed in something that does not make them the same thing. The reason I'm here is I wanted to tell you I understand a little about what your going through, I mean with your dream of being Hokage. I have my own dream of proving woman can be just as good as men as ninja and not very many people believe in me or my dream but I keep on going trying to get better and stronger every day working toward my goal and I wanted to tell you that from what I saw last night that you made me believe in you and your dream also and so I wanted to tell you that I believe in you."

Naruto was shocked as he heard this and said "Um...thank you...your not just making that up are you."

Tenten shook her head and said "No, in fact when I got home last night I talked with my dad to find out what he knew about what I saw and heard and he told me he was proud of me for not being an idiot like Mizuki and knowing the difference. When you kicked Mizuki ass I was actually in a tree ready to help fight the bastard and after you left I used the kunai I had to stab him in the spine to make sure he couldn't escape before ANBU arrived. After talking with dad I made this for you." as she pulled out a scroll and handed it to Naruto.

Naruto frowned and asked "What is it."

Tenten said "Well, when I saw how you moved durring the events and when I was watching you practice the Kagebunshin no jutsu from the cabin I saw a couple of areas I thought that you could improve a little bit on and so I wrote down things that I know are ways to correct them like chakra control and a few other things....also, you had left the scroll open when you were practicing and I read and copied the first 3 jutsu from it and I included them on that scroll for you. I saw something that could help you really quick and I underlined it as part of the Kagebunshin no Jutsu description."

Naruto who had took the scroll and began to read it said "Anything they learn is transfered back to the original."

Tenten said "Yeah, I figured that could help you get your chakra control under control quicker. Also dad and I talked and he said that when you were a civilian you couldn't come in our store because we only sell to Shinobi because we didn't want kids coming in and getting hurt on the weapons but we would like to make a deal with you, if you agree to use our family shop to get all your future equiptment we would give you a one time discount on your equiptment to help you get started now that your a fellow Shinobi of Konoha. It isn't charity or a gift. It's just we want you to be a proud ninja and not someone who people will make fun of. We want you to show everyone you are you and not Kyuubi so no more kill me orange."

Naruto rolled up the scroll and looked at Tenten and asked "Why...why are you doing this."

Tenten said "Because, I want both of us to show the world who we really are and both of us to complete our dreams.....well that is all I came here for, I've sealed 2 books, one on sealing and the other on chakra control theories in those 2 seals on the bottom. All you have to do is add chakra and they will pop out. Now I have to get going to meet my team for training and even if you don't accept this I still wish you luck." as she got up and started toward the door.

Naruto said "Wait....thank you, you don't know how much this means to me and also the fact you accept me for me...um...can we be friends."

Tenten smiled and said "I'd like that."

Naruto smiled and said "Well good luck Tenten and I hope to see you again sometime and I hope you reach your dream."

Tenten said "Same to you Naruto, good luck." as she quickly left.

Naruto thought "Things are starting to get better and better."

After Tenten left Naruto read over the scroll several times and thought "She put a lot of time and effort into this. I can see how well she thought over it."


When I watched what happened I watched your movements and notice several areas that you need to improve on so I broke those areas down into sections to help you.

Chakra control

Chakra control is one of your biggest areas of improvement. When you were doing that jutsu you were wasting to much chakra where I was afraid the Kagebunshin would explode but they didn't somehow. Anyways below are a list of Chakra control excercises you need to learn and keep doing them, don't just learn them and quit because the more chakra you use the more chakra you have and the more control you will need to control it. With your...guest I figure you will gain even more chakra so please work on this at least several times a week if not every day.

Leaf balancing

What you have to do with this excercise is put a leaf on your forehead and use your chakra to make it float above your head, to much and it will blow off out of control, not enough and it won't move. You need to work on this until you can get it only about an inch off your head and keep it steady.

Note, you can do this excercise on other parts of the body but start with your head.

Tree Walking

This excercise allows you to walk up walls, trees and other vertical things. Like the Leaf balancing to much and you will blow off, not enough and you won't stick. You send chakra to the bottom of your feet to stick.

Note, also like the leaf balancing once you learn to use your feet you can use your hands, knees, and elbows to stick to the tree and pull yourself up.

Water Walking

Water walking is just like the leaf balancing and the tree walking but instead of climbing up a tree you are walking on water, to much chakra and you blow off and not enough you sink.

Note, Also like the others you can use other areas like your knees, elbows, and hands.

Second Note, Once you can do all these excercise start combining them like doing the leaf balancing and the tree climbing together or the water walking and leaf balancing together. Also when you get to the point the leaf becomes so easy you can't tell any improvement, use heavier items like small stones move up to shurikens and kunais keeping them on your hands without getting cut.

Senbon balancing

Once you can hold a kunai in your hand with chakra without getting cut then comes Senbon balancing. It is the master of all chakra control excercises and if your not careful can end your ninja career. What you have to do is first get a senbon to stay in your hand like a kunai and shuriken without getting cut or it moving. Once you can do that then learn to do the same thing with your feet one foot at a time where you can stand on a senbon needle without it stabbing into your foot. After that you move up to standing on your hands on top of the needle.

Note, most people never make it this far but I figure I would list it anyways. Nobody has ever used a senbon anyplace else besides their hands and feet out of fear of being crippled. Please be careful.


Your balance for your body movement is way off meaning your reflexes are out of sync with the rest of your body. There is only 2 ways to fix this. One is to learn a Taijutsu style made for your body type. I do not know one since I don't really focus on Taijutsu much so I guess the other option will be the one you will have to do. It's called dodging. I know, sounds simple and in theory it is simple but my idol Tsunade-sama created this excercise and she is one of the legendary Sannins. Anyway for you what I would do is by you some weights for your arms and legs. Start off with 10 percent of your total body weight so if you weigh 110 lbs then start off with 11 pounds on each limb. Then get a bunch of rubber balls and create your Kagebunshin army like you did against Mizuki and have them throw the balls at you while you dodge them. The weights will slow you down and help you build your muscles and speed. Once you can dodge all the balls thrown at you for say 30 minutes then I would add a little more weight, no more then 10 percent of your total body weight at a time and I would not add more then a total of 50 percent your total body weight. If you do then you start building TOO much muscles that will slow you down and make movements harder which is something bad for a ninja.


As I said earlier I don't know a Taijutsu style suited for you, you could ask your sensei for one, find one yourself or create one. Personally though I think with your arm and leg length that taijutsu would be a bad idea for you, sure learn one that you can use if you don't have a weapon but I would personally find yourself a Kenjutsu weapon.


If you decide to follow my advice and get a weapon I would talk with my dad about what he believes would suit you. I know most people will say a sword or something like that but you don't have the body type for a sword user in my opinion, at least not yet, maybe when you get older and taller.


I know this might be a tough subject for you considering but sealing is a great tool for a ninja because you can create scrolls to carry large amounts of items as well as exploding tags to name a few ideas of what you can do with them. If you do decide to venture into sealing and you decide to experiment with them let your Kagebunshin do that for you so that way if they do something wrong and blow themselves up you won't be hurt. Sealing is an art of skills that few ever venture into. You can seal things back into a seal by placing it on the seal and sending chakra into the seal and then unseal it by using chakra.

Hand signs

I've included a book on the theory of chakra control and inside it is the history of hand signs and how to do them in case Mizuki tricked you on them and I thought a better understanding of them would help you. Once you learn them I would work on your hand seal speed when you get the chance because the faster you can make them the less time your enemies have to prepare for them.


All I will say is please get out of the kill me orange outfit and accept our offer on new cloths. We can get you into some real Shinobi cloths that will make other respect you.


Teammates can be a pain in the ass sometimes but remember this, in a fight they are the ones who are there to watch your back, there is no I in teammates or teamwork. We are put on a team for a reason.


Kagebunshin no jutsu Etc.

Kage Kunai no Jutsu Etc.

Kage Shuriken no jutsu Etc.

{explaining those 3 jutsu and how to do them isn't important to the story as we all read or seen them enough to know those 3.}

Naruto blinked and thought "Woah, that is a lot I didn't know....Thanks Tenten."

Naruto looked at the clock and went to take a shower before getting dressed and grabbing his frog wallet and leaving his apartment.